PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games

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PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games

Starting Tuesday, July 12th, 11 hot PS3 games will be available for a cool 30% discount in the PlayStation Store. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to download the games at a 50% discount. We’ve got a sizzling lineup of software, including Scott Pilgrim, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and all five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game, all deeply discounted, as part of the PSN Summer Sale.

Summer Sale 2011

For one week only, escape the heat and humidity with big discounts on titles that will entertain you all summer long. Check out the full list of PS3 games that are part of this year’s PSN Summer Sale:

  • Back to the Future: The Game – Full Series (Sale price $13.99; Plus price $9.79; Regular price $19.99)
  • Chime Super Deluxe (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Dead Space Extraction (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Hard Corps: Uprising (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Risk: Factions (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Shank (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Scott Pilgrim (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
  • Swarm (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99) (Sale price $10.49; Plus price
    $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
  • Tales from Space: About a Blob (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)

Don’t hesitate because this limited-time offer melts on July 19th, and the games will return to full price. Head on over to the PlayStation Store on Tuesday and take advantage of this season’s best deals!

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4 Author Replies

  • hmm not one I really want outside of what I own. good deals though.

  • Is this a make up for killing the PSP comics?

  • Great price on Back to the Future, Shank and Pac-Mac DX, Count me in on all those!

  • number1twinsfan

    i thought they would have some better ones

  • Very nice. I’ve been wanting to get Shank, Chime, and Pac-Man, so this might be the opportunity to do just that.

  • Thank you for putting the BTTF games on sale after I paid $20 for them. Much appreciated.

  • Just so you know, I will no longer be buying Resistance 3, or ANY game I’m moderately interested in that has the PSN Pass (except for Starhawk, which I have to buy as an obligation for putting 700 hours into Warhawk). You are alienating your multiplayer base, and killing your community. The PSN is essentially no longer “free”.

  • Two games I wanted in this at great prices. I’m happy!

    Here I come Hard Corps and Pac-Man!

  • PJ Shooter 2 AWW YEAH! Might pick up Scott Pilgrim as well; thanks for this!

  • Wow, I was about to buy Hard Corps Uprising yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t :) 50% off is a great deal!

  • any chance of a PSP PSN sale for summer?

  • @NiteVersions. The PSN was always meant to be a feature included with the purchase of the system and the games that utilize it. It is a service provided for folks who buy Sony products. Therefore nothing has changed.

  • Risk Factions, Dead Space and Pac-Man…you will soon be MINE!

  • Going to pick up Risk: Factions.

  • @NiteVersions
    PSN is still free. If you buy the game new, you get full online functionality. If you buy the game used, well it’s quite obvious that you should pay to buy the pass for online functionality.

    If you buy the game new, the developer/publisher gets money and they provide their gaming servers for online play at no extra cost to you.

    If you buy the game used, the developer/publisher gets NOTHING. So why would you expect them to provide you with online functionality, which costs money, when you didn’t give them anything?

  • LOVED THE SALE! I was waiting for a price drop on BTTF :D

  • Oh, and to those who don’t have Shank as of yet…I would SERIOUSLY consider trying it out. It’s pretty SWEET! I paid $5 for it with the EA Welcome Back sale. Definitely worth it!

  • AWESOME! Was planning to pick up Back to the Future soon anyway!

    …and anyone that doesn’t have PacMan should definitely get it! GREAT game.

  • You scared me for a second… If Riviera and Knights in the Nightmare had gone on sale, I would’ve flipped a table.

  • Steam Sales

  • i cant even unlock the full game of bomberman ultra, im not giving these a try either.

  • I’ll deff be getting back to the future and pacman

  • im not very happy with sony i just made a United states psn account and i live in the uk and you guys get much better stuff you have a better ps plus catalog you have much more free games and themes its unfair yet ps3 sells more in the europe.

  • >Summer Sale
    Oh, OH.
    D’oh! Almost mistook this for some other, far better, summer sale. My bads!

