Starhawk: Dylan Jobe Talks Space Combat, Jetpacks

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Starhawk: Dylan Jobe Talks Space Combat, Jetpacks

Greetings from Cologne, Germany! Moments after we wrapped up our PlayStation Gamescom press event, Dylan Jobe and I jumped in front of the camera, and he did what he does best–talk Starhawk. Lightbox Interactive and Santa Monica studios finally revealed the much-anticipated outer space combat settings, as well as a fan favorite from Warhawk — the jetpack (with some new bells and whistles.)

Make sure to watch all three minutes of our interview for the quick skinny for the latest on Starhawk at gamescom. For a more in-depth look, keep an eye out for Jeff’s feature from his behind close door session with Dylan Jobe coming up later this week.

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  • Alright. I have a major question. Do, you plan on “shoving” (in any form) that PlayStation Network pass down our throats? Because, as usual I was correct (again) in my predicament with Bethesda and it’s latest pet – Rage. They’re some sneak, ‘//hores I tell you. Literally cutting people off from what I would say a quarter of the game (and anything below ground such as the entire sewer system for starters.) Which to me is a blatant cheap shot, but I have to ask. Does Sony or Dylan (to be more precise) plan on |2aping your customers with this cheap shot? I’d like to here “no”, but considering the “fad” and recent decline in inteligence I’m not sure whom to believe or trust anymore. Warhawk – was and is still awsome. I don’t expect any less, but I am worried about the “pass”. I just don’t support such unethical behavior.

  • Hey guys, looks awesome! I’ve been dying to see these space maps and did not disappoint! Question: what happens if you fall off the edge of platform. Do ya burn up in reentry.hehe. (sorry, had no audio when watching vid don’t know if this was mentioned. Also, in regards to collectors edition I love the idea of the art book! Maybe there can be a fold out of that planning wall in LBI studio. That would be cool to not only see fantastic finished artwork but your process. And for the ultimate collection running around $200,000 we can get SH and a trip into sub orbit to play! Whadda ya think about that?!

  • Starhawk + Starhawk-themed Official PlayStation Headset (retails for $50)

    Bundled with some DLC stuff + steelbook case and artbook for $99.99 Collector’s Edition.


    Starhawk + Official Wireless Stereo Headset (retails for $99) + Some DLC stuff + steelbook case for $125!

  • I honestly think the Console should come with a headset. All the people I game with online have a headset so it wouldn’t something we would buy. The last one came with a headset and people still didn’t use them.

  • The collectors edition should come with real life build and battle equipment, complete with holographic preview. That should fix the housing market.

  • OMG, I can’t wait to strap it on and go!

  • Tone Capone in the video Dylan says if you fall or drive off the edge of space station the planet’s gravity pulls you in and you burn out in epic flames in the atmosphere!




  • + Harvard Bonin on August 17th, 2011 at 1:23 pm said:
    maybe. A bit late now. What about the game?

    Lol…Sorry my post was to clear. I wouldn’t buy a limited edition with a headset, because I already own a headset as does most everyone I know.

    I would buy one if it had one or more of the following:

    Steel Case
    Art Book
    In game Customization
    Dynamic Theme



  • A “Transformer” or “Starhawk” as part of the collector edition would be cool if you can transform it from ship to mech like a transformers toy :)

  • I can’t wait for Starhawk, this looks like the best shooter of next year!

    If you guys do make a CE, please make sure it includes ALL of the retailer pre-order bonus content with the CE content. That would make me buy it instantly

    And if you don’t mind my asking, have you guys decided what bonus us Warhawk fans get related to Starhawk?

  • I agree it definitely has to come with a transforming hawk.

  • I Think the Collector’s Edition should have…
    -Exclusive Avatar Pack
    -Exclusive Dynamic Theme
    -Free Download of Warhawk (Playstation Classic)
    -Playstation Home content
    -Starhawk Statue similar to the Warhawk GGL prize statue, which i earned yet never received.. :(

    A Mech version would probably appeal more to the public.

