Coming to Home: Dead Island Zombie Survival Quiz, Magic: The Gathering Game Night + New Items

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Coming to Home: Dead Island Zombie Survival Quiz, Magic: The Gathering Game Night + New Items

Dead Island billboard for Home

In anticipation of the upcoming Dead Island TGI (total game integration), pop into PlayStation Home this Thursday, August 4th to check out the Zombie Survivor Quiz to determine your level of cunning against the hordes, and you’ll be rewarded for it. Be sure to check out the Dead Island swag too, including some horror-inspired blood splatter wall art for your personal spaces and some rudimentary weaponry so you will be best prepared for the undead invasion coming very soon.

Dead Island Quiz for Home

Lockwood Publishing is releasing a new collection of very trendy hairstyles for both women and men. Whether you’re a Sweet Lolita relaxing in the park or a foxy punk ready for the ultimate festival, the Medusa collection will offer something for everyone.

Medusa female for HomeMedusa Male for Home

Tomorrow afternoon, some special guests are coming in to play the recently released Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Popular Canadian sketch comedy group, LoadingReadyRun’s seven members will be logging in tomorrow to game launch with the Home community from 4-6pm Pacific (7-9pm Eastern). Be sure to check the Message of the Day tomorrow for details.

Magic The Gathering: Live event for Home

Konami celebrates the 30th anniversary of the beloved Frogger series with Mascot Heads, an Animated Frogger T-shirt for men and women, and even a Frogger companion!

Frogger for Home

Codeglue is releasing some slick blazers for the guys and dainty dresses for the ladies, as well as some adorable T. Rexes: Trixie, Tiffany, Theodore and Tommy Rex. Head to the Mall to and find something that strikes your fancy and adopt a new, scaly friend.

Jurassic Pets for Home

Fancy Dresses for HomeFancy Blazers for Home

While in the Mall, check out our new selections, completing your individual look from hairdo to high-top.

Finally, the Theater has some great updates. Platinum’d’s ninth episode releases, ever nearing the finale. Who will win, collecting every single PlayStation trophy? D-Edge or BZBee continue to battle it out, right to the end.

In the Community Theater, Gamer Indepth shares their E3 thoughts, interviews, Scribble Shooter, and more. Next up, LittleBigPodcast shares more of their Mind The Gap contest finalists’ levels. Finally, PSXextreme returns with some interesting breakdowns on historical game releases and their wishes for HD re-releases of some fantastic PlayStation classic games.

What an exciting week! See you in Home!

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11 Author Replies

  • Dead Island will me awesome!

  • WheRes the Alien Casino Apartment?

    • The casino is still coming—we are putting the finish touches on it so that it will rock and roll (some dice) perfectly.

  • It says the video is forbidden and still listed as private.. Can’t view it.

  • cool can’t wait

  • what happened to the alien casino glass

  • i would like 2 cheeseburgers large fry large coke and the casino please thanks

  • You know what would be REALLY awesome for Home? A “Download All” button. I’d go on Home a lot if it weren’t for the fact that i know every single time i want to go into a Space, i need to wait for it to download.
    I’d love it if i could download them all at once.

    Whenever i do go on Home, i end up spending all of my time downloading all the Spaces so that next time i don’t need to wait for it to load. Gets really tedious and annoying since most of the time they update and you need to re-download them next time anyway (ex: the home plaza)

    a Download All button would get me into Home for sure. <.<

    • That is not a bad idea, but in the meantime, are you aware that you can set many spaces to download in a queue? When in the Navigator, find spaces you want to download, then hit Triangle on it. Repeat for multiple locations you plan on heading, and it will queue up many and download them in the background automatically.

  • When will home have MLB hats? NBA, MLB, and NFL Jerseys? MJ shoes? Nike shoes? You guys are missing a big opportunities. I see the other system has those on their avatars…..

  • i was expecting to see the AC, alien casino. released. i saw the last post on AC was for 8/4/2011. Will there be a fix for players like me that cant enjoy playing the ufc spaces due to a server error.

  • Will the preorder work the same as the Killzone 3 event. Also any word on the Winter Vacation Villa. I know alot of us appreciate the early updates.

    • Excellent question. Yes, we do have a special pre-order bonus, just like the Killzone 3 invasion. Those who pre-order Dead Island via an in-world kiosk will get an exclusive “Exploding Zombie Outfit” that comes with a special emote to blow yourself up on command. Yes, it’s a zombie. Yup, it explodes on demand via custom emote. it is going to be one of the coolest outfits we’ve ever made.

  • Hahaha, invisible suit… nice one lol. It’s a good thing that we get regular casual clothing updates now!

  • w00t! This update looks very good. I see new hair I want, more codeglue goodness and…zombies .

