Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice

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Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice

Last year, Capcom and Ninja Theory revealed their re-imagining of Devil May Cry (now known as “DmC”) at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. The response to Dante’s makeover and new look to the universe was split between adoration and outright confusion, with fans questioning the new look and fighting style of protagonist Dante.

Heading into gamescom, I received word that Creative Director Tameem Antoniades wanted to discuss DmC’s progress and indulge me in Dante’s new found love for aerial combat. After being reunited with Tameem and Dante, I’m left crying for more.

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  • will the game have that rock role music in the background

  • The new dmc actually looks awesome!

  • This is seriously not gonna get cancelled is it? Megaman Legends gets canned in a heartbeat, bu this doesn’t?

  • Absolutely stoked for this game. It’d be nice if we could get some sort of release date, or something like “Spring 2012” or something of that sort. But yeah, it’s been on my wishlist since it was announced, and it’ll stay that way as long as Ninja Theory holds to their guns.

  • I think there is a lot of potential here! I’m excited to see where things go! =)
    And, the team at Ninja Theory will do a great job, i’m sure of it!

  • @3 Your not the only one who wishes it would can’t stand Ninja Theory horrible horrible developer.

  • Just change the character model for Dante, for the love of god…. the game looks great, but change em

  • Insert comment on how this game with suck purely due to Dante’s new look… Seriously Devil May Cry fans are the worst. Looking forward to the game as I have been a big fan of Ninja Theory.

  • *Edit: will suck.

  • Dude….The Hair style of the guy in the right look almost the same as Dante…

  • I don’t care what anyone says: THIS STILL ISN’T DANTE!!!

  • @3

    .. are you serious? Granted, I’m not very excited for this DmC at all since.. well it’s Ninja Theory; that’s all that really needs to be said.

    MML3 wasn’t green-lit even for a prototype. MML3 was all up to the fans. 10k people doesn’t make for good profit.

    Take your *****ing somewhere else.

  • Why is Ninja Theory using Unreal Engine III for this game? Surely the performance on the PS3 will suffer since that engine was optimized for the PC & 360.

    I think Sony should have acquired them, they have SOME potential to be found somewhere, their game worlds are beautiful but their combat systems need work.

  • This game is just looking better and better. The art direction is spectacular! The combat looks really fun. And I LOVE dynamic music systems!

  • This party is getting Crazy ! Let’s Rock !!!

  • please re-design dante this is so pathetic

  • Is anyone have problems staying logged on to the PS network today.

  • Hmmm holding the ps mic with the mighty Tri-Force from Zelda. Meh at least better than the other hand that promotes Apple. Standing on the left side holding the ps mic with the left hand showing the PS button would be way better though =)

  • Hurry up and finish this game Ninja Theory, then get back to Sony on Heavenly Sword 2!

  • WTF did they do to Dante he looks like a Hot Topic employee on meth

  • damn the game looks good but they need to leave the old look of dante or make a DLC in near future putting the old dante back

  • This is gonna be GOOD, although Dante’s design is pretty lame..

  • lol @ the triforce tatto from zelda

  • Looks like more garbage, hope this is the final nail in the coffin for Ninja Theory. Sucks that we’ll probably never see another true Devil May Cry game, or Dante for that matter. Here’s waiting for Bayonetta 2 at least, from a developer that knows over the top and stylish action.

  • This game is going to suck real bad. Everyone but optimistic idiots are hating this game before release.

  • devil may cry has always sucked! This looks great though!

  • This does not look great. It looks like total crap.

  • The game looks alright, but like the other DMC fans, his look bothers me…ESPECIALLY WHEN IT WAS DIRECTLY ALTERED TO LOOK LIKE THE GUY DEVELOPING IT!…I hope it’s good…

  • My Bad, it’s not the developer it’s made to look like, it’s one of the studio heads

  • This new Dante still looks like absolute crap, no matter how useless of an argument some people may think it is. Not only that, but Dante is now half-demon, half-angel.. the hell did that ever even come from? Where did the half-human half-demon part go?

    Now I admit that this game may hold some potential if you forget DMC ever existed, but I wish developers/publishers would start entirely new IPs with their ideas instead of doing makeovers that destroys what we’ve come to know about a franchise that was already established.

  • Thank you, FetusZero. You hit the nail on the coffin. I blame both Capcom and Ninja Theory for this abomination; this will bomb in sales.

  • It looks… very basic. Not something im looking forward to.

  • damnnnnnn this looks like the worst of the series, no wonder this post got lowwww ratings.

  • this looks like it should be on the PS2 i wouldn’t buy this. I would much rather play god of war 3 or dantes inferno

  • It’s useless for you people to keep crying over the redesign. Take off the nostalgia goggles and you would see that it’s shaping up to be a great game. Not the DMC we’re all used to, but still a decent game

  • DmF…Devil May Fail

  • I don’t know who’s more laughably goofy looking… the new Dante or the guys in the video interview.

  • It’s simple really, the whole story of the ORIGINAL DMC series was already pure awesomeness. We had badass Dante, badass Virgil, badass and hot Trish, badass and hot Lady, not to mention the badass Demon Trigger, badass bosses, badass soundtrack, oh and did I mention badass story? Now we have this…Feels like it’s just going to be another hack and slash reboot. Don’t get me wrong, gameplay looks great, but I see no hype for story or anything else.

    Also, for those new people bashing on the TRUE DMC fans, I take offense on that, therefore I have the right to call
    you guys bandwagon fans c:

    There’s a difference with being a real DMC fan and being a recent DmC fan.

    Just like how there’s a difference between SOCOM fans and SOCOM 4 fans. (Cause I’m still hurt with what Zipper did.)

  • Oh and sorry for the double post but…

    (As well as Trish and Lady.)

    Virgil was part of DMC don’t tell me they’re gonna erase him?? I mean, here’s to hoping that the story for this is connected to the original series, which I highly doubt now cause of this whole half-angel, half- demon crap (Dante is the Son of Sparda for crying out loud wth???).

    And here is to hoping that this stays as a project and never get to see a sequel ~_~.


  • Honestly, coming from a DMC fan, people need to get over the Dante redesign. it’s not that big of a deal. Wishing for a game to be cancelled is just so immature. You are essentially wishing for group of people to loose millions of dollars, and tons of people their jobs. Criticism is one thing, but there is a point where you just need to shut up.

  • @FetusZero I don’t know where you got that Dante is half demon and half angel in this DmC from. But you clearly didn’t get from this video, He said “you got like a angel and demon ability”. Next time pay attention and stop being butt hurt about Dante’s new look.

  • “He’s not emo – he’s never been emo! – he’s just so disaffected and disassociated with society that he just doesn’t give a poo about it.”

    Actually, that’s the definition of emo.

    TATEEM => EMO.

  • Pass….better off just giving this a new name. I have yet to hear anything positive about this game.

    I loved Enslaved

  • The more I see of this game, the angrier I get…

  • I think it looks awesome and it was a great interview. The layers of sound sounds really interesting!

  • the potential is there

    Dantes look is a total mess

    the new dante looks more like a Junkie

  • Will he have a sword and guns?

  • @40: Do your homework, search the web and you will see that Dante in this game is half demon, half Angel.

  • old dante looks better!!

  • i don’t think the new Dante is all that bad. u can clearly see that he has changed with in the last couple of trailers what i don’t like is that he is now suppose to be half angel and half demon. that alone changes the game. i personally would have just change the character completely. it would have been more interesting that way.

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