    Hey, I’ll buy it either way, I got KZ3: Helghast Edition for $130, I’ll gladly buy Starhawk for any price

  • Harvard Bonin

    good ideas! Wow, the first Warhawk. Interesting

  • Yea even though I have a headset, maybe if you guys made a custom starhawk one that would be a good idea!

  • Something I thought would’ve been neat in Warhawk is customizable weapon skins. Doesn’t affect the performance of the weapon in any way, just its appearance. Statues are great, but for me personally I’d rather have something I can “use” as in I have it in-game. Like how you could get the golden amp for Cole in inFAMOUS 2, etc. If this were to happen it’d be nice if there were several choices so there wouldn’t be a ton of people with only a few different gun appearances. And put it in the collector’s edition only. :P

  • I hope their won’t be pre-order bonuses exclusive to the retailer. Then, you would probably make people buy the game 3 or 4 times to get everything they wanted lol

  • For the S.E. of Starhawk it would be cool to get PSN Avatars, some type of paper weight / toy, art book and t-shirt.
    P.S. Love it all. Keep up the good work. A+ 110%

  • What would really set space battles apart would be if some platforms were upside-down, sideways, etc. So there could be a platform directly up from the one you are standing on, but its gravity is reversed. So if I shoot up I could hit someone in the head.

    • Interesting idea. We don’t do this because we don’t want to overcomplicate the game…plus the space stations come with gravity fields to keep everyone sucked down to the station – upright!

  • Thanks dmac & Harv. Can’t wait til the first time I fall off! Extra crispy! Hehe

  • DJ, HBJr. et al-

    Does the Mech transform into the Hawk without any funny business? What I mean to ask is, if there were a real-life Mech/Hawk, could it change form in real-life? you know, all the bits and pieces go where they’re supposedd to?

    If so, would love to see a transforming Mech/Hawk model in the CE, which I would pay $100+ for

    And I know you have told us that the Starhawk universe does not have anything to do with the Warhawk universe, but I would flip if the CE had some downloadable MP skins with the Eucadian helment, or those burly Chernovan shoulder armor, both of which I love so much. Maybe you can just include that in that special package to “take care of the warheads” as you so kindly refer to us.

    Bravo, love love LOVE this space combat! Can’t wait!

  • JayMan-X said “Hi Everyone”

  • 1. If the CE came with the official Sony PS3 wireless headphone, there’s no way I could refuse.

    2. I’d love a custom Starhawk skinned USB drive, any memory size would still be a very useful item

    3. Will there be an option to turn Jetpacks off on maps?

  • Harvard Bonin

    I’d say a “4.87” rating isn’t too bad!!! Thanks everyone! We really appreciate all the support. It just pushes us to make a better game for you.

  • 4. I also love the idea of a soundtrack including the full editions of each tracks composition.

  • Someone brought up the headset idea. Fantastic idea I think. I’m thinking I’ll need a new one soon anyway. The game would turn out to be so much better since more people will have mics. When no one has a mic, there’s little to no teamwork, and friends are much harder to make. Without a good net of friends there’s no community. Mic’s will increase the longevity of the game for sure. Mic’s are a big deal and should definitely come with some form of the game (at the very least collector’s edition).

  • Great game guys, StArhawk just look so much fun.

    My question is that the newsniper rifle kill with how many bullets or shots in StArhawk, I know in WArhawk it’s 1 shot kill on any part of the enemy’s body.

    PS – Any news on the StArhawk beta release date.

  • Another idea is 1 universal pre-order option (on top of the other pre-order items at the different retailers) or collector’s edition item (though I’d rather see it as a universal pre-order item). The item in question is something in game that’s completely cosmetic. Why? Well, it will distinguish you as a day 1 player. In warhwak, there are very few people who have been playing since day one, and we want to know who they are! Sadly, they don’t have anything to show off for it. It’s really great finding someone who was a day 1 player and let me tell you it’s turned into a very prestigious thing some 4 odd years down the road (it was most likely a prestigious thing even sooner!). So, I say, that this cosmetic item should be able to distinguish you apart from all the other players in Starhawk. It’s going to be common in the very beginning, but look at late game and again we’ll see some prestige from owning such a thing. Since it needs to set you apart, it must be a cosmetic item that cannot be overwritten by other skins. Maybe a rift pistol (that courses with rift energy… maybe the rift on it could change color with your clothes) would fit the bill. I’m sure other things would too, but this is a MUST to look into!

