Def Jam Rapstar Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Def Jam Rapstar Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

This Thursday, June 23rd, Konami brings their wildly popular hip-hop karaoke title, Def Jam Rapstar, into the world of PlayStation Home. The Def Jam Rapstar Sound Studio is a new personal space styled after a state-of-the-art recording studio and befitting a world-class hip-hop artist. Pick yours up from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall tomorrow.

Def Jam RapStar: Sound Studio

Ahoy me mateys! Lockwood’s Fool Throttle brand expands this week with four of the scurviest seadogs ever to walk the plank. Choose from the Corsair Cordial and Captain Capricious or the Buccaneer Bubbly and Shipmate Shindig costumes. And if you are looking for new companions then grab Barnacle and Picaroon – Barnacle is a tough old crab happy to give lazy crew members a nip and Picaroon is a wily little monkey who’s pretty handy with a sword too! All these items (and more) arrive this week from the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

This week LOOT brings you the fiercest, deadliest (and oh-so-cutest) companions ever to release in PlayStation Home. The Lootosaurus is available in six different colors (brown, blue, green, red, orange and purple) or one fire-breathing genetic mutation, The Dragosaur. Pick yours up this Thursday from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Who says beautiful girls aren’t down to earth? Look for falling angels in Central Plaza this Thursday to play a game and get a free surprise courtesy of AXE Excite (so good even angels will fall)!

Axe Excite

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another massive update this week. Join us this Thursday, June 23rd as PS Talent presents their second episode of the Spotlight, which focuses on some of the brightest stars of the PlayStation Home community. Afterwards, LittleBigPodcast delivers a new episode of their crowd-favorite video cast, which showcases the finalists from their most recent contest. Finally, the Platinum’d crew airs the third installment of their original, live action comedy series about the trials and tribulations for one player trying to up his Trophy count.

See you in Home!

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  • Where is the other half of last week’s update that never dropped?

    • Brimstone Dancers and the Aurora update were pulled at the last minute last week due to QA issues. Both are tentatively scheduled for release on 06.30.

  • Great looking update LS and Staff kudos as always :) just two things i wanted to know was will the aruora space be getting that 1.1 update this week? and also about the casino, still aiming for the end of this month? thank u as always Locust have a great day.

    • We’re aiming for the release of Ooblag’s Alien Casino next week. We will update you all in next week’s post

  • also what ever happend 2 the infamous clothing and furniture that was supposed 2 be on home on june 2??????? the new personal space looks kool. and will have 2 get the new pets.

  • yay!!!! little dinosaurs!!!! i love going on home all the time….buts its usually only always briefly as so far the most interesting thing is to collect the limited edition items

  • Who gives a damn about Def Jam Rapstar in Playstation Home? BRING OUT MORE DAMN SONGS!!!!!

  • @ XxadrammelechXx

    What Casino are you talking about?

    I would love a Casino in Home with all kinds of games. Like Slots, Video Joker Poker and the tables games :)

    Plus my Mom would love this also lol :)

  • what’s up with the 2k top spin game for the CP? brimstone dancers? are we getting back the infamous items? gold laptop and shelves?

  • nice but def jam need to come out with another fighting game asap!

  • Dang, I haven’t seen a video game based Home space in forever! Thank you for this! Will we continue to see more game based spaces for Home this year? We had a lot of them last year. :)

    • We have lots of personal spaces planned for release throughout this year. No announcements yet in terms of what themes we are working with or games they may be based on, but rest assured that we will be presenting a wide variety of spaces.

  • @Philly if u look a few updates ago u will see talk of a casino and that we should see it by the end of the month though the pic to me looked like this casino was replaced with the saucer pop game heres the link Philly :)

    • Those are early/in-development shots. Ooblag’s Alien Casino will be its own space (not a CP event).

  • Firstable whats with the Pirate Staff, I already wasted $ 24.99 in the ALL MONKEY ISLAND ITEMS BUNDLE, which includes a lot of pirate items i never seem to have the use for .
    I also dont think i would be purchasing the DEJ JAM personal space as im sure it doesnt even play NOT 1 TUNE, and i also dont think of myself as a rapper or a thug as many in Home do .
    NOW, what we really NEED is for WINGS to have their own BOX , it is very frustrating , not to be able to hold a sword or any hand accesory for that matter because of the wings , WINGS NEED THEIR OWN BOX.
    ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A PERSONAL SPACE, NOT A CLUB ,liek the 1 we have now , but a PERSONAL SPACE in which your guest can change clothes without leaving elsewhere to do so, i know this is beyond of the capabillities of whoever is in charge of HOME but i thought i give a shot .