  • Im not one to complaint but im glad the debt ceiling talks are over. On the other hand I Love the Iron Fusion robots/transformers, i wish they would fly a bit higher tough, ( Fly, not Jump ) . I think for this week i would get the invisible costume , umbrella, hummm, not sure about that, but thank you for the update : ) .

    • I’m glad you approve. Yeah, the Mechjets are really fantastic—Lockwood Publishing really outdid themselves on them.

  • OMG I requested dreadlocks in the lockwood hair request thread on the home forums. They were looking for what people wanted in male hair. Even though this is in threads, this is what I wanted. Might be a day one purchase for me.

    Also got to say I’m not digging the new showcases specifically the omission of the pricing.

    It helped me make an early informed decision on what i wanted and what seemed affordable before even hitting the mall. BRING BACK THE PRICES please.

    • I will pass along that request for the Virtual Item Showcase videos. For now, I can confirm that the prices are fairly Home-standard for all the items in this week’s Virtual Item Showcase, volume 17, ranging from $0.49 – $2.99. I hope that helps!

  • AWESOME in a free gift will it be like a pocket buddy like the axe angel (i wish)

  • … interesting update. I’m guessing the invisible suit is gonna cost about $9.99, right? BTW, for those who want to see the Medusa hairstyles in action, point your browser to for the video!

  • Argh the old annoying style virtual item showcase is back, even with all the positive feedback on the new one. I am starting to think the reason for the delay on the alien casino, is due to the fact that it will be giving away for free. As long as it still comes though, and is not one of those many games/features/items on the comming soon list that never shows.

    • The fact that the casino is free (with a Ooblag table to take home free as well) has nothing to do with its delays. Its delays are simply due to some final iterations required to solve some bugs. We just want it to be as perfect as possible.

  • You know as a once huge supporter of PlayStation Home I believe I finally figured a number of things out in the past few months; as to why Home has taken the route it has. What I mean by that statement is that Home has gone the route of – “Second Life” – and other alternate reality (or virtual reality) entities as in you assume a whole new life for yourself due to an “extreme” variable of “anonymity”. Where the only real content anymore is about pushing “sales” and what I call superficial “cosmetic” polygons (A.K.A. dressing up Barbie & Ken.) I believe though that Home took this route simply because, of the huge shift in desired media targeting (a shift in consumer marketing geared towards tweens, and adolescents instead of say a more mature audience.) Though this was most likely also brought on by a lack of support and push for and from “Game” developer releated content. As in mini-games, and virtual spaces such as “Warhawk”, “SOCOM”, and “Siren: Blood Curse” (as prime examples.)

    • You are right in some ways and assume incorrectly in others.

      The first year of Home’s open beta, we realized based on community feedback that we needed to build a lot more fun content and places to go—there was just not enough for our hungry community back then. We also discovered another important fact. Home users enjoyed playing games together, further fostering a new community.

      So we did just that—we built out dozens of game-related spaces, supporting SCE 1st party games. Now that the Home community has “matured,” we know that what people want is just tons more games. Our current direction is literally to make Home a gaming platform in its own right. At 260+ games in Home and counting (I stopped counting some time last year), we’re on that path and aiming to bring a wider variety and better polish to them. Along the way, we’ve picked up several amazing publishers that love Home, as well as have nearly all major 3rd party game developers and publishers to create content in Home. Already, we have a vast “universe” that is Home, and it’s only getting bigger and better.

  • Anyway it would explain why a lot of once huge supporters of Home such as myself lost interest. I do, not “hate” Home. I don’t. I just feel it’s something I don’t want to be a part of. Which is sad. Because, I did once greatly enjoy Home. Anyway. Not a bad content update (and yes, the “Dead Island” content would suggest to contradict my theory and statement a bit.)

    Anyway. Awsome job, GlassWalls. Much respect to you. Which trust me. You have earned since you joined on, and proved your worth.

    • Thanks for the kind compliment. I really appreciate it. Working on Home has been a very rewarding challenge, and I love every minute of it.

      I do hope you’ll continue to keep an eye on everything we’re doing in Home, because we have lots of exciting stuff coming up, including more of these TGI campaigns (Ex. Killzone 3, Dead Island). They’re a very engaging, way to give the Home community a ton of fun, bring them together as a community and get them excited about greater things going on in the PlayStation world.

