Resistance 3 Multiplayer Moves to the Australian Outback

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer Moves to the Australian Outback

If you’ve been following Resistance 3 coverage over the last few months, one of the cool features of our game is that many of our main multiplayer maps take place outside of the United States (where the single-player campaign focuses on Joseph Capelli’s harrowing journey from Haven, Oklahoma to New York City). In the multiplayer beta, you will find the Trainyard map, set in sunny Bogota, Colombia, as well as the Seaside map set in Glamorgan, Wales, UK. Late last year, we revealed the Prison MP map, which is set in Fort Lamy, Republic of Chad in Africa.

Today we’re revealing the fourth of our major 16-player maps for Resistance 3. This map brings the fight to the Australian Outback, as the Main Street of Alice Springs, Australia is our latest MP map. Situated in the Northern Territory of Australia, Alice Springs is a sun-baked, dusty, desert town in Australia.

Resistance 3: AustraliaResistance 3: Australia

The Land Down Under has always had an interesting place in the lore of Resistance, being the site of a gigantic refugee camp called Avalon One, and for years remaining a safe haven even as Europe fell. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of refugees strained food supplies, and Civil War erupted in 1952. Eventually, as with everywhere else on the planet, the Chimera arrived. Now the remnants of civilization on the continent fight back in one of the most inhospitable climates to the Chimeran menace.

The Alice Springs map is one of my favorite maps for its small town feel, with many small interiors perfect for close-quarters combat. Want to see it in action? Check out the video above.

The Resistance is continuing worldwide, with humanity fighting back for survival on every continent. We’re looking forward to you getting to check out the Main Street, Alice Springs MP map in Resistance 3 when it launches on 09.06.11.

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  • Thanks for posting this on the US PlayStation Blog James!

  • August 23rd for PS Plus members? You guys make me sick.

  • Please let there be like a training mode with bots please!?

  • The game looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Yeah , game is looking sexy for sure …

  • I can’t play the beta. I try to find a match but it just say “undefined” are you guys updating? Please help me u wanna play the beta. I’m a HUGE resistance fan.

  • my god that looks so awesome. I really cant wait for this game. So glad i saw this

  • It’s such a shame that the beta is unplayable since I got on (Socom 4 beta code). I’ve gotten 3 matches in and now matchmaking is down and only a few people can set-up private matches (I am not one of them). I really enjoyed those matches, can’t wait till it’s fixed…

  • That looks better than what i have seen in the beta, btw have graphics in the beta been downgraded for testing or something?

  • @BigBoss712 I think the two maps in the beta are beautiful.

  • @ thunderbear that’s fine but Im not finding them very appealing to look at.. at all lol

  • + thunderbear then you need to visit and look for **private match setups** this is where we have been setting up the matches since it released on Thursday..quit being lazy level up and enjoy the beta. or you can just friend request me..whatever but it works, and its epic

  • wondering if you guys did some research on how were those cities in the 60’s

  • Okay, so when is the R3 beta gonna be ready to play? only reason I bought Socom 4 was for the R3 Beta and ever since the beta has started the servers have been offline. Nothin from Insomniac on a time frame or anything.

  • + Jae775 yea they was working on a fix, they posted it on their official twitter page check it out

  • So how do we go about getting the Rachel Parker skin? Is she playable from the start?

  • that guy owned everyone!!!

  • All the more reason why September cant get here soon enough.

  • It looks amazing !!

  • You legends :)
    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Day one just got confirmed for me, cannot wait.

    Yep,.. i’m set,lol :)

  • This map is better than any I seen. Definite buying mode for this.

    I heard this week, there was gonna be some kind of PlayStation 3 Firmware update. Also saw it somewhere listed on blog. Any given date when this is gonna launch. And what this new firmware is detailed about. What was it’s main new purpose? An answer would be appreciated.

  • Also. Wanted to ask. If there was gonna be any story on [ Metal Gear Solid Rising ]. Which is delay also. I hope it was out soon. But not gonna be released until December 31, 2012. I know there was an article about the games being bundled on PS3. Previous Metal Gears.

    I like to know if there will press release or info on Metal Gear Solid Rising?

  • LOL, Pretty funny you post a new map for a multiplayer that is incredibly F’d up. I think the best thing you could do at this point is add some AI enemies to the multiplayer because it’s painfully obvious that you all can’t get it right and the thing will still be rediculously FUBAR’d when it ships…

  • i love the fact that here we are getting closer to release and we are still getting fresh and new material to view when many studio’s would shy away and cease taking chances of a consumer to get something he/she may see as a deal breaker while “seeing flaws or bad design” and this is so not the case, w/ each and every video of campaign or multiplayer i am drawn to this game more and more and again here we are about 1 month away and still showcasing the game , awesome. tells me about the confidence you have behind this game and at one point i had was on the fence as far as the content but i am sold, been sold.. thanks for more footage. looks nice and fluid

  • Looks fantastic. I’m really looking forward to giving the MP a try and learning all the tactics.

  • looks great !!!! cant wait !!!!! pre ordered it and paid off already !!!

  • @YungShep

    I’ll add you but I did go to Myresistance community section and it’s still a lot more painful than it should be to get into a beta. Hopefully they’ll fix the matchmaking soon. I am complaining, but just because I want to play and at the moment it’s too much of an effort (especially for us working).

