PSN Payload: Launch Dates for PAYDAY: The Heist, Rochard, Sideway: New York

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PSN Payload: Launch Dates for PAYDAY: The Heist, Rochard, Sideway: New York

Guten Tag from gamescom! Sony Online Entertainment kicked off the first day with three of our newest PSN titles – Rochard, PAYDAY: The Heist and Sideway: New York. These latest games will engage you in graffiti adventures, environmental puzzlers and high intensity bank robberies, and will launch early this fall on the PlayStation Network via digital download.

Rochard for PS3 (PSN)

Rochard puts you in the shoes of astro-miner John Rochard as he uses his wits and everyday mining tools to fend off space pirates. You must save his team of missing miners and solve the mystery behind the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. The tools and crazy space gravity make for awesome puzzles, but it’s Rochard’s snarky sense of humor that really drew us to this game. Rochard will be available September 27th for download on PSN for $9.99.

PAYDAY: The Heist throws you straight into the action with high-stake heists, including bank robberies, prisoner extractions and armored car hijackings, you are forced to work as a team to control incredibly intense situations. This is a great game to play with a band of friends in search of the ultimate score. PAYDAY: The Heist will be available October 4th for download on PSN for $19.99.

PAYDAY: The Heist for PS3 (PSN PLAY)PAYDAY: The Heist for PS3 (PSN PLAY)

The game can also be pre-ordered from September 20th until September 28th on the PlayStation Network and is included in the PSN PLAY program, which showcases the season’s hottest titles. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an automatic 20% off every PLAY program purchase. Additionally, DLC expansions will be released later this year.

Sideway: New York for PS3

Sideway: New York puts players in the role of Nox, a graffiti artist sucked into a twisted graffiti world, where you to explore the backstreets of New York City and navigate through a 2D adventure platformer set in a 3D world. While the task at hand is to defeat Nox’s nemesis Spray, it’s a blast using window ledges, drainpipes or graffiti tags to navigate around corners and onto rooftops of the city. Sideway: New York’s soundtrack brings an underground hip-hop vibe, which perfectly matches the theme of the game. Sideway: New York will be available October 11th for download on PSN for $9.99.

Sideway: New York for PS3Sideway: New York for PS3

We’re really proud of all the effort and hard work that went into developing each of these games. Each game offers something unique and innovative for players and we know you’ll enjoy them as much as we have. So, if you’re lucky to be in Germany and at gamescom, please stop by and say hi to us in Hall 7, Booth 1. If not, check out these cool new videos and screen shots!

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11 Author Replies

  • cant wait :D

  • payday october 4 for me looks awesome better be rated m

    • yeah, glad you like the look of PAYDAY, game plays Rad… you’ll definitely enjoy it. Roger that. It will be M rated…

  • October 4th for Payday!!!

    Is there gonna be a demo/trial for Payday @ launch???

    • Yep, trial plus unlock will there. We’re working thru the details now on what scenario and level that might be. Stay tuned…

  • Sideway: New York looks tite, still a few weeks from release though.

    • We’re almost there. Game is coming along very nice and it’s definitely a uniquely styled game that you will enjoy.

  • Rochard :)

  • Does Orchard have co-op mode?
    I have purchased the games on Play: are the games going to be automatic downloaded if I`m not home?

    Fair price on sideway….I guess… ˆˆ

  • Sorry…Rochard*

  • I was kind of excited about PAYDAY: The Heist but after watching the video not so much. The animation are so bad they are like from 90’s and the sound sucks, hopefully the game play will be fun but i just don’t understand why people put out half ass games like that. If you make a game spend some time and polish it instead of putting out things that look bad.

