Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” and Map Pack Bundle Hit PSN Today

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Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” and Map Pack Bundle Hit PSN Today

Recently we posted preview videos of ‘From The Ashes’, the third DLC map pack for Killzone 3. Consisting of two new maps and two re-imagined Killzone 2 ‘retro’ maps, “From The Ashes” will hit the PlayStation Store later today for just $4.99.

If you’re still on the fence about ‘From The Ashes’, check out our ass-kicking video montage that shows all four maps in glorious action.

But that’s not all! Newcomers to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re also releasing a DLC Bundle Pack including the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack – eight maps total – for just $9.99. There’s never been a better time to join Killzone 3’s online multiplayer arena, so grab a map pack and jump in!

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  • Are these maps available on GUERILLA WARFARE???

  • Dude just bought the Map Pack! downloading!!! im exited! RADEC AND THARSIS!!! btw… im sad u added jetpacks to tharsis! :(

  • More Power weapons!!

  • I got ripped off when I bought Killzone2 for 60 bucks…..I liked the first game better I payed only 15 bucks for it…
    when I played online or off the game “killzone2” seemed like a totally diferent title is 3 more like the original cause if its anything like 2 I wont buy …………that game was 2 generic for me plus the wepons sucked

  • Anything from GG in regards to DLC is usually worth the price. It will be funn to re visit these old maps and murder holes. Make me want to throw in KZ2 again for a while. I always keep the good ones.

  • Asked in previous blog post, but any chance this will be available on Amazon so I can use my credit there to purchase it? Steel Rain is on there, but I already have that pack.

  • I am really surprised with this DLC, but this time my surprise is because these maps are really cool. Since the KZ3 was realeased this package is the first good thing about this game.

  • @Solid_Fish36 – if you’re having trouble aiming down the sites, change your sensitivity. i have found it helps to have the vertical sens 10 lower than whatever you set horiz to. i keep it at 20/30 for now and works well for me. of course you have to get used to the controls and the fact that there is less auto aim. if you play cod, try taking the auto aim off and you will see how hard that is. also keep in mind that you can hipfire from much further in this game and is often easier than ads. once you get good at aiming it gets pretty easy as there are still many people that cant hit the side of a barn lol. also try the lmg’s as they aren’t as touchy to aim and you wont blow your load to fast. also tap firing help from distance as this game actually has recoil

  • @staticgears- well the controls do take some getting use to but most shooters are that way. try taking the ridiculous auto aim of cod bo and see what you get lol. just find a sensitivity that works for you. 10 less to the vertical axis helps a lot as well. mine is at 20/30 for now and i do well. keep in mind that hipfire is much more effective in this game than cod and most others. its a great game when you get better at it and doesnt have all the connection issues that plague black ops. i like cod games and am usually the best player in the room but this game has more strategy with all the classes and objectives. its too bad that activision doesnt charge a fair price for their cod dlc as im not about to pay 15 for 4 maps. waw pricing was fine but they are greedy. its not so much the money as the principal and not wanting to put more money in a broken bo game.

  • I found a bug!

    I bought the Killzone 3 Map Pack Bundle but I can’t Join my buddy’s team because it says i don’t have Steel Rain Map Pack.

    The Pack Bundle INCLUDES Steel Rain! (Junkyard & Stahl Arms)

    I don’t want to pay $4.99 for something I already have – how do I fix this?

  • Thank you PSN customer service! I contacted you, and you’re going to fix it for me!

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