This Week in Home: Ooblag’s Alien Casino, Dead Island Photo Shoot and more

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This Week in Home: Ooblag’s Alien Casino, Dead Island Photo Shoot and more

Attn: Earthlings. Transmissions intercepted from an unidentified flying object spotted over Central Plaza late last night tell us that Ooblag’s Alien Casino will be entering the PlayStation Home universe this Thursday, August 11th. An interstellar casino frequented by gamers from across the galaxy, Ooblag’s Alien Casino includes a highly stylized multiplayer game of craps…with a twist. Winners will be rewarded by being transformed into extraterrestrial high rollers while losers will be punished severely by Raaksu, the casino’s ruthless be-tentacled Pit Boss. As an added bonus, players that access the Ooblag Alien Casino space will be rewarded an active item version of the Ooblag game that can be played in their personal spaces. This PlayStation Home-exclusive is 100% free to all players and will be available from the Navigator this week. Check it out!

Phase two of the ongoing Dead Island total game integration will begin this Thursday. Log into PlayStation Home this week to take part in the ghoulish Zombie Photo Shoot game, where you can snap some pictures of yourself posing with the flesh-eating denizens of Central Plaza. And if you haven’t yet had the chance, be sure to take our Zombie Survivor Quiz to find out how well you will fare in the impending zombie apocalypse (all participants will unlock up to four Dead Island-inspired virtual items). While you are at it be sure to pick up the new Dead Island costumes – like the Decapitated Zombie, Zombie Policeman, and Zombie in a Bikini (ooh-la-la). We’d show you pictures, but they are too graphic to print here. Also, don’t forget to pre-order Dead Island directly from Central Plaza to receive the special Exploding Zombie suit for your PlayStation Home avatar. This ultra-limited item is not available anywhere else, so be sure to pre-order your copy of Dead Island from PlayStation Home today!

Dead Nation Total Game Integration

The PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week with new items from VeeMee (including the awesome TOVs animal items), Lockwood Publishing (be sure to check out the new Legends Baseball costumes), Konami (Gladiator costumes and Retro Collection clothing items) and new items in our Exclusives category (animated ruby tables, diamond sunglasses, and more). Head to the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday and scoop up these hot new items!

Castlevania Symphony of the Night posterRocket Knight poster


Like clockwork, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another massive update this Thursday. Watch as Hip Hop Gamer interviews LightBox Interactive about the highly-anticipated Starhawk. Next, LittleBigPodcast crowns the winners of their Mind the Gap level-design contest. Afterwards, HomeCast Rewind looks at the new Sodium 2 reverse tracks, the ever-popular MechJet and B’Loons outfits, the new PlayStation Home bundles available on the PlayStation Store, and the one-and-only Homelings club. Finally, we present the season finale to Platinum’d. Will the nefarious BZBee win or will our hero D-Edge take home the grand prize? Find out this Thursday when the final “who will win?” nail-biter airs in the PlayStation Home Community Theater.

See you in Home!

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  • Good! The alien casino. I was looking out for that. Time to visit Home again and try it out :)

  • “We’d show you pictures, but they are too graphic to print here” Yikes! Can’t wait to chek’em out though. Looks like am awesome update! I guess while everybody is busy with the casino there will be a zombie outbreak – run!

  • finally!!
    I want the diamond suit tho lol
    advertising everything except that?
    I want that suit looks great with cane

  • are you guys gonna stream the gamescon sony press conference live ?

  • So… Will the Lockwood Gift Machine be updated here tomorrow as well? What about the Gamescom space? Will that be making a return here as well?

  • So um… are we losing any of the Irem content this week? since, you know… reports say the Irem stores are shutting down tomorrow….

    • We will let you know if any spaces in Home are scheduled for removal in advance. As of right now there is no news to share.

