Pre-orders for PlayStation Network PLAY Begin Now!

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Pre-orders for PlayStation Network PLAY Begin Now!

Hello everyone! As you may remember from my post last week, our PlayStation Network PLAY program is bringing four of the hottest action games straight to you, with lots of added bonuses. This new annual program is packed with special DLC offers with each purchase of the four featured titles during the PLAY promotion, along with bonus themes for each pre-order.

We’re excited to announce that pre-orders for PLAY titles begin today for all four games: Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, The Baconing, Bloodrayne: Betrayal and Renegade Ops.

PSN Play

Pre-orders begin today, so make sure to nab your copies soon. The first game in our PLAY line-up is Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, which releases on August 23rd, and the game will only be available for pre-order through August 18th. Since the free theme offer only applies if you pre-order a game, act now so you don’t miss out.

Keep in mind that SOE’s PAYDAY: The Heist is also yours, free of charge, if you’re over 18 years old and you purchase all four games!

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, we’re also happy to remind you that you get 20% off all PLAY purchases. Not too shabby, eh?

We hope you’re as excited about PLAY’s action-packed line-up as we are, and keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we highlight the PLAY titles right here on the PlayStation Blog.

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  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think this is a bad idea. Making them pay full price for the game a month before it comes out to get it is dumb. Even making them pay full price one day before the game comes out to get the content is wrong.

    You’re not going to start doing $5 preorders like retail does, that’s probably too much work. Go back to the way you were doing it by giving out Free DLC if you buy the game Day one or within the first week or any timeframe you choose that does not include paying for the game before it comes out.

  • but if you don’t have much money you probably aren’t really interested

  • I want to be excited about this new Play promo, but the content doesn’t seem very strong.

    Guess there is always next year. lol

  • $$$$$$$ XD

  • i would prefer buy the heist alone instead of pre order 4 games i dont want for a huge price

  • Getting really tired of the $14.99 PSN games. Especially this litter…

  • Only getting Renegade Ops from this. I’ll support anything the Just Cause 2 team makes.

  • You guys should make the offer, 2 out of 4 games.Because the games are quite expensive and all audience won’t like all of them.It like forcing you to buy i thing you don’t like just to get something you maybe like.

  • Umm… so… you’re not doing anything now that BloodRayne has been delayed? How is that going to work?


    Hey, and from the store description it looks like SF3 doesn’t have Capcom DRM! Looks like they smartened up.

  • Oh wow, they delayed the PS3 version now too? Sigh.

  • God, these internet journalists are TERRIBLE. Do they even read the articles they source?

    “WayForward’s balls-hot contribution to the BloodRayne franchise has been pushed back from August to October 5 on Xbox Live Arcade and September 6 on PSN. ”

    CVG sourced from Destructoid and couldn’t even read that sentence correctly.

    The game was NOT delayed on PS3.

  • Sweet! I think this is a great idea cuz I end up buying most of the games that come out and your giving me a bonus for doing so. I dont get how people think this is a bad idea…if you dont like it move on to something you like. Nobody is forcing you to buy into this.

  • All Garbage. 5 bucks at most for each.

  • Sony Rocks! this awesome

  • Going to download Crash Commando DLC and preorder Bloodrayne soon (which the PSN version hasn’t been delayed!). Nice Megaman sale, but I want to see Legends.:'(

  • Third strike day one purchase gonna “pre-order” it right now

  • Too bad the games aren’t being released sooner… one of this is October? Really?

  • Oops wrong blog.:P My post was meant for the PS store update. But yeah I going to preorder Bloodrayne. Looks awesome and WayForward seems to have made some great 2D games.

  • Is the 20% off for PS Plus only during the pre-order period? Or during the week of release as well?

  • this will be another flop of a promotion. try discounting games people are interested in. I wouldn’t touch these games if they were given away for free.

  • Fantastic Program!!!

  • @ theXsilentXchild

    You say their all garbage yet you have a Akuma avatar. Which comes from one of the games you’re calling garbage.

    I for one already pre-ordered all four games and thanks Sony for the 20% discount for plus subscribers.

    Street Fighter 3 is a MUST OWN for me, I would’ve payed $30 dollars for it. It’s the best SF in the series.

  • Going to pre-order The Baconing. Maybe Renegade Ops too.

    Awesome promotion!

    Haters gonna hate.

    I don’t know about the other three games offered in the promotion, but the DeathSpank games have always been one of the very best to be offered on the PlayStation Store. You’re missing out if you haven’t played one of them!

    For everyone that is complaining, go back to your yearly Call of Duty games and let the rest of us enjoy some great content.


  • @kidcommando
    I totally agree with you- too much money for 4/5 bad games

  • street fighter forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you sony!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tell em brandon_2535 lol @ the haters go blog about else where

    i already pre-ordered SF3 the theme was worth it!

  • LickDoo is my lover. We are deeply in love! You better recognize that!