    Hey guys, does Sony have a PS3 web-store yet? Like say… one you can access from your PC and purchase stuff from? No? Shoot. I suppose its for the best. I shouldn’t be buying games now, I should be saving up $150 (AGAIN)… why you ask? No reason, no reason…

  • oh no……many…games… either Tales from Space or Super Chime Deluxe lol

  • @FireLogic (13) and @FunkyTable
    I agree with NiteVersions to some extent. You shouldn’t have to pay because you bought the game used. You do realize that Digital Games and this pass stuff is killing resale markets right? No more selling your old games to get new ones. I buy almost 100% new and even then, someone is getting the shaft by actually buying a game. Firelogic has it right though, why would a publisher support your online play if you didn’t pay them? Simple answer. because without players their online play sucks. I sell more games (marketing in my house from people seeing the game than most reps at Bestbuy do (but they are normally clueless anyway…least where I am)

    Here’s the question for you both though. Do you think it’s really going to increase new games sales? Or just have sales drop off? I won’t be buying R3 or any other game using a pass system and anyone that would have played my used copy isn’t likely to go buy a new one either. Seems to me that’s costing money and dropping players out of games. Bad move if you ask me.

  • “If you buy the game used, the developer/publisher gets NOTHING. So why would you expect them to provide you with online functionality, which costs money, when you didn’t give them anything?”

    But they already made the money from the previous person who bought it. I buy my games new, but this is my issue….I want to play with MORE people, and the used market is huge. Not only that, but my girlfriends account (this one, I’m mywhitenoise) would have to pay $10 to access online features unless she played under my account.

    On a final note, if online is moving toward an “optional” mode, then they shouldn’t be included towards earning platinum trophies.

  • Lets get some PS3 Legacy (God of War collection and other Bluray releases) up for sale.

  • SOLD!! I will buy Shooter 2, and Pac Man! :)

  • But man. Pac-Man. For $4.89. That’s tempting. I can spare that kind of change. Will Sony be updating their Amazon PSN store with these prices? Pretty please?

    • Confirmed Amazon sales for Chime Super Deluxe, Pac-man Championship Edition DX, Tales from Space: About a Blob & Swarm…

  • Scott Pilgrim and BTTF are mine for sure! A drink at a club costs more than each game for PS+ members so those are a lock for me. Thinking about Shank too.

  • Wow. These are great deals. Planning on purchasing at least 5 of these games :)

  • Sounds like some good deals. Looking forward to some Dead Space: Extraction. Have a question though unrelated to this. When the ‘Welcome Back” program came into effect I acquired PS Plus for 1 month free. The 1 month is over now but I still have the Plus symbol beside my name in my friends list, same with all my friends that no longer have the service. When can I get rid of it? Will it leave on it’s own. It’s aesthetically ugly and I don’t want my participation with Plus to be advertised any longer. Please remove it for me and my friends, thanks!

  • Ok there has to be a problem ive tried downloading bomberman ultra an medevil over an over again but it keeps giving me a blue bag an not a red bag whats going on?
    am i not a subscription anymore? i still see the plus on my avitar so im still sub to PS+ but im not getting the games.

  • That’s awesome and all, but I don’t have any money :(

  • Juststeveplease


  • I’ll get Tales from Space: About a Blob for $7.34, and Risk: Factions for $4.89, I have all the other games I wanted that are on sale already.

    How about more DLC sales? There is some DLC for older games (Mirror’s Edge – $10 Time Trials) that is still the same price as launch, but the game itself is <$20 new.

    And I want the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC back. :(

  • Yea!!! I only have like $7 in wallet but now Pacman is less than $5 kickass dude! If only Joe Danger got a price drop, $15 is a little too much for me. If it was $7-9 I would be running to get another PSN card.

  • This is really really good! Keep them coming.

  • anyone else getting “playstation network is undergoing matinence”? i am…..cant sign in

  • scratch that^^ its workin….

  • more maintenance?

  • Yes, not bad, but the summer sale on STEAM is still much much better

  • Just when I was thinking about buying PJ Shooter 2. And you’re also throwing in Pac-Man DX there! Oh Sony, I love you so much. Thank you!

  • As long as Resistance and other PS Pass games have dedicated servers plus free and/or paid DLC POST launch not AT launch, I really don’t care about the pass.

  • Tales from Space and Dead Space Extraction for me :)

  • I’ll take Chime and PJShooter 2. Chime was one of those where I enjoyed the demo but not enough to pay full price, but at under $5, it’s a deal!

  • Awesome! Thanks for the deals as a plus member!

  • ihatereading369

    Was hoping to finally see a sale for Auditorium… Oh well might finally pick up Pac-Man.

  • @22
    Just save up an extra hundred and get a slim in August. If you’re trying to keep a BC model alive just let it go. PS4 is 2 years away and by time you get through all those PS3 games you’ll be ready for BC during the Game Drought of 2013 on PS4 as you conclude Sony’s swan song for the PS3 before it enters the latter half of its 10 year life cycle.

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