  • is it going to be on psp or ps vita

  • Great Post!!!!Great Job Sony!!!
    Payday looks like a great alternative to to the competative shooters online….It’s a must have seeing that games like hitman wont be here soon enough…Im hooked on MW2, Killzone3..Mag…Socom4…R2… and Duke Nuke.. I’d say I’m pretty good for now but I’m getting heist day uno…..Cant Wait

    • Thanks for the support!! PAYDAY is a great alternative for any shooter/action fan. I think you’ll find the gameplay top notch, the scripting/design spot on and the action non-stop, but you have to be smart with your strategies on how you play. Going in guns-a-blazin’ is going to make things tough, whereas taking a tactical approach will net a much different experience. Adds a ton of replay-ability.

  • Ok, why does Payday: The Heist remind me of Perfect Dark 64, back on Nintendo 64. Is it just me? Or did anyone else think the same thing?

  • Nice! Rochard, and Sideway: New York look great. I am getting both of them, and I can’t wait.

  • Payday! I can finally buy a $50 voucher (To buy RE4 with it)

  • Damn I got mad money now I wish these games were available sooner It sucks that everything is gonna be dumped on us in a month or so……to many titles to choose…guess were spoiled….or I am…God I love my playstation…my boy is pissed he got Xbox…He told me they only have Gears3 to look forward 2

  • Dear Morgan Haro,

    I’ve asked this a few times already, but it would be great to get an answer ;)

    As for the PS PLAY games, will they (or can they if they aren’t planned to be) pushed to our PS3s via the Automatic Download function for us PS+ members?


  • @mixedkidbx
    I thought it looked more like hitman2 silent assasin
    but I could be wrong….must be the guy tossing a body off the roof reminds me….Loved Perfect Dark64
    That game was “perfect”

  • Either they are using an early build of the game for that trailer, or that level takes place in the year 2000, because I’ve seen gameplay footage and other trailers for Payday: The Heist, and the graphics look significantly better.

  • I’m getting Payday for sure, but I’m still looking into the other two.

  • Hmm PAYDAY: The Heist seems a little too enxpensive. But as i’m a psn + meber i may get it.. Sideway: New York on the other hand is a easy buy.

  • I wanna know does payday have split-screen? If not you guys need to work on including it!!!

  • I’m with you voyte4. The only reason I preordered the 4 games was to get Payday. I def. didn’t want street fighter. Renegade ops was the only one that I really wanted, but I would play the other two. However, after watching the video they have on IGN.. I think payday looks absolutely horrible. Lesson learned, no more preorders for me. Couldn’t even get a dynamic theme out of it. Any game you preorder should come with a free avatar and a dynamic theme. On top of that, sony would probably just screw me over like they did with Shank and brag about how it was on sale for plus users, so I buy it, and then it goes on a bigger sale the next week. A couple weeks later all the preorder games will be 50% off just to make me mad. Being serious, I don’t think that would happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

    *side note* the other 2 games on here look awesome. Why weren’t these part of the preorder deals.

    • Thanks for the support. Sorry to hear about what you thought of the video. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed when you get and play PAYDAY. There’s a ton of effort and work being putting into the final revs of the game. You’ll be pleasantly surprised on the level of polish, HD graphical quality, gameplay, design and replay-ability for a $20 game. No doubt!!

  • Ill be picking up Sideway: New York on October 11th. Does Sideway feature online co-op?

    • Thanks for the support. Glad you like Sideway: New York. The game doesn’t have online co-op, but you can enjoy local co-op with a friend.

  • Looks like October will be one expensive month! Payday and Sideway look awesome!

  • Really looking forward to trying Sideway. I had a chance to play Payday at E3, and it blew me away. PSN is developing quite a lineup, I read this morning that Elevator Action arrives 8/31. Time to stock up on PSN cards.

