Pre-orders for PlayStation Network PLAY Begin Now!

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Pre-orders for PlayStation Network PLAY Begin Now!

Hello everyone! As you may remember from my post last week, our PlayStation Network PLAY program is bringing four of the hottest action games straight to you, with lots of added bonuses. This new annual program is packed with special DLC offers with each purchase of the four featured titles during the PLAY promotion, along with bonus themes for each pre-order.

We’re excited to announce that pre-orders for PLAY titles begin today for all four games: Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, The Baconing, Bloodrayne: Betrayal and Renegade Ops.

PSN Play

Pre-orders begin today, so make sure to nab your copies soon. The first game in our PLAY line-up is Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, which releases on August 23rd, and the game will only be available for pre-order through August 18th. Since the free theme offer only applies if you pre-order a game, act now so you don’t miss out.

Keep in mind that SOE’s PAYDAY: The Heist is also yours, free of charge, if you’re over 18 years old and you purchase all four games!

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, we’re also happy to remind you that you get 20% off all PLAY purchases. Not too shabby, eh?

We hope you’re as excited about PLAY’s action-packed line-up as we are, and keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we highlight the PLAY titles right here on the PlayStation Blog.

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  • @47 Have you even look into this new Bloodrayne game? You just seem to be judging the game from the previous games and those… movies, but this one is pretty different from the other games and is being made by WayForward who are known to be pretty good with 2D games.

  • i want NHL psn avatars!

  • I think all the games look great and the PS Plus discount sealed the deal for me. I’m always up for more Street Fighter, and the Deathspank series rocks. Can’t have enough vampire killin’ and Renegade looks like excellent arcade fun. And getting a cool FPS and extra goodies for free? Ordered all of ’em and now I can just sit back and look forward to them. All that for less than the average retail for one game… awesome deal! Haters can just keep hating while I enjoy myself.

  • The pre-order themes aren’t even dynamic…. thats Bull, though i did preorder them to save money on the heist and the DLC.

  • @49 I have watched the game trailer for the bloodrayne game. They only had the pics uploaded while all the others had game trailers. Not impressed. I like the hand drawn cels but thats it. Not worth the $15 or even $12 for ps+. Wayforward has some good games but also made some shiny turds as well. examples such as Barbie and the Three Musketeers & Scorpion King – Sword of Osiris and tons of other shovelware titles.

  • is this the only way to get payday

  • @54 Im sure it will be on the marketplace to be purchased by itself

  • I asked this before:

    Will these pre-ordered games be pushed to our PS3s via automatic download?

  • Well I preorder them all today. Can’t wait to get my games and get Payday for free. Plus comes through once again on saving me $12. Thanks Sony. This should become a more common deal.

  • Wow, what a deal for PS+ members! I just pre-ordered Renegade Ops after watching the quick look at Giant Bomb. I LOVE Just Cause 1 & 2, and this is made by Avalanche Studios, who made Just Cause 1 & 2. It looks like a LOT of fun. It appears it’s the least bought of the 4 pre-order titles right now, so if you guys like Avalanche, then buy this to support them. Check out the quick look I’m talking about if you’re hesitant. Anyway, thanks for the awesome deal Sony. $12 for Renegade Ops is an awesome deal! The included static theme is pretty cool too.

    Quick question:
    Is the bonus game Payday: The Heist only available for free if you pre-order all 4 games or just 1 of the games? Thanks.

  • i really wish somone would answer my questions because i want to spend money on your products but you wont answer simple questions like how much does payday cost when will it be realesed by itself and if this is the only way to buy it or is it just like a early access for people with lots of money

  • @59: PAY DAY by itself cost $20; happy now :D

  • @59: If you still have some doubts here is the first blog about “PLAY”:

  • @58: No, PAD DAY will also be available as a product on its own. Check the previous post about PLAY, and you can see that the game will cost 20 bucks, and will be available for download in late Sept. Hope this helps to those that are asking this.

  • Sony should hire me as a blog moderator :D

  • @61: Maybe I phrased my question wrong, but I meant do you get Payday for free when you pre-order 1 of the 4 PLAY games or do you only get it for free if you pre-order all 4 PLAY games?

    @62: Well I’d vote you in as a mod. There’s usually a PSblog mod that’s pretty fast to answer questions, but you beat them to it. Thanks.

  • @63 It says right there in the article: Keep in mind that SOE’s PAYDAY: The Heist is also yours, free of charge, if you’re over 18 years old and you purchase all four games!

    So my hunch is you have to “purchase all four games!”

  • @65: yeah, if you want PAY DAY for free, you have to buy the 4 games.

  • The only one that I could see even worth $15 is The Baconing (maybe Street Fighter) but thats only because the first two were $15 too. All besides that should be $10 at the most. Renegade Ops should only be $10 because of the graphics but there are way too many top-down shooters on the market now. Bloodrayne is only $15 because of the franchise, as is Street Fighter. The only one that anyone really wants is PayDay: The Heist. But it better be a full game with a platinum trophy for the price of $20 as a download only game.

  • I like the idea of PSN pre-orders, but it needs to bring some real benefits before people will take it seriously:

    1: Pre-orders should be available on all new PSN titles
    2: Pre-orders should bring a benefit, like a premium avatar or a small discount
    3: Pre-ordered titles should be directly pushed to your PS3 and installed on day one as part of the Automatic Update feature.

    If a game is released in the afternoon, the PS3 should automatically wake up at the right time, so that the game is waiting for you when you get home.

    If pre-orders do these things, I will be happy to put down my money first. If pre-orders don’t bring benefits like this, then it’s just a gimmick.

  • so yeh i ran into some money so i bought the 4 games so does payday come out on its normal realese date or sooner

  • @69: On its normal release date, and maybe a bit later (if you read the disclaimer when you bought the games) :D

  • So if we pre-ordered, will we be able to download it right at midnight when its release day or have to wait until they put it in the store like they usually do? Do we get any notifictaions on our ps3? Or what? Lol just wondering :p

  • Sorry, but you want us to participate in yet ANOTHER ‘special’ membership IN ADDITION to PlayStation Plus? No thanks.

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