This Week in Home: Ooblag’s Alien Casino, Dead Island Photo Shoot and more

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This Week in Home: Ooblag’s Alien Casino, Dead Island Photo Shoot and more

Attn: Earthlings. Transmissions intercepted from an unidentified flying object spotted over Central Plaza late last night tell us that Ooblag’s Alien Casino will be entering the PlayStation Home universe this Thursday, August 11th. An interstellar casino frequented by gamers from across the galaxy, Ooblag’s Alien Casino includes a highly stylized multiplayer game of craps…with a twist. Winners will be rewarded by being transformed into extraterrestrial high rollers while losers will be punished severely by Raaksu, the casino’s ruthless be-tentacled Pit Boss. As an added bonus, players that access the Ooblag Alien Casino space will be rewarded an active item version of the Ooblag game that can be played in their personal spaces. This PlayStation Home-exclusive is 100% free to all players and will be available from the Navigator this week. Check it out!

Phase two of the ongoing Dead Island total game integration will begin this Thursday. Log into PlayStation Home this week to take part in the ghoulish Zombie Photo Shoot game, where you can snap some pictures of yourself posing with the flesh-eating denizens of Central Plaza. And if you haven’t yet had the chance, be sure to take our Zombie Survivor Quiz to find out how well you will fare in the impending zombie apocalypse (all participants will unlock up to four Dead Island-inspired virtual items). While you are at it be sure to pick up the new Dead Island costumes – like the Decapitated Zombie, Zombie Policeman, and Zombie in a Bikini (ooh-la-la). We’d show you pictures, but they are too graphic to print here. Also, don’t forget to pre-order Dead Island directly from Central Plaza to receive the special Exploding Zombie suit for your PlayStation Home avatar. This ultra-limited item is not available anywhere else, so be sure to pre-order your copy of Dead Island from PlayStation Home today!

Dead Nation Total Game Integration

The PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week with new items from VeeMee (including the awesome TOVs animal items), Lockwood Publishing (be sure to check out the new Legends Baseball costumes), Konami (Gladiator costumes and Retro Collection clothing items) and new items in our Exclusives category (animated ruby tables, diamond sunglasses, and more). Head to the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday and scoop up these hot new items!

Castlevania Symphony of the Night posterRocket Knight poster


Like clockwork, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another massive update this Thursday. Watch as Hip Hop Gamer interviews LightBox Interactive about the highly-anticipated Starhawk. Next, LittleBigPodcast crowns the winners of their Mind the Gap level-design contest. Afterwards, HomeCast Rewind looks at the new Sodium 2 reverse tracks, the ever-popular MechJet and B’Loons outfits, the new PlayStation Home bundles available on the PlayStation Store, and the one-and-only Homelings club. Finally, we present the season finale to Platinum’d. Will the nefarious BZBee win or will our hero D-Edge take home the grand prize? Find out this Thursday when the final “who will win?” nail-biter airs in the PlayStation Home Community Theater.

See you in Home!

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  • Ahhh, yes, does this mean we get cool zombie costumes from Dead Island? If it does, thank you! I will have no complaints. As I said last week, just getting t-shirts from Dead ISland was a big letdown, though the quiz was fun. I was hoping for a new zombie costume! So this is just a short message of thanks!

  • The Homelings will be there to celebrate our Fluidic Glory on Homecast.
    The oldest and largest group in all of Home would like to thank the director for his time and skills during Our Gathering of Origins last month. Prepare humans…

  • SOOOOOOO HAPPY, The Casino is finally here!! :D
    The new virtual showcase items look awesome, but they seem really overpriced (as usual).
    $2.99 for a little gold cell phone, that doesn’t do anything. pshh.. and a pair of sunglasses that have flashy diamonds also for $2.99. THEY ARE SUNGLASSES, my god.. lol. I’m just saying, alot of ppl probably won’t buy those things at that price, and if they do.. they are stupid.
    I like the rest of the update though. The Zombie Island Phase 2 looks fun, and like I said Ooblag Casino is going to rock! PLus I might pick up one of those zombie costumes, and maybe a few thing from Konami & Lockwood.

    Besides the overpriced Virtual Items, Great Update L_S

  • Awesome, been waiting for this update, good job Home team, :) Can’t wait for this update.

  • The PS3 version of the game shown in this months Qore looked REALLY bad when compared to the 360 version… Have you guys had any hands-on time with it? Did it look and run as poorly as it did in that episode of Qore? I would love to stop buying multi-platform games for my 360 but so long as the PS3 keeps receiving “crappy” ports I’m not going to.

  • @warezlbanez comment 45, my wife loves Home, but because of the jerks she has had to disable her text. she enjoys chatting but because of the harassment going on with these guys, she rather just disable the text. it really is nonsense and it does drive the females away. on topic, i’m looking forward to the GLADIATOR outfits for sure.

  • where is the dead island quiz? I’ve tried going to the central plaza 3 times to play it but i dont see it anywhere. all i see is a dead island banner with a link to the dead island store under it, nothing about a quiz.




  • Stoopid typos :P

  • what typos.

  • oh nm, the whole robosuit deal. *shrug*

    Seriously. I paid 6.99 for a game cabinet that is only usable by me, am I to guess you withdrew the item to repair it, or is this just another flubb? I haven’t spent anything on Home, and won’t for sometime. The entire system is unstable…

  • Rocket Knight? YES! Made an old Sparkster fan happy with those!

  • But darn it all, theres scheduled Maintenance today and now I can’t get in.

  • I have a question. The next part of the Dead Island TGI should be available this thursday right? .. Just trying to make sure.

  • why does everithing cost to much is not even real like $2.00 for some sunglases that u cant even use in real life there just getting money out of you

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