Sniper: Ghost Warrior is Enhanced and Fully Loaded for PS3

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior is Enhanced and Fully Loaded for PS3

At the very beginning of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior project, we were aiming to have the game available on all platforms from day one. In the end, we had to make the tough decision to delay the PS3 version for several months so that we could fully maximize the experience for its audience. But with that delay, we knew that when we did ship the PS3 version (in stores today!) we could make sure that it was superior to the version available on other platforms.

One of the first things we did in the interim period was to really look at every element of the game to assess what we could do to make those improvements. Bug fixing was the first and most obvious step, but we desperately wanted to use the extra development time to give PS3 owners more content and therefore a better sniping experience. We added two bolt-action sniper rifles that we discovered had a profound impact on gameplay; if you can’t kill enemies quickly then you have to choose your target more wisely. But this fundamental addition in gameplay then created new the necessity of new missions designed to really get the most of the new weapons; new missions require story changes, new cut scenes and new environments.

We dug into this with much excitement. Ultimately we ended up adding a bunch more exclusive content than we intended, which created a lot of work but also gave us the perfect opportunity to implement many good ideas that hadn’t made the cut for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on the other platforms. That’s the story behind how we added the awesome sniper duel and the Challenge mission for the PS3 version.

The creation of this additional Challenge mission was especially tricky. We wanted the mission to be tough, but we had to look for ways to do this without frustrating the player. We couldn’t simply ramp up the AI and make enemies more deadly, so we decided to force the player to be much more careful. First, we designed the level with a lack of obvious cover for the player. This way we forced the player to really hunt around for sniping positions and plan their approach. Then we created enemy patrol routes in such a way that the player doesn’t have time to switch cover. The last step was to remove most of the HUD elements to increase realism – real snipers know how many shots they’ve fired and how many are left in the clip and it is a sensory experience so they must rely on their awareness and instinct more than ever.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PS3Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PS3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior carves out a new path in the first-person shooter genre with its mix of strategy, stealth and tactical gameplay. This is not the typical “run and gun” approach that most FPS games take. We have expanded the class of the Sniper into a full-fledged shooter and our route requires much more patience and strategy to be successful. We want players to experience and utilize all of the elements that make the perfect headshot. We challenge the single player in creative ways with our campaign mode, we pit Sniper against Sniper in our multiplayer matches (some of which are available exclusively to PS3!) and we strive to bring a new energy to the FPS with the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior for PS3

Creating the PS3 version was hard work but we hope players will get a real kick out of the fact we have devoted so much effort into crafting something unique for the platform. For us it was an opportunity to improve what we felt was a strong game and evolve it into a stronger one.

Look for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on PS3 in stores today. If you pick it up, let us know what you think!

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  • Sure hope this is better than but retains the good elements of a game like Silent Scope.

  • looks groovy might have to give it a go

  • Buying Day One about time

  • @ Lukasz Janczuk

    I just went to pick this up at Gamestop in Tulsa, OK and was told the Gamestop exclusive version is out on the 30th and regular edition won’t be out UNTIL JULY 7th!!! What is going on? This is fairly unacceptable considering this post. We’ve already dealt with one delay and now this. I want my pre-ordered game, Lukasz.

  • about time i will be buying this game eventually.

  • Always wanted Call Of Duty to have more sniper stealth missions in single player campaign.Think I’ll get this game. :)

  • Had it for pc, waiting on sniper elite 2

  • They should have put co-op in the PS3 version.

  • Looks good..

  • Camper : Ghost Warrior… multi-player is gonna be a B……but I do like surprising someone with a head shot

  • Can’t wait. Picking this game up today.

  • iam emo my mom died and my dad aboused me so bad then i went to go stay with my grandparents

  • Been looking for a game like this since ‘Sniper Elite’, which was a great game but both the PS2 & GreenBox were not powerful enuff to do it justice.

  • finaly a game witin my playing style.

  • Ummm, yeah. You would think they would know when the game actually comes out. It doesn’t actually come out until July 5th. Unless I have been in a coma and forgot to change my calendar, today is not July 5th.

  • I heard this game sucks but damnit you guys made it sound good with the blog post. I’m torn

  • I wonder if the will have a bullet drop like Bad company 2. That would be a major point for the game since it revolves around snipers and long range combat.

  • @ 9

    -_- seriously….try to run and gun with your sniper in this game and you’ll die quickly and with no kills (or just one).sniper play differently from guys who use fully automatic guns. you have to take your time and find a target that won’t give your position away (and there’s gravity and wind in this game,so you have to take your time to be sure to not miss your target)

  • @ Sarge435 I heard that there is bullet drop and you also have to account for wind.

    @ TorgoTime I also heard this game sucks (on the Xbox 360) but that they made the necessary adjustments to not make it suck on the PS3 (whenever they decide to ship and release the game).

