The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011

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The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011

Hi everyone. I’ve got some huge news for you.

As you know, we’ve been working hard to fill PlayStation Home with hundreds of games – everything from pool tables and dart boards to full-on space shooters like Novus Prime: Escalation, zombie slashers like Dead Island Zombie Survivor, and massive online racing games like Sodium 2: Project Velocity. Today we are excited to announce a complete redesign of the heart of PlayStation Home to reinforce our evolution into the ultimate social game platform on consoles today. This redesign will connect you with the world of hundreds of games in Home faster and better than ever before.

Coming in Fall 2011, this new core experience for PlayStation Home features a “hub and districts” design that will help you find games, people and places that fit your favorite game genres. The design features a new Hub that integrates games, quests, community events, and user-generated content, while providing you with additional navigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options.

playstation home map

The new, futuristic Hub (shown below) brings an ever changing roster of games right to the center of Home, including Cogs from Codename: Lazy 8 Studios which will be featured front and center on day one. The Hub will also feature a new Activity Board filled with games to play, rewards to be won, a new UGC events system, and cool stuff to discover.

PlayStation Home - Hub

Powering this Activity Board is a massive new questing system that literally transforms Home itself into a game if you so choose. From frequently updated community activities to huge, branching narrative adventures, this questing system will provide game play options delivered to you in ways never before imagined.

Additionally, surrounding the Hub will be districts based on game genres to suit your mood. Whether you want an intense, in-your-face experience, or a more chill, laid-back environment, these districts will be packed with games and navigation points leading you to content that suits your style.

PlayStation Home - Action

  • With a gritty, urban aesthetic reminiscent of a first-person shooter level, the Action District (shown above) is the perfect destination for gamers looking for action, shooter and horror games.
  • Come experience the outside-the-stadium feel of Sportswalk, which features up-to-the-minute major league sports scores, headlines and highlights, and sports-themed games.
  • Enter a lush beachfront jungle full of sights to see and adventure-themed games to discover in the Adventure District.

PlayStation Home - Pier Park

  • Pier Park (shown above) is your destination for carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games, featuring a waterfront boardwalk, Ferris wheel and a fun party zone that is linked to dedicated indie and arcade game spaces.
  • On top of all this great news, I’m excited to announce that we are going to upgrade Home’s core client to provide a streamlined initial user experience, getting you in and playing games faster than ever before. This upgrade will be deployed as a separate release from the redesign, and together they will underscore PlayStation Home’s evolution into a world filled with hundreds of games ready for you to play, making Home the ultimate social game platform on consoles.

    We hope you’re as excited about PlayStation Home’s new core experience as we are!

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  • Is this replacing Central plaza, Mall, etc?

    • The Central Plaza will be going away, and replaced by the new core experience. Stay tuned for more updates on the other core spaces like the Mall. We’ve got tons more new coming soon!

  • any news on the trophy room ?

    • We hear you, and want to assure you that we are committed to enabling you to display in Home your accomplishments as a gamer. Our vision has evolved to a system that spans across all of Home, and integrates into your every day experience on the PS3.

      This began with the wide range of collectable Home items that unlock after in-game objectives are met, both in Home games and in some of the top PS3 and PSN titles, including Red Dead Redemption, Street Fighter IV, and many more…

      This strategy has evolved into “Total Game Integration” where your activity in Home can unlock exclusive content in your favorite games, including special weapons, experience points, and much more. Examples include Killzone 3, Dead Island, and more to be announced soon.

      Home integration into your favorite games and the ability to display your accomplishments is very much a priority for us, and we are looking to expand the variety of ways this is implemented in the future.

  • Yeah, I wish we had that trophy room that was shown 4 years ago.

  • Awesome!!!!!

  • Is this going to be rolled out worldwide or is this specifically for the US?

  • Awesome can’t wait! A fresh new home is what we need.

    • This redesign is going to be awesome. We designed it based on tons of research with the community, both people using Home regularly now, as well as people using PSN but new to Home. Needless to say, we’ve been working on this for a long time! We’re going to give heavy users of Home lots of the features that they have been asking for, while helping new users discover the hundreds of games throughout the world more easily. There is tons more to talk about that we haven’t mentioned yet…just wait until we start talking about all the new games coming with this new core experience!