  • @GlassWalls:

    Yes, there is a lot of “games” to be had in home, and rewarding prizes too. However, as I mentioned it’s geared towards being more of a market then say actually enjoying what Home used to be soley about. A lot of the more recent content (mini-games especially) have been more about having to “pay” to enjoy them. Yes, while Home in and of itself is “free” to enjoy and much of the content out there and within Home is still very much free it’s the rising trend that has pushed myself and many more away. Which again is why I stated that there was a huge shift in marketing and in the route in which Home has taken within the last year or so. I may assume “wrongly”, but I am human (I assure you) and if I am assuming wrongly as such it is only because, I am faced with what I see at face-value, and within the realm of Home and it’s populace itsels (I.E. the vastly huge increase of marketable (and over-priced content such as exclusives) and other “cosmetic” avatar tangables.)

    I blame social media, and society, but that is not your fault, GlassWalls.

  • — Continued —


    I will continue for sure. I am unfortunetly banned (I believe so, anyway) from the PlayStation forums for again speaking up in a defiant tone as I usually do, and speak aloud against whatever is infront of me at the time. I will continue to though. I do, inquire into Home still atleast once a week just for giggles, and club activities. I am though and have been impressed by your commitment to being a very good manager and Home member though. One of the very people in and around Sony I do, respect. You have always shone to be genuine. Which I do, value. Anyway. Enough sappy sob from me. (lol)

    Just keep up the awsome job, GlassWalls.

  • yo i rememba dem umbrellas from dat concept art for da last core update. dat kool dat kool. i been has wondered why on ma ps3, da video say “does not support application” i dont get dat. but yeah boi i gonna spend a whole .79 tomorra. and by .79 i mean $100. aye u know wat wuld be awesome? u shuld make law enforcement do da same on here lyke dey do in real world. if someone a sex offender dey should be forced to have a symbol put above their head we we kno. lyke how in da real worlds USA da sex offender neighbors gotta go door to door and tell u. cmon. cmon.

  • Any Granzella Updates Mr. Walls?? :P

  • Wow another week of missed deadlines, hideously overpriced virtual items, $10 per item? who are you trying to fool here? and yet more excuses and BS non answers to peoples legit gripes about the numerous problems. And lets not forget another week of non-action on any of those problems. Yet you somehow have people to try to silence people like Rorek Ironblood who speak out in favour of homes users, who lets not forget are the ones who PAY YOUR SALARY! Locust_star & glasswalls your apathy and lack of respect for us as people and paying customers has gone way over the line. the status quo is unacceptable, so either start fixing things or step aside for those who will. There a great many people capable of doing your job you’re currently failing at so badly.

  • @GlassWalls
    Good update. I respect you for doing a great job in Home. Do you know when the casino will actually be realsed and when and what the rewards for Aurora will be? I personally think the level 100 prize needds to be ompletely awesome since it takes so long to acheive it. personal space maybe? :)

  • The Killzone 3 event was a TGI. I am guessing that something big is coming soon. Are we prepared?

    Great going. Magic The Gathering looks nice – I’ll be there.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll see you in Home.

  • PS Plus icon on our avatars FTW!!!

  • i was wondering is/will there ever be a way to have private severs for club/friends at bowling alley, singstar parties or something like that? i saw a club had a prom, and im wanting to know how i can do the same for my club? plus has the idea of “VIPs” on home? like once we reach say $250 spent we get some kind of special something? extra items more friends in a space, a special area wit no noobs!!! lol

  • @PirateHarlock: You obviously have no idea what locust and glass do as a job lol I have a suggestion to clear it up. You should post your job description here. No one will ever understand you dont control what the devolpers do, you dont design things in home, you arent an engineer going in world and fixing glitches. You arent the ones marking the prices. You should make that clear. Like I said last week. I have no idea how you keep your cool.

  • Another update that is lukewarm to me…It’s just a pre-order our zombie game party.
    Wont keep us busy but for about an hour a most..Then we wait a whole week for more lukewarmness?

    I am trying my best to find joy in Home.I really am.I HATE leaving negativity about Home here but./..I cant lie to you or patronize you either.

  • @ Rorek_IronBlood & PirateHarlock: I agree wholeheartedly with what you guys are saying here. It’s shameful what they have turned this into. It’s really no more then a money making sham anymore. Heck, I’ve been on Home since the closed beta in 2008 myself, so I’ve seen all of this come to fruition. And yeah, good point on how they’re marketing to the younger crowd here. I discuss the lack of mature outfits and content in general with my friends all the time.

  • Look at all of the missed deadlines and broken promises here, week after week. It shows nothing but incompetence, a clear lack of intelligent management, and that there are no set goals. A company that runs themselves like this can’t last forever. Look at 3D Realms and Duke Nukem Forever. We all see how well that went for them…

  • And what kind of company silences users that leave just simple critical feedback??!! Policing your forums to that draconian level shows you have no care for your customers whatsoever. I’ve seen this all the time with Sony, particularly with the Home team though. There are even people exposing these practices all over the internet if you look hard enough. I challenge you GlassWalls & co. to actually refute this post in it’s entirety, not just picking and choosing what to address as you always do. And none of that marketing talk either, I’m not the kind of sheep who will fall for it.

