Coming to Home: Dead Island Zombie Survival Quiz, Magic: The Gathering Game Night + New Items

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Coming to Home: Dead Island Zombie Survival Quiz, Magic: The Gathering Game Night + New Items

Dead Island billboard for Home

In anticipation of the upcoming Dead Island TGI (total game integration), pop into PlayStation Home this Thursday, August 4th to check out the Zombie Survivor Quiz to determine your level of cunning against the hordes, and you’ll be rewarded for it. Be sure to check out the Dead Island swag too, including some horror-inspired blood splatter wall art for your personal spaces and some rudimentary weaponry so you will be best prepared for the undead invasion coming very soon.

Dead Island Quiz for Home

Lockwood Publishing is releasing a new collection of very trendy hairstyles for both women and men. Whether you’re a Sweet Lolita relaxing in the park or a foxy punk ready for the ultimate festival, the Medusa collection will offer something for everyone.

Medusa female for HomeMedusa Male for Home

Tomorrow afternoon, some special guests are coming in to play the recently released Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Popular Canadian sketch comedy group, LoadingReadyRun’s seven members will be logging in tomorrow to game launch with the Home community from 4-6pm Pacific (7-9pm Eastern). Be sure to check the Message of the Day tomorrow for details.

Magic The Gathering: Live event for Home

Konami celebrates the 30th anniversary of the beloved Frogger series with Mascot Heads, an Animated Frogger T-shirt for men and women, and even a Frogger companion!

Frogger for Home

Codeglue is releasing some slick blazers for the guys and dainty dresses for the ladies, as well as some adorable T. Rexes: Trixie, Tiffany, Theodore and Tommy Rex. Head to the Mall to and find something that strikes your fancy and adopt a new, scaly friend.

Jurassic Pets for Home

Fancy Dresses for HomeFancy Blazers for Home

While in the Mall, check out our new selections, completing your individual look from hairdo to high-top.

Finally, the Theater has some great updates. Platinum’d’s ninth episode releases, ever nearing the finale. Who will win, collecting every single PlayStation trophy? D-Edge or BZBee continue to battle it out, right to the end.

In the Community Theater, Gamer Indepth shares their E3 thoughts, interviews, Scribble Shooter, and more. Next up, LittleBigPodcast shares more of their Mind The Gap contest finalists’ levels. Finally, PSXextreme returns with some interesting breakdowns on historical game releases and their wishes for HD re-releases of some fantastic PlayStation classic games.

What an exciting week! See you in Home!

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  • So. When can we expect the population to keep people from harassing girls on Home? This has been OUT OF HAND FOR TOO LONG. If my friend spends a ton of money on items on Home, she gets tons of kiddies going after her with pickup lines and then profanity and insults when she says “no, I don’t date online.” Can we discuss what can be done better? Can we see a section of Home where you have to be at least 18 to enter? (or at least you have to be mature about what Home is really about- NOT A DATING SIM.)

  • Hello Glasswalls im here to tell you that i am too Missing some items, today is thursday august 4th , 10:16 am eastern time, woke up this morning, made some purchases in Home, went to change to my Barbarian Costume from NDreams and its gone, i checked in storage and its not there either, i checked into my purchases and it doesnt even show,i went to the NDreams store and it appears as if i never purchase it , so i looked for more missing items and im also missing the Billabong Influence boardshorts and the Vandal boardshorts, they also appear as if i never made the purchase, im looking for more missing items , but im the meantime PLEASE fix this, i have the online receipt i get every time i make a purchase , so im hoping you guys can resolve this issue . thank you

  • Well, looks like im also a victim of Missing Items, same thing NDreams Amazonian Costume is nowhere to be found , i have it in my SAVE and LOAD box, its in my LOAD one, i change into it , but then i come out wearing different clothes and not the Amazonian outfit , im sure im missing more items, im checking as of now , Please check about this, im talking to some other friends and they too appear to have missing items .

  • Last I know the Casino was supposed to be free and part of the welcome back package. Is it still planned to be free?

  • Eh, I’ll pass on using the Dead Island shirts, though that pre-order bonus sounds juicy. Looks like I might be doing the runabout again.

    That Frogger, stuff, though… I don’t really care for the mascot’s look (I only really know the game from its Intellivision incarnation), but the T-shirts with the dynamic arcade screen on the back and the companion… Am tempted. These aren’t limited-time-only, are they? Might grab the companion before long… How ’bout a blocky retro companion? Kinda like the mascots that float around in Game Room (X360/GFW), though hopefully more than a flat arrangement of blocks, eh?

  • Oh, and I know it’s not related to the stuff in this post, but I’ve read that IREM is gonna be taking most of their stuff down from the PSN. Will the North American Irem Square, Seaside of Memories, and Gathering Place for Explorers be swept in the purge, or can they be salvaged, along with their related stores/items?

    I’ve been busting but to grab everything in the eventuality, and, aside from non-free items, I’m down to one ring (I assume sapphire) for my own person, a handful of rings for my sister, and…well, the Square and Gathering Place are covered for my other sister and to-be bro-in-law, though they’ve hardly ever used Home.

