The Drop: Week of August 22nd 2011 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of August 22nd 2011 New Releases

Jeff and I have returned from the land of Kölsch with more PlayStation gaming coverage from gamescom coming up this week. I’m happy to see our current updates, with the help from James Gallagher, have proven to be a real hit with the PS nation and fans of gaming. With the PS3 price drop and the announcement of (even more) unique and exclusive titles only found on PS Vita, our momentum continues to deliver on all cylinders.

Speaking of momentum, The Drop this week brings Deus Ex: Human Revolution fresh off the cybernetic enhancing lab and right into your PS3. A highly demanded and classic fan favorite arrives on PSN; with a parasitic thirst on the eve of this PSone sequel. Including a quadruple dose of demos and double-combo of minis, this week’s The Drop will ale your summer woes.

PlayStation 3

Deus Ex: Human Revolution — To save his life, the fundamental choice of whether or not to become augmented with cybernetics has been removed from Adam Jensen’s life. Driven by the conviction of never having a choice taken from him again and using his newfound power, his need for answers will unravel the truth behind a conspiracy rooted in the foundation of the world around him as it incites a new revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution follows up on the critically acclaimed Deus EX and Deus Ex: Invisible War as the the third game in the strategic sci-fi action series. When a black ops team breaks in and kills the scientists Adam were hired to protect as a guard of one of America’s most experimental biotechnology firms, everything you thought you knew about your job changes. At a time when scientific advancements are routinely turning athletes, soldiers and spies into super-enhanced beings, someone is working very hard to ensure mankind’s evolution follows a particular path. You need to discover why — because the decisions you take and the choices you make will be the only things that can determine mankind’s future. (Read all of our PS.Blog coverage)

PlayStation Network

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike — The Street Fighter series has long been the measuring stick by which other fighters are measured, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike set a new standard with its amazingly technical fighting style and bold, fluid 2D artwork. 19 determined warriors of varying styles prove their skills in combat. Each fighter has their own reasons for entering the tournament, testing their skills against the greatest martial artists the world has ever seen. Choose your favorite warrior, mastering a huge number of moves and combos. Your skills will be graded by the game’s built-in Grade Judge System, so it might be wise to enter the Practice mode or go one-on-one with a friend in Versus mode before you tackle the tournament. These fighters have developed skills so powerful, that by building up a super arts meter during the fight, they are unable to unleash devastating attacks and combos that will send opponents reeling!

Hamilton’s Great Adventure — Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a co-op puzzle adventure game from Fatshark. Take part in an amazing journey, guiding the splendiferous adventurer Ernest Hamilton and his brilliant bird Sasha as they co-operate to crack crafty conundrums and challenges! Progress through four unique and visually stunning environments. Delve into gameplay featuring both action puzzling and traditional problem solving. Immerse yourself into a fantastical storyline filled with extravagant escapades and memorable characters.

Comix Zone — A downloadable version of the 1995 Genesis/MegaDrive game. Sketch Turner is an artist in New York City. One day while Sketch is drawing, there is a huge thunderstorm and a bolt of lightning hits Sketch’s image, bringing it to life. That image is Mortus, a megalomaniac mutant who wants to become real and rule the earth. Mortus magically transports Sketch into the pages of his comic book so that he can end his creator’s life and become real. Inside the comic book, Sketch meets General Alissa Cyan, who believes he is a superhero that came to save their post-apocalyptic world from the evil brought by Mortus’ hand. Now Sketch must save the comic book world and get back to his own…


  • Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine
  • Bodycount
  • NHL 12
  • Hamilton’s Great Adventure


  • Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death
  • Hysteria Project 2

PSone Classic

Parasite Eve II — Three years after “the event” in New York, Aya Brea has joined the FBI to help control the threat of another mitochondria outbreak. After encountering several Neo Mitochondrial Creatures (NMCs) in a Los Angeles office building, Aya starts on an investigation into the source of the situation. She will have to travel to a variety of locations and fight dozens of NMCs that don’t want her to discover the truth behind their existence. Luckily, Aya is trained in the use of several weapons including pistols, rifles, and machine guns. But when things get a little too hairy, she can call on the power of her own mitochondria and pull off special attacks or heal wounds. Your performance throughout the game determines which of the multiple ending you will get to see. It’s up to you to try to keep the mitochondria in check with PARASITE EVE II.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Got Third Strike preordered for the PLAY promotion, looking forward to Warhammer demo as I’ve been very curious about that one and I’ve been wanting to play Parasite Eve II for YEARS. Awesome update as far as I’m concerned.