  • @ 27 IKR PLUS FTW WooT :P

  • i always thought why girls and guys have every hair color for there avatar but green and why girls cant paint there finger nail on home a different colors i really would love to see this but i sure you guys would not do this but if do it would make home even better

  • unrelated but does anyone kno y i cant create a new account? it says theres site maintenance. is that true or is it just not working?

  • this is a great update and all but what about the constant glitches the lagging out and other issuesregarding home? this is in no way glaswalls fault. and im not putting blame. its just to me it seems very lackluster without these issues fixed. Anyway..good update im looking to more home content!

  • That invisible suit would have been soo much better if it didn’t have the “I’m Invisible!” sign on it.. <..>

    anywho, thanks for the update Glass!

  • Sorry, stepped out for a bit of sun. Thanks glass for responding, and passing the info along. You do an outstanding job constantly, and sometimes you guys are underrated.

  • I noticed an avatar in the new clothing line preview is whereing an resistance 2 green shirt. Is that going to be for sale tomorrow?

  • América all ways get the good stuff here in Europe all ways get the bad stuff why the Dead Island space its not coming to Europe

  • lol “Brainz” !_!

  • PS Plus icons on our avatars FTW!

    Anyway, so right now it is just the quiz? Not the acually game and multiplayer?

  • this is why Home doesn’t interest me anymore. People keep saying the same over and over again. Oh the Alien Casino was suppose to be out the end of the July, when that didn’t happen they said it was next week which is today but look no Alien Casino. Trying to make it perfect LOL. Why not try to fix the laggings issue instead of coming out with more content so you can drain people wallets of their money.

  • Will we ever get TVs, stereos and radios to stream content from our HDD into Home?

  • I’m sorry to come onto your blog and moan, but I think that there are things that need to be said about SCEE’s lack of content in EU/AU/NZ Home and I feel the many comments being left by users in EU Blogsite are not being taken in by SCEE, so hopefully we can get these EU Home issues to the attention of MR. House via this blog…
    There is a distinct lack of content in SCEE Home in comparison to US Home, and in our PSN Stores compared to yours as well, but I will keep it on the homefront issues today.
    It seems that US seems to get alot more content usually before we do. Now I know SCEE have alot more countries’ laws to deal with, not to mention 3rd party companies’ release schedules, but even Sony products fail to make any appearance in EU Home. For example the Santorini/Thera and Waterfall Terrace perspaces(the latter of which would make a perfect clubhouse methinks) have failed to appear & the mansion, promised at new yr likewisely so.

  • Now I know America is a different market with different rules than us, but if enough people are asking for the right kind of change then hopefully the right person this time can come along and make those changes(sound familiar?).
    A good start would be to see the Sony produced stuff(like the finally released Paris perspace and furnitures)being released for us to enjoy, not to mention buy. Do Sony even take into consideration that they will make some moula out of this. I’m sure it crosses someones mind at SCEE sometimes before beingdismissed.
    Home is a great place. I love it there, and have met many friends there not to mention the random folk I get to talk to daily there as well. I’d just like to see more parity in what gets put instore for us, that’s all. Thanks for reading

  • @prcion, I am not sure how things are done there but usually they have what I like to call a census of what people would want for that particular region. Some laws also come into play in what gets publish. So it just isn’t just about making moula but it does come down, down to surveys and what not to see what things show up and don’t.

  • i just bought a bunch of the new stuff. they took my money and did not get it. and it shows i did not buy it in the store but got a reciet saying other whys and that money is gone

  • You are about to lose a very active “consumer”. I purchased Chaos clothing items…AND THEY ARE NOW GONE. I have spent thousands on the PSN, I Wonder what else is missing? New personal spaces and my WATERFALL TERRACE still doesn’t work. I don’t feel I can trust the home development team with my money. I’m not being “snarky” or “rude” and at this point, I’m not “being a jerk about it”. Get mad at me. I don’t care. Do you let people steal from you? Out of intent or unprofessionalism, the end result is the same as stealing. Beta? Then stop charging us. Hell, pay us to test FOR YOU.

    Look into my purchase history. Go ahead, i’ll wait…

    Now imagine thousands of people, like me who won’t let themselves be disrespected.

    Harsh I know, but GET IT TOGETHER.

    I will not be purchasing another Sony product, hardware or software, until I get what I have paid for. If it is broke, take it back & refund. If the item was drpped from my server file, replace or refund. It’s called responsibility.

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