SOCOM 4 MLG Boot Camp, Official $20k Ladder Announced

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SOCOM 4 MLG Boot Camp, Official $20k Ladder Announced

PlayStation and Major League Gaming are giving you two chances to show everyone what you’ve got in SOCOM 4—and win big in the process.

MLG Boot Camp

Boot Camp gives anyone who registers and completes a match the chance to win awesome prizes regardless of skill. Registration is open now, and Boot Camp ladder play is currently running through July 13th. Registering your 6-man team on MLG’s and playing at least one match will put you in the running for both Boot Camp prizing and the Official $20,000 Ladder Tournament. If you’re a lone soldier, check out the MLG forums where you can team up with other players of your skill level.

Boot Camp prizing includes:

• Two-hour gaming sessions with the Zipper Interactive dev team

• ASUS professional gaming monitors

• Full Astro A40 Systems (SOCOM 4 Customized)

• MLG Gunnars

SOCOM 4 key art

Official SOCOM 4 $20k Online Ladder

Those of you with a competitive streak should use this time wisely because every battle counts towards your team’s position on the leaderboard and your chance to win money. The top teams will qualify for the finals and a share of the $20,000 prize pool. We’re looking for the best SOCOM 4 teams to step up, so we’re putting cold hard cash on the line. Here’s the prize breakdown:

• 1st Place Team: $8,000

• 2nd: $4,000

• 3rd: $3,000

• 4th: $2,000

• 5th: $1,000

• 6th: $1,000

• 7th: $500

• 8th: $500

See below for your deployment schedule, soldiers! Be sure to check back often on and for regular tournament updates. And don’t forget to catch up on PlayStation giveaways and events by following us at @HeyPlayStation.

Good luck to you all!

SOCOM 4 Boot Camp Schedule:

6/24/2011: Registration begins

6/24/2011: Ladder play begins

7/13/2011: Ladder play ends (9:00PM EST)

SOCOM 4 $20,000 Ladder Tournament Schedule:

6/24/2011: Registration begins

6/24/2011: Ladder play begins

8/27/2011: Registration closes

8/28/2011: Ladder play ends

9/9/2011: Double elimination bracket tournament begins

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  • If only i owned it….

  • Terrible trailer. Nonetheless, cool tournament. Too bad the game’s in bad shape right now.

  • Maybe they should make a real SOCOM game first then do this. This game is nothing but MAG 2 in third person.
    Hey sony get slant 6 to make SOCOM Confrontation 2 at least they had the real core values of SOCOM at the heart.

  • **** you Zipper you sell-outs. It’s funny because you try to sell out but fall on your face. I loved SOCOM. I was so proud of myself for not buying this game. At least half of your sales are from people who bought it simply because it was named SOCOM.

    Make a real SOCOM and you’ll sell 3 million copies again. But after your last 3 releases I wonder if you people are competent enough to do that.

  • what are the core values of SOCOM?

  • Everything that it says on the back of game case. But it’s nowhere to be found in SOCOM 4. And since when is respawn the focus of a socom game it never has been till now. How about playing with your friends. How about playing tactically there’s nothing tactical about SOCOM 4. I could go on for you but i’m not play SOCOM Confrontation and you’ll get what SOCOM’s all about. If you really think this is a SOCOM game you must live under a rock.

  • #4 need to shut up, Confrontation may have been more like Socom but that doesn’t mean anything that thing was horrible. Lets say socom 4 is the worst game in history, that still wouldn’t make confrontation any better. That will ALWAYS be garbage.

  • You guys labelled it incorrectly. I believe you meant “MAG: Call of Uncharted” instead of “SOCOM 4.”

  • i havent played a SOCOM game since SOCOM2 came out. from then on i just been playing COD and waiting for MW3. i think alot of shooter games nowadays are becoming run and gun because of the gamers addiction to the satisfaction of a quick kill. unfortunetly for the runners they usaully get bullets in the chest without even getting a shot off or being close enough to use their knife melee. some of the multiplayer highlights i seen for SOCOM and KZ3 have great maps that dont take 3 seconds to get back to where you just got shot from. i hate that…

  • so i guess what im trying to say is that i think online players, specifically runners, have stopped game developers in making maps that have more strategy based tactics and are now leaning to the quick kill, suprise your enemy, run and gun style maps that generate alot of kills/points but they also leave you vulnerable to lots of death ala toobs and random grenades

  • Socom: means one thing socom 2 if not socom different then.

    people forget that online play is not only the game are the people you play, when more arrivals after 6 years and play a new vercion and is no longer the people who used to play, go against the game.

    is different is always different, but with a new generation through even more things change, animations which was impossible before them, new mechanisms, new ways and new audiences.

    and they believe that if they complain, the new game will be the same as that used to want and that does not happen, instead a new game will never happen because an irrelevant ip does not get sequels.

    kills the brand that once wanted only to have her back as it was, great logic.