    • yeah, we like the Day 1 player bonus. We like to reward Day 1 players for the same sort or reason we like to reward Warhawk players

  • This has to be the first time Ive see so much interaction with fans about a collectors edition.

    Special Edition
    Steel Case
    Exclusive DLC
    Dynamic Theme

    Limited Collectors Edition
    -WarHawk Mech Case
    -Art Book
    -Exclusive DLC
    -Dynamic Theme
    -Emmett Graves on Hoverbike Poster

    Off the top of my head

    • really? interesting. why would we not want to collect ideas? Hell, you guys are the ones paying for it. Seems to make sense to me! Anyway, good ideas, thanks. Check the FB page as we’re always on there too

  • Harvard Bonin

    yeah, we like the Day 1 player bonus. We like to reward Day 1 players for the same sort or reason we like to reward Warhawk players

  • first of all, from videos i’ve seen, you don’t start off with any hawk or vehicle hangers, i think there should be at least one already built at the start of the map on each side or people will find ways to easily spawn kill? even without hover mode, if you don’t have access to any vehicles or weapons, baserapes will still be possible?

    secondly, all the warhawk players would really like a third and final warhawk tournament before starhawks release, is it possible? :)

  • I would like to second the guy that said skins from the two factions from Warhawk as a Collector’s Edition bonus. That would be awesome to go out there rockin the Eucadian look.

    Don’t be modest Harvard, you and Dylan and the rest of your teams are among the most engaged developers I have ever seen. It is awesome that even in this blog post our thoughts are being heard and you all are passionate for more feedback.

  • Some unique avatars would be sweet with pre-orders, like one of a rift miner up close with his mask on and the other avatar will be an outcast close up with a smirk on his face.

    Maybe access to some of the skins for our vehicles? I remember hearing in an interview that all vehicles will have skins available for each one, so how about a variety of unique skins to choose from in multiplayer, maybe like 5?

  • Hey guys ive been doin my homework and i think i might know wat the release date is so hehe. anyways i was wondering how the starhawk tournaments would go down. how would i get to and enter the tournament . PEACE

  • what is the starhawk demo going to be on the -28 i think?- are u guys gonna have single player demo and multiplayer demo? Also is it going to be one multiplayer map like in warhawk or 2

  • Harvard can i tell them when the release date is

  • Harvard Bonin

    we will have a Beta and Demo. 28th? Beta will be multiplayer and I expect we’ll have a demo that contains both solo and multiplayer

  • talk to the lbp2 people after starhawks EPIC release and ask them to mak a emmet graves costume

  • THE RELEASE DATE is 2/1/2012 i think………………

  • sorry im askin alot of questions but i just decided to et on the playstation blog;…. so…………..Can u team up with the lucus arts people from starwars and make an epic 32 player starwars battlefront 3 cuz i have a ps2 and my ps3 is not compatible for ps2 games

  • ……………………

  • well thats just me

  • Are there going to be add ons for clothes,maps, and vehicles or just maps and vehicles like in warhawk

  • I’ve never tried Warhawk, but I might give Starhwak a try, looks appealing to me. I’ve got two questions though:

    – How many players does Starhwak support for online MP?

    – Is there any plans to add in PS Move support? I’d love this addition and it might make me get this for sure.

  • 3rd warhawk tournament, how likely? D:

  • I like how u actually see your player get in and out of the vehicle or strap on the jetpack instead of popping in and out of it you guys really did good with that still waiting for the vehicle release and stuff for us fellow warhawk fans

  • hey Shadow is a 32 player online………………………………….

    if im wrong about my release date Harvard then i hope it comes out earlier cuz my b-day is in early jan

  • Starhawk should also have some type of water/underwater combat with vehicles like small ships & submersibles.

  • Cavewulf, It can’t be the 1st. It’s like that in places such as Gamestop because that’s what they think the earliest date is. The earliest is actually Feb 7th. Harv you’ve said that the game is going to be released on a Tuesday and that’s the earliest Tuesday that’s not in January ;).

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