Coming to PlayStation Plus: Comix Zone Free and Early

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Coming to PlayStation Plus: Comix Zone Free and Early

Welcome to the latest view on upcoming releases for PlayStation Plus! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your access to this month’s free PSN game Crash Commando that dropped this week on August 2nd. And with the August 9th Store Update, we’re not only bringing you free DLC for Crash Commando but also the SEGA Genesis Collection classic, Comix Zone, free and early for Plus!

Have a look at what’s coming and as always, drop us your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

PlayStation Plus August 9th

Here is the content list for August 9th and August 16th:

Free PSN: Comix Zone, Aug 9
Free DLC: Crash Commando Add-On Bundle, Aug 9
Full Game Trial: Far Cry 2, Aug 9
Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Breath of Fire IV PSN Avatar Bundle, $0.99, Aug 16

Last Chance Items – Coming Down Soon

Free PSN: Golden Axe, Ends Aug 9
Free Exclusive Themes: Junebug Static, Ends Aug 9
Summertime, Ends Aug 9
Fast Draw Showdown Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
PlayStation Plus Anniversary, Ends Aug 9
Free minis: Guerrilla War, Ends Aug 16
Exclusive Discounts: MotorStorm Apocalypse – Revelation Vehicle Pack Bundle, Ends Aug 9
Amazing Earth: Volcano Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Apache Gunship Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Destination: Japanese Temple Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Divine Light Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16

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  • If they want to bring some Sega Classics bring the Mickey Mouse games!!

  • What’s the chances the Shatter becomes free again? I missed it the first time…

    • I don’t have any info on when or what the possibility of certain games being part of the free content of Plus, but any future outlook on Plus is always communicated right here in the Coming to Plus posts. Thanks dragon!

  • It is good to see Sony bringing something good to the table for us PS+ users!

  • Man I love my PS+ account, keep it coming!!!!

  • Props on all the Sega content, I really like all that they provide. Any chance that we’ll get a PixelJunk sale? I’d like to pick up the first PixelJunk Shooter (the only one I still don’t have). Any chance for Mega Man sales?

  • Yes, another SEGA Vintage remake! PS Plus FTW!

  • cant wait for the new freddy release on august 9th for mortal kombat. all im looking forward to.

  • Thank You, and just checking my PLUS sign!

  • Hi…Its very good

  • Comix Zone sounds interesting, and I’m eager to try that. I’m disappointed that the main game offering this time is more crash commando. It seems like most of the games we’ve been getting are pretty violent lately (including the mini from last time). I would like to see some more family friendly titles (E10 or lower) that aren’t 15+ years old. (Comet Crash, Bomber Man were both good.) I expect a mix, and to like only some of the offerings, but it seems like most have been pretty violent lately. If I’m going months without downloading anything but backgrounds, that’s not a good value for me.

    • Thanks for the feedback =) we do try to provide an even mix of content, but I get where you’re coming from. In the meantime, although they’re not HD, the PS minis tend to be very family friendly and offer some fun gameplay that anyone can jump into. If you haven’t checked them out as part of Plus, definitely give them a shot as they come. They’re some of the more charming games out there

  • Is it possible to get kid chameleon for one of the games in the sega collection some time in the future it’s only one of the greatest rare titles sega made

  • Kinda funny that we’re seeing Genesis Collection games getting split from the disc and sold again as stand alone games.

  • That’s all we get!!? lame

  • Sorry to double post but is it possible we get some mortal kombat avatars scorpion subzero raiden I wanna be those guys:)

  • First, let me get up off the floor for seeing a DLC content for a game that we already got through our subscription.

    Now, that I’m back in the chair…..Morgan…..Quit calling them free. THEY ARE NOT FREE. You (i.e. Sony) will take them back unless we keep putting down money for the Plus subscription. They are rented. Sony’s use of wordplay is disgusting.

    And Avatars. The selection on PSN is horrible. Same games/sets over and over again. If I see ANOTHER street fighter avatar set, I’m going to puke. You have ALLLLLLL those games in the Sony library, and we have crap to choose from.

  • Are we going to get more free avatars? Seems like we don’t get them that often.

  • @ DZORMAGEN: LOL! Fair enough, man.

  • ummm wheres the good stuff???

    another disappointing week with nothing to look forward too :(

    i want some good newer DLC where is that stuff i hate simple mindless games i need something better.

  • Gotta love classic Sega games and free DLC!

  • I saw ‘Comix Zone’ and thought digital comics were finally coming to PS3!

    Seriously, I know the downloadable comics have been discontinued, but I’d really like to know if the reader is going to be ported to Vita. I’m considering purchasing the Doctor Who comics bundles, but I don’t want to do it if I’ll never have them on that beautiful OLED screen.

  • No plans for more Genesis games after Altered Beast?

    • For the initial Sega Genesis Collection that was announced I believe back in February, Altered Beast is the last game of that program, but doesn’t mean that there won’t be other games from the Genesis era from SEGA. But there’s no information on future Genesis titles as part of Plus at this time.

  • Can’t wait for next week, great stuff. Like the + tag :)

  • thats kind of meh!

  • i see the blog updated everyone’s avatar with the ps +, sneaky sneaky guys ^__^. stoked for the dlc and comix zone was a fun game, i actually owned that on the sega…memories

  • good job on the plus guys

  • Is there going to be any other DLC’s for Motorstorm Apocalypse soon? Oh, and is there going to be exlusive avatars for those who will purchase RE4 HD and Code Veronica X HD? Like Beyond Good & Evil?