  • Nice :P

  • i have a couple question if you dont mind answering, is there a way to rent reserve server for club parties? if not will there ever be? even if it cost it would be a cool idea. Secondly have you guys ever thought about or done a v.i.p area for us that spend loads of money on here, just a place wit no noobs harrasing, public gathering are type space, i really enjoy home but a couple lil tweeks would help ohhhhh last but not least pictures in the clubhouse, why not?

    • Hey Swag,

      There is currently no means of, as you say, “renting server space” for club parties, nor are there any plans currently to add this functionality. As for VIP areas, I think its a cool idea!

  • With the departure of IREM imminent on the Home scene there are plenty of us wondering when we might see Granzella arrive in North America. Japan has received a new Granzella Island space and will be receiving a new Japanese Village with appears to be a replacement for IREM Square.

    Can you please comment further about what we might be able to expect and when? There are so many of us who would love to get some additional comments from you.

    And this update looks like fun!


    • Hey Joanna,

      When we have targeted dates for release of Granzella content in SCEA, we will make the appropriate announcements here on the Blog. Right now there is no news to share.



  • Is the Bloodrayne tshirt from PLAY offer an exclusive that won’t ever be sold or something we can expect in mall? Same with Dead Island preorder costume. Thanks

  • When is the Winter Villa comin out and how long before more active items n your personal space???? Also I agree with SWAG_SKOOL_101 thats my club member.

  • Is Dead Nation getting free same day delivery just like Killzone 3. Also when will we be able to purchase the Winter Vacation Villa?

    • RE: Dead Nation. Amazon manages fulfillment of all orders and ultimately determines shipping options. Please visit their site of contact Amazon Customer Support for more information as to what shipping options are available.

      RE: Winter Vacation Villa. We are currently creating a public space version of the WVV that all players can tour and, if they choose, purchase the WVV personal space from. We have not yet set a release date for this space but, when we do, we will post it here.

    • *Dead Island not Dead Nation

  • why has cp been freezing a lot and crashing my ps3 it only room on home that been doing this

  • oh dats gewd dat dey is updated da gift machines. i wuz gonna ask dat 2. wuz hopin dey jus connect da whole freakin lockwood store to dat machine. an giv some bundle on da tokens so i aint sittin dere 5 hours buying sum, den downloadin it. den buyin sum mo. den downloadin sum mo. an den by da tyme i is all ready, i has boughted only 5 of ma friends a gift. an den i buy sum mo tokens. an den mo. an mo. dey need like a giant thang with 500 token i swear dat be great an den i doesnt gotsta go on ma gurl ms. spears account an giv her all dis money fo sum shoes

  • when is the winter villa being released? can we get more active items, 1 day? I also want to know about the private servers (like SWAG_SKOOL_101,to have a bowling alley for me and my club members would be cool, at any cost!!! B.M.F Blowin Money Fast in the building/log!!!!!

    • Please see the above comment regarding WVV. The active item placement limit remains at 2. Any changes to this item limit will be communicated via the blog.

  • No word on the broken spaces, UFC both personal and public, and the waterfall terrance. Or how about the club and group chats disconnecting. These things should be at the top of the list of things to do.

  • oh an ayeeee wat wuz wiff dem mech suits. dey wuz 2.99 an den da next day they has been 9.99? i dont relly care but i wuz lyke ayeeee wutz dis all bouts. any idea if dey gonna make any mo of dem mechs? lyke a…. lyka dolphin mech? ora dolph lundgren mech. or a ayeee i kno wut u shuld tell dem develpoers dat gonna rock dere socks off. tell dem to add a walkin stick o beef jerkey pet yea yea. cmon

  • how do you pick the comments you respond to? are they the ones on your friend list?i feel my money deserves a response too!!!

  • i demand stick o beef jerky pets and dat dog pet i has seen in EU dat thang wuz awesome it wuz all lyke runnin aroun and bein a dog an im lyke yo its ma dogg from da london pub but he aint sleepin no mo

  • i agree they will talk about everything but wont say they will fix the cp bug from last zombie update or anything we would like a response back

  • Thanks Locust, and could you ask Konami to do a earn 10,000 pts per hour event? lol One million is insane for the knife, would take months on the current earning levels.