  • @hollywoodceleb

    Stop with the marketing propaganda already, you’ve already been told that your propaganda isn’t beleived. Your marketing hyperbole isn’t wanted or needed. The person who is fundamentally clueless here is YOU. glass & locust put in positively no effort into their jobs at all and its been showing for a very long time. The new items which are typically overpriced and of low quality (ie. very buggy for the most part) are designed by other developers not glass & locust, they have no real part in new items showing up in home. They’ve also failed at thier jobs in so many other ways its impossible to list all of them in the short comments here.

  • (continued) The main issues are 1 – the absurd number of bugs that show up weekly on home and nearly all of them go ignored even after being reported many many times. 2 – the unbelievable amount number of violations of homes rules that occur on a daily basis and its not limited to the sickening sexual harassment of women & children on home. There has been no enforcement of the psn rules or state & federal cybercrime laws in over a year & a half, nor has there been any mods present in that time, thats right NONE. When Glass does make an appearance its only at a promotional event and even then he ignores even the worst infractions taking place right in front of him. For you to defend the incompetent mismangement of home is laughably absurd.

  • I should point out what many others have been reporting a long time, even in this weeks comments. the missing itmes people paid for but havent recieved. This problem has been going on a very long time and on a massive scale. Its yet one more problem that needs to be fixed pronto. It shouldn’t take a good criminal lawyer to point out that something payed for online and not delivered or refunded can lead to wire fraud charges. It wouldnt take a genius to show a clear & concise pattern either. With sonys previous track record and the current number of massive lawsuits against them ongoing, another one along with criminal charges wouldn’t be a smart move for sony as a whole, nor for the people currently working for them.

  • woohoo! I can’t wait for Dead Island. This is gonna be fun. Any news on the steampunk home space? I haven’t heard anything about it since Qore.

  • woohoo! I can’t wait for Dead Island. This is gonna be fun. Any news on the steampunk home space?

  • Oops. sorry for the duplicate. I got an error with the first one. :p


  • @ glasswalls
    what types of rewards come with the alien casino

  • is a lie and I played and I just got some shirts that fiasco and that alone is not what besides prometiron no ocean view

  • @ glasswalls do we get bloodbath arena dlc and blueprints with preorder of dead island in playstaion home ? and exploding avatar w/digital artbook ? please let me know if u know

  • WHAT! MISSING purchased items? Really? I better not have anything missing! And I have to say I was really disappointed with the Dead Island stuff today. From the picture above, I thought, as one would, that the 4 reward items would be the 4 zombies in the pic. Y’know, costumes. But all it turned out to be was t-shirts! Biggest letdown EVER! I was all excited for nothing.

    Another thing, the mechsuits are ridiculously overpriced! REALLy, 9.99?! It`s especially unfair when some people were able to buy it for 2.99 >:( Why the HELL are you makin the rest of us spend over half our $20 cards on one flamin item when others can get it for a couple of dollars? Change the price back, please!

    I used to love Home, but now it`s all about money and encouraging guys to harrass girls. I`m tired of being asked out online by complete strangers and their crude comments, then getting trashed by them when I say no, and nothing gets done about these guys.

  • I don’t like how home is getting. all you do is make money. i miss the old days when we get free stuff all the time. but now if you want free stuff you have to pay for something to get it now. I stopped putting money on home now because of this. unless you change it up a bit ill start paying for stuff again.

  • For all the whiners and complainers, no one’s holding you at gunpoint to make purchases much less use Playstation Home. If you don’t like it, constructive criticism helps in some cases. But if you feel that you got “suckered” into doing anything in Home, then go look in a mirror and blame the person looking back at you. I was in the next to last closed Beta, and I knew where the whole thing was going and for anyone else to complain that Home is becoming more and more of a promotion gimmick clearly doesn’t know the nature of the business. Because that’s what this is: a business. Geez.

  • Keep the pet/companions coming! Maybe some DC Online sidekick companions…

  • Home….I’m seriously loosing interest. It could have been so much more instead things stay broken for months and years. How about fixing what people have paid for. I have received nothing for home as part of PlayStation plus. I’ve spent most likely thousands of dollars in home in hope it would be what it once was supposed to be. My waterfall terrace is still broken. Clubs have never been added too I can’t even get excited about new active items because I have to remove other ones in order to place new ones. The Frogger stuff looks cool but I think I’m about done with Home. Wish I could sell some of my stuff back even at half of what I paid.

  • and to top it off, and locus, a friend of glass, or you just peel answer questions to other users

  • I got two of the mechjets hoping they would do different things as an incentive to buy them all. Sadly, they all do the same thing so I wasted a little bit on them.

  • Sounds like PS Home is down falling… “TIiimmmmMBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR”

  • why is cp the freezing my ps3 wen i in there for 4mins and every other i got no issues plz read this thank you

  • *why is the cp freezing my ps3 wen i in there for only 4mins and every other room i got no issues plz read this thank you*

  • How do you get the Zombie Friend T-shirt? I was able to get the other 3. 8(

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