  • A game only about sniping? Yeah I think I’ll pass…

  • Do you mean that the full game is available in the store to be downloaded?!

    and if so , how much does it cost? :)

  • @ Marc Madness- Did you try to pick it up also? I got the same thing from the Gamestop manager. On their website the Gamestop Excluysive edition is apparently out today but the “regular” version is July 5. Somebody here didn’t do their homework b/c this has got to be an embarrassment for Sony or City Interactive. I just want to play because it looks like a head shot hoot.

    Just put it on the Playstation Store so we can buy it today.

  • omani-00, it’s 39.99

  • Had this on 360 and trade it within a week. Will wait for this to hit $29.99 in 2 months.

  • i always think its funny when someone calls a sniper a camper, as if they are suppose to run around and quick scope, like thats realistic. you never ever see a good sniper until its too late and hes never in the same place twice.
    plus if you cant kill a camper then there is something wrong with you. you know where they are or at least the general area, and you have flash and stun grenades that you can use to clear rooms. i hear alot of run and gunners complain of campers and how they keep dying over and over again. well stop running straight back to where you died last and not even letting off one shot before you get popped again. if your strategy is to run in a straight line and the enemies strategy is to wait for you to run into that line then who has a winning strategy. its not like they can cover every spot and even if they can you got a regular “cooked” grenade to blow that camping fool up.

  • @11, are you saying that you’re a Sniper now?

  • I agree with 24

  • @ marlyt@ Thank you …

  • @ 25 LMAO—Belltower time!!! Careful dude, you might make “The List”.

  • I hope this game is good and will last til battlefield 3 comes out..

  • That seems really good and I hope it *is* really good. :-) Hey, Sony, any chance to get a demo of this one? Pleeeeease? :-)

  • my favorite sniper move of all time is the window peeking belly crawl snipe your head off while your aiming an inch to my left or right thinking its gonna be easy to kill me one shot one kill once your dead you know you got owned move…

    pretty much youre sniping from the left side of a window and once you kill someone and another sniper sees you move back from the window to reload what you need to do is get down on your belly and crawl on the floor to the right side or opposite side of the window. most likely the sniper that seen you move back will have his crosshairs aimed directly at the left side of the window waiting for you to pop out again. take a deep breath, visualize what window you remember him in and think one shot one kill, then pop out the opposite side of the window and blow his head off. works every time…

  • I’ve been interested in this game since the PC/360 release, but of course those two didn’t release to much ciritical acclaim. However the game looks like a ton of fun and I’m sure the improvements will more than justify a purchase.

    Now I just need some money…

  • Hmmm… Game looks badass!! Sniper duty is no joke… Not an easy task, at all… Most def checking this one out!!

  • Is this game 30fps or 60fps? Just curious.

  • Looks like fun for about ten minutes. I dont like camping and or campers. But I do have a blast hunting sniper/campers down and stabbing them in the back to ruin there precious KDR.

  • The original game on the 360 and PC sucked, I doubt this will be any beter.

  • Got this game a few weeks ago (released in UK), not bad, but not a patch on other shooters, and I like stealthy games, so that’s not the reason. Is just an average game.

  • Siiick I forgot this was coming out lol. I hope it’s as good as I want it to be; I’ve always wanted to have a sole sniping game.

  • This game was horrible on the 360 and I see nothing to change that. Was a waste of my money the first time around

  • I like the way you guys think. imo, making the decision to delay the game to put in that extra bit of time to get the PS3 version right is commendable. It’s better then just throwing an unpolished game out there to PS3 owners and hope they catch it. I wish more devs were like you guys.

  • @ marlyt

    yes, I went to Gamestop today to pick it up and they said both editions would be avaliable next week. However, just a couple of minutes ago I got a text message from Gamestop saying to come in tomorrow (Wednesday) night to pick up the Sniper: Ghost Warrior special edition. Looks like I’ll be going back tomorrow night.

  • to people saying the pc and 360 version sucked.if you read the article,you’d know the ps3 version is NOT the same.they added new stuff and it might be a great game.i might rent it or get the demo to try it out.even tho im not a sniper myself,it might get me into sniping.

  • I like to try this game for myself. I hope this is true on what they say about the bugs and problems are fix. If this one is superior over the 360/PC version, then the PS3 version is worth it.

  • This game could really benefit from having a DEMO available on PSN. Making the full game available on PSN would be even better.

  • tnx a lot 360 fanboys for testing our game and to make sure that city interactive will give us ps3 owners the greatest version there is

  • I bought it for PC and LOVED it!. Getting for PS3 ASAP. The game is amazing, was more than i hoped for when i got it for PC, and now they added more for PS3? awesome! I admit the game was a little buggy to start when it first came out, enemies would see you hiding from half a mile away and they would not even be looking at you, but they patched the game up fast! They fixed it where they wouldnt see you anymore and tuned the game up greatly! I cant wait till my next check!

  • I forgot about this game, meant to try it for the pc. I’ll try the ps3 version instead.

  • Finnaly a good sniping game way better than MW2 and its way more realistic HOPE they did a good job on GRAPHICS.

    Please put a demo PSN

  • So when is the demo coming up??????????

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