Resistance 3: “Full Circle” Dev Diary

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Resistance 3: “Full Circle” Dev Diary

We’re excited to bring you the latest dev diary in the Resistance 3 PlayStation Blog Dev Diary series. This one focuses on bringing back some of the classic Resistance: Fall of Man gameplay like the weapon wheel and the great heritage that Ratchet & Clank has provided the Resistance franchise. If you missed out on the previous dev diaries, you can catch up with these two links here and here.

There is a ton of exciting news about Resistance 3 these days. You hopefully saw all of the preview coverage that hit yesterday. There’s much more to come, as next week, we will be staging a Resistance 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21st at 5 p.m. in Room 7AB.

”Go behind the scenes with Marcus Smith (Creative Director), Kevin Grow (Animation Director), Grant Hollis (Art Director), and voice actors Robin Atkin Downes (Joseph Capelli) and Crispin Freeman (Charlie Tent) from the cast and discover the secrets behind Insomniac’s vision of a post-apocalyptic 50’s era. Attendees will be able to ask their burning questions in an exclusive Q&A session and might – just might – get a first look at a brand-new way for you to resist with your friends.”

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Don’t fret, Geoff Keighley and the gang at Gametrailers TV will be bringing you tons of new Resistance 3 content with a full episode shot on location at Insomniac’s Burbank studio on the night of Thursday, July 21st on Spike TV. We’re stoked to show you brand new single-player gameplay, a brand new multiplayer objective mode, as well as brand new interviews with the team!

That’s all for now – we’ve got tons to come, so to keep up with the latest news and footage on Resistance 3, be sure to follow Insomniac Games on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or join the conversation on MyResistance.Net.

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  • @bakerarmy

    DLC makes sense, if you’re into cash grab and run. :) I completely agree with you on the expansion pack side, only if its not content cut from the original cake. I remember 10-15 years ago when expansion packs where the rage, and for right reason. A game came out squeaky clean and fresh, and in 6 months one would read in PC Gamer about and expansion pack coming with the content almost always %75 that of the original.

    Now we get peddled small morsels, because its much easier for someone to buy something for $2 or $5. Even when the realization comes, “I just spent $2.50 on in game pants…PANTS!…oh well, just $2.50”, this is exactly whats being exploited.

    For anyone wondering, here is a gamer friendly business model using Borderlands:

    Game comes out; $60 for a multiplatform game?! oh okay! turns out to be fantastic! score.
    all content released afterward that eventually made it onto the GOTY should have been released, one time, 8 to 12 months after original release for $40 retail (with claptrap stickers, including senor claptrap, and a key chain) or $30 digital (sans all the goodies).

    Vote me, lol.


  • PSN pass is [DELETED] by the way. Online play shouldnt be damn a privalege. People say the devs are hurting, but so are we. Thats why we buy used games in the first place and i dont think a loyal fan who simply cant pay for a newly released, unopended copy should be taken advantage of like that if he wants to enjoy a game and all its features.

  • looks great!!! really looking forward !!!

  • I love Ressitance but i really HATE Online passes.

    Whats wrong with you Sony?

    For all the guys saying making games are expensive, too much ppl is paying already 60 buck or more for an incomplete game? Are you serious?

    When i desire to trade or resel my games when i get bored of them im doomed cuz nobody wants an incomplete game.

  • This is now known as the “PSN Pass” game. Sorry IG, but it is. This practice of screwing over the customer needs to stop, but I know it won’t. My wish would be for loads of people to buy this used and not the pass or just not all. It’s the only way we can show these publishers that we won’t put up with this crap. I was seriously thinking about getting this until they announced the PS Pass. Now my want for this has severely dropped to the point of not wanting it all really. Everyone needs to stop bending over for this crap!

  • I only have a Us account.. but i live in sweden is the online pass region free? Or will i never be able to play online again?

  • @53

    as far as moves are concerned, this does seem very Activision, and not at all for the benefit of the customer, all while being touted like some special feature.

