Sodium 2 Double XP Weekend + Aurora v1.1 & Home Weekly Update

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Sodium 2 Double XP Weekend + Aurora v1.1 & Home Weekly Update

The impending holiday weekend is the perfect time to log into PlayStation Home and play Sodium 2 – the adrenaline-soaked futuristic racer that is taking the world of PlayStation Home by storm. From July 1st through the 4th, our friends over at Lockwood Publishing are offering double XP to all players. Additionally, PSU and Lockwood have teamed up for a special contest where players can enter to win a Sodium 2 gift pack, including naming rights for a special S2 livery skin. More details can be found HERE.

Sodium 2: Double XP weekend in Home

This Thursday, June 30th, the PlayStation Home Mall receives yet another enormous update. This week you can choose from a wide array of content – from Sodium 2: Project Velocity furniture to our new line of animated weapons. Check out this video for a quick look at some of this week’s featured content.

In other news, Lockwood expands their Cucumber line this week with their new “Dolly’s Diner” furniture items. The items are true must-haves for all you retro-minded players out there – check ‘em out!

Those of you who visit the Central Plaza over the holiday weekend will receive limited-edition Canada Day and Independence Day rewards. Protip: Avoid gas stations when rocking this explosive headwear….

Fourth of July in PlayStation HomeCanada Day in PlayStation Home

Also, don’t forget to play the AXE Excite game, now available in Central Plaza. Beat the game to receive a free surprise courtesy of AXE Excite (so good even angels will fall)!

Axe Excite in PlayStation Home

Aurora fans rejoice! nDreams’ mysterious game space is receiving its first major update this week. The following is included in Aurora v1.1:

  • The nDreams Collect-O-Rama loyalty cone. Complete all 12 tasks and win a mega pack containing 7 unique items including two bodyguard companions and the enormous Flying Donut of Death!
  • More rewards for OrbRunner.
  • The Auroralite Hoodie – the ultimate accessory for experienced OrbRunner players to help you level up!
  • Fixes that make your Aurora experience much more stable and smooth.
  • Daily XP bonuses – extra XP for visiting multiple days in a row!
  • A teaser for a new game in Aurora 1.2 and other nDreams content (see if you can find it).

Last but certainly not least, The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another massive update this week. Join us this Thursday, June 30th as the one and only HipHopGamer takes a look at Activision’s upcoming action game, Prototype 2. Next up, PSXExtreme returns with their second episode, focusing on one of the year’s most highly-anticipated games – UNCHARTED 3! Finally, HomeCast Rewind returns with another video focused on current events in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home.

See you in Home!

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  • hmmm….since I downloaded this new update today I can’t seem to load Home.:\ Nice! Love it when you update the site and we can’t even log in! And the errors oh my gosh please keep them coming!>:(

  • I purchased a [VEEMEE – Kitchen Sink $1.49], but am found nowhere. :-(

  • These items seem cool and I like the retro diner a lot. I’m having a hard time buying anything else in home. here are some issues I have.

    1.) not enough connectivity with the overall PS3 experience( the Killzone3 preorder was a step in the right direction) some games give thing in home with trophies more of those would be nice and in game items for in Home games. And that trophy room would be a good start.
    2.) A better inventory solution. The storage is a nice idea but maybe we could get descriptions of merchandise or separate rewards from purchases.
    3.) A buy back or credit program for things you may want to sell back in home. I for one was Kind of disappointed in a few spaces I bought that I wish I could sell back or get credit toward a new space instead. (the Mansion for just an example was sold as a connected space but really was 5 different spaces.)
    4.) something at all for Clubhouses its been years ……
    5.) some type of personal media playback in personal spaces music movies netflix even an internet radio option.
    6.) some type of in home issue and status space for error status and problems.

  • what does the updated software do? 1.52. Also when will we be able to fit more in our personal spaces 2 active items is sort of ridiculous now and 50 total has too low for even longer. I know this isn’t the most optimal place to voice the issue but you are trying to sell items to us. If I can’t put but 2 active items per space for the foreseeable future there is little reason to buy any more of those.

  • I agree, I only buy new items or active items when they will replace currently in-use items. I’m also more careful due to the complete lack of consideration for broken space “Waterfall terrace”.

    Go read the forum on that. Been broke for some since 2009. Just use the link provided by Glasswalls to confirm my statement.

  • @glasswalls , can you explain to me why Sony charges real money for play station home virtual items please reply

  • i wish i could attend this event with all you guys but my ps3 still has the YLOD but im still a loyal pa3 fan I will be sending it in :) i cant believe it YLOD’D 5 minutes after the network came back

  • @ dwilliams11346 what do you mean real money? the last time i logged on home everything was bought with psn cash or credit card if its using real money you probably have a credit card active on your account

  • Hey I just saw the Winter Vacation Villa on YouTube and it looks awesome. Is it going to be for US Home as well?? Please say yes….. Lol

  • Mace! Mace! In the FACE!! Other than that, I got nothing. :D

  • I wish those Damn AXE angels gave you things for the girls avi’s to wear!!!

  • okay in the Virtual item’s showcase the female avi that is holding the Animated Ice Mace/Flail. She is wearing a top that I’ve never seen before is this a peak into future content or a item that’s old news???

  • an issue i wanted to discuss is the qriocity music unlimited service.why is canada the only country that doesnt get it?i checked on my psp and there wasnt a canada flag in the i find this very sad.there are A LOT of ps3 users in canada,i can guarantee you that please fix this issue,i was even considering paying for the service.

  • How about putting some Trophies in HOME?? I think that would make more visited :D Instead of having trophies like (gold, silver, bronze) you can have gem trophies like ruby, emerald, diamond XD.


  • y don’t they have any fallout 3 or fallout new vagas costumes to people that have played the game that would have been cool

  • double double super size and don’t forget the fries :P . im just bord cuz no one replyed 2 my comment yet :( . plus y don’t u get free things from playing the games u own it would b cool :3 .

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