  • if u dont like d game just dont buy it. i mean its not that difficult.

  • Digital pre-orders…. what have we become? WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?!?! :P

  • I’m afraid I’m gonna have to agree with AutomaticOcelot, I see no point at all with digital pre-orders.

    I don’t do pre-orders in the first place, and these days it just isn’t wise to buy a game day one anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very interested in having Street Fighter and the Bloodrayne game, I just don’t see why I’d pre-order them. Is there going to be a download shortage?

    I understand we get extra goodies, but I believe you should get those just for buying the game, not pre-ordering(I feel that way about all games though).

  • I am not convinced with this new Play program, $14.99 each game, if you pre-order all the four games you are spending almost $60.00 that’s alot of money for me, for being a new program they should cut the price, this is a trick business for make people pay before the game comes out, and PlayStation Plus subscribers, we only get 20% off that’s nothing, also we only get a theme if we pre-order one of those games, Street Fighter III comes out this month, I prefer to wait…

  • alright but what if you arent somone who can just burn money and all you want is payday the heist when can we just buy that and what will it cost

  • Well, I tried to become a playstation plus subscriber – thought it might be worth giving a try during their birthday celebration where they offered a bonus 3 months for a year subscription. Store would not work. Tried a couple credit cards and I was able to purchase other content, just not playstation plus. Asked for help from their customer service and got a complete and ridiculous run-around – and in the end it never solved anything. Their “support” was rude and uninformative. Clearly a case of Sony not really caring for their customers, even when this particular customer was willing to give them 50 bucks for a subscription that ultimately costs Sony nothing, it’s like free money for Sony!

    Oh well, their loss. And I’ll continue to complain about it whenever I have the chance to warn other customers of Sony’s crap customer service. Maybe eventually a Sony rep will decide this customer could use some actual support :)

  • Some recommendations for Payday. Slow down the character run speed and aiming. The videos I have seen makes it look like everyone is a hyped up super speed bunny on drugs. Like the speed you can run and aim your gun is very fast. Slow the game down to real life speed and I think it would be better. People cant move or aim around that fast. I think it would feel more like a real heist if they made those changes.

    Looks good.

    Another game that looks good on PSN Play is Renegade Ops.

  • First its playstation plus now its play. I still want more things for plus before i waist my money on something else.

  • I’m down for this deal. Got a $50 gift card today for this promo!

  • These bundles suck. I wanted to purchase freddy kruger for mortal kombat i have to buy 4 charcters for $14.99 what gives! I paid for a $50 plus membership, it should be discounted.. STOP THE PENNY PINCHING!


  • just preordered the baconing :)

  • Pre-ordered SF 3rd Strike OE for sure. Nice theme that came with it. Also I might pre-order BloodRayne, game looks really good.

  • I got them all because I have a job and I can get what I want yay me lol. Little kids whining, when you grow up and get a good job 40$ is nothing trust me =) Remember kids say YES to school lol.

  • @32 it comes out to be 48$ if you’re a PSN+ sub. 5 games for nearly 50$ which means almost 10$ each game not bad!!! I spend 10$ or more for lunch in NYC so I think it’s a good deal lol


  • I take it no one here is a Street Fighter 3 fan cause that Is HUGE with all the stuff they added to the game! and the Godlike GGPO Netcode!

  • Sorry, but none of these games are worth 15 bucks. I sure as heck and paying 15 dollars for SF3. Crapcom is at it again with rehashed games. For the 60 bucks I would spend on these games I’d rather buy Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 or some other fall release that I know would be worth the money.

  • @fishface45

    Indeed Akuma Is my avatar icon.

    I have been a fan of the street fighter series since I was 8 years old tossing countless quarters into the arcade machice at Red Robin. I used to hold tournaments in my neighborhood when SFII Turbo came out for the Super Nintendo. Ive seen all the tv shows, craptastic movies, and played all the games. I think if your new to street fighter then maybe you would want to check out SFIII, but I own it on my dreamcast and can pop it in anytime to play it.

    I had an original post the never posted so I just decided to post a simple comment which was my garbage one.

  • Renegade Ops Looks like shovel and has horrid voice acting. There are many other games like this that dont hold a $15 price tag

    The Baconing is alright. Ive played the other 2 Deathspanks and I expect this to be a Rinse and Repeat as was the previous title.

    I thought that the bloodrayne series was dead until I popped by a redbox and saw they just released a new movie title BloodRayne: Third Reich… And after watching the trailer for the movie maybe the series should be left dead. Leave it back in 2002.

    The preordering thing doesnt bother me as long as it was something I was interested in.

    Payday: The Heist looks interesting and ill see how the reviews go and try it out myself.

  • CANNOT WAIT until SF3 comes out. Proud PS+ member who will pre-order tonight. In the PLAY offer, the only game I am not interested in is PayDay, basically because I completely stink at FPS’s, so SF3 will probably be my only pre-order.

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