    Deus Ex looks amazing, but not sure if I want to play it now or put it off for a while and play it later. I’m definitely not at a shortage of games to play right now…

  • Wow. It only took months and months and mountains of complaints to get – Parasit Eve II – released onto the (North American) PlayStation Network store. It is good to see some PlayStation Legacy (PSone) love going around, but you have to be willing to commit to keeping it up. I have to say though I am still highly dissapointed though by the actions and it’s shady unethical behaviors. Not to mention the honest lack of support towards the PlayStation Portable (even considering that you completly stopped and halted all support to the UMD (Universale Media Disc) which as an honest appaling turn for the worst and a horrible business move.

  • I haven’t finished Parasite Eve 2 on the PSOne and I’m finally getting a chance to do so! Street Fighter 3 also sounds like a great addition to my digital collection. :D

    I’m still waiting for a great PSN sale to happen though. :D

  • Trying Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

  • That’s great that you finally decided to add Parasite Eve 2. Any news on Final Fantasy V or Einhander? Thanks.

  • It’s about time! Too bad we won’t be getting Megaman Legends ever.

  • parasite eve 11 greats can wait for it classic psone game

  • Yes!!!!!!!! Deus Ex my favorite franchise :) good thing i get paid monday HAHAHAHAH!!!!

  • Why can’t I pre order street fighter 3?

  • @22: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment would be freakin’ sweet as it will be the only one I don’t own/haven’t played when Innocent Sin comes to the PSP in September!


  • Parasite Eve 2 and Street Fighter 3…. ::deep breath:: … sigh … It’s going to be a good week!

  • PEII? About freaking time.

    Now, just release Legend of Dragoon.

  • > Parasite Eve II

    Hot damn, Sony is on a roll here.

  • 2 more days for Deus Ex, can’t wait!

  • Hey players. Breath of Fire 4 or Parasite Eve 1? Which game has a better story, more replay value, graphics, and controls. I would also like The Legend of Dragoon and Crono Cross.

  • @55

    All Pre-order opportunities end the Thursday before the game releases.

  • Getting Deus Ex Augmented Edition Third Strike Parasite Eve II

  • any clue when we will get the ps one classic: legend of dragoon. it was a greatest hit…jus saying :)

  • perrandy <==== LOL your whole comment was funny, you do know what a ps1 is right ?

  • Aya Brea!!!!! I love you!!!!!! Wooooooooooo good job Sony!!!!!!!!

  • Nice to see that after how many months, one of the most requested games we have demanded to Sony is finally getting released for NA PSN. Now what about FFV and FFVI. These have been out on other regions PSN for months, but what is the word on when it is finally coming out to NA?

  • Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine
    NHL 12

    The demos look sick!!! NHL 12 cant wait for that and also checked out bodycount and Warhammer both are looking sick!!

  • We need to see Brave Fencer Musashi on here as a PSone Classic. Like, now.

  • So ready for Warhammer!

  • Glad to see PE2 on here. Ooo… I’ve been waiting for Hysteria Project 2!! Yay!

  • Wow Parasite Eve, I remember I loved that series. I will buy it for sure, what a classic.

  • not a bad update, not bad at all, looking forward to street fighter 3 :D

  • Another week and again nothing for us psp users, though i will admit PE2 is great!

  • These fighters have developed skills so powerful, that by building up a super arts meter during the fight, they are UNABLE to unleash devastating attacks and combos that will send opponents reeling!

    lol amazing

  • i was wondering if psn was thinking of releasing the psone classics, tomba!, tomba 2 and the brave fencer musashi, this were part of my favorite games for psone when i was a kid, please respond i would appreciate it

  • #69
    so true, that game was awesome and theres a bunch of psone classics that are still missing in the store
    :) luckily for me i still have sum psone games intact

  • parasite eve 2 :) finally a real ps one classic. but i think we need some other real ps one classics like mortal combat trilogy, the mega man x collection, tekken 3, etc etc, hopefully one day they will listen to us !!

