SOCOM 4 MLG Boot Camp, Official $20k Ladder Announced

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SOCOM 4 MLG Boot Camp, Official $20k Ladder Announced

PlayStation and Major League Gaming are giving you two chances to show everyone what you’ve got in SOCOM 4—and win big in the process.

MLG Boot Camp

Boot Camp gives anyone who registers and completes a match the chance to win awesome prizes regardless of skill. Registration is open now, and Boot Camp ladder play is currently running through July 13th. Registering your 6-man team on MLG’s and playing at least one match will put you in the running for both Boot Camp prizing and the Official $20,000 Ladder Tournament. If you’re a lone soldier, check out the MLG forums where you can team up with other players of your skill level.

Boot Camp prizing includes:

• Two-hour gaming sessions with the Zipper Interactive dev team

• ASUS professional gaming monitors

• Full Astro A40 Systems (SOCOM 4 Customized)

• MLG Gunnars

SOCOM 4 key art

Official SOCOM 4 $20k Online Ladder

Those of you with a competitive streak should use this time wisely because every battle counts towards your team’s position on the leaderboard and your chance to win money. The top teams will qualify for the finals and a share of the $20,000 prize pool. We’re looking for the best SOCOM 4 teams to step up, so we’re putting cold hard cash on the line. Here’s the prize breakdown:

• 1st Place Team: $8,000

• 2nd: $4,000

• 3rd: $3,000

• 4th: $2,000

• 5th: $1,000

• 6th: $1,000

• 7th: $500

• 8th: $500

See below for your deployment schedule, soldiers! Be sure to check back often on and for regular tournament updates. And don’t forget to catch up on PlayStation giveaways and events by following us at @HeyPlayStation.

Good luck to you all!

SOCOM 4 Boot Camp Schedule:

6/24/2011: Registration begins

6/24/2011: Ladder play begins

7/13/2011: Ladder play ends (9:00PM EST)

SOCOM 4 $20,000 Ladder Tournament Schedule:

6/24/2011: Registration begins

6/24/2011: Ladder play begins

8/27/2011: Registration closes

8/28/2011: Ladder play ends

9/9/2011: Double elimination bracket tournament begins

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  • The Online multiplayer for this game was extremely unimpressive. Nice try Zipper, I was a MAG addict and because you made this game I was thinking the online would be comparable to MAG. Boy was I wrong, the online just plain sucks in my opinion.

  • What’s the matter Zipper? Couldn’t handle my last post so you deleted it? Not my fault you ruined a great franchise with this terrible game. Go eat dirt.

  • i got an crazy idea how about when u make a game make sure it works before releasing it. just a thought

  • I should correct an earlier remark.

    Zipper didn’t just quietly kill the MAG forums and lock everyone out over the weekend, they were migrating service providers.

    Would have been *GREAT* if they’d mentioned it ahead of time, though.

  • @hooligantuan they did mention it ahead of time. i believe they said it on the most recent podcast.

  • So many haters.

  • thats more like it guys

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