PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games

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PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games

Starting Tuesday, July 12th, 11 hot PS3 games will be available for a cool 30% discount in the PlayStation Store. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to download the games at a 50% discount. We’ve got a sizzling lineup of software, including Scott Pilgrim, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and all five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game, all deeply discounted, as part of the PSN Summer Sale.

Summer Sale 2011

For one week only, escape the heat and humidity with big discounts on titles that will entertain you all summer long. Check out the full list of PS3 games that are part of this year’s PSN Summer Sale:

  • Back to the Future: The Game – Full Series (Sale price $13.99; Plus price $9.79; Regular price $19.99)
  • Chime Super Deluxe (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Dead Space Extraction (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Hard Corps: Uprising (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Risk: Factions (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Shank (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Scott Pilgrim (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Swarm (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99) (Sale price $10.49; Plus price
    $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Tales from Space: About a Blob (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)

Don’t hesitate because this limited-time offer melts on July 19th, and the games will return to full price. Head on over to the PlayStation Store on Tuesday and take advantage of this season’s best deals!

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    Last years summer sale included PSP games Mini and the discount was 50% across the board. This year we get less variety and less incentive. :(

    “If you’re trying to keep a BC model alive just let it go.”
    Sure, I’ll do that if Sony refunds me $300! I want what I purchased or I want my money back :D

  • Nice sale. Def. going to collect on BttF, Pacman and About a Blob.

    (also, to the guy crying about PSN “not free” … just wait for the game to go on sale or drop price due to age. then you can buy it new and still get the pass. It’s not going to bother me any and my wallet will thank me anyway. $60 is just too much for a single title to me, unless it’s something that contains 100+ hrs of content. I’ve been burned twice with “empty” games … no more, i always wait for the price drop now.)

  • 3 of those games are definitely on my radar as a “buy for sure.” 2 of those I’m tempted, but on the fence since I’m not fully interested. I’ll make a decision by the time the sale starts.

  • I was hoping for Ratchet and Clank Quest For Booty would be on sale, but it isn’t.
    Nothing here really interest me in this sale, but I might pick up Hustle Kings later. LOL

  • There aren’t even trophies for Quest for Booty which is disappointing. Cool, short game but just an FYI in case you care about Trophies. Other than that they should’ve been put it on sale as it’s about 3 yrs old now if I’m correct.

  • @5 NiteVersions : You know that PSN PASS is free with every new game. They are not alienating the people that buy the game new but people who rent or buy used. The only bad part about this is if two users in the same household have the game and thus one must buy the pass but it is going to be a common practice for all companies to do this. BTW Risk is all mine now and is Hard Corps any good?

  • Pixlejunk shooter FTW…Dont know why I held on part 2 so long, but the wait will be over come tue.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Is this the entire list of summer PSN sale or will more be added?

  • @24 VampHuntD Just save your money and buy new games! Or wait for a sale like buy two get one free from Toys R Us. They probably are going to sell less, but people will be more selective, and we will have better quality games. They are going to make a profit!!! They see no profits off of used games, so I see nothing wrong with having an online pass. I never sell my games, so it doesn’t affect me in any way. I’m tired of people complaining about the online pass, buy new games and shut up!!! And I have gone for a new game over a used (Dead Space 2) because of the pass and will again. If they end up costing the same amount and I want to play the game, why would you not? Developers may put rip off shops like Gamestop out of business. The sole purpose of the online pass was to bring money back to the developers. Gamestop makes a killing ripping kids off giving them pennies for a game and then selling it back at 75% more. Meanwhile, developers see nothing from the transaction.

  • I already have Hard Corps Uprising, Shank, and Scott Pilgrim.
    Still so many choices, might get pixeljunk shooter 2.

  • @ #4 Stoffinator

    Ohh, blame Sony for not calling you personaly before you’ve made this purchase! I know right, no service at all! People on Internet are getting funnier to read every day. Priceless.

  • Curses! I saw the sale and immediately added funds to my wallet…now I see that it doesn’t start until the 12th! Curses! Curses! XD

    And why are people complaining about the PSN Pass thing? Just buy the game new if you want to play online for free.

  • Not a very good sale in comparison to Steam.
    I guess Sony doesn’t have as much money as Valve.

  • Dang it, happens all the time. I bought BTTF for $20 last week, now I could get it for $10 with PS+. PS+ users need a 30-day price match feature.