  • ps2 classics?

  • Chrono Cross…There are so many customers of yours that are really demanding and wanting that PS1 Classic…You guys could probably make a TON of money if that were to come out in the NA PS Store…Look at how well it did in Japan…I understand it takse like 5 weeks for someone to even look at these comments and another 5 months before anyone even replies but seriously is that how your treat your customers..I am actually going to call your customer service number and keep calling until one of two things happens….1: The game is released to the NA PS Store. 2: I get a darn good explaination as to why we are not going to get it, and then let your customers know so they can finally move on from your bull crap SONY!!!

  • To those of you having problems with auto sync, no offense but did you enable the option on your xmb? Also, you have to enable it for each game, initially.

    Also, you can only use it on one PS3 per Plus acct. I have 2 PS3s & the auto sync only can be enabled on one. I have to manually back up to cloud on the other.

    Rey, Any drop that eliminates 15% of chronic complainers is a good drop.

  • Nice update

  • Has anybody else noticed the playstation plus icon next to our avatars.

  • 2 weeks in a row now, seems like the drop is back on track. a little bit of somethign for everyone.

    you’re releasing games faster than i can play them, so you gotta be doing somethign right in my book…

    bout time! :P Keep it up, I’m still dying to get dungeon defenders…. no release date on that one yet >.<

  • @75 I don’t know how I didn’t process that but it is funny.

  • Deus ex is more like a computer game i pre ordered it on steam :D $20 cheaper Better Graphics with high res and 8 tf2 items plus if there are downloades for killing zombies or anything you cant download them on ps3 but on pc u can

  • cant wait for Deus Ex HR. Will admit I played the PC leak of it, and it helped my decision to run and preorder it for my favourite platform – the PS3. Cant wail till that arrives wednesday or Thursday. ><

    Wish I was into RE 1-3s gameplay, Parasite II looks interesting.. but I couldnt stand how RE 1-3 played.. :(

    @perrandy, what did you expect from a PS1 game? lmfao

  • Thanks for giving us “parasite Eve 2” ! I’ve been waiting for this one to drop ! Just beat PE1 a few months back !

    Now if we could get “Tomba 1 and 2” and “Tobal No. 1” ! I wish I’d had kept some of my old PS1 games now looking back !

  • What isn’t mentioned is that Black Rock Shooter will hit Japan this week. Which is what I’m most excited for this week. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • deus ex, less than 24 hours !!! and then let the river of games that follow run rapid straight to my console.. is time standing still for anyone else? lol..
    finally deus ex gets a promo shot on here, not many others that i can remember reading in the past few months..if they where here then they werent headlined in the past 2 weeks i will say that much.
    well if you get it i recommend augmented edition, for an extra 10 its worth it.. comes w/ more than alot of collector edition games now a days. and its a very sleek looking case as well.
    for the demos,
    body count is a game that looks to be a hit or miss, ive seen more cut scenes trailers than actual gameplay footage so the demo is a plus.. warhammer demo ( not to be confused w/ kill team) is one i wanted to check out and it will be nice to see if nhl makes the best hockey game ever made even better this year or if it will be 2011 & a half.. but as we all know demos can be deceiving , and its hard to gauge a game on a demo but w/ some you can get a feel for whether or not it suits your style etc..for me dragon age 2 demo saved me a pre-order, it wasnt for me..

    comix zone was fun :) parasite eve II also nice

  • Dues Ex, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and the NHL 12 & Bodycount demos are a must. I’ve already pre-ordered both Dues Ex and Street Fighter III: TS, so I just need to play them now lol.

    As for NHL 12, haven’t pre-ordered it yet, but I do plan on buying it. My brother and I just want to play that last period included in the demo of Vancouver vs Boston. We plan on changing history and making Vancouver win that game.

    Anyhow, decent update!

  • Nice Drop!!! beat Eve 1 now I must beat2
    @ Boston John
    Yo whats good with Deus Ex series….should I buy or rent

  • Awwh, I wanted the PS1 Classic of “The Legend of Dragoon” guess I’ll have to wait for it ):

  • Parasite Eve 2!!
    It’s about time..

  • Any word on MLB Bobblehead Pros?

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