    Look at how certain companies are now demonized, for the right reason, for steps similar to the one above.

    What goes around comes around.

    Again, this don’t really effect me, but stay classy Sony…stay classy.

  • Not sure if I will pick this up right away, but I said the same thing with R2 and ended up buying it the day of release. This is already looking like it takes all the things I liked about R1 and 2 and puts them together (all except online co-op mode)

  • hi, big sony fan. is there any word on the psone classics section get tekken 3, mortal kombat trilagy, any need for speeds and maybe more twisted metals. also what happend to resident evil portalble for psp?

  • I love me some exploding chimeras!

  • i dont get why people have a problem with online passes, if u buy a new mercedes benz ur gonna get a good warranty, a nice crisp interior, a good engine but if u buy it used the interior might have some stains the engine might not be as good and the warranty would be downgraded, in other words if ur gonna buy something used for less money than why would u expect the same features as the brand new one

  • Hey Insomniac, can you guys PLEASE share the weapon wheel tech with EVERY OTHER DEVELOPER so we arent stuck with 20 new FPS’ a year with the 2 weapon system because “o, the controller doesnt have enough buttons to support more than 2 guns”

    Resistance 3 looks great btw, so gload you guys are going back to the weapon wheel and the non-regen health bar. Screw all the babies crying about the PSN Pass. News flash, it’s FREE WITH A NEW GAME. FREE. R&C A4O looks cool too! keep it up!

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Please make the game control well with Move Sharpshooter. I just bought the Sharpshooter and tried Dead Space Extraction, there are parts where they tell you “shake the move controller” and that doesn’t really work too well with a Sharpshooter!

  • Dear Insomniac Games,

    This game is looking SO awesome! I’ve been waiting for it since LAST YEAR. I was under the impression that Resistance was on a 2 year production cycle, so I was thinking it would’ve been anounced last year. The extra year in development seems to have been REALLY well worth it. I’m so excited. I preordered it and have slowly paid it off over the last few months (unlike these whiny cry babies who are complaining over the FREE PSN PASS packaged with NEW copies). I’m really sorry for all the flack these ignorant/uneducated/ill informed/lazy people are saying about not supporting your game. You guys deserve better than that. Just know that I and 2 other family/friends have also preordered Resistance 3. Can’t wait to see/hear more about this game. Lookin forward to the GTTV episode on the 21st! I’m hoping there’s some sort of HORDE mode. Can’t wait!

    Thanks for bringing back:

    You guys rock! Viva la Resistance!!!!!!!!!

  • R3 looks awesome!!!!


    Buy the game new and u don’t need to worry about it. I always buy new and can’t remember when the last time was that i actually paid $60 for a game. Nowadays there’s always deals u can take advantage of and I guarantee you’ll be able to buy this game NEW at launch for under $55 which is what gamestop charges for a used copy.

    Be smart people and support ur favorite developers not gamestop.

  • Devs must charge Gamstop if thats really the reason on online passes, devs must not screw its consumers.

    Resistance againts the greedy companies!

  • Resistance 3 is going to be awesome
    About the Ratchet and clank co-ops game, not sure about that to be honest..
    and Overstrike sounds SICK AWESOME :D

  • you guys psn pass is only for used games, how many of you are actually going to buy it used? and it will help the developes get more credit for their work

  • You should remaster Resistance 2 in the future!!!!!!!

  • Cant wait til R3 come out its going to be awesome! But whats up with the psn pass? Even though
    i’ll buy this game new but it still sucks that you would have to pay for a pass if bought used.
    I do buy used games because sometimes when i buy new games, they suck and i cant return them like socom4
    for example. I think these online passes are just plain greedy.

  • R:FoM was something special while R2 was a fairly disappointing sequel for me.

    While it is nice to see the weapon wheel back, the rest of R3 doesn’t really give me the FoM feel. With all the buffs/perks it looks more like a rock, paper, scissor match of super powers. Bubble shields, personal shields, holograms, dashes, glowing rings/belts, and who knows what else before a “bullet” is even fired.