    • Coolio. The game has come along way since E3. We also had it at San Diego ComiCon and got tremendous support and feedback. Stock up now, but don’t spend those PSN $’s too soon! ;-))

  • I knew my expectations were too high hoping that you would give us a PSN release data for Parasite Eve II even though it was supposed to be up in March :(

  • Now that you have further informed me about the tactics available in heist I cant stop thinkinking about the endless possibilities and replayablity I will get for the low price of 19.99
    Thats right you get the sofa, the television, the love seat, this new table and heist for the low price of 19.99 does our copetitors offer this hell a deal ” I doubt it”

    • That’s right. Tons of value for $20. Endless replay-ability. Every time I play (whether alone or with my friends) it’s a totally different experience. We just keep coming back for more, and the challenges are always different. You’ve got 6 different scenarios/heists to challenge you, and all with very different objectives. Add in Hard and Overkill difficulty modes and that will challenge any true hardcore FPSer!!! We’ll see what you got…

  • i cant play first person shooters, i get motion sickness. so i have no COD in my collection, all 3rd person view games. wish PAYDAY hade that option. anyways sideway New York looks gangster and interesting, cant wait.

  • Is PAYDAY a P2Play or F2Play game? SOE is mostly known as pay to play publisher…

    • PAYDAY will be priced at $20, but you’ll find that it holds up against top priced games, so it’s great value.

  • I was just asking for a release date on Sideway on another post here yesterday. Thank you!!!

  • PAYDAY is day one for me.Thank you SOE !!

  • I am getting Payday for FREE! :) You know why!!!

    I will buy Sideway when it comes out! :)

    Rochard looks good, and for $10, I am thinking about it

  • P.S. A Huge thank you for finally having some release dates on huge PSN titles!

  • Any news on if any of these are having PS Plus Discounts? I’m getting them anyway, but I’d love to hear if I’ll be getting a discount.

  • I’ll Def be getting Sideway: New York. One thing I want to point out is the Gamescon trailer doesn’t do justice for it because it makes the game look laggy and slow when it isn’t. I’ve seen a few gameplay clips from the floor and it looked great!

  • I will be getting both… The Heist for free with my PSN Play pre-orders :D

  • i’m getting sideway: New york for sure, FINALLY A GRAFFITI BASED GAME!!!

  • I must say, I’m extremely impressed with the Rochard and Sideway pricing

  • @21
    Sorry to hear dude….

    I got all the pre-orders and I ain’t regreting it. I’m an SF fan I play SF a lot, BloodRayne looks fun kinda looks like Castlevania just hope the game is longer than LIMBO because I regret LIMBO that game was crap!!! Renegade looks awesome definictly wanted that game because it’s like playing Twisted Metal, Baconing meh I don’t really care for it but I did play the other Deathspank so might as well. I don’t know about you but I’m happy to get PAYDAY for free. By the way does PAYDAY or Sideway NY have platinum trophy? I just saw the video for sideway NY and god damn it looks cool hahah so original :D I’m definictly getting it!!! (It’s not because I’m from NY) lol

  • I could care less about Heist, but Rochard and Sideway look really cool.

    Are either rendering in 1080p native? Any info on who is doing the music?

  • Great work on bringing more unique content to the PSN. I really appreciate the variety and quality.

  • Looks awesome. Hopefully a sequel to PAYDAY could be a full fledged retail game

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying all three of these games. I know PAYDAY looks amazing and it’s been on my list for a while now, so that’s a no brainer. It’s just gonna be tough this fall since so many other games are coming out. So they’ll be competing for time.

  • Lookin forward to all three of those games! Consider them SOLD!!!

  • Been waiting for dates on all these games. Finally. Getting all of them. I wish these were in the Play program. I just need dates for Journey, Code Veronica, and Trine 2 now.

  • Sure glad I did the preorder purchase for the 4 titles to get Payday for free. Definitely looks it’ll be a great free game.

  • How much like Fragile Alliance will Payday: The Heist be? Because despite what the hivemind says about Kane and Lynch, Fragile Alliance was some great multiplayer heist action!

  • I’ll get them all.

  • cant wait for payday!

  • No crosshairs?

  • does payday have a plat trophy?

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