  • I know this is off topic but I notice alot of complaints on every blog post I read. I got to be honest I know ppl tend to be babies but you PS Blog guys are kinda to blame for it. I read both the U.S. and EU blogs and it’s seems that the EU guys at least care enough to answer some of the more negative comments which helps stop the 50 similar post that will pop up. You guys on this blog are the Sony Online PR. machine and you are doing a bad job of it. I get it I’m sure you get tired of the negative posts, I know I am, well then help curb them by answering some of them. I know it’s not easy but it would help.

    On another note great sale I plan on purchasing like half that list next week can’t wait!!

  • Can anyone see my cat avatar? It seems to have suddenly disappeared from both the blog and the forum.

    Maybe it’s just my computer acting weird

    [or maybe I need a PSN Pass to see my avatar now]

  • This is weird… I’ve just checked my PS3, and the cat is still there… it’s just not on PSN websites

  • Thanks for the heads-up! It’s always good to know in advance so people don’t buy the game full price ten minutes before it goes on sale. And I’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up Chime, PixelJunk Shooter 2, and Hard Corps. Tuesday will be a good day. p.s. I’ll second the motion for a PSP/Minis sale – been really enjoying the PS+ minis lately.

  • i want to see more digital psp games on sale. been wanting to get 3rd birthday for my psp/psp go for a while now.

  • ARGH! $5 for Pixel Junk Shooter 2? I just bought it for $10 yesterday!

  • How about for a psp sale, give us Hot Shots Golf 2. Been waiting for this game to go on sale.

  • i also want to see more games that were on psp umd only in the psn store. really don’t have enough room in my pockets to carry all my umd games with me everywhere.

  • Kind of old games, I owned most of them already. Also I wanted to say that I Just cancelled my Resistance 3 pre-order. Why I’m doing this if I was planning to buy the game brand new? Because I vote with my wallet, if I purchase the game as a costumer I’m saying that I’m ok with this and I’m not:
    1) Charging for the online will decrease the number of players online, not increase the sales.
    2) I’m already paying to have a “premium online experience” is called PS+.

  • @vamphuntD

    Yes, I do realize that this practice is targeting the immoral used game market that should not exist. I do not support the used games market because it is robbing the developers of their profit.

    If the used game ended tomorrow, plenty of people will whine and complain, but they’d get back in line and buy new games again.

  • Oh, and I never sell games back. I don’t support immoral business models.

  • @FunkyTable:
    So if I was planning to give my copy of Resistance 3 to my little sister once I was done, that’s immoral?

  • Been wanting to get PJ Shooter 2 and Back to the Future… no more excuses I guess.

  • why does my ps3 tag still say im a psn plus member ? that is misleading if we no longer are. please remove the icons to stop the confusion. also i will be subscribing to 3 months of ps+ and will be looking forward to the pac man discount game along with that scott game. i only have a 120 GB system, i bet im very near to running out of space since i have 32 hard disc games on there along with like 9 digital games. i guess i can always delete my hard disc games for more room.

  • So basically its 50% since everyone’s rockin the Plus membership.
    Pac Man, here I come!!

  • hey is anyone else having trouble getting to the red dead redemption web site everytime i go to it it says ” you are not permitted to view this at this time”

  • Been wanting to buy shooter 2 and hard corps, guess now is a good time.

  • Craaaap. Just bought Shooter 2 the other day. Those people better not get loyalty avatars!

  • I pretty much have everything I want here at full price (or PS+ launch discount), but Tales About a Blob 50% off is awesome!

  • Goodie. Get to check 4 (maybe 5) more off my list. :)


  • I’m not here to coment about this new… i’m here because I listened that you’re about to implement a online pass in you’re game, and it will just work in one acount, I think it’s not fair for the people who have two acounts in their ps3 ( because for what i have been hearing) if my brother and I buy a game… the pass just works in my profile, and he will not be able to play online… even if he to payed for the game… that not looks good to me, I just wish you consider it thank you…

    sorry for my bad english and I don’t know where can I talk about this.. thats why i’m saying it here…

  • @NiteVersions
    You still don’t get it do you? If I buy Resistance 3 new, they get $60 from me and they provide me with online gaming. If you buy my copy of Resistance 3, yes they got $60 out of that copy of the game already but instead of covering the cost of 1 person playing online (me), they’re cover 2 people, (me and you).