  • The 4 areas should be just big maps that don’t have Home’s infamously endless loading times for everything. If you have not implemented this don’t expect many people to return. Add verticality too, jumping, climbing and bring back open voice chat. Then you might have something worth visiting.

  • R we going to have trophies support? THAT would be very cool!!

  • Since it appears you’re transforming PlayStation Home into more of a game, how about adding Trophies to Home? As in, Trophies you can earn as if it were a game.

    It might bring in a new crowd of people as well, which seems to be what you’re aiming at with this redesign.

  • Looks very nice!

  • This is going to fail, I got an idea Sony, how about getting Home to do everything you said it was going to do in the first place instead of all this casual crap. Home was supposed to be a place where casual gamers and hardcore gamers felt comfortable. As a hardcore gamer I have no need to go into Home, all PS3 games don’t use the Home game launching feature like you said they would and the ones that do barely work correctly anyway.

    I think Home is a major failure from what you said it was gonna be. Make the changes that you have planned but get the ball rolling onstuff for the hardcore gamers that want to use Home as a launching platform for their games, and a place where clans can get together and hang out before and after they game.

  • Little off topic but when do PS+ members get R3 beta access, I have been waiting all day!

  • awesome but do we get to go Ferris wheel?

  • i know this is off topic but where da hell is the R3 beta we suscribers have been promised?

  • Unfortunetly the community is going to be the same and the direction in which PlayStation Home has taken (thanks partly to the development team and managment behind PlayStation Home) is still going to be a highly superficial and superfluous (maybe even extremist natures pertaining to the over zealous.) Nonetheless when they changed their demographic and targeted audience from the “mature” it went downhill (that is my opinion though of course.) However, as I pointed out the community itself has not and will not ever change (because, their targeted demographic is that of pre-teens and tweens now.) So, honestly I feel this is a waste of time and effort (however, looking at this I’m sure it’s exactly what their targeted demographic audience is all into. Superficial show.) I surmise this means we’ll next see even more erotic and skimpy clad(less) clothing (then say; we already have?)

  • please allow us to run faster and have better running/walking animations. the current speed is way too slow and the animation is pretty terrible… look to something like metal gear solid 4 or uncharted 2 for inspiration!

  • damn man huge words

  • add me on psn.

  • Great news! I will be awesome!

  • why is the time off by 3 hours behind?

  • @9 was right. Since it’s more game-oriented, add Trophies and I’ll be on Home everyday, even if I have to buy in to get the Platinum. PLEASE add Trophies it’s whats been keeping me from playing Home games now.

  • PS+ Resistance 3 beta, anyone have specifics when I can get my hands on it?

  • This refresh looks great and I cant wait. I like all the different themed districts. Will I still have my Harbour studio??

  • Fix all the loading and then we’ll talk.

    • We hear you loud and clear. As part of this redesign, we’re also going to be updating the core client to seriously reduce the time it takes for you to get into Home and start playing games. This client update will be a separate release from the new core experience, and will totally streamline the initial user experience. We’re going to slash the time it takes between clicking the Home icon and getting to gameplay. We’re on it!

  • If only this level of imagination and initiative were brought to PS3 firmware updates and UI design.

  • This looks nice and all but…

    What will you all be doing to better integrate Home with the PS3 system functions? Things like being able to privately listen to your own music collection or watch your own video collection to streaming content within personal spaces fueled by Qriocity or Netflix? This can’t be that hard or unlawful as people who subscribe to Qriocity or Netflix all have access to the same content being sent from the Qriocity or Netflix servers, IE already streaming.

    When will there be a push to get more devs, in particular first party devs to put more into Home or even unlockables in their games? Will we ever see a photo of our avatars from Home that can be used as an avatar for our PSN accounts? Trophy support?

    A lot of this is what seems to be lacking in Playstation Home and in the development of Home. Home is supposed to be a centralized hub already for the PS3, not its own application. While expanding experiences in Home isn’t a bad thing, completely locking Home away from core experiences of the PS3 is just nuts. People have been asking for these experiences since the launch of Home but it all seems to fall on deaf ears.