  • @siegfried07
    are you on an iPhone? cause i understand half your comment but the other half is jeberish

  • can we get socom 3 and combined assault updated with better graphics but the same gameplay. Call it socom Redux or something. Socom 4 is ok, would love to see the socom3 viewpoint of my character, y’know from the feet up and not the waist, also would like to be able to change shoulder viewpoints and LEAN in the game. Those are some major things you left out. oh and FIRE SETH LUISI as HE IS THE ONE RUINING SOCOM.

  • i know this is some way back in the day stuff but i remember playing Counter-Strike on my PC off of Steam and you could switch guns from your left hand to your right hand by typing in certain command. is Socom, KZ3, BF, or any shooting game our right now like that?

    Counter-Strike where quick scoping was born….

  • @14 haha so true. i want to enter but i hate being in a clan just having that tag gets on my nerves but i guess i have to accept the invites i’ll be getting unless you guys want to invite me to your clan. i’m a decent player check out my stats but if your stats suck i won’t be accepting. like #14 said bring back the left and right shoulder cams and a better sniper scope i f’n hate that yellow crap where are the bars and numbers hmm and one more thing there’s still a lag issue/switch, the other day i was playing this guy kept on sliding all over the place so fix.

  • LMAO look to all you crybabies!!! Zipper doesn’t care about what you think, if you don’t like Socom 4 go play something else. Zipper is not gonna make a game for the same couple thousand people that want to keep playing Socom 1 & 2 in HD lol. Socom 4 is a new game “NEW” not Socom 1 or 2 or 3 or Combined Assult or even Confrontation. Everyone of those games had some new feature or gun that everyone cried about, how one gun was the most powerful and only noobs would use it, the Tilley this, the IW-80 that, the termal is cheap, same thing now a days. but now theres more blogs for you guys to cry on. NOT GONNA MAKE A DIFFERENCE, KEEP CRYING!!!!

  • This game sucks. I sold it back to Gamestop.

  • I don’t think they’re crying @#16MostHated273. They are just telling how it is. You want to see crying go check out the forums, or be quiet.

  • @16 Puhlease. We’re hardly “crying” over a new gun or feature. We’re “crying” because they designed a game that has NOTHING in line with ANY of the other SOCOM games and is a mixed bag of features/game play of the other top games because Zipper/Sony were trying to get more sales. It’s a 100% combination of MAG, Call of Duty, and Uncharted. There’s nothing SOCOM about it except the name. The camera is too close, the movement speed is too slow, the weapons are too inaccurate from the hip, there shouldn’t even be an over the shoulder button to aim, there’s no grenade arc, all the new maps suck, the new game modes suck and none of the old school modes were included, there’s STILL no party system, etc…

    Would you like me to go on?

  • @4 Socom 4 is nothing like MAG, MAG is actually good and fun to play. Zipper made MAG so full and excellent but failed miserably making Socom 4 the online power-house it could have nay should have been.

  • a little irrelevant…but for the welcome back program i downloaded my first game successfully.But when i tried to download wipeout hd for my second game i was given “entitlement” to the game instead of the actual game.So i went to the ps store hoping to download the game with this so called entitlement but everytime i try to download the game,all i can download are the entitlement to the game and the demo.So i’m just wondering whats this entitlement is,why i cant download my game,and how i can actually download my game.Please reply with some help Thanks


    at if the PlayStation 3 wont play PS2 games any more at least remaster SOCOM one an two in HD so we can enjoy real SOCOM games.

  • People are still sore over SOCOM 4? It’s time to move on people!

