Sodium 2 Double XP Weekend + Aurora v1.1 & Home Weekly Update

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Sodium 2 Double XP Weekend + Aurora v1.1 & Home Weekly Update

The impending holiday weekend is the perfect time to log into PlayStation Home and play Sodium 2 – the adrenaline-soaked futuristic racer that is taking the world of PlayStation Home by storm. From July 1st through the 4th, our friends over at Lockwood Publishing are offering double XP to all players. Additionally, PSU and Lockwood have teamed up for a special contest where players can enter to win a Sodium 2 gift pack, including naming rights for a special S2 livery skin. More details can be found HERE.

Sodium 2: Double XP weekend in Home

This Thursday, June 30th, the PlayStation Home Mall receives yet another enormous update. This week you can choose from a wide array of content – from Sodium 2: Project Velocity furniture to our new line of animated weapons. Check out this video for a quick look at some of this week’s featured content.

In other news, Lockwood expands their Cucumber line this week with their new “Dolly’s Diner” furniture items. The items are true must-haves for all you retro-minded players out there – check ‘em out!

Those of you who visit the Central Plaza over the holiday weekend will receive limited-edition Canada Day and Independence Day rewards. Protip: Avoid gas stations when rocking this explosive headwear….

Fourth of July in PlayStation HomeCanada Day in PlayStation Home

Also, don’t forget to play the AXE Excite game, now available in Central Plaza. Beat the game to receive a free surprise courtesy of AXE Excite (so good even angels will fall)!

Axe Excite in PlayStation Home

Aurora fans rejoice! nDreams’ mysterious game space is receiving its first major update this week. The following is included in Aurora v1.1:

  • The nDreams Collect-O-Rama loyalty cone. Complete all 12 tasks and win a mega pack containing 7 unique items including two bodyguard companions and the enormous Flying Donut of Death!
  • More rewards for OrbRunner.
  • The Auroralite Hoodie – the ultimate accessory for experienced OrbRunner players to help you level up!
  • Fixes that make your Aurora experience much more stable and smooth.
  • Daily XP bonuses – extra XP for visiting multiple days in a row!
  • A teaser for a new game in Aurora 1.2 and other nDreams content (see if you can find it).

Last but certainly not least, The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another massive update this week. Join us this Thursday, June 30th as the one and only HipHopGamer takes a look at Activision’s upcoming action game, Prototype 2. Next up, PSXExtreme returns with their second episode, focusing on one of the year’s most highly-anticipated games – UNCHARTED 3! Finally, HomeCast Rewind returns with another video focused on current events in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home.

See you in Home!

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  • this is SonyQuestions from twitter

  • Hmmm. Not bad I suppose, but it has been a long time since PlayStation Home, really grabed my attention or showed “promise”. However, that is my opinion, and I know very well, that many people still enjoy, and love Home to this day. Here is hoping to more nice items down the road I suppose?

    • If there is one thing that always trends up in Home over time, it’s the quality of games, virtual items, and clothing. I fully expect more high-quality polish in the content to come.

  • Aurora update sounds nice. Any update on when the casino will be released? Also, those advertisements for your “virtual item showcase” just seem super cheesy, I don’t know who that is marketed towards, maybe 13 year olds. The announcers voice + the flashing light just turn me off those items more then anything. Not trying to be negative, but might want to look into some other advertising methods.

    • We hope to release the casino in the immediate future, but do not have a concrete date to share just yet. Sit tight, we know you’re all very excited to finally discover and enjoy Ooblag’s Alien Casino (and take home a game of your own).

      As for the Virtual Item Showcase, it’s something we questioned ourselves, so we opened a dialogue in our forums about it. Overwhelmingly, they were very well-received and fun (and people asked for more of them). I guess it’s not for everyone, but it does show off some of the new content in a very fast, fresh, quick way. If pictures speak louder than words, then video speaks even louder. Still, thank you for your comment. We listen to it all and consider everything.

  • Sodium 2 double XP? I’ll be playing Sodium 2 again then. :)

    Will the Central Plaza be decorated for July 4th like last year?

    • No decorations this year—there is currently too much already going on in Central Plaza, but we couldn’t let this amazing holiday slip past without some fun party favors. Enjoy!

  • and here…we…GO!!!

  • i love how aurora is getting updated, and yet the game that the whole space depends upon isn’t getting anything XD

    its been promised for awhile now, and i’m sick of waiting

  • where’s the brimstone dancers?

  • Looks like a fantastic update! Where are the Brimstone Dancers? I was looking forward to those :(

    • Some final bugs are being worked out, but we’ll release them as soon as they are good to go. They’ll be here before you know it.

  • I will keep posting this comment every week until the issues are addressed. What about fixing the Waterfall Terrace space, the Infamous space leaderboard, returning missing items like the Criss Angel Coffin Couch and Minis Lamp.

  • looks like a kool update, double XP in Sodium 2 sounds excellent. Lockwoods Cucumber Dolly’s Diner furniture looks really nice in the video how they got it set up. The animated weapons look pretty kool but the video got a bit annoying repeating itself >_> & can’t wait for Aurora 1.1 =) WIN!