    When I did manage to play I loved the game. Looking forward to it being a lot easier.

  • Looks really cool but wished the beta worked. I probably should try to set up a few private matchs with people but dont have anybody on my buddy list that has the beta.

  • I am definitely getting this game. It looks awesome

  • I’m scared that MP might still be broken when it ships. Many weapons also look ridiculously overpowered. I hate that the Auger is available in MP, you can just see people x-ray style through anything and shoot through any building or walls and hit them. That is pretty damn retarded IMO. Those rocket guns look cheap also, the dude playing didn’t even seem that great, he just had stupidly overpowered weapons, shooting at the floor not even that close to the enemy and they were being blown all over the place.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the graphics and whole sci-fi Chimera vs Humans element, but MP is what I want the game for – and so far, it looks like it’ll be cheap as [DELETED]

  • Do you earn exp in the SP campaign like in R2?

  • ok how about you get the beta severs back up now…please

  • today is august 9th, hell yeaaaa bring on freddy for mortal kombat im readyyyyyy

  • That looked awesome guys, SOLD!!! I’m in the beta so I was already sold to begin with!!! 8P 8)

  • i missed the beta boat, grrrrrrr.. :(
    now i must wait

  • I must say my only complaint about the beta is that the Auger is now a killstreak (that gun was my baby in Resistance 2). But I’m a Resistance fanboy so I’ll suck it up :).

  • i still cant even select a game type to join. any idea oh how to fix this or if the matchmaking is working yet?

  • I really hope this game is good, but I am worried about its lack of any recoil whatsoever and its cod style gameplay. Plus they took the best mode in the game (8 player co-op).I was incredibly disappointed in Killzone 3 so hopefully this game can make up for it.

  • Holy S…… looks freaking fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • weak sauce guys.

    Look at about 40-45sec mark.

    He shoots a human(should have missed but you see the hit marker, then he immediately fires again with his weapon pointed well over the enemies head and somehow gets a kill.

    Its like the recoil is 100% for show, and no matter where your weapon is pointed your bullets go straight forward.

    Insomniac you guys seem to have really dropped the ball.

    No massive online 16 max, no online coop campaign, no step forward in terms of graphics, still lost that dark feel from R1(even in the online R1’s tone felt similar to the story mode).

    Look up advancement, and attempt something to that effect.

    R2 let my wife enjoy FPS for the first time due to the online split screen coop, The lazerish medic gun, the class based setup therein, etc.

    Glad your not an exclusive game dev anymore or there would be no excuse, go make xbox games.

  • It’s been stated quite a bit already on this blog post, but might as well push the point.

    How about actually fixing the beta? Many people purchased SOCOM 4 just to get their Resistance 3 beta vouchers and at this point the beta is extremely broken. We keep getting the response: “It’s a known issue” but no patch in sight. We’ve all heard rumors of you all waiting till the Plus beta deploys for you to add the patch… If that’s the case, stop wasting time and actually let SOCOM 4 owners play the beta they’re entitled to.

    I still really can’t believe you all allowed the game to go gold with the current state of multiplayer alone… For day one purchasers of R3, expect a HUGE patch on launch day. I’d be willing to bank on somewhere in the ballpark of 2 gigs.

  • R2 beta was much better then this sham.

    No ranking in private matches so go to the website to hook up and play with level 20’s and have fun tryin to level up.

    The only thing that could bring me back to the day one purchase this game was before the beta is announce some DLC that is free due to you guys messing up.

    I’m talkin quality DLC, not some crap MP map.

    Bring back Class based online Coop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • one thing i would like to see in the final game (never played resistance before so they may already have it but…) is a split screen multiplayer just you and your freinds shooting eachother up

  • cant log into the beta! whats the deal?

  • I think they scaled back to 16 players online cause they know this game gonna die fast and couldnt possibly keep up 40 player rooms past the first month.

    Seems this game is a cash grab so Incompniac can invest in the MS console for multiplatform development.

    Too bad R1 and R2 were my fav shooters of their day, good thing MAG came along I suppose.

    Next game I’m getting now will be…………….. Starhawk.

    Glad all these games are flopping so I can afford the good ones when they come out.

    No support to fix the beta, prob no support in the game.

  • This game looks very good, I didnt pre order yet Ill have to soon tho.

  • Not impressed by the graphics in the beta.

  • Well if the betas an indication split screen is same team only, LOL>

    Couldnt get into online match so made private game to deathmatch the wifey, and guess what?

    Made the match 2 players max, and since we were split screen we were forced to be on the same team?????

    How the hell does that work Incompniac? I’ll tell you cause you obviously clueless, it doesnt work too great.

    Also played Chain reaction by myself and you only get XP for kills, not completing objectives in an objective based game mode. Damn you guys are brilliant, LOL.

    So no way to level up except to join private matches with high level players and get owned for a few days.
    Couple that with the crashes and system freezes and you truely have a winner, LMFAO!!!!!

    Oh yeah and changing the lead character in a flagship franchise, from a superpowered killing machine to a feable and scared runner/hider is like making this a new franchise with similar guns and graphics.
    This was a fools errand.

    Where’s the love? Must have gotten infected and died.

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