  • they can send emails to tell you, your banned but no emails to answer our concerns!!!! i know your in based in japan but in america when something is broke when you buy REFUND EXCHANGE SOMETHING!!!! fix ufc & waterfall

  • yay the casino im getting the space tomorrow if it dont get pulled at the last minute

  • Im not gonna complaint , im too happy because i got my IPad 2 64 GB, YAY!
    Is there a way to give other rewards besides Tshirts ?
    and im with SWAG_ SKOOL , We need a V.I.P AREA reserved for big spenders such as ME, im sick and tired of getting harrass by nobodys and when i say NO THANK YOU , they start calling me names and mentioning my Mother, trying to block them does nothing, reporting seems like doesnt work either, if it does, it moves at a glacier pace, so what gives, there is 1 guy that harrasses me constantly and im not afraid to go to the authorities if Sony doesnt do anything, some harrasment goes far beyond the name calling, and goes into personal life and im not gonna put up with it for much longer .
    Can we get a BUY BACK Program , there are so many items i bought out of impulse and i would like to exchange them for something else, much like Sony has for their electronics,.
    Thank you Glasswalls for answering my comment last week, you Rock !
    Locust Star i never heard from you so ………..

    thank you : )

  • @cajun doesnt your club do the big parties? can you help answer my question?

  • @ YoUnG_SwAG_850 I believe that your question was already answered, if you look about below your first post. Or at least it was kind of answered.

  • Thanks for the response locust, no matter what they say about you on here you still cashing checks!!!! lmbo

  • one more thing locust, sorry, but what about newer bundles in the ps store, a new estates bundle, more clothing bundles, bundles bundles bundlesi did buy the new bundle and was pleased, if nothingi really want comes out tomorrow guess i’ll be buying the last 1 i havent got, THE ESTATES BUNDLE!!! THAT WOULD MAKES 35 SPACES IN LESS DEN 70 DAYS ON HOME!!! PLUS CLOTHES AND FURNITURE, CHECK MY PURCHASE HISTORY AND TELL ME I DONT DESERVE V.I.P!!!! no yellin just excited bout the update tomorrow!!! lol

    • I’ll pass the request along for more bundles in the PS Store – specifically an Estates bundle. It’s a great idea!

  • Hey can you please tell the creators of future personal spaces that if they are planning to do a Personal space with a beach on it, to make it so that we are able to get deep in the water and not unkle high .
    im with ErickaFollie about the Buy Back Program or Exchange Program ,i have some things i would like to get rid of forever,oh yea, and also pass this along if you can, the IM INVISIBLE BOARD above the invisible costume , Epic Fail !, it would of been better if it was just our names and not that IM INVISIBLE SIGN , i mean it defeats the purpose of being invisible.
    As for the Gold cell phone, those hands items are so small and easy to miss, so no thank you
    Don Dynamite Bundle, EPIC FAIL, thanx to the big money sign, just becasue you got money , doesnt mean you gotta look tacky and wear that Big Money Sign on your neck .

  • oh Locust thanks mon thanks. i has not expect a response cuz mon i serious i cannot brealy even read wat i has posted half da tyme. u gots sum skill i lyke dat in a star. most stars lyke dey aint got no skills an i be talkin bout dat star justin beeber dat guy gots no skills i doesnt sure know how he be a famous star but ayeee wateva thanks fo respond

  • @Locust Those don’t help. Really, all you had to say was there are no updates information for those issues right now. You really didn’t have to waste your time and mine in posting those threads to that wasteful forum.

  • I’m really glad we are getting Ooblag’s Alien Casino this week. The Active Item will fit in well with an event that I am planning soon :-).

