Def Jam Rapstar Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Def Jam Rapstar Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

This Thursday, June 23rd, Konami brings their wildly popular hip-hop karaoke title, Def Jam Rapstar, into the world of PlayStation Home. The Def Jam Rapstar Sound Studio is a new personal space styled after a state-of-the-art recording studio and befitting a world-class hip-hop artist. Pick yours up from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall tomorrow.

Def Jam RapStar: Sound Studio

Ahoy me mateys! Lockwood’s Fool Throttle brand expands this week with four of the scurviest seadogs ever to walk the plank. Choose from the Corsair Cordial and Captain Capricious or the Buccaneer Bubbly and Shipmate Shindig costumes. And if you are looking for new companions then grab Barnacle and Picaroon – Barnacle is a tough old crab happy to give lazy crew members a nip and Picaroon is a wily little monkey who’s pretty handy with a sword too! All these items (and more) arrive this week from the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

This week LOOT brings you the fiercest, deadliest (and oh-so-cutest) companions ever to release in PlayStation Home. The Lootosaurus is available in six different colors (brown, blue, green, red, orange and purple) or one fire-breathing genetic mutation, The Dragosaur. Pick yours up this Thursday from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Who says beautiful girls aren’t down to earth? Look for falling angels in Central Plaza this Thursday to play a game and get a free surprise courtesy of AXE Excite (so good even angels will fall)!

Axe Excite

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another massive update this week. Join us this Thursday, June 23rd as PS Talent presents their second episode of the Spotlight, which focuses on some of the brightest stars of the PlayStation Home community. Afterwards, LittleBigPodcast delivers a new episode of their crowd-favorite video cast, which showcases the finalists from their most recent contest. Finally, the Platinum’d crew airs the third installment of their original, live action comedy series about the trials and tribulations for one player trying to up his Trophy count.

See you in Home!

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  • What`s the point of a trophy room guys, seriously? I for one don`t want to be dragged to everyone`s personal spaces just for them to brag. A better question is when will PS Rewards be available? And for those that are complaining about Home being like Halloween 24/7, Home ISN`T REAL. It`s a virtual place where ppl can hang out and play games. VIRTUAL, so stop calling ppl nerds cos of what they`re wearing. It doesn`t matter on a videogame system, cos it`s a VIDEOGAME SYSTEM. Just cos someone is walking around as a pirate or something doesn`t mean they do it in real life.

    Speaking of costumes, I`ve noticed that Home has aimed everything at guys again. The Axe event is for guys, Brimstone Girls but no Brimstone Guys, the pin ups, and the clothes girls DO get aren`t clothes, just bikinis and an actual nude avatar. Too many costumes isn`t bad, as long as there is more of the other stuff too, but rehashing them is. Enough pirates, soldiers and cyborg ninjas please -_-

  • @ 55 I actually DO dress like a cyborg ninja pirate irl. I come on Home to escape my awesome yet tedious reality.

    All jokes aside (including this update) #28 hit the nail on the head.

  • sill wish they will say wen parasite eve2 will hit usa psn

  • This update is just another total fail from SNEA. Locust & Glass you guys should be ashamed. No I take that back you should be fired. Home has been a bug riddled disaster that should’ve been out of beta 2 years ago. But yet you continue to hide behind the beta tag as a lame excuse for not doing your jobs. Home is not what you say it is. In reality its nothing more than a gathering place for pedofiles and other perverts. Women can’t go public in home for more than a few seconds before being assaulted repeatedly with the worst sleaze, children get the same treatment and you continue to do NOTHING to enforce your own rules but yet you work very hard to silence those who blow the whistle.

    That doesn’t even begin to cover the rest of the messes on home. the extreme lag, items going missing with no explanation or recourse or the many features previously promised that are still undelivered, some of them YEARS later.

    Locust_Star & GlassWalls you’ve been called out so either Lead, Follow or get out of the way.

  • lol wow finally another konami space.I know lots of ppl got tired of same ol’ ddr.But why not more?More konami spaces based on their popular games.Personally i would want a silent hill lounge on PShome how sick would that look?

  • Why did Konami waste time making a new home space when they don’t even support that game anymore. I own Def Jam Rapstar and it hasn’t gotten any content since March. They don’t post to twitter and facebook anymore either. It is like Konami has abandoned that game. What a shame because my friends and I really like to play it.

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