  • Free Crash Commando add-on bundle. I’m okay with that. More free games, please. :)

  • b00kthree why no violent games ? are you wanting games for your kids or something ?

  • Will there be a MK pass “discount” that XBL users got or at least a packaged deal on all the DLC characters? was quite content with the Rockstar pass since I saved some for buying early.

  • hmm, A rather small “Coming to PlayStation Plus” post.

    ah well: Looking forward to picking up both Comix Zone and the Crash Commando Add-On Bundle! Glad you’re giving us that: I was thinking about picking some up!
    Also: Love the new plus icons on the blog!

  • Good to see free DLC but another avatar bundle? Time for some exclusive avatars and less bundles of stuff you can buy in the store.

  • No love for me this month again. There needs to be a way to select what game you would like to get if you will always be offering games that I already own. Maybe if I could choose between several I would find one I don’t already have.

  • Comix Zone is super hard! Never finished it back on the Genesis, but I did on the Genesis collection with save states lol.

  • Every month you should put up a list of possible free games and let the + members vote on which one they want for the next month.

    • I dig the idea. Trickier than it looks, but we’re always looking for ways to make Plus better; so appreciate the feedback! Keep an eye on Plus as we continue to grow it

  • Now people can pretending that they are Plus members with these Gold symbols :)

  • I really wish Minis had trophy support.

  • Geesh, I step out of the blog for a few hours to actually work to support my gaming habit, come back to find this showering of fat little plus signs like I suggested months ago in the blog! Yay!!! Thank you, Playstation.

    If anybody is wondering about theirs, I logged back in, instead of relying on the cache, & it shows up, even retroactively.

    • It was definitely feedback from the community that helped launch that, so thanks to all who made their voices heard. Trust me, it wasn’t a simple on/off switch we flipped, and a big hats off goes to the web development team for connecting the dots to get that to work!

  • I actually asked for the Crash Commando DLC when CC was announced as the next free game. So if you listened to me, thanks. And if you didn’t, still, thanks, because I’ve been wanting the DLC for a while so I could get the extra trophies, but the game was kind of dead online. I already had CC for years, but it’s great that the online numbers are getting a shot in the arm.

    This should really be an ongoing thing. Give us games that are online, just to give community numbers a boost. Even those who already have the game benefit from it. And keep giving us DLC for the free games. It sucks to only be able to get 63% or whatever it totals up to on the trophy list when you don’t own the DLC.

    Also, Castle Crashers for free next month like Europe got, please!

  • @ 82
    Submit that on blogshare. It’s an awesome idea!!! I don’t think they’ll ever give us that oiption, but if you post it I’ll vote for it. I’d post it but I’m not an idea stealer :)

    @ Autxfool

    I’m so with you on those street fighter avatars. There’s ALMOST as many avatars as there are versions of street fighter IV. HA HA!!! EU has some sweet Patapon 3 avatars. We need something besides SF and Darkstalkers in midget form. Can I say midget here???

  • @82 that’s a great idea

  • We have had better…and we have had worse…Kinda just want something good that has replay value. I think something newer would be nice, and less shoot-em-up style games.

    Also, Maybe we can get stuff that EU has gotten? Such as:
    Rayman (PS1 Game)
    Prince Of Persia Classic (PS1)
    Red Faction: Battlegrounds
    (ALL were free for EU)
    And just some other cool games with unique art styles and whatnot.

    I do love being a PS+ subscriber though :) And I can’t wait to see the stuff for september. I am also excited for the R3 Beta :D

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can take these into consideration.

    • Thanks! It’s funny, ,sometimes the EU community has the same thing to say about the stuff NA gets =) It’s tricky to get content to align at times between regions (red tape n stuff), but we’re aware that this is something Plus subscribers want.

  • ooo plus

  • Hi Morgan! Is there any chance to have Final Fantasy XIII AVATARS?? Please!! Thank you!

    • Sorry, don’t have any info on FFXIII avatars at this time! But let’s all go suggest to S-E to put some out to time with the release of FFXIII-2; maybe it’ll work! =)

  • I’ve always been happy with Plus. I upgraded my hdd from 60 gb (its dead now though :'( ) to 250 and that filled up. Now I’m getting a slim 320gb to help with the space. I love plus. greatest investment so far in my badly invested life.

  • Good update… keep the good work…

  • I love playstation but i dont like these old games…ps3…bluray…320GB…a super cell prosesor and they bring a game from the 90s’!!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!,!. I just want to see a game that is worth for the money i paid for the ps3 annnnd for “plus service” .

  • More Sega games??…. Thanks anyway :)

  • Cool was gonna buy that dlc this weekend . No need now .

  • So “our free game” this month was the one that was promised to us the month playstation network went down. So we didn’t get anything that month. So we still got screwed a month. I’ll replay these games I already have on the Sega Collection since they are free and they should be as they are just roms. They are awesome games with easy trophies. Everything promised at the beginning of plus is just getting slimmer and slimmer. I don’t care about Avatars, but I feel bad for the people that got plus for the free avatars a month and have only seen a handful if that.

    • Remember, if you were a Plus subscriber, pre-outage, then your subscription was extended by 60 days. It was a tough month for everyone ; ) but there’s plenty more to look forward to from Plus which you’ll be hearing some sweet news on soon.

  • +1 for Plus icons!

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