    Furthermore, who’s to say you wouldn’t have bought Resistance 3 new if there was no used game market? Maybe not on day 1 but a month down the line when it’s on sale. That’s still a new copy.

    Anyway, stop derailing the Summer Sale topic. Online Passes are here to stay so either live with it, or give up your hobby. And that’s all gaming is, a hobby. No one is entitled to anything.

  • FINALLY Scott Pilgrim is on sale.

  • I’ve wanted Dead Space: Extraction for a while, and now’s the time to get it!

    Any news on the rumored PSN update?

  • @emiru69
    You’re not paying for a premium online service with PS+. You’re paying for discounts and freebies, a la Costco membership/Sam’s Club membership.

    You cancelled your preorder? Well, your loss. I hope you haven’t purchased any EA published game because if you did, you’re a colossal hypocrite.

  • I don’t see any sale prices on PSN or Amazon… what?
    As of 2:32 EST, price of Chime Super Deluxe is still $9.99 on Amazon:

  • “You still don’t get it do you? If I buy Resistance 3 new, they get $60 from me and they provide me with online gaming. If you buy my copy of Resistance 3, yes they got $60 out of that copy of the game already but instead of covering the cost of 1 person playing online (me), they’re cover 2 people, (me and you). ”

    Uh…how are they covering 2 people if you sold me your copy? I’m taking over your online play, that’s covering one person. Did you do bad in math?

  • I like how PS+ isn’t so much saving Plusers money as it is charging more to non-plusers. Sony’s big sales always used to be 50% off for all, now only 30% off to non plusers.

    All [DELETED] aside, nice sales. But isn’t Swarm normally $15, meaning half off would be 7.50 and 30% off is 10.50?

  • @ Ro

    Now that’s what I’m talking about Ro. You were right, I am very happy with what is coming out next week! This is a great selection of Summer games and it’s too bad I didn’t wait till now to get some of them because I already bought most of them, but hey whatever you win some you lose some.

    Out of all of those I have Shank & Pacman which are both AWESOME GAMES at Jaw Dropping discounts here. I know I will definintly be picking up Scott Pilgrim (Again Thanks Ro ;-) and Back to the Future. If I still have some money left I might even pick up the Tales from Space game. Will have to see how my Wallet holds up.

    Oh BTW Ro could you check out my comment on the latest PS+ release and pass it on to your higher ups. Hope it makes sense to them and they implement my suggestions.


  • I’m just saying that the pass shoul work in all profile in the PS3 of the firts user in use that pass…

  • @Firelogic
    what is what you don’t get??


    I will no doubt buy your 1st party games new this year but the idea of a 1st party publisher using an online pass is IMO ridiculous and I’ve stood by Sony’s decisions for quite some time now but this is foolish especially after the PSN fiasco that happened 3 months ago that tarnished Sony’s reputation the gaming space. People already have an iffy opinion of whether or not to play on PSN and from my gameplay experiences, 1st party PS3 games (Uncharted notwithstanding) have a very small online community. You are halving your online userbase by instituting these in your games, especially Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal, two games that are getting a lot of attention for their multiplayer. I want to be able to play with hundreds of thousands of people in Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal not ten thousand…these games have online campaign co-op, and regardless of whether they bought the games used I want to be able to play with them as well.

    You advertise with the words “free online gaming,” how is charging $9.99 (assuming) for a PSN Pass free??? You might as well remove that statement from each newly printed PS3 box because its officially not true anymore.

  • I like how PS+ isn’t so much saving Plusers money as it is charging more to non-plusers. Sony’s big sales always used to be 50% off for all, now only 30% off to non plusers.

    All complaining aside, nice sales, I’ll probably get a few. But isn’t Swarm normally $15, meaning half off would be 7.50 and 30% off is 10.50?

  • Nice that the Amazon storefront will be updated, too. I know I’m still leery about putting in my CC details yet, though I do still have $20 & change from a PSN card.


    I know I’m a cheapskate (which is made up for by how much I buy), but I couldn’t refuse the Knives Chau DLC at that kind of discount!

    Oh, and THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING A PSP SALE!! Hopefulyl Half-Minute Hero could be in it? Especially considering the XBLA version’s five bucks less than it ATM.

  • The sale doesn’t appear to be up on PSN or Amazon, yet… Chime is still $9.99…

  • I was waiting for Flower, but I guess I’ll settle with PixelJunk Shooter 2.

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