  • @ItoKimmons, post it in the Playstation Home Community Forums…

    consistently spamming it on a blog post isn’t going to get you anywhere.

  • Great Update!!! Hey, conscerning the world of nDreams, do both the Xi Space and the aurora space have a connection to each other? And should we take seriously the rip in the Xi museum for future things to happen in the Xi world?

    • The Xi world and experience as a full augmented reality game is over, but the museum allows those who love it to visit some of the games inside to relive fond memories. As far as I know, the Xi Museum and Aurora worlds are not tied except that you may find the manhole entrance to the Xi Museum in the Aurora space. Then again, nDreams never lacks for some tricks up its sleeve, so maybe there is a greater tie between the two worlds than we know.

  • @BJtheLegend others have tried that and they still haven’t addressed those issues.

  • Watch the Virtual Item Showcase, at one item you see an old space that’s not on home anymore (Uncharted Nepalese Village), Does this mean it comes back on home soon?

  • content update looks solid this week.just wondering when my eyeballs are gonna fall out for something so neat in home. kudos as allways staff<3

  • Well the 4th is around the corner and too bad AXE deodorant comes before the 4th of July festivities but whatever. Great update, more stuff to buy however, i want to ask WHY when you guys make a personal space with a beach in it , YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GO IN THE WATER, i mean c`mon can you guys go the extra step and make us be able to get into the water, at least KNEE HIGH ? GEEEZ !!



    • Actually, there are a few sets of wings that are not Hand items so you should be able to mix several up for a cool, archangel or devilish look.

      Yes, constructive comments are always welcome, as it says. Jerks get no love, it’s true, so it never hurts to make sure you aren’t being one.

  • I hope Sony knows that Sodium One, Sodium 2, and Bowling are like the only reasons why most core gamers play PlayStation Home…. Not to be mean or anything… but PS Home should just allow the Sodium franchise to be a PSN Downloadable game with Trophies…

  • just a few things.1st. a few weeks ago we had an update that said psn home wardrobe navigation would be faster,its not .few weeks ago it was said we be getting phase 2 of welcome back rewardsapparently its not.FIX THE WARDROBE LAG ITS GETTING WORST EVERY WEEK ,IT TAKES LIKE 3 MINUTES JUST T CHANGE GLASSESTHAN ANPTHER MINUTE TO BE ABLE TO TEXT AT THAT POINT THE PERSON U TALKN TO IS GONE.why has it gotten worst not better

  • Here’s hoping the Aurora update happens this time (it was announced for last week, as well). I really enjoy that space and look forward to anything fresh from it.

    • I can gladly confirm that Aurora will be getting its update tomorrow, as well as bring a couple new items and expanding the Orb Runner game itself.

  • ASnd i hpe the bodygaurd reward we get to earn tomorrw arent some little dinky things,such a ripoff,even thought its free why couldnt we have gotten the life size angels.I dont want no mini pets give me something lifesize a companion that looks like a real animal r person all the companions so far are 4 children,anything better in the future

  • Locust_Star & Glasswalls,

    Honestly, both of you should be very embarrased with home being in such a dismal state. Massive numbers of bugs each week, many going on month after month with no fixes in site. many of my friends still cant get on cause of the content download errors when they log into home. I and many others get disconnected every few minutes because of the massive errors. When we call in and get your call center all we get is excuses and the endless run around. Perhaps here in north america we should have done what the japanese goverment did, that is not allow snea to sell more product online until the existing product works as advertised. You guys have no excuse for this sad state of affairs nor do you have excuses for why home is still in beta years later, any project still in beta after 6 months is a failure. And yes erickafollie is far from the only person who’s noticed you two continually ignore bug reports & legit complaints but heap lavish praise on your “fanboys”. Sad guys, its just nothing but sad. I sure wish I could have a job like that, with no standards to be met and no repurcussions for failure. It must be nice.

  • Locust_Star & glasswalls, do you two really read the comments here from actual users? obviously not. You get tons of reports of near constant disconnects, missing items, content download errors preventing people from connecting on a daily basis yet nothing is done to fix these problems. But yet you continue to ignore these reports or worse yet censor & delete them. But you continue to do so at your peril, since aggrivating paying customers won’t inspire the to continue being repeat customers but instead start spending with your competitors.

    • Actually, yes we monitor everything. Home 1.51 has addressed the bug where Rewards were disappearing for a small number of our users. More issues are currently being tracked, including connection issues that arise from time to time. We do not censor or delete reports—only Moderation tackles troll as they should in the forums.

  • The update looks good. The diner set looks sweet. Maybe something to dress up a clubhouse? The condiments will come in handy for my kitchen (Mansion First Floor).

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the diner furniture, Lockwood! I know of at least one person who will be turning her Harbour Studio into a Johnny Rockets.

  • @GlassWalls Can You Add Me On Ps3?

  • 1st of all… I love seeing the PS Blog post on new PS Home updates! KUDOS to the HOME team! Woot!! 2nd… You gotta love us users huh? LMAO! Great job n lets keep it up! Woot! Woot! :P Oh! and A big shout out to Hamsters Freedom, and the Louisiana Hurricanes for always blowing HOME out of its proportions! Gotta Love’em!! and a WOOT! To HomeCast Rewind! :P C-Y’all @ Home!