  • (so good even angels will fall)! So where is the proof reader on this phrase??? I keep saying that spell checkers can not save you from grammar hell…

  • Dear Locust-Star,

    What happened to the Brimstone girls? My poor Darla is desperately in need of some friends to keep her company. Please have mercy; end her days of solitariness ;)


  • Can we move on from all the personal companions, i think we have plenty now.
    we should be focusing on making it possible for each one of us to have something like ITUNES in our personal space and be able to listen to our music while we are around Home. whatever happen to full lengh movies ?

  • now i want a fighting game more like def jam fight for ny

  • Hey Locust how about fixing the bug in the Waterfall Terrace space, the inFamous space leaderboard, giving us back items we won but had taken away (Criss Angel Mindfreakin Coffin Couch and Minis Lamp).


  • all the pets are lookin kool but i’d say the pirate outfits are a pass & Ihave a question about the Sound Studio…will it have music from the game we can play in the apt or is it just a place to hang out? wat makes the Sound Studio special?

  • Where is the Aurora update…?

  • I would be so embarrassed if I were in charge of Home..I wait and wait for something original and of significance to no avail…Thanks again Devs and home Employees for being quite talent-less.
    calling it as I see it.

  • @coboltcurse Indeed! No one cares about pirate crap (those crabs are cool though). Give us something useful like updates to the spaces you already have out, like Aurora! Home is going to fail if all you Home devs do is offer useless virtual item crap to buy with real money that we all rather spend on games in the PSN. Like it or not, Home competes with the PSN, and the PSN will always win my money in the end.

  • Great, now drug related crimes and pickpocketing will be all too common in PSHome thanks to the addition of def jam crap

  • Home 2011 = Halloween on Disneyland drug with a portion of lame advertising. I think we have enough costumes now and not enough new features, fine clothing and such. But seriously enough is enough with the nerdy costumes!

  • Awesome Update, Hey you guys have any plans to have a similar event, such as Killzone 3, where we get multiplayer items to use in first party games, such as the upcoming Twisted Metal, or Uncharted 3?

  • Look, I could understand the confusion people NEW to the blog and Locust’s updates are having, but shame on all of you who are veterans of the shellshock yet bother to question. Like always, whenever something new is mentioned in the blog post that is, last minute, pulled from the update, and isn’t mentioned in the following update, that means they want us to forget about it and hope we never remember. Y’all should know this, you’ve only seen it happen EVERY WEEK.

  • Is SingStar store ever coming here from the Oct blog? Thanks.

  • Syncing Home with services such as PS Store media rentals, Netflix or Qirocity would undoubtedly be quite lucrative. The music aspect being anchored to an indepenant media streamer/active item (which leads me to another suggestion).

    Upgrade packs for personal spaces. This second item tab in each spaces folder in the Home store would implement the expansion of item counts @ the one-time cost of 2.99 to cover bandwidth, storage & patch development. Suggested count upgrade would be (4) active items & 75 inert items.

    Finally, routine diagnostic testing done for personal spaces. Waterfall Terrace for example has been all but completely neutralized in functionality.
    Sad, but with the space & specific items to furnish it, this cost 40.00+.
    Does it seem unreasonable that I not only expect, but demand what I pay for?

    I am a original Home user, I am a fantastic client for Sony. Let’s keep this relationship healthy:)

  • i like how i was the 4th comment he went on by my question… another great lie from sony they only dont do everything. thanks for answering my ? locust

  • Locust, whats with all these costumes & clothing items every single week? I mean yeah you guys brought out this Def Jam space, but aren’t you guys thinking about making some other spaces?
    Why not a Silent Hill space, or even a space for newly released games like InFamous 2?
    Or Even a space thats not based from a game title.. why not a water park?… of course it sounds odd to have one in Home, but you’ve had space that were weird to have in a virtual community. Look at Midway..its a carnival.. why would you put that on Home??
    I’ll tell you why, because no one ever thought they’d see it happen.
    Anyway, take a look at the comments.. and I don’t mean the ones who parade around agreeing with every single post. I mean the ones that actually speak out they’re opinions. The people are tired of all the clothes & costumes every consistant week. Its time for more new spaces, guys. Think about that.

  • Seriously tho….Since we now have a Def Jam Rapstar home space will there be new songs coming out? There hasn’t been any new releases in months…

  • man i am sure the people who work on this site are so tired of others whining n crying about this or that…

  • inFamous 2 ITEMS!! ??? GRRRR

    How about Irem Update!? :(

  • i think ps homes need the home urban clothing comittee to come back and make it a seller itneh clothing department … As soon as my ps3 gets back from sony. I will see if i can get the old gang back togehter and were going turn that mother out like use alwys do.. First the ps underground froums need to have option to go back to its old style of display. I cannot work the new one or find anything .

