Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice

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Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice

Last year, Capcom and Ninja Theory revealed their re-imagining of Devil May Cry (now known as “DmC”) at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. The response to Dante’s makeover and new look to the universe was split between adoration and outright confusion, with fans questioning the new look and fighting style of protagonist Dante.

Heading into gamescom, I received word that Creative Director Tameem Antoniades wanted to discuss DmC’s progress and indulge me in Dante’s new found love for aerial combat. After being reunited with Tameem and Dante, I’m left crying for more.

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  • I don’t understand all of the hate for a game no one has played yet, this looks pretty cool.

  • i think during the course of the game he will evolve into old school Dante. also in that first trailer they showed i think the guy that was captured wasn’t Dante but Vergil. kinda like how twins have a connection that no one else has but thers may be stronger because there part human and part demon (or part angel and part demon). if they do change up his history that much then that means all the devil may cry games that have come out before this one will not matter and that will be bad in my opinion.

  • Ninja Theory confirmed it will be “locked 30 fps”.

    Which to Ninja Theory means unlocked 22-28 fps. They are a garbage developer. Enslaved was the worst game i played last year by far. It deserved to fail.

  • it does look nice. i originally didn’t like Dante new look but after that last trailer he looks a lot better and a lot more convincing as a younger Dante. he doesn’t look to far from dmc 3 Dante to be honest. The combat judging from the latest trailer looks really good and well done. im impressed.

  • He shouldn’t be called Dante. Make him his own character. The only resemblance to the true Dante is……wait there is no resemblance. Wont comment on the game onto I try it.

  • enslaved wasn’t to bad but i think they should have held onto it a little bit longer and even worked on the combat a lot.

  • @53. i agree they could have made a brand new character in the serious and just excluded Dante in general.

  • i hope they just go ahead and do like capcom did when the originally planned on making re4. and make a different game in the dmc universe altogether.

  • They also said it will have “the feel of 60 fps”.

    Funny, because their other games definitely had the feel of 20 FPS despite being slightly above that.

  • Looks Great! Everyone that is hating needs to go get a life.

  • ALL I know is that this is this dante own universe and has nothing to do with current dante. I love NT HS and enslaved are both great games. However im still a bit iffy on this game. Though it does look promosing. One bit tidbit im surprised at the lack of hate in this thread. On gamespot holy hell.

  • Me thinks Ninja Theory will soon be one of those studios that just works itself out of business. Their first xbox title failed, they built Heavenly Sword for PS3 and it did alright (and was pretty good) and while Enslaved too was decent, sales were abysmal and now they’re pissing on fans of DMC to yet again “prove themselves” ? Ha… I smell a burning ship.

  • This game was out of my head until today and now it’s on my mind. I’m still opposed to this version of Dante and DmC. Capcom continues to disappoint me. I don’t know what to think anymore. I’ll still buy Capcom games but I won’t be getting DmC and UMvC3 at release. Maybe UMvC3 used but not DmC at all.

  • I’m still really upset what Capcom did to Dante.
    I’ll just get this game in the bargain bin ($30/under) but the Devil May Cry: HD Collection has my interest.
    I’d rather have Ninja Theory make another Heavenly Sword then have them f***ing around with one of my favorite Capcom franchises.
    Just my opinion.
    Don’t cry over it.

  • I’m passing on this one, don’t care for it. I’ll wait for an official DMC game, not some lame reboot.

  • @RE_Player

    Seriously, thats true. Just because of the new look, they say this game is going to suck basically.

    When Crash Bandicoot got a makeover I was pissed but they changed the gameplay aswell.

  • DMC 1-3 collection would be awesome. Heard they are great games, but I don’t really see myself digging out my ps2 to buy and play them.

  • Pass..

  • I look forward to buying a good used copy of Dino’s adventures in 30 FPS. NT ain’t gettin my money.

  • Oh, and DMC HD collection please. That’d be nice.

  • After this.. thing, I hope a DMC5 goes into production.

    And I mean a real DMC5, not this.. thing

  • Looks nice.

  • Is it possible to disenfranchise a franchise? I think Ninja Theory just did.

    Unless they pull a truckload of “awesome” out of their a$$ at the last minute, I think this game is headed straight to the bargain bin.

  • did he say younger dante? that really is a bummer. that would also mean that this game is like a prequel? that sucks even more. it all went backwards after dmc 2 ( in that, i mean only prequels…) im sorry ppl but this guy looks really depressed of life (new dante) and well that is just not my style. i love the old dante, he even came out in Marvel VS. Capcom 3. how can you top that?

  • Devil May Cry is coming FINALLY! Capcom you basters I almost lost HOPE! If this going to be canceled I will hire hitman to kill everyone of the developers *end of sarcasm* ^) Is it me or Website changed it’s appearance to sexy dark blue?! Nice Job Sony! (Should add color code selector so website apearce as anyone wants – would be cool too. Or a personal trophies page fully interchangeable.. – You have to pay for this – price: Rock a life aout of E3 Conference 5 years in the row ))

  • For the love of god please change the look of Dante!!! He looks like a damn crack addict bum! He is not cool or stylish like Dante is meant to be. The gameplay looks great, if you would just change the look of Dante and make him less of a drug addict and more of a badass demon hunter then I can bet many more people would get behind this game including me.