  • Also. On a seperate note. PlayStation Home may be a failure in that it let down a specific originally and much smaller “targeted audience”. However, it is probably one of Sony’s best and most successful experiments that became it’s own entity. How? Because, it thusly did what Sony and the managment behind PlayStation Home wanted it to do; which was to make money and become a self autonomess entity in which could generate huge amounts of profits and prove that no, price is too high (which if no one has taken to noticing is showing up greatly now in the content in which is outrageously over-priced within the PlayStation Network Store.) I call that a success (depending on how, you objectively view it of course.)

  • Only thing left is to redesign the XMB, as soon as possible.

  • Looks cool, but I’m hoping loading will be improved a bit…

  • hey guys… how can i enter ps home

    • You can access Home right from the XMB. Look under the PlayStation Network column and you will see the Home icon right above the PlayStation Store icon.

      You’ll need to be signed into PSN…so do that first if you haven’t already.

      Have fun!

  • Sounds really good. I’ve been a fan of Home since the beginning and look forward to anything you guys do.

  • i like this. i like this alot

  • does this mean that we will be able to walk to diffrent areas without the constant downlaodin and navigation. and does this mean our run will speed up

  • if i could earn trophys in home – by doing quest and playing games.. watching 30 different things in the cinema ? – i would use home like hell!! and play the games even more (more than ones at least.).

    the same goes to miniS. i would buy them (alot of them) if they had 3-4 trophys.
    i like the ” see what i did ” thing

  • eh you guys should just bite the bullet on this home thing and stop wasting time and money on it.

  • For the last time….make a casino and ill actually show up for this service. Oh and if load times are no better…no ty

  • Looks amazing, is the new core client update this week?

  • It is a good idea. I am just worried about the apartments and furniture I already own. How will this effect them?

    • Thanks! See my comment to @ravagespawn above. Everything you own stays the same, so nothing to worry about.

  • Cool!

  • My other big concern is, how much is all this gonna cost?
    All the main games in home now, you have to pay for. That’s why I stay away from those places

  • Looks promising. Don’t think I’ve been in Home since the “outage” but maybe when this goes live I’ll get motivated. Well that and summer being over. Time to go take my kids to play some mini-golf in the real world.

  • @21
    At least Im not the only one, trophies would be an awesome addition.


  • Sounds awesome!

    Please let USA and UK visit on same server! About 90% of my friends are from EU or UK. Not gonna make a new account just to use home. Defeats the purpose of having a psn ID and trophies.

  • Looks really cool, it’s a nice change. I also agree that there should be trophies. It technically is a game so why not?

  • I’m glad that your making something somewhat more organized, but Home still needs some things fixed up also. I get very annoyed when there is a new update, and I have to redownload EVERYTHING. We shouldn’t have to download every place, it should automatic download. The run speed should be faster, or add different animations, like run, jog, walk, etc. You should add trophies too. But thanks for this huge update, I guess…

    For all of you asking when the R3 Beta will come, don’t you realize the store needs to update first?

  • So everything we bought is being deleted and started again? :-/
    we lose everything?

    While i’m here, can you please forward an email to japan about the in-game XMB. it should be different than the regular XMB to save memory (it’s slow as it is) get rid of the unusable icons, it’s bound to speed up.

  • I hope this expansion will allow US home users to allow access to the JP home as an addition.

  • Looks pretty good indeed! You guys created an awesome virtual space, I’ve never seen anything like this before (and I did use that crap Second Life). Congrats!

  • I’m extremely interested in this, but I do have a few questions.

    1. How does this affect existing spaces? I know the Central Plaza/Theater are most likely gone, but what about things like Aurora and Sodium?

    2. Along similar lines, what about Personal Spaces? I’m assuming they won’t change much, but It’d be good to know if there are any tweaks or changes planned to how they function.

    • This new core experience replaces the core experience that is there today. The wider “world of games” inside of Home, such as Aurora and Sodium will stay intact. This new core experience will be loaded with navigation tools such as themed districts, teleporters, quests and attract points to elevate these games inside of Home. You’ll also see tons of new games come to the Hub and districts themselves. Just like Home itself, these games will change and evolve over time.

      Regarding Personal Spaces, no tweaks or changes that I can talk about right now…that said there are a bunch of new personal spaces coming, many of which have new functionality that you haven’t seen to date. Stay tuned!

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