Starhawk: Dylan Jobe Talks Space Combat, Jetpacks

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Starhawk: Dylan Jobe Talks Space Combat, Jetpacks

Greetings from Cologne, Germany! Moments after we wrapped up our PlayStation Gamescom press event, Dylan Jobe and I jumped in front of the camera, and he did what he does best–talk Starhawk. Lightbox Interactive and Santa Monica studios finally revealed the much-anticipated outer space combat settings, as well as a fan favorite from Warhawk — the jetpack (with some new bells and whistles.)

Make sure to watch all three minutes of our interview for the quick skinny for the latest on Starhawk at gamescom. For a more in-depth look, keep an eye out for Jeff’s feature from his behind close door session with Dylan Jobe coming up later this week.

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  • Can’t wait for this! The Space combat is gonna be so flippin sweet!!

  • OMG Collector’s Edition please!

    • we are looking at the possibility. What would you like a Collector’s Edition to include? We don’t want a useless bunch of stuff. If we do it we want the content to be meaningful.

  • Space, Mechs, Jetpacks, (War)hawks…This game has everything i need!

  • I cannot get over how AWESOME this game looks!

    Been playing Warhawk since day one with my brother, and I can’t wait to pre-order the most priced version of this game! :)

  • This game is looking phenomenal. It literally fixed everything i didnt like about Warhawk and added so much more. This has the making to be one of the most fun online games of all time.

  • wish u could do 1st person too but looks great so far

  • The sad thing about the Warhawk DLC is that not a lot of people got them so there weren’t many awesome matches to play on the new maps.

  • I chuckled as well when Rey said “Strap it on and go!” haha.

    With that aside, Dylan and your crew over at Lightbox are my favorite developers right now, because you’ve taken everything I loved about WarhawK which still to this day is my preferred multiplayer experience and totally raising the bar completely, It’s also obvious you really care about your fans which is great because you want to craft the best experience for us gamers. From the brief footage of the space battles, that’s exactly how I imagined it when you spoke about it in previous interviews. This is my most anticipated game right now, I just await a release date and anything on pre-order options then my monies is all yours lol.

  • This looks AMAZING! Great work Dylan and team. It is pretty awesome that we can land and take off from space stations. I don’t see how much different that is from landing and taking off from planets, but I get there needs to be boundaries.

    Question, I know it has been mentioned there will be lightning storms in the distance on some planets, but how about some dynamic and unique weather Dylan -acid rain, rain, snow, etc????

    • No dynamic weather planned…ie sunny turns to stormy. That said, the skies are very active, especially on the Acid Sea planet (to be named later)

  • Incredible!

  • I can’t wait for this game. I have been playing WarHawk a lot more recently in anticipation for it.

    Every time I see more video of this game, I get a bit more excited. All I know is, when StarHawk comes out, I’m just going to “Strap It On And Go.”

  • STARHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This will be a epic one,.. Dylan & the team @ Lightbox.. a 11 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Awesome. Really looking forward to this. :)

  • uhh…not good to have an apple logo in his hand while holding the ps mic -_-‘

  • Regarding what to include in a collectors edition; how bout a Hawk that can actually transform from Hawk to Mech, A downloadable soundtrack, Exclusive In-game content, a space dynamic theme, and of course a fairley big art book

  • Please make ‘Strap it on and Go!’ the subtitle for the game! That’d be frigging awesome!

  • For an idea of some contents in a collector’s edition pack. How about a statue of Emmett Graves with his current outfit holding a machine gun in one hand on his shoulder and a pistol in the other hand pointing it straight ahead.

    And at the bottom, have the Starhawk logo.

    I’d totally put that up in my room.

  • thanks for the comment. Do all you others like statues too?

  • I never played warhawk sadly, but wow this game is looking amazing and plus the online looks fenomenal which is really what interest me most. I wanted to buy warhawk back in the days but never really occurred so i missed it. This is probably the only game i am willing to buy a collectors edition, it looks that awesome.

  • @Harvard Bonin

    It would be really awesome if you guys do one! I know alot of those usually come with useless stuff but it would be cool if you guys did come out with a collectors edition that comes with special items for charcter customization, comes with Emmett’s scarf and possibly a special designed PS3 controller that fits the starhawk theme. So the collectors edition could possibly be $110 or somewhere around there, which I think is a pretty good price for all that.

  • Yea but I personally feel that a statue of a hawk/mech would appeal more to fans of the series.

  • Yes to the statues. I also would like the CE to have a Hard Bound art book and a Steel Case.

  • in the collectors edition there should be a hawk or mech statue or figure like mercenary09 said also make it around 100 bucks cause im going to be broke!!

  • Statuses are nice but other small things should include an amazing dynamic theme, but really great of some space battle going on and maybe some kind of customization stuff like golden weapons, special customization items for characters i don’t know.

  • Okay I sprung another idea.

    For $59.99 have the normal game.

    For $79.99 have the statue with Emmett.

    For $129.99 have the statue with Emmett and a statue of a mech. And if you want, throw in a scarf styled like Emmett’s like JLP said, or have a concept art book.

    Sorry if my pricing may be a little off. xD

  • Is it crazy that I’m looking forward to this game more than any other 2012 release (including ME3 and Bioshock Infinite)?

    Honestly, it looks so amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • wait…are you saying….

    space combat?!?!


    looking forward to more!!! :D

  • Include a statue of a mech or emmett graves would definitely push me towards pre-ordering a collectors edition.