  • So are we going to see the Alien Casino this week????


    I bought the Mansion 1st floor, 2nd floor, and the Pool, and in each of these areas, when you walk around, you “FIND” A HIDDEN KEY……AND after you “FIND ONE” a little message appears saying FIND THE OTHERS(or something)……So, in each of the 3 mansion spaces, were 3 of these HIDDEN KEYS..

    THEN you came out with the WB package, which gave us the Mansion Garage for FREE.

    Now, I walked all over that garage, and walked on every single piece of the driveway, the borders, everything, and THERE IS NO “HIDDEN KEY” ANYWHERE in the Mansion Garage…so

    So my question is, WHERE IS THAT HIDDEN KEY?

    DID they REMOVE the “HIDDEN KEY”, because you gave the Mansion Garage away???

    What’s the deal because when you FIND all the keys, your supposed to get a big prize or something

    • Maybe the keys unlock certain things in the Garage? Talk to folks in Home and they’ll probably let you in on the secret.


  • @Haskell420, there are only 3 keys TOTAL. One in each of the spaces released before the garage (1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Infinity Pool). The “big prize” are the gold cars in the Garage.

  • Flaming Maceeeeeeee, Ice Maceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Flaming Axeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOL!

  • Flaming Waterfall Terraaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

    Forums Schmorums.

    Losing interest, customer confidence fast.

  • I will try to be their for once and thinks again for letting me send feed back on form’s :) my alias on other seem to be lost during the outage :( oh well thinks i can finally post feed back on bugs and errors :) Also seem that only big problem in Sony Homes is how to report someone know for lag abuse the server engine ?

  • Cool weapons. Did anyone else think of Castle Crashers when they saw these? I want to be the announcer for the videos.

    Tell me you’re working on an update to allow us to use Home avatars as XMB avatars, and trophy updates for all these great games.

  • No fireworks in Central Plaza? awwww maaan :( What can I do to celebrate Canada Day at PS Home?(this ain’t a celebration without fireworks) But I can’t wait for the updates for Sodium2 and Aurora, I’ve been waiting for Aurora update for a while and when is the Aurora defender game be released? ^_^

  • So no night time sky like last year? Will the plaza be decorated with Canadian and American flags?

  • Which space is the poison sword featured in? It looks amazing!

  • Been a while since I’ve visited Playstation Home, but after looking at these updates, I’ll have to go back and find out how amazing its turned out.

  • @WtrHnd, that is the Chamber Apartment. was only available for one week back in May of 2009.

  • No IREM? No care! Still can’t believe the Spelunker Cave still has not updated! Plus the IREM pimp suits that are like 2 years old now still has not arrived.

  • This update looks very promising. I’m really glad Aurora is getting the update it needs finally, and XP bonuses get me very excited. Thank you for the update. Those weapons looks cool too, but will there ever be plans to have those kind of items do more then just…look cool? It’s sad to have a weapon and not be able to use it.

  • GlassWalls, why did you gave me an answer i didn’t want to hear lol. We miss the Nepalese village on Home! And now Sony teasses us with that Item Showcase? :P

  • I wish you guys would open up the harbor studio surrounding buildings and docks. I have always wanted to walk around out there, it seems more interesting that the Central Plaza

  • Hi guys I was just wondering what the 1.52 update for home is all about

  • Why isn’t there anything on playstation home yet that involves the playstation move controllers? I wanna be able to actually move my avatars arms with the move controllers i think that would be amazing! It would make me use them more for sure lol.

  • you must spend lots of money just to get a free stuff in aurora 1.1, that sucks, is about buying thing more expensive than those rewards..

  • should i spend like $25 to get some rewards? so obviously they are not free.

  • great update thx…. are there to many legal problems to get netflix in home? or to watch dvds? if not with friends at least for personal use or …….. have an active item where friends can join but have to have subscription and login to view>>> is there ever any possiblity

  • Glasswalls, I find your excuses half hearted at best. when are you planning on fixing the great many bug and other known issues on home? some of these have been going on for over a year with no end in sight most notably the constant and heavy lag, playground being one of the most notable since its opening. Or for that matter the lack of any consistant rules enforcement on home. When I first started on home mods were quick to curb the worst offenses before they got out of hand. Now the trolls know there’s no real enforcement and the trolls know it. I see open harrasment including the sexual kind every time I’m on home including against minors yet the same offenders are back day after day with no repurcussions. As for the censorship issue all I can say is nice try but NO, it isn’t true at all. many times on both forums & blog I’ve seen posts concerning something gone wring simply dissapear without answer. And you cant blame that all on trolls.

  • My real point is this: Home has has problems, some serious and they need real fixes and soon. Its been too long already. I’d be willing to take less of the paid content for a few weeks for the home dev team to get the problems fixed sooner. To be honest most of the home content is half baked and overpriced for what it is anyways. I’d prefer to see it running well and trouble free first.

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