PlayStation Store, PlayStation Blog Officially Launched in Brazil

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PlayStation Store, PlayStation Blog Officially Launched in Brazil


We have amazing news for our Brazilian fans: Today, Brazil becomes the second country in Latin America to enjoy digital content from PlayStation Network with the launch of PlayStation Store on the PS3. Starting today, PS3 users will gain access to the PlayStation Store to purchase and download nearly 200 pieces of digital content, including games, demos and PSone Classics, all without leaving the comfort of the living room couch. Purchases can be made using credit cards and prices are displayed in local currency, Brazilian Real. PlayStation Network pre-paid cards will soon be available at a variety of local retail stores, soon to be announced. Brazilian users will have the option to view the PlayStation Store in English or fully localized Brazilian Portuguese. New content will be added to the PlayStation Store weekly, beginning on August 2, including the addition of more downloadable PSP titles, so check back regularly.

And if that’s not enough, we are also announcing the launch of the PlayStation Brazil Blog, where Brazilian media and fans will find official news, and the PlayStation Brazil Website where all Brazilians will be able to access product information from the official source in real time.

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  • with better prices*

  • Great news! I just need to migrate my US account to Brazil, otherwise no PSN BR for me. =/

  • Welcome Brazil PSN Store. It is a great day for gamers, and a great day for us, brazilians. Let this be the first step to a new age of game in our country.

    The prices are good (for our country), the initial games interesting (Braid!) and the “welcome back” a fair and nice touch, thank you.

    Now let me game a little! Bye.

  • Kevin butler could make an advertisement about that xD

  • @ Just4Fun1712

    Well, just so you know, Mixrosoft (xbox360) did that to brazil way before Sony… And also, Microsoft let us migrate our account, and sony doesn’t…

    I’m really happy about all this but Sony could have done even better if they wanted (with the acc migration thing)

  • Ok… great news…… but means nothing to me if I cant migrate my account from us-psn to br-psn. Ill never leave all my trophies.

  • congrats to the people in Brazil!!!
    hope the Philippines is in your lineup sony!!!! :D

  • Brazil didn’t have a store? LOL

  • I want at least transfer my save games, like Gran Turismo 5 to my BR account, Sony please, use common sense !!

  • Still waiting for PSN support for the Philippines. :/

  • Sony should’ve released the PS Store for all Latin America at the same time. This is cruel for neighbour countries. WE WANT A PS STORE IN ARGENTINA!!!!

  • maravilha até que enfim hoje daqui a pouco tomara que ja falem aonde estaram os cartões pré pagos pra podermos compramos todos os 4 final fantasys ….

    obrigado sony

  • yeah is very good for Brazil =) but, the rest of Chile? u_u

  • As awesome as that is, can you guys talk to whoever needs to be talked to at EA and get them to put the Argentina League in FIFA? I’ve been waiting since . . . well . . . since forever.

  • Soon enough, all countries will be there! And in long term, all countries will be integrated into only 1 store, where all currencies will be acceptable.

  • Thats good news for Brazil. I thought all countries with PSN had access to the PlayStation store. This means more people on the blog i guess!!!

  • Great To See That Brazil Now Has A Playstation Network But Mark I Have A Questions In what Part Of Mexico Are There Access To Playstation Games And Ps Cards I Don’t Want To Miss Out On Any Offers Sony Provides Please Reply To My Question

  • I would like to change the country of my PSN account because I am Brazilian and I have a U.S. account, when I’m playing online it appears the flag of the U.S. and all my trophies are in the U.S. account. There is no way to solve this? In the next update of the system maybe.

  • The language it’s not Portuguese, it’s brazilian or Portuguese from brazil!!! Anyway, congrats guys, at least you have a blog in your native language now as we Portuguese (from Portugal) have to deal with the damn english, french, deutch, italian… almost everything but PORTUGUESE!!!

  • AWSOME>>>> sony should expand to more latin countries!!!

  • Great news! And what’s with the other countries, where is not supported The Store, for example in HUNGARY? PLEASE let the time come true – just in my life! ;)

  • Hey Sony , what about all the countries in Europe inc. Malta ?

  • e agora minha conta americana?
    é legal por que agora vou fazer uma no meu endereço msm, com o meu cartão e tudo mais…
    é isso ai uma grande conquista ao povo brasileiro que joga Muito!!!!!!

