Resistance 3: “Full Circle” Dev Diary

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Resistance 3: “Full Circle” Dev Diary

We’re excited to bring you the latest dev diary in the Resistance 3 PlayStation Blog Dev Diary series. This one focuses on bringing back some of the classic Resistance: Fall of Man gameplay like the weapon wheel and the great heritage that Ratchet & Clank has provided the Resistance franchise. If you missed out on the previous dev diaries, you can catch up with these two links here and here.

There is a ton of exciting news about Resistance 3 these days. You hopefully saw all of the preview coverage that hit yesterday. There’s much more to come, as next week, we will be staging a Resistance 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21st at 5 p.m. in Room 7AB.

”Go behind the scenes with Marcus Smith (Creative Director), Kevin Grow (Animation Director), Grant Hollis (Art Director), and voice actors Robin Atkin Downes (Joseph Capelli) and Crispin Freeman (Charlie Tent) from the cast and discover the secrets behind Insomniac’s vision of a post-apocalyptic 50’s era. Attendees will be able to ask their burning questions in an exclusive Q&A session and might – just might – get a first look at a brand-new way for you to resist with your friends.”

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Don’t fret, Geoff Keighley and the gang at Gametrailers TV will be bringing you tons of new Resistance 3 content with a full episode shot on location at Insomniac’s Burbank studio on the night of Thursday, July 21st on Spike TV. We’re stoked to show you brand new single-player gameplay, a brand new multiplayer objective mode, as well as brand new interviews with the team!

That’s all for now – we’ve got tons to come, so to keep up with the latest news and footage on Resistance 3, be sure to follow Insomniac Games on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or join the conversation on MyResistance.Net.

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  • I need an enjoyable shooter so may someday try R3. TheE3 demo or trailer looked a bit scary to me. Will I need to catch up with the earlier games, like one would for Mass Effect or is it ok as a standalone, like the various Dragon Age games?

    @ the person who used the analogy of a used car: not to pick a fight, but that is not analogous. You wouldn’t have to pay Ford any fee if you bought it used from your neighbor because Ford doesn’t continue to provide additional daily service to you. Online gaming is a service that costs money to provide all of you on an ongoing basis. Like having to pay for gas & upkeep on your used car. It’s a User’s fee & that doesn’t seem unfair or unreasonable to me, as someone who pays the same full price to buy a new game but doesn’t get any use of multiplayer. So I pay full price for 2/3’d of a game experience, but I don’t complain about the “unfairness” of that.

  • Will there be a collectors edition or special edition for the USA?

  • Resistance is a great game but I have a question sorry for my ignorance… I know that a demo ame with Battle LA but are they planning on releasing a demo on the psn? Just before the real game comes out?

  • hey sony who does the money go to for the psn pass, you, the developers, or the developers and why arent you
    answering any of the other questions that these kids are asking?

  • @ xB1G_SAMx guess they have more important things to do (o wait) this is the important thing to do Im with you man!!! No answers like there is no one commenting… -_-

  • @102 now im not talking about after u buy the car when u buy the car used it doesnt have the same features thats like walking in the dealership and saying that i want the same features as the other car even though its used and i will have to pay less and when u buy something used its never as good as the new version so what i dont get is why would u expect the same thing from a used game that costed less from a new game that u spent the $60 bucks for?

  • PSN PASS SUCKS! No Resistance 3 for me, … nice way to Welcome Back your costumer Sony! ;p

  • @101

    Very good point, touche. But then again, aren’t most of the servers run by sony not the developers? If so then should you have to pay for PSN Plus and still pay for online passes? Does that seem fair?

    Like I said before, I do get the online passes I just still don’t agree with them.
    However, finding out that it is not account specific but more account/console specific like marketplace items (speaking from xbox marketplace) makes me less inclined to boycott said online pass games.

    That being said, i still refuse to buy ANY EA Games, they have been strong arming gaming companies and customers for years now.

  • @108: I didn’t know EA was strong arming since I don’t follow this issue, but I can’t boycott EA since they publish Bioware & the Harry Potter games—yes they all suck but I’m a big HP nerd.

    I promise to donate any included multiplayer codes in the future, on the blog. I’ve already donated the 2 I had for the early U3 beta. I’m thinking of getting R3 so will donate it, if it’s a separate 12 digit code.

  • thats right nobody in their right mind actually believes the online pass “will save gaming”. Its a ripoff pure and simple. Nobody is robbing devs, publishers or sony, quite the contrary, this infantile pass scheme is ripping all of us off. Do I or anyone else need remind you who pays your salaries? I shouldn’t but apparantly you still don’t realize its your customers who do so. Devs are not going bankrupt. Nobody here can name a single studio thats gone bankrupt selling multiple title series with millions of units sold. To suggest otherwise is unadulterated stupidity.

    To make at as simple as possible and fully clear, both devs & publishers make their money selling games, DLC is gravy. Used game sales & multiple console households are not robbing anybody. Customers including me all want our moneys worth. What we do NOT want is to be continually ripped off by continual cash grabs. What makes it doubly galling is the idiotic propoganda disguising this scam as “saving developers from immoral used games”. Its nothing but a slap in the face to everyone who keeps you employed by buying your games.

