Resistance 3 Multiplayer Moves to the Australian Outback

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer Moves to the Australian Outback

If you’ve been following Resistance 3 coverage over the last few months, one of the cool features of our game is that many of our main multiplayer maps take place outside of the United States (where the single-player campaign focuses on Joseph Capelli’s harrowing journey from Haven, Oklahoma to New York City). In the multiplayer beta, you will find the Trainyard map, set in sunny Bogota, Colombia, as well as the Seaside map set in Glamorgan, Wales, UK. Late last year, we revealed the Prison MP map, which is set in Fort Lamy, Republic of Chad in Africa.

Today we’re revealing the fourth of our major 16-player maps for Resistance 3. This map brings the fight to the Australian Outback, as the Main Street of Alice Springs, Australia is our latest MP map. Situated in the Northern Territory of Australia, Alice Springs is a sun-baked, dusty, desert town in Australia.

Resistance 3: AustraliaResistance 3: Australia

The Land Down Under has always had an interesting place in the lore of Resistance, being the site of a gigantic refugee camp called Avalon One, and for years remaining a safe haven even as Europe fell. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of refugees strained food supplies, and Civil War erupted in 1952. Eventually, as with everywhere else on the planet, the Chimera arrived. Now the remnants of civilization on the continent fight back in one of the most inhospitable climates to the Chimeran menace.

The Alice Springs map is one of my favorite maps for its small town feel, with many small interiors perfect for close-quarters combat. Want to see it in action? Check out the video above.

The Resistance is continuing worldwide, with humanity fighting back for survival on every continent. We’re looking forward to you getting to check out the Main Street, Alice Springs MP map in Resistance 3 when it launches on 09.06.11.

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  • we still want a speical ED copy for U.S. please.

    P.S. going to buy the 3D tv package as well cant wait.

  • I agree the beta looks like the worst portions of R2.

    Insomniac said no more 60FPS games, this makes me think they have settled in with their game engine and will not improve it from R2.

    Its this attitude which makes me look away from beloved franchises as they get the COD Clone mentality.
    As long as people keep wasting their money on these guys they will not change a single thing for the bettter.

    They start thinking, hey maybe lets invest half the time and effort as last game and see if it sells, if so lets do it again and again and again.

    Thats why we have 12 version of COD4, thats why R3 looks like donkey balls, and thats why only the first Ratchet and Clank game on PS3 won best graphics awards. Awards dont equal profit right Incompniac? Well lazyness loses you loyal fans, but with the genericness of this game you may sway 12 CODders to play it for a week before heading back to COD76.

  • Man, R3 is going to be freaking sweet.

  • my god this game looks epic…cannot wait for this

  • everything seems to be improved since the last installment, can’t wait… and I hope they don’t have the same online trophies cause those were a pain to get a platinum

  • Did I just saw a poop throwing gun? awesome!

  • I’m in the Beta I’ve been hosting private matches and it’s always full if you guys wish to play. The beta is awesome and I do agree that the video have way better graphic than the beta game -_- or maybe the graphic just plainly suck but the gameplay is AWESOME!!!!!! This is just like HALO but for PS3 ^^

  • For those that say it’s like COD4 I’d say it is and it isn’t, I would compare this game more to HALO than COD. If you have both console and play on both because you’re a gamer and not a fanboy you might agree more that it’s closer to Halo than COD. It does have perks but those perks are not like COD they only last for 10 sec or so. You can modify your class and it so much fun.

  • @Phillyblunz Man, expressing your disappointment once of a BETA is enough, you don’t need to spam the blog with your comments. We get it, ok?

  • its a must have for sure.Cant wait.

  • Its not just the beta man.

    Its the devolving of a franchise, or the appearance of such.

    I really hope I’m wrong but what have you seen that is an improvement in anyway compared to R1??

    Less players, less enemies, less the main character, less the tech even.

    Did you know for R1 they tracked every shard from a procupine grenade across the entire map?
    Thats 40 shards per grenade x a potential of 40 people throwing grenades at once. Thats tons of tracking and I was super impressed that it didnt cause slow down or any real issues with the gameplay.

    You always had shards flyin across MP maps and that made 1 shot deaths way more unpredictable, and for me fun.

    R2 they limited the tracking to a much, much smaller radius and its obvious.

    Not neccessary? Maybe, and I’d let it slide if it was the only downgrade.

  • R2 they lost the split screen campaign, but the saving grace was of course the class based coop mode.
    I had the most fun with this mode and the same is true for my friends and family.
    I beat the coop campaigns many times before ever even completing the SP. This is mostly due to the lackluster story of R2, the toned down seriousness of it all, and the unimpressive “update” to the graphics.(Save for the enemy models of course which were actually slightly more detailed then R1).

    And for R2 it seemed they stepped up the enemy count on screen, this is probably due to the fact that our old Nathan was now more infected and powerful. The cool weapons were lamer though IMHO.
    Wheres the deflection grenades?

    From what I’ve seen of R3 story mode the enemies are much more tame, no one is charging you like mad men in groups of 30 making you scramble to stay alive. No you actually hide from the enemy and run away.(this is suppossed to be a FPS remember not a stealth game or a race or something).
    Oh yeah no regenerating health either, a staple of the series and all, due to our “hero” being just some normal dude scared out of his mind cause the aliens are coming.

  • All this after Insomniac stating they would no longer use advancements in video games as “Advancing the technology does not lead to increased sales, so why bother?” Thats why they wont make the R&C games at 60FPS anymore, why they wont push the boundaries of what the PS3 can do anymore, why they wont spend time optimizing code to create a great title capable only on Playstation.

    Its also why they went multiplatform, so they could work less and get paid more, who can blame them, but I’m not gonna support them no more.

    Its like a gardener you have that works like a champ, then gets sick one day but you pay him full wages to be nice, then he says “Well you pay me the same even if i work half as hard, I guess thats what I’ll do from now on”.

    Same thing, cant blame the guy, but you better be sure I’d fire him.

    I do really want to like this game, why do you think I’m so pissed? I just wish someone could explain how any of the changes made in R3 are an improvement in anyway? Dont give me that intimate MP BS, having big maps doesnt close the door to having small ones as well for less players.

  • Please keep us updated on the beta outage, please get the patch in soon, its bin like 4 days and im dyin 2 get back in the action. Love the new and vastly imroved multiplayer, R2s was too damn hard. p.s, the game feels, looks, and plays a lot like medal of honor Airborne, which isnt bad, that was great game for a while.

  • Patch is out, still no match making.

    Anyone know the purpose of the patch if not to allow actually playing of the beta???

  • @Phillyblunz
    Just GTFO already seriously!! Do NOT post another comment! -_-
    Resistance 3 looks Kick-Ass!!!

  • Free speach, you guys can sit here and kiss butt for a game that seems like a broken version of itself, having no specific praises.

    Everything I’ve seen so far is dissapointing, and you will see me.

    Please just tell me how is R3 kick ass? Especially when compared to its successors?

    Is it because its more “accessable”, is it because its more like COD now or as some are sayin Halo?

    Whats so friggen great about all they cut from the franchise? I really want to know.

    Why dont you praise the devs for making a patch that seems to have done nothing too.

  • My last thoughts come with an attachment.

    R1 was used to show case what a next gen game could be, what the power of the PS3 meant.
    It was a technical master piece, and I’m sorry Insomniac doesnt put that kind of effort forth any longer.

    Thats is all from me, unless someone really wants to reply.

  • i preordered socom 4 i got the code so i threw it all out so i hope my preordered resistance 3 be better than the beta plus i played global resistance how will i get the chimera test dummy

  • i forgot to put my code didnt work

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