    Home is missing alot of good clothing. to many spaces and silly customes. Also the pricing” i know they dont control pricing” but it getting out of hand. But when the home urban clothing commitee comes back we are going to turn it out trust me becuase we have the flavor. Also most of the hottest clothing has come from us and best selling .:)

    psn legionairre group

  • @mobstar–36

    “Conversation here goes both ways, so make your thoughts known through comments, ratings…”

    See that on the right side of the main page? Neato!

    Now look at my two posts, then compare with yours. Notice how my recent post is not critical in a finger-point way? As you may see, it is sugestive, friendly & mutually beneficial feedback. Exactly what this blog is intended for.

  • Ooh another personal space I will undoubtedly be purchasing. Very cool.

  • @ mob_star36 & your complaining that were complaining…………. hahahahaha


    Got a few important questions regarding the MANSION Spaces, the “HIDDEN” items in each “lot,

    1st. I bought the Mansion 1ST Floor, the Mansion Pool & the Mansion 2nd floor. Now when you walk around these areas, you FIND a HIDDEN or SECRET key thing. When you FIND IT, a message appears saying I need to find the other 3 pieces! Then as you find the other HIDDEN/SECRET keys, it says 2 pieces, 1 etc….

    There was 1 for each of the 1st 3 spaces, but the MANSION GARAGE, at no time did I ever find that HIDDEN/SCRET Key/item..I walked over every single inch of that garage, walked the perimeter, then walked front to back covering the driveway & at NO TIME, did I ever “locate” of the the HIDDEN Keys/clues whatever…

    So what’s the deal?

    Was there supposed to be that HIDDEN Key/Clue thing in the Mansion Garage Space?

    Or are you coming out with a NEW Mansion Space, that WILL have that HIDDEN/SECRET Key/item in it?

    Did Sony REMOVE that “HIDDEN/Secret THING from the garage, because Sony gave it to EVERYONE FREE in the WB Program??


  • WaveLightning777

    42; the cars ARE the secret items.

  • Home is actually pretty cool. Sure, it’s not what everybody wants but it’s still in beta and has improved a lot since the beginning. One can only imagine what the future holds (think oz from summer wars).

    on a side note (sorry, I don’t know who to ask this of), but in the lucas arts store there’s a rebel flight suit. How come there’s no imperial flight suit as well? I would pick one up in a heartbeat, especially if the suit can also be worn sans helmet… and different colored mandalorian outfits! ^.^

  • home been beta forever i ready to see somthing different i wish are cp was big as the japan one

  • also wish we could make are hair green it like the only color missing

  • Wow good to see the likes of Lockwood and Loot coming up with fresh, original Ideas. Pirate costumes and dinosaur companions? Are you serious? Its bad enough when the Costumes store re-release OLD costumes that are slightly more detailed and have a steeper price tag but now Lockwood too? Urgh I hope no one buys any of this stuff this week (I know im not) and it forces the publishers to start coming up with ORIGINAL ideas in the future.

    Sadly though there are always people on home with more money than sense and they will blindly buy whatever over priced crap is thrown at them. This is the reason the developers have become lazy. No matter what they make, people will buy it. -_-

    One final note, can we have a revision of the tracks on Listen@home please. Its got to the point now where I have to have my master volume set to 0 so I don’t have to hear Chain swing for 500th time, which seems to be the music of choice for the “kids”. How about dumping a few tracks from the WipEout space on there or something from Motostorm saying “there is more music like this at these spaces” as they are always dead, It might encourage more users to check them out then.

  • So superior pirate garb….arrrrgh. Looks like some fun to be had. When is that Alien Casino game coming out?

  • Will there be new music in this Def Jam Rapstar appartment. like this u have in London bar

  • ENOUGH!!! damn man I though Home was going to be more than a Virtual Mall. What about new features and new experiences or the long list of things Home was slated to have. I have too many personal spaces and clothes as it is. Absolutely NOTHING was done with HOME the entire time the store was down. Not one update no new features. Just come out and say it HOME is for marketing and sales. Just be honest Sony has no plans to include much of what had us interested in Home at the beginning. Where are Trophies the ability to watch movies with friends or any of the other features it was going to have. If Home is just going to be a gathering place for pleople to hang out and buy stuff let us know because it seems like it is never going to be connected to the playstation experience any time soon.

  • I still dont understand home no matter how much i explore through it, I wish I had playstation reps to guide me lol

  • Locust it’s not on the topic but will home someday support 3d tvs?

  • will we ever see our home theaters in Playstation home playing netflix or allowing us to watch dvds? if not with friends at least for personal?


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