    The Chimera in FoM were different from the humans. They were bigger, could rage, were vulnerable to fire and played differently from humans. In R2 all that went out the window and the once menacing Chimera was merely a skin swap of the human counterpart and played JUST like the humans. :( FoM was about an invasion of a force stronger than you, in R2 that invading force was a human wearing a Chimera costume.

    While I bought FoM and R2 on day one, I am just not feeling R3. Maybe when I play the beta that will convince me otherwise.

  • why is everyone upset about the psn pass seriously you know that if you get the game used you only pay the retailers not the developers. i think psn pass is great rather than some person buying it used they have to buy it new or get the service from the psn store. if you look at it my way it’s actually fair, why would you let someone buy a used game and get everything that the other person bought it new would have though there is a flaw my little brother can’t go online when i’m not playing r3 but there is split-screen right. one more thing is it sdcc or nycc i need to know please reply back thanks in advance.

  • DEATH-2_XBOX3795


  • Love the idea of the weapon wheel like in R&C and that there is going to be a lot of really cool weapons. Only problem with that is the mutiplayer. Tons of ridiculously overpowered perks, weapons and ability’s will turn R3’s mutiplayer into MW2, where EVERYTHING was overpowered and abused. You say you are trying to do your own game and not let the other military shooters change that, but what you are doing to the MP is just like MW2 if you include all the overpowered stuff in the MP portion..

  • I don’t support online passes so I’ll be skipping this one. I feel sorry for Insomniac though. They’re the one’s who are going to be hurting sales wise due to their game being the first to introduce this pass.

  • You people who say “Why are you upset about the PSN pass and that it’s only for used games”. We KNOW THIS. That’s not the point. I’ll just say that online passes are bad. I could overlook it whenever third party publishers and developers were doing it, but this is a freakin Sony that stooped to this. Here’s an idea guys. Make your game great enough and people won’t want to trade it in.

    I’ve still got Arkham Asylum with no intention of trading it ever, because it’s such a great game. I’ve still got Red Dead for the same reasons. I’m for Gamestop in all this publishers vs. used games. Also even though I was going to buy this new and usually do almost all the time I’m still against online passes. Also it’s high time for the standard price to come back down to 49.99.

  • I wanted this game, but having an online pass? I’m not going to support that new trend, so I don’t think I’ll be getting it. No problem, I have plenty of games to play

  • just buy games from amazon theyre cheaper and stop gttin used games just buy new

  • what idiot wld buy a used game for 50 or 55 smh america

  • I was actually considering to buy this game, but the PS Pass is just a disappointment. Then I found out this game will only have 8v8 players, totally dropped it.

  • This video has made me decide whether I buy this game or not… and the decision is “Yes, I’ll get it as soon as possible!” I love Ratchet and Clank games, I liked R1 and R2 but not enough to go crazy for R3. Now, thanks to this video, I’m definitely sold. :D

  • I kinda do think some (maybe 1 or two) weapons should be weaker and not many people want to use them. Why? Because some people take pride in using them. Or like how the arc charger used to be in resistance 1, took skill but was rewarding since it could spread. However you screwed that up and gave it a much faster firing rate and took it from a “weak” weapon to a noob weapon

  • I”m still getting R3 :)

  • I can’t wait for this game!

  • Interesting debate, the PSN pass. I don’t do multiplayer so I have no dog in this fight. On the one hand, I believe a huge percentage of those spending hours online in a shooter would be younger gamers who generally have less disposable income. Even so, ten bucks isn’t that much for countless hours of having fun, in addition to the single player campaign. A typical movie, 2 hours, costs at least that and more & I’d bet you all fork that over, all the time.

    On the other hand, game developers, like everyone else, need to make a living. Buying & maintaining servers is hugely expensive. After many years, Insomniac is going nonexclusive. Multiple-platform games have to be dumbed down since only the PS3 has tremendous disc capacity.