    Konami continues to amaze me with the amount of support they are pouring into Home. Ever since we asked for those Gabriel Belemont Costumes last September, they have bought a lot of their key franchises to Home in one way or another. Now they have stuff for two of my favorite Konami Games, Rocket Knight and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Also, I’ve been noticing lately that they have branched out into creating some unique items for Home as well like the Bloons costumes and now the Gladiators series of costumes.

    Locust, please give Konami my regards and tell the item developers thanks. I’m glad to see that one of my favorite third party companies is flourishing in Home. And to you, Glass and the rest of the Home Development Team, keep up the good work :-)

  • Locust,

    I wanna know when you are gonna give us out mini lights back. You said back in late feb-early march, You would let us know something & you never did. Everyone who had it wants a answer on when we are getting it back. And don’t give me “we are looking into it” or We have no info on that at this time” [DELETED] or any of them other lame [DELETED] answers.

    Another thing I wanna know to is, If we buy something from the Irem store in the mall or via home xmb, Will we still have it in our stuff after the Irem store is removed tomorrow from the mall & home xmb, Or will we lost them like the mini lights???? Don’t wanna buy something, then you steal it from us. Like you did with the mini light.

  • um…ps home should have like Clubs of the month…like that will be awesome ;) @Girl Gamer!…

  • @locust & comment 31, i think it would be a good idea to make the necklaces seperate from the clothing so”US” that do like the “BIG TACKY” chains can wear em with other clothing items, how about less country cowboy items? its 2011, who dresses like john wayne these days? dont hate on urban gear!!!

  • L_S all thez yearz an still no green hair color , “CMON SON” Y please? lol Thank You Sir !_!

  • Cool up-date… Question: Will the clubhouse store, have new items or add-ons for the current club-house?

  • @34, Locust_Star:

    Yeah they are definitely on fire. I can see that they constantly read the feedback by the items they have responded with. Back when the original thread was created, I never expected them to create the Penthouse. I stop in that space at least 2 – 3 times a week and the place is always packed. Its really smart of them to keep switching things up and keeping the space updated and themed with the upcoming games, new Home merchandise and PSN titles readily available. Also, I was really happy when that Gradius Statue randomly popped up in my inventory. I hope they decide to work on more themed personal spaces for games like Castlevania, Contra, Gradius, Metal Gear, Zone of Enders and Hard Corps Uprising (I know that is Contra as well but the universe is different). Some arcade machines would rock also ;-)



  • Any body have CoD mw2 and is a quickscoper join my clan at .

  • Probably too late to get a response. I was wondering if the NFL jersey would ever return to Home. I know a lot of individuals that ask whenever I wear my Eagles jersey. I also thought in addition to the VIP spaces if it was possible to at least allow Qriocity music to be played in personal spaces. I understand if that would require too much reworking, but it would be awesome to have music in your personal spaces one way or the other. It also might up the subscriptions to Qriocity. Thanks

  • As a response to Locust Star’s comment on number 6: Does his reply mean that the gamesom space and the gift machine update come tomorrow as well?

    Thanks for any help!!!


  • Before I make any further purchases on Home, we need to find a solution behind preventing jerks from jumping onto Home to ‘pick up chicks.’ It’s sad, it’s been going on since the Open Beta started, and it needs to stop! It’s driving women off of they system!

  • Will Home ever have TVs and other appliances that let us stream content from our HDD?

  • from my other comments its only on the ps3

  • wanted, free personal space please locus :(

  • Nice, alien casino is finally here ;). Thanks for bringing back the virtual item showcase with magnus, its so much better.

  • @Shinra_Soldier7: If it’s going to run like EU is doing, the Gift Machine update should be live tomorrow. The Gamescom space wouldn’t be put into place until Tuesday. This is just running off of other Home info that’s not in place for this region.

  • is this true,cause you’ve been saying this for a month and a half now *sigh* ill believe it when i see it.

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