  • Wow! Most awesome news! Thank you Sony for bringing the Store to these lands. Just one tip: in general we suffer with very high game prices in Brazil, so offering games at a more reasonable price range will be a big selling point for you. From what I could see so far this seems to be the case. Keep it up, please :)

  • QUEREMOS MIGRAÇÃO, Meus saves, meus trofeis, é tenho certeza que não e só eu que quero não, Porque a live conseguil ? vocês Não ? Porque ?

  • I wonder how high the prices will be in that store…

  • Well Sony, I can’t express my gratitude only in one post.

    It’s awesome for us, you don’t know what’s playing in another country’s PSN, having to buy things in “ilegal” ways (we couldn’t use credit cards, we had to buy pre-paid cards from the American PSN). Honestly, an account migration would be awesome, even though I don’t really bother if it doesn’t happen. Also, there could be no South American PS Store, just because Brazil’s official language isn’t spanish. Now, I hope thaty every country that doesn’t have a PSN get one, it would be really awesome. And yes, the starting prices aren’t the best but are good ones! And NO. Brazil ISN’T A BIG FAVELA. For god sake, FORGET THAT. Search for São Paulo, Curitiba in Google, not only Rio de Janeiro, which is NOT, by far, the most disenvolved city here in Brazil.

    Thank you Sony!

  • infamous and dantes inferno costs 50 dolars. same price of the fkn mall… is the brazilians paying taxes when they buy downlodable games from ps store?

  • CAMS: Actually, the prices are lower then the games in the mall here. But I guess we still pay taxes on them. Brazil is the country which has the biggest taxes in the world. And we have no “return” for it.

  • And, just for you to know, all of them, the prices in the mall or in the PS Store are more expensive then the prices that you, americans, pay.

  • yeah…but I living here in Brazil and this country is garbage….no one give a damn for games and us gamers we are called childs without life…every single person here is ignorant.But one day I’ll go to USA with no doubt.

  • Finally in Brazil!!

    Now the games there will be cheaper, with no abusive taxes from the government!!

    And im glad that the Companies are realizing that not only Europe, North America and Japan are playing games, but also in all the other countries of South America, South Africa, India, and much more!!

  • gd to hear

  • ¡Congratulation!,

    But there is 22 countries in Europe that has PS Store. Meanwhile in America there are just 4 , dont you want to be a big company , counties like Chile, Argentina, Perú , Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia even Bolivia need the complete ” Playstation 3 ” all right.


  • Blanka is quite pleased, lol.

    Joking aside, hooray for Brazil!

  • yes….i have a brazilian account [i live north of brazil in suriname] and my brother made an account when we were new but i already made a crapton of trophies on it….after the hacking i couldnt go online AT ALL, hopefully this will be a thing of the past…. PSN HERE I COME!!! did the password reset come online too??? if i know that im sure ill go online again,till then, youre the best sony…

  • Kinda late….I already got too many stuff on this acc to think on moving to br PSN =/
    At least now I can get news in portuguese…(not that this’ll make a LOT of difference but yeah)

  • THANK YOU a lot Sony, you wont get disappointed! FINALLY !!

    When will you be selling those pre-paid cards? Keep us informed!

    And will we be able to migrate our accounts?

    Thanks sony

    Ah man i was going to be the first one to comment but there was a problem there when loggin in..

  • I’m glad to know that you guys at Sony are aware of your brazilian fans.

    Thank you for your support!

  • I got my first “welcome back” game in PSN STORE BRAZIL! THANKS SONY!!!

  • Congratulations for Brazil getting the PSN!

    I hope I’ll be able to make some friends from over there.

  • Congratulations to the Brazilian users.

    I wish I made ​​something happen in Hungary in this respect.

  • Great job! That’s one step closer to getting the Store in all Latin America. I suggest you bring the Store as well as all the other features to Peru next, there are a lot of PS3 owners here and the console of choice is PS3 and a lot of people that want to get one and are going to get one.

  • If I buy an add-on from the Brazilian PSN, can I play it using my American copy of the game?

  • who cares what about that you should update the comic store why is this even on here

  • Hmmm, it’s amazing have psn in Brazil. But, is a service that is long in coming, and when it is already with several problems.

    Thanks Sony. But the minimum we require is a quality service. There has been a fair price. Or the store prices are the same as the PS Store?.


  • Great way to expand

  • Thanks sony!

    Hope you update the brazilian store frequently and with fair prices.

  • what is quriocity

  • l,olo,o,k

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