Sniper: Ghost Warrior is Enhanced and Fully Loaded for PS3

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior is Enhanced and Fully Loaded for PS3

At the very beginning of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior project, we were aiming to have the game available on all platforms from day one. In the end, we had to make the tough decision to delay the PS3 version for several months so that we could fully maximize the experience for its audience. But with that delay, we knew that when we did ship the PS3 version (in stores today!) we could make sure that it was superior to the version available on other platforms.

One of the first things we did in the interim period was to really look at every element of the game to assess what we could do to make those improvements. Bug fixing was the first and most obvious step, but we desperately wanted to use the extra development time to give PS3 owners more content and therefore a better sniping experience. We added two bolt-action sniper rifles that we discovered had a profound impact on gameplay; if you can’t kill enemies quickly then you have to choose your target more wisely. But this fundamental addition in gameplay then created new the necessity of new missions designed to really get the most of the new weapons; new missions require story changes, new cut scenes and new environments.

We dug into this with much excitement. Ultimately we ended up adding a bunch more exclusive content than we intended, which created a lot of work but also gave us the perfect opportunity to implement many good ideas that hadn’t made the cut for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on the other platforms. That’s the story behind how we added the awesome sniper duel and the Challenge mission for the PS3 version.

The creation of this additional Challenge mission was especially tricky. We wanted the mission to be tough, but we had to look for ways to do this without frustrating the player. We couldn’t simply ramp up the AI and make enemies more deadly, so we decided to force the player to be much more careful. First, we designed the level with a lack of obvious cover for the player. This way we forced the player to really hunt around for sniping positions and plan their approach. Then we created enemy patrol routes in such a way that the player doesn’t have time to switch cover. The last step was to remove most of the HUD elements to increase realism – real snipers know how many shots they’ve fired and how many are left in the clip and it is a sensory experience so they must rely on their awareness and instinct more than ever.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PS3Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PS3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior carves out a new path in the first-person shooter genre with its mix of strategy, stealth and tactical gameplay. This is not the typical “run and gun” approach that most FPS games take. We have expanded the class of the Sniper into a full-fledged shooter and our route requires much more patience and strategy to be successful. We want players to experience and utilize all of the elements that make the perfect headshot. We challenge the single player in creative ways with our campaign mode, we pit Sniper against Sniper in our multiplayer matches (some of which are available exclusively to PS3!) and we strive to bring a new energy to the FPS with the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PS3

Creating the PS3 version was hard work but we hope players will get a real kick out of the fact we have devoted so much effort into crafting something unique for the platform. For us it was an opportunity to improve what we felt was a strong game and evolve it into a stronger one.

Look for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on PS3 in stores today. If you pick it up, let us know what you think!

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  • Cant wait!!!!!!

  • Any chances we’ll be getting this game on the PSN? I think at the least, Sony, your Plus subscribers should have these cheaper than AAA titles (it’s only like 40 bucks on Amazon) available to them.

    Good job getting Infamous 2 on the store quicker than most games–it’s a start–but the convenience of downloading full-length titles on the PSN is few and far between.

  • Interesting that nobody at Sony or City Ent. cares that this game is released…but not really. Makes me wary of fulfilling my pre-order.

  • Delayed till July 5th according to Gamestop…what gives? Isn’t it already out for ps3 in Europe?

  • weres my game it wednesday june 29th it should have been shipped the day before the 28th wtf is wrong with your company / when i pre-ordered my sgw limited edition from gamestop in april i thought my game was camming that month but no delays jerking off your customers will make gamers mad & make sure they will never buy games from your company in the future…!

  • I’ll wait for a few reviews, but I hope it’s decent. Black ops just took a dump on me and all of my friends by sticking HC CTF in the mosh pit with HQ and Domination so treyarch has a week to return the HC CTF option or this crap is traded in…

  • I just cancelled my order from Gamestop. After reading ign’s review (4.5 out of 10 overall) and all of the negative feedback on twitter. Screen tearing and slow frame rates etc. Apparently there wasn’t enough that was fixed to warrant my purchase which is too bad as I was looking forward to this release.

  • @papaabu1 how can you already assumme this game is better than mw2 if it just came out on ps3?wait a second,let me laugh…that is all,goodbye.

  • @glody dont bet on ign’s reviews,they give a lot of a bad ratings for a lot of games.if you REALLY wanna know if you’ll enjoy the game,try it out for yourself.because no matter how bad the reviews are or how much bad stuff you hear from people about it,doesnt mean you will hate the games.sometimes yes,but sometimes.try it out.myself,im waiting for a demo of some sort.

  • on 58,i meant “assume” not “assumme” lol my bad.

  • I cant play online on every game i enter get kick message lost connection to host loool and sniper ghost warrior web site dont have support a mean a real support this is( i take your money idiot ) two days trying to play online omfg support really sucks

  • omfg dont buy this game NO SUPPORT ,NO ONLINE I just can play the single player cause i cant every time i get No game session found at this time please try again later or host your game loooool i try for to days i nothing

  • why does my one shoot one kill code not work for my limited edition version?

  • the-napalm-bomb

    i either can’t get online or i get on then get kicked off a couple minutes later. Game get’s stuck or reboots when trying to reconnect to the network. No online support what so ever. What a waste of money. Someone needs to fix this online issue. Major server issues. Sony can you get an update on what is going on and if the issues are going to get resolved? All my other games work fine online.

  • im glad that the ps3 version is beefed up cause the 360 version was crap.

  • btw its Nowhere close to mw2. dont bother.i like the in game headshot bullet cam but thats all i feel it has going for it

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