  • this game is amazing!! my 42th platinum :D

  • If only socom 4 was good. Come on..socom II or combined assault remake in HD, not this [DELETED]

  • MAG > SOCOM4

    Even as abandoned and mismanaged as MAG has been in Zipper’s hands, it’s still the superior game.

    It’s a real shame Zipper/Sony are the last ones to realize it.

  • (You hear that, Zipper/Sony? I’m saying that history will eventually show that you bet on the wrong horse. MAG was going to be the future.)

  • PlayStation Plus without Cross Game Chat = Joke !

    PlayStation Plus with Cross Game Chat = Real Service !

  • Be cool if you guys can stream events like this on home get the community involved.Evo is another event that should be stream on home PS has the largest fighting community.

  • Isn’t that a bit short notice?

  • @Creative_ae Screw that…Give me ingame text chat to everyone in the lobby. X-game voice chat would get old after a month. Give me what playstation used to have..

  • They should have done this for MAG.


  • “I hate this game so much…” who’s pointing a gun to your head saying you have to play this game??? KICK ROCKS !!!
    “it’s nothing like the other socoms…” duh!!! That’s the whole point of a NEW GAME. Is Black Ops just like the original Call of Duty???
    “it’s just trying to be like other games so it can sell…” ummmm, yeah!!!, it’s called BUSINESS !!

    My point is, stop acting like Zipper owes you anything……….and stop crying

  • @33 I feel you, All these people on here crying an complaining can “KICK ROCKS” Zipper thanks for the NEW GREAT GAME!!!! Next month when you guys install the lobbies the game will be even better, keep the new updates, maps, & guns coming. Hope to shoot you noobs soon,

    Kill Mode [On] Off

  • schoolboystar420

    isnt that game kool im ova here at my cuzzos house playin la noire on his xbox 360

  • oh and @33 again, zipper does owe it’s players something. This isn’t a band making music, they make the games for the players. Customer is king son.

  • They should really fix Socom 4 before doing something like this, or I’ll flop because of all the fundamental flaws in the game design. Zipper did a poor job.

  • i agree with most who say please stop the whining. Socom is not the first game to have such a drastic change. halo II is nothing like halo reach. yes you can go on with all the flaws that YOU believe the game has but it is honestly not the worst game out there. i’ve played socom II and yes i loved it. yes S4 is nothing like it. but even as “dumbed” down as you guys say it is. i believe it still involves way more strategy then most other shooters. and it has so many classic options, so its not like they DIDNT try to please everyone. and yes i know S4 classic is not the same as socom II classic. and the respawn? seriously? with the new generation of shooters its like mandatory to put in.

  • Do a REAL!!!!! Socom update. Make a socom 2 or 3 remake throw the HD REAMKE! on it, mind as well get some extra money to start a new IP whatever you prefer. At least we would get a socom we like and you guys can attract new gamers. Great solution for everyone. You guys are doing good. I like what socom 4 is but i dont feel that socom feel, i dont know maybe just me.

  • Out of the 400 people who play the game only 30 or so will even enter. So good luck to you, your odds of winning are quite good!

  • an issue i wanted to discuss is the qriocity music unlimited service.why is canada the only country that doesnt get it?i checked on my psp and there wasnt a canada flag in the i find this very sad.there are A LOT of ps3 users in canada,i can guarantee you that please fix this issue,i was even considering paying for the service.

  • And then the MAG forums were quietly locked down without any word or warning. Lol lol Zipper.


  • Whoa now Zipper, don’t you think leagues are MEGA HARDCORE? Your new audience are just casuals who log on for a quick 10 minutes of play, they don’t want serious competition. Where’s the leagues for Confrontation?

    P.S. – S4 sucks, I just go on now to teamkill, I’d trade it in but the gas to the store would cost more than what it’s worth.

  • The MagCharted 4 ; Black Flops tourney should be some pretty easy money seeing as I kinda doubt they can even find 8 full teams to begin with

  • ZIPPER, THANKS FOR KILLING THE SOCOM SERIES AND TURNING IT INTO CALL OF DUTY. Seriously this game is the worst in the series I hope zipper never touches the socom name again.

    Ps: Sony please look at your polls and remake socom 2 already.

  • Maybe they should make a real SOCOM game and then do something like this.

  • @sinista123 Looks like someone never played a real socom. If you had, you’d be arguing to get a socom like the originals too

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