  • Statues are getting a lot of traction here! What other stuff would you like in a Collector’s Edition?

  • Collectors Editions should come with a replica of the hover bike and a steelbook case add in whatever DLC you want

  • Steelbook Case like many have suggested already, hardcover art book, maybe do like KZ3 did and give a code to give those buyers double xp for the first 24 hours

  • I’ll say this once again: this is a MAJOR franchise in the making. Sony, don’t be cheap, seize the opportunity and spend whatever millions necessary to make this game BIG. To give you an idea of the potential I see here, it could be 3 times as big as Twisted Metal, seriously. Starhawk should be the next big major Sony franchise next to Gran Turismo, God of War and Uncharted .

  • I know Starhawk will be amazing! I just can’t wait for the release date. :)


  • GET THIS BETA OUT NOW!!!! I WANT THIS GAME!!!! it’s going to be F&#$ing sweet! CAN’T WAIT! just make sure you can do all the little clever things you could come up with on WARHAWK! FIRST DAY BUY!

  • I personally wasn’t a fan of jetpacks from WH but I do love the space environment !!!!

    I hope that Asteroids spin a bit to make it more difficult for pilots !!!

    I’d love to see a tagging (dogtag) feature but I think that is the side effects of Battlefield talking. ^ ^

    Keep up the good work and don’t keep us waiting for the “tank” you keep teasing us about (was hoping that was going to be the vehicle reveal you promised.

    PS – I quite like “Acid Sea” as a map name !!! Keep it.

  • It’s sad, he doesnt know what most of the community liked in Warhawk, and some of the things people really didnt find interesting was the “Jetpacks”, and now they are bringing it back in game without having a choice to download it? That’s kinda dumb, but i guess i have to live with it..

  • Collectors edition:

    -Something that glows and looks like rift energy, like a cyrstal or something?

    Please dont give pre-orders exclusive stuff, I want that stuff too but cant preorder at local stores!!!!

    Dont have CC so cant amazon either.


  • Awesome job as always guys, I was looking forward to space combat for a long time now =P
    oh and about the whole collectors edition thing I would like to see :
    – Unique Pre-order only cosmetic items (Hawk / Tank / Player Camo & parts)
    player parts should include stuff like aviators/NASA space suit/ Glowing knife ? =P
    for the hawk customization I would like to see the return of the white skelleton (warhawk contest) paint/camo
    Preorder or collectors edition bonuses should only include cosmetic items.. Adding weapons/skills in the deal is a big turn off for many players who can’t afford the preorder or people who just wait a while before buying a game.
    (I’m definitely buying day 1, but I’m jst sayin)

    XMB Dynamic themes and Unique Avatars would be awesome aswel, but please don’t add these to the store later because they take away all the fun of getting those stuff in the 1st place….

  • Oh a scope for the sharpshooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that would be the best ever guys, thanks

    You have move support right? And 3D of course right?

    On the 3D please let it be at least as deep as KZ3, hopefully with the option to increase it even more.

    I like 3D in my lap, not an inch off the screen, that is all.


  • oh and the whole preorder bonus at amazon/gamestop stuff.. please don’t do that, I can’t preorder from any of those stores… It should just be a global : you pre order or buy the game day 1 you get the bonus…

  • Suggestions for Collector’s Edition :

    – Exclusive Skins for Character/Ground Vehicle/Starhawk.
    – Steelbook case.
    – A full color, glossy-paper, letter-sized strategy guide with full-detailed maps showing the location of all pick-ups. Strategies for the single-player game, co-op missions and how to effectively tackle some maps (strategy tips in here), also a short but efficient trophy guide (Starhawk should be just as hard as Warhawk to “planitum”).
    – A time-limited advantage. Maybe some kind of unique weapon you start equipped with on mutiplayer and Starhawk loaded with a major weapon everytime you get in one. Plus, some special weapon for the single-player campaign.
    – 20% discount on all future DLC packs via code.

    – Maybe pack in an official Sony PlayStation Starhawk-theme bluetooth headset (Warhawk did the community a big favor with their bundled headsets).

  • Oh one more idea, for either the collectors edition or as a pre-order bonus, how bout a costume of emmett for our playstation home avatars!

  • can a part of the preoeder be the champions blade for warhawk?

  • Starwawk needs to add that on the tutorials!


  • Thanks for the reply Harvard. Ok if now dynamic weather, how about a frozen tundra planet with snow and ice? This was one of the best maps on Warhawk from the broken mirror expansion!!!

  • sorry LOL, my english isnt that good but you did understood :P

  • For the Collector’s edition definitely make it a steel case. Collectors LOVE steel cases. Dynamic theme would be awesome. I love the art style of Starhawk so I would love to see a hardcover book with concept art in it. Exclusive In game customization wouldn’t hurt. Maybe pay homage to Warhawk by giving Collector’s Edition owners a unique knife similar to the one that was given to select players in Warhawk. Heck make it look the same as that one in Warhawk.

    The Statue is a great idea but only if the price is right. I not going to spend over $100 for a single game sorry!

    Other than that please have some form of a tank!! And I would love a beta invite in my email soon.

    Thanks for the great work and the engagement with the community.

  • One quick note for everyone: We WILL be at PAX in Seattle Aug 26/27/28 showing off the Space Station multiplayer…just like Gamescom. I will be there running the observer cam and handing out t-shirts. You can see the shirt on our Facebook page here…!/StarhawkTheGame

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