  • I’ve never played a DMC game before but this one looks interesting and pretty cool I mean damn his hair changes white i thought that would shut everyone up, just wait until demo comes out and give it a chance

  • Why…. did you also change his personality why couldn’t just leave him the way he was…. Now another reason i hate this game thank you Ninja Theory, thanks for killing one of my favorite characters in gaming…. this is my </3
    : (

  • I love Devil May Cry, but good lord, what a whiny fan base.

    DMC3 will always be my favorite, despite the fact that Dante had the same haircut as my little brother when he started listening to angst ridden emo-rock. It’s all about the gameplay!

  • OMG…
    so megaman legends was cancelled and this abomination still exists!?
    I was expecting to see a proper Devil May Cry 5 with Dante, Nero and Vergil but this game is an insult!
    we miss you hideki kamiya, I’ll be waiting for Bayonetta 2.
    I no longer care about devil may cry if this continues. rest in peace son of Sparda…..

  • All we ask is that you change Dante’ hair so he doesnt look like a lesbian!(Not that there is anything wrong with lesbians)

  • PEOPLE!! Stop bitchin’ and crying already, get over it. If you don’t like it, then don’t comment. Game looks better than most had anticipated and it’s safe to say the game is in good hands. New Dante looks to play like other iterations, but now he looks younger. boo-hoo, he just looks younger!
    It’s good to see the series continue, and that’s what’s important to me right now.

  • apart of useless coments casual gamers, capcom disssapoint us:( capcom want destroy devil may cry franchise; this is not devil may cry, this is emo, stup#$%”#, shi”#$”# etc capcom game! what it thinking capcom!!! please capcom save the money of this cra”#$!p or donate it to “save the children of africa”. or better change the name; kamiyaさん we miss you.
    solution for casuals gamers and gamers : change the !”$%”#%$ game name¡ example “AMERICA NINJA RETURN” .

  • he change at look!?

  • Not going to touch this one, which if anyone that knows me. They know I own all of the Devil May Cry games and I won’t buy this one.

    People can b!tch about how this isn’t a good reason, but it doesn’t change the fact that they sux.

  • If @80 was referring to me as one of the casual gamers just take a look at my trophy collection… casual I don’t think so

  • They keep insinuating this is prequel when in DMC1-4 Dante is half-demon/half-HUMAN. There were no angels mention in previous games at all. This is completely counter to canon. If he’s half-angel, that is a huge retcon for the series.

    Also, how does he have a Devil Trigger now when he didn’t get Devil Trigger till the middle of DMC3 (which was a prequel to DMC1)?

    This game makes no sense at all. I would much prefer a DMC5 which further explores Nero and his origins.

    Everything I’ve seen on this game is terrible. It’s going to end up a complete train wreck.

  • OK i have all the DMCs and loved them and at first i hates this game but its starting to grow on me ill get and see whats happens if he ends up having white hair at the end it will be epic……and please someone i know the background song but cant think of the name of it can someone help me out????

  • Dear Capcom.

    Thanks for letting me save 60$+tax and. ,,,.@!#… nice job destroying the series

  • I don’t care WE WANT HEAVENLY SWORD 2! hand it to another dev if Ninja Theory don’t want to.. >_>

  • It looks promising, definitely change dante’s look

  • I think people have a misconception.. it’s not the hair that is the biggest problem, it’s about entire new character design for Dante and the changes in story. However, gameplay looks good though that doesn’t mean anything until I get my hands on a demo and some of the ideas for the new “origin” story are interesting.

  • Anybody noticed the frame rate issue?

    It seems that Ninjia Theory can never get over with this plague.

  • Change the character model, scrap the angel stuff, and be sure to have a 60 FPS game, than we true DMC fans will consider this game again.

  • Whatever happened with MT Framework that Devil May Cry 4, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and Resident Evil 5 used??? Now we get frame drops in is game, just sad really.

  • devil may cry always had some of the best cut scenes.

  • I want the cool badass old Dante back. Not this emo loser.

  • When does the hd collection if the first three come out?

  • Can’t wait to play this, insane combos but, c’mon, Dante’s look is wrong in so many levels… unless, it’s part from the story and we’ll get him as we know him in the end (the glimpse of the silver hair on the mid of the combat made me smile)! When will this DmC be out?

  • DMC was never one of my favorite series but it was just fine the way it was. Come on so far Ninja Theory has made 1 game that fell flat on its face in comparison to God Of War (Heavenly Sword), which they boasted it would be way better. Enslaved was ok but the graphics where ugly and the gameplay was underwhelming, they also made it out to be a game like no other and it ended up being mediocre at best.
    Im not claiming to be a DMC fan but i imagine its a slap in the face to the true fans who loved 1,3,4, and maybe 2 that these guys who talk about how awesome thier games are before they are released end up making fools out of themselves when people buy thier games and are disappointed by the final product. I read somewhere that NT was in the same league as Team ICO (X_X) who ever wrote that needs a reality check.
    Now you people who dont understand why others are upset with the change in dante’s appearance, think about if one of your favorite actors in one of your favorite movies got replaced by someone who looked the complete opposite and cant act to save thier life. Would you watch the new and craptastic movie with the bad actor? It would be like if KOS-MOS (XENOSAGA) got replaced by a Zeke from Infamous.
    Dante Will Cry……..

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