    Wake up, complainers! We are going to lose future good gaming because we try to play on the cheap today. I can’t accept a future where games are only side scrollers & platformers that are cheaper than gorgeous open world games, a bleak future where Angry Birds is considered the pinnacle of gaming.

  • Personally, i feel the psn pass is no big deal. Bought the game new? Then download your psn pass and everyone who uses your ps3 can play it online, you could even download the pass onto other ps3’s with your acc. So what exactly is the big deal? Because every complaint on here doesnt provide a good enough reason as to why they hate it so much.

  • @1, stop whining, if you buy new psn pass is a non issue,. Blame companeis like gamestop for charging ridiculous prices for used. If the prices now drop it evens out.

  • Why do you expect to be able to play online servers which cost money to maintain, if you bugy cheaper and used and nothing goes towards the developer/publisher who foot the bill?

    Resistance is the best FPS on PS3, not killzone.

  • LOL at people saying they wont buy because of the pass, game will sell anyway. If you were buying used the devs dont care thats the point, used = no sale for developer. Don’t you get it? The devs lose zero if you decide to not buy a 50 dollar used game LOL. If you are buying new PSn pass is a non issue.

  • I beg to differ with masterofpuppetz
    killzone 1 on ps2 beats resistance and killzone 2 and 3
    games are not like they used to be

  • The first and the second game in the series have different qualities. I know about the weapon wheel, which brings back more choice. What key elements have carried over from Resistance 2?

  • I love how people defend the pass saying that the devs don’t get any money from used games.

    Of course they don’t, and they shouldn’t. If I went to go buy a used car, should i have to pay an additional 10-20% to the car manufacturer?

    While I NEVER sell back the games that I buy and I almost never buy used games (except of course if i manage to lose a game) I still find this online pass to be absolutely ridiculous. The gaming industry is a multi-million dollar industry and to tell me that they are hurting “soo bad” from used games sales is absolutely retarded.

    As for people who are stating that the online pass will help pay for server upkeep that does make a good deal of sense, and so without an online pass your only restriction should be online play. HOWEVER game companies have already started blocking gametypes and maps (i.e. F.3.A.R.) unless you put in your online code.
    Please explain to me how it is okay to block an entire gametype from a game offline or not.

    Slippery Slope my friends.

  • Has anyone noticed how there haven’t been any dev replies since this whole online pass feature was announced?

    And as far as this online pass goes, how do you know who’s gettin the $$ for the pass? Is it the devs, or the publishers? I would be hard pressed to believe that sony isn’t gonna take a cut of these passes.

    Now as far as disabling online unless you buy the pass that makes sense. Servers cost money etc I get it. I don’t agree with it, but i get it. HOWEVER game devs are already starting to disable certain gametypes offline or not (ie. F.3.A.R.’s [DELETED] run gametype)

    How can you say its fair to disable an offline gametype just because the game is used?

    Slipper slope.

  • Slippery*

    Horay for spelling errors!

  • Wow I am more excited for this game than Batman ATM!

  • Love the Resistance series. Best Shooter on Sony since the Timesplitters days(Please try to bring TS back for the PS3). I dont know how I feel about the PS pass. I always buy my games new anyway (havent bought a used game for PS3 yet) so not complaining about having to get it, but I get new games from trading in old ones. I hope this dosent effect trade in value. If it does, sorry sony; I love you but will not be supporting the PS pass or its games. :(

  • @88, Resistance is way better then any killzone game, better story, unique weapons.

    @90, umm, of course sony will take some of the PSn pass money, they are spending money running PSN, and online services, nothing wrong with that. Sony is not a charity. Sony is providing these services for devs to run their games online.

  • The game looks really good! great job!

  • @*8, get a clue, on xbox you have to pay 60 a year to play any game online, and still have games with online passes (Homefront, ea games, etc….).

  • can’t this game come out sooner r3 will be kick ass

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