  • and let me make one thing most clear. I’m a person who loves the resistance series I got both the previous games on PS3 and like them both. But I will NOT be buying part 3 or any further installments with this fraudulant online pass, nor will I buy any other games with a similar scam attached. Make no mistake Insomnia & Sony, you cannot live without your customers, but we can live quite well without you.

  • Btw, take the hint insomnia & sony, your “comment” propoganda squad is very amateurish and not the least bit credible. Stop wasting our time with this garbage.

  • @109: I’ve been following EA’s actions for quite some time and they are growing into a monopoly buying out or just plain snuffing out any and all competition they can. They’re taking over the market and show little concern for other companies or even their general customers.
    I’m just hoping this mentality doesn’t spread to other companies. And seeing as aside from the Battlefield series which I will regretably not be buying, I have no interest in other EA games.

    As far as giving away your online passes that is very noble of you

  • @ 113, McStabby (love that name): I think I need to do some research then, since I had no idea. In fact, it sounds like you’re talking about the lifelong business model of Microsoft, which is why I would never be an Xbot.

    Btw, I too love stabbing as Ezio. I’ve stabbed so many hundreds of people, across medieval middle east (yes, I know, Altair) and renaissance europe. Ah, so fun….

    @112, Pirate: so people who honestly disagree with you are part of a comment propaganda squad? Very small minded of you, but perhaps you’re just very passionate about this subject. I’ve been reading all blog posts, every day, since the PSN-pocalypse and I know who the frequent flyers are, the newbies, the rarities and I haven’t spotted anybody I think is a shill, except for the Xbot trolls and they’re just doing that for fun, not profit.

    But it’s all entertaining anyway, which is why I’m still here, after the ‘pocalypse.

  • @115 Pirate: So bitter. How’s that working for you?
    Gamers on other consoles? So you’re mad over the xbot stm? That was more of a defense of them than an accusation.

    But ok, it’s a free country. Spew away.

  • @ lisatsunami

    Sgt_McStabby is my other account didn’t realize i logged into that one on accident haha but thanks =)
    And yes I would have to agree EA’s path of destruction seems to follow certain companies agenda quite close *cough* micro$oft *cough*. With them being one of the biggest distributors out there, they seem to think they can just run around doing what they please and I pray this isn’t the future gaming is heading towards.

    @Pirate: I post on here all the time yet up until a year or so ago I didn’t even own a PS3. At this very moment I own around 5 (working xboxs) and a Ps3. I play a fairly equal amount of time on both ps3 and xbox.

    Now as far as the propaganda machine.. I don’t know about that one some people are just very defensive of their devs and that’s understandable. I think they are wrong to say that devs are “strapped for cash” as well but i don’t think they are hired posts by devs. Some are probably trolls, others just plain ignorant. None the less they are entitled to their opinion.

  • @tool-666-schism,

    I’m hardly the first person who’s noticed whats going on. Unlike the immature trollboy who resorts to insults when he’s shown he has no case I do read what goes on here and other gaming related sites. Take another look back sometime. When people make complaings you’ll see a number of accounts posting comments attacking that person usually with very similar responses in a short time frame. and as I’ve pointed out before the statement made by these pseudo trolls have no basis in reality. notably in the past week I’ve read faux comments accusing people who buy used games of being immoral and criminal and using phrases such as “robbing devs” among other such rediculous statements. Go ahead and look, its right here on this blog and you wont have to spend much time looking. You’ll also notice our little troll in the comments for this entry wont address the issue I and several others have brought up but rather make rather idiotic accusations and trying to pass off personal attacks as some kind of defense. Not to put too fine a point on it, its illogical, transparant and not the least bit credible. Passing that off as some kind of entitlement is just as laughable.

  • noob to resistance got the double back friday and i cant put it down. really epic shooter. almost barfed when bugs went in hale’s mouth…lol. i went following day and pre orderd 3 . looking foward to it. didnt read up on it but does 3 have split screen coop? if not to bad for every one else in the house hold they better buy thier own copy. lol

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! But one thing. Online trophies on R2 were tough to get. Not really difficult but EXTREMELY time consuming. I’m just hoping that the multiplayer trophies on R3 aren’t as demanding. They should be challenging but they shouldn’t be the only reason that someone plays multiplaye forr, so i was hoping you could fix those online trophies. And the online portion of this game looks really promising with the killstreaks and new additions and elements. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the return of the Co-op campaign and weapon wheel. :D

  • I really don’t see the problem with the PS pass. Mostly because I always buy my games new, (I had a bad experience with a used MW2 copy.) Anyway, if you buy your game used you are taking a risk for no reason. The game might work just long enough so you can’t return it and get a full refund. Why bother getting used game’s if the risks are so high in the first place.. Eventually the disk will brake and that will be the end of your garbage used game.. Just get it new, stop complaining about the PS Pass because i’m 100% sure that SONY wont have it going on forever, because it will inevitably fail in the end. So just buy the game new, don’t get it used. Also — Why would you even use gamefly? I’m sorry but gamefly is totally useless..

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