PlayStation Store, PlayStation Blog Officially Launched in Brazil

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PlayStation Store, PlayStation Blog Officially Launched in Brazil


We have amazing news for our Brazilian fans: Today, Brazil becomes the second country in Latin America to enjoy digital content from PlayStation Network with the launch of PlayStation Store on the PS3. Starting today, PS3 users will gain access to the PlayStation Store to purchase and download nearly 200 pieces of digital content, including games, demos and PSone Classics, all without leaving the comfort of the living room couch. Purchases can be made using credit cards and prices are displayed in local currency, Brazilian Real. PlayStation Network pre-paid cards will soon be available at a variety of local retail stores, soon to be announced. Brazilian users will have the option to view the PlayStation Store in English or fully localized Brazilian Portuguese. New content will be added to the PlayStation Store weekly, beginning on August 2, including the addition of more downloadable PSP titles, so check back regularly.

And if that’s not enough, we are also announcing the launch of the PlayStation Brazil Blog, where Brazilian media and fans will find official news, and the PlayStation Brazil Website where all Brazilians will be able to access product information from the official source in real time.

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  • great news, we deserved
    already spreading the news thanks.
    What about the movie or qriocity?

  • I saw post 1 coming before I even clicked here.

  • really great news.
    but .. about the migration of our accounts, we be able to do it??

  • its about time Sony represented South America

  • Congrats to all my peeps in the Favela.

  • Last but not least!!!

    Thx Sony.

    We hope that we can find fair prices and games in the Br Store.

    Best regards to SONY TEAM.

  • It’s a shame it took so long, but glad it’s done. Welcome, Brazil!!

  • Canada doesn’t have Qriocity yet…

  • thats some great news 4 brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its a great day for Brazilian gamers. I hope they get fair prices cause from what my Brazilian friends tell me, the only thing wrong with gaming in Brazil is Piracy & Prices. I hope they stretch their reaches to the Caribbean. This should also stretch to Vita when it launch, cause I think its gonna be a really successful platform from launch. Good job Sony, keep it up.

  • Sweet, welcome aboard Brazil!

  • This is a great news…

  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome………

    Bem vindos ao Brasil……..


  • Brazil congratulations,,,,, and CHILE?????????

  • We appreciate it a lot, but what about SOCOM PRO???????????? European gamers get it for free on the store. American players get a code, but the brazilian edition doesn´t come with a code. PLEASE MAKE SOCOM PRO AVAILABLE FOR FREE IN THE BRAZILIAN STORE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am very happy with our Brazilian neighbors. I know there has been a lot of red tape going through this. Thanks Sony for sticking it out and for making a more dynamic and diverse community!

  • Oh, great news.
    I’m trying to connect, but it gets error. Is the PSN in maintenance?

    ENRICHOVEGA, yes, brazil is a giant favela with monkeys jumping on the roofs


  • Congratulations Brazil.

  • Wow Brazil’s currency is called ‘Real’? Lean something new eachday!

  • If this means one less nationality coming to our blog and griping about how it’s so unfair for them, then I’ll celebrate. We have enough home-grown whiners to fill up the blogs.


  • Congratulations :D

  • Good to hear, glad Brazil is finally getting in on this. It blows my mind that some countries dont have a PS store though :O. I understand a blog, but a store!?

  • Thank You Sony.

    Playstation is the Best
    Sony is the Best

    I am Brazilian, I’m going to buy the PS Store and access all day PS Blog Brasileiro.


  • Brazilian Playstation blog*

  • Great! Now we just need a Colombian PS Store and Blog.

    I’ve been having to buy everything from the US Store.

  • Hey Sony, thank you. PS Store Brazil starts with a great number of content.

  • for Chile when?

  • Congratulations for Brazil.

    But when will you launch PS store for Kuwait? We have been waiting since 4 years.

  • Caribbean Next?? Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, St Lucia etc

  • hey netflix are come in latin america too that mean can use in ps3?

  • Thank you for the great news. I’ll support you 100%. Now I have 2 homes to get content from (US and Brazil) :D

  • It’s a darn beautiful representation of the Brazilian Flag! It’s such an honor to finally be able to buy games from our own store! Thanks Sony!!!! :D GOTTA LUV SONY!

  • When we go can migrate account?

  • I’m not gonna read it unless it has trophies.

  • When is there going to be a new system update?

  • Finally! Sony! SONY! SONY! SONY! SONY! SONY!
    Welcome to the country of Playstation hahahaha
    Please if possible make a TV announce, a youtube video, anything to spread to all here =D

  • Yess!!!! Finally thx Sony

  • Welcome to Brazil Sony!!!
    Thank very much Sony =D

  • Now all we need is to give Japan and Korea a PS blog, if you guys didn’t know both of them have huge netizens in both of their respective country and I think they deserve a PS blog.

  • It’d be great if we could migrate accounts.

  • Sweet, welcome aboard Brazil!

  • finally! this is a hope for other countries seeking their inclusion in the PS Store, thanks SONY, I’ve always believed this day would come!!

  • just one question: we will have PSN Cards here as well?

  • This is great! Finally the game companies are starting to realize that not only north america, europe and japan play games.
    Well, an account migration would be awesome too, since almost every brazilian that has a PS3 created an account in another country, since there was no PSN STORE in Brazil. Microsoft offered a migration system when they launched the Xbox Live to the brazilian market, why can’t Sony do the same?

    Also, why is the PS3 firmware only avaliable in european portuguese? European Portuguese is very different (unlike UK english and american english), and we can’t consider it the same language that we use to write, read and talk. Are you guys planning an update with brazilian portuguese on the ps3 menu also?

  • how about a South American Store??

  • Well…. I am brazilian, i’m using an american Acc with US adress and i am very glad to the PS Store and Blog have finally reached my country =)


    i have spent over US$50 on my american account, still having some credits in it and i already conquered 14 platinum trophies in it, and i am not planing to create a new Acc so soon, and the prices still a little bit high, US$ 1 = R$ 2 in Brazil Store, i buy pre-paid cards of US$ 20 for R$ 30 where i get them, so a game like Assassin’s Creed 2 would cost me R$ 60, not R$ 80 like in Brazil Store

    Well, congratulations for the job and thank you for our PS Store and Blog! I know… this story of prices is a little complicated when the word is brazil, the taxes and burocratics are a pain in the [DELETED] but thank you for the update and I hope someday the BR Store become like theu US or Euro \o/

  • BRAZIL will have the Football World Cup 2014, Olimpic Games 2016 and now PlayStation Store!!! It is fantastic! Awesome… I could not believe when I found this on internet…

    thanks SONY!!!

  • awesome sony giving brazil their very own playstation store this is cool first the u.s and now brazil. SONY IS THE BEST haha take that xbox360

  • With all these good coments ..theres no way you could not be brasilian .but i live in italy-.- well its kind of better cos i buy things woth better prices..and yeah really happy ..brasil is finally showing itself ..and thank you sony AGAIN

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