PSN Payload: Launch Dates for PAYDAY: The Heist, Rochard, Sideway: New York

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PSN Payload: Launch Dates for PAYDAY: The Heist, Rochard, Sideway: New York

Guten Tag from gamescom! Sony Online Entertainment kicked off the first day with three of our newest PSN titles – Rochard, PAYDAY: The Heist and Sideway: New York. These latest games will engage you in graffiti adventures, environmental puzzlers and high intensity bank robberies, and will launch early this fall on the PlayStation Network via digital download.

Rochard for PS3 (PSN)

Rochard puts you in the shoes of astro-miner John Rochard as he uses his wits and everyday mining tools to fend off space pirates. You must save his team of missing miners and solve the mystery behind the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. The tools and crazy space gravity make for awesome puzzles, but it’s Rochard’s snarky sense of humor that really drew us to this game. Rochard will be available September 27th for download on PSN for $9.99.

PAYDAY: The Heist throws you straight into the action with high-stake heists, including bank robberies, prisoner extractions and armored car hijackings, you are forced to work as a team to control incredibly intense situations. This is a great game to play with a band of friends in search of the ultimate score. PAYDAY: The Heist will be available October 4th for download on PSN for $19.99.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PS3 (PSN PLAY)PAYDAY: The Heist for PS3 (PSN PLAY)

The game can also be pre-ordered from September 20th until September 28th on the PlayStation Network and is included in the PSN PLAY program, which showcases the season’s hottest titles. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an automatic 20% off every PLAY program purchase. Additionally, DLC expansions will be released later this year.

Sideway: New York for PS3

Sideway: New York puts players in the role of Nox, a graffiti artist sucked into a twisted graffiti world, where you to explore the backstreets of New York City and navigate through a 2D adventure platformer set in a 3D world. While the task at hand is to defeat Nox’s nemesis Spray, it’s a blast using window ledges, drainpipes or graffiti tags to navigate around corners and onto rooftops of the city. Sideway: New York’s soundtrack brings an underground hip-hop vibe, which perfectly matches the theme of the game. Sideway: New York will be available October 11th for download on PSN for $9.99.

Sideway: New York for PS3Sideway: New York for PS3

We’re really proud of all the effort and hard work that went into developing each of these games. Each game offers something unique and innovative for players and we know you’ll enjoy them as much as we have. So, if you’re lucky to be in Germany and at gamescom, please stop by and say hi to us in Hall 7, Booth 1. If not, check out these cool new videos and screen shots!

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  • Payday is my most anticipated PSN title ever. Can’t wait to buy.

  • Hey Chris Sturr, can you ask your buddies at Sony if Sorcery is still coming out sometime? Also, will you send a message to the team doing Medievil Moves. “Shame on you for making this game on rails instead of free roaming. You will lose a lot on sales because of this gimmick.”. Thanks buddy.

  • Please, tell me that Sony will not be missing the opportunity to give Payday: The Heist Move/Sharpshooter support. I think Sony struck gold with Killzone by giving it move/sharpshooter support and because of that it is my favorite shooter now. (Screw you Black Ops, with your 15 dollar DLC and no sharpshooter). I’m So excited about how future titles will use the periphal that every shooter that has it now is instantly being looked at as a potential purchase. If hardcore fans are looking to find a reason to get into Move and Move compatible games then look no further than the FPS market. The device adds a new layer of immersion that is unparreled in gaming. So please, please, please add more Move/Sharpshooter support to upcoming FPS exclusives, Especially this game cause that would be AWESOME!

  • Which of these games will have local co op ?

  • Can’t wait to buy me Sideway: New York! It looks so unique and amazing! Not to mention the setting is in New York, along with graffiti.

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