Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” and Map Pack Bundle Hit PSN Today

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Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” and Map Pack Bundle Hit PSN Today

Recently we posted preview videos of ‘From The Ashes’, the third DLC map pack for Killzone 3. Consisting of two new maps and two re-imagined Killzone 2 ‘retro’ maps, “From The Ashes” will hit the PlayStation Store later today for just $4.99.

If you’re still on the fence about ‘From The Ashes’, check out our ass-kicking video montage that shows all four maps in glorious action.

But that’s not all! Newcomers to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re also releasing a DLC Bundle Pack including the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack – eight maps total – for just $9.99. There’s never been a better time to join Killzone 3’s online multiplayer arena, so grab a map pack and jump in!

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  • I am downloading Beyond Good & Evil today. One way or the other…

  • Getting it today! Anything from GG is day 1 for me.

    Even if is broken like Killzone 3 …. :D

  • So when are you going to start answear are questions? Like why can’t you have Guerilla warfare on every map?Same with warzone? It’s really just stupid!!

  • aaaaaw Yes!! I will definitely will be purchasing this later on today.. Thanks GG. keep up the good work :)

  • @3

    That’s just the way the maps were designed. Some maps are usually made with one multiplayer mode in mind, but doesn’t work for the other. Kaznan Jungle, for example, is a fairly small and tight map. It’s perfect for Guerilla Warfare, but modes like Capture and Hold would not work as well. That’s just the decision GG made when working on Killzone 3.

  • 5# Okey the original maps i can understand BUT the KZ2 maps i really don’t understand…

  • Hmm maybe that “the drop” list wasnt accurate and we might be getting more than what they posted… this map pack for example wasnt listed… it never even mentioned shadows of the damned being released today and i just got a patch that adds Jack Pack 4 to my you dont know jack.. which i found out that xbox got this week in their marketplace as well, so jack pack 4 might also show up in the ps store… if thats the case then who knows we might also get beyond good and evil hd today too (but im not holding my breath)

  • should have new guns for black ops =]

    everyone would be happy

  • still thinking killzone 2 is better than this, killzone 3 needs more action and 32 player per map as before in killzone 2

  • @6

    Yeah, that is an odd decision. I actually didn’t realize that until you mentioned it. Even still, this map pack is going to be great.

  • When will this FROM THE ASHES dlc be in the ps store i keep checking but still NOTHING !!!!!!!!

  • Guerrilla, your complete disregard for Singleplayer DLC is becoming increasingly irritating.

    …..if this continues, i’ll will think twice about buying the next killzone.

  • Can’t wait to get home from work!

  • free for PS+? Still planning on buying anyways

  • AWESOME :)

  • So when do we get spawn on squad leader, full stat tracking , custom secondary badge, and spawn grenades back from KZ2..

  • I actually traded in Killzone 3 not too long ago mainly cause the character classes irked me to say the least. I didn’t like how they had the classes set up; like how the Sniper was the only one who could get the Sta-52. That just seemed stupid, especially when in the Operations mode (which is sorely lacking in maps) it would show every class holding their faction’s main rifle. But the Sniper’s the only one who gets the Sta-52 and the Tactician’s the only one who gets the M82. The silenced burst-fire versions don’t count. Not to mention some of the character classes just plain looked bad, here’s lookin at you Helghast Medic. It’s a good game don’t get me wrong It was just those things alone that annoyed me to the point I stopped playing it.

  • @DarkRecoil

    Irritating? You really expected single player DLC for a FPS? Why?

  • I’m just tired of paying money for updated Killzone 2 maps. Come with something fresh and original, like Stahl Arms, which looks like it’s taken from the campaign design. Fresh, new, exciting is what we’re looking for. Not revamped old [DELETED]… Just saying.

  • Okay, those two new maps look hot. Also floored by the destructibility of Radec Academy now. Wonder how that’ll change gameplay?

    Also, wtf at Tharsis Depot not being a Warzone map anymore. Seriously? Just because you put Jetpacks in? Wow….

  • I would pick it up, bit after the network went down I traded it. Sorry it was a good game, but after a month I couldn’t wait any longer.

  • @18 KwietStorm

    A better question might be: why do gamers who prefer story over multiplayer even bother with shooters these days?

    Maybe we just need to accept our preferences are inferior in the eyes of developers, and migrate to genres where there is still respect for storytelling over leaderboards and perks.

    I am currently happy with inFamous2 and i have a good feeling about The Last Guardian & FF Versus XIII (providing it stays exclusive) so, maybe its time i moved on. ….i might make a exception for Resistance 3 though. It looks more engaging than the original (which i loved), and I can at least be sure that it wasn’t rushed out early purely to promote 3D and PS3 Move.

    ….unlike Killzone 3.

  • An easy decision at $5. ….YES!

    Just fix the damned matchmaking and freezing already!

    It is also a shame all game modes can’t be played on every map. Seems like such a waste. The rainy Junkyard is such an awesome map, but I only played it a few times because GW just gets old.

    Glad this map pack will have at least two Warzone maps.

  • Yes!!!!!! A definite buy for me. Can’t wait to play the new maps. Guerilla games, please make some more Operation maps.

  • @Dark Recoil

    KZ2 didn’t have any story based dlc. Not sure why you expected that for KZ3.

  • Awwwwwwww man when i get home its over boy!!! Lololol!!! Cant wait to get this killzone 3 goodness!!! If only we had PS3’s in the breakroom at work!!! Dah well!!! 3 more hours!!!

  • dang not for ps+? too bad … :(

  • Any chance of Killzone 3 as a PSN dl? I love steam. So naturally I’ve fallen for the digital. I really want some MP games on my HD. It makes the most sense to have at your fingertips.

    Give us Killzone some digital love. Can’t be that big. Not sure if PSN has a limit.

  • Where is the new DLC for L.A. Noire no store update ………………….

  • idk i never loved the feel of killzone but i haven’t put much time into it and i only tried demos a good start would be allowing me to increase my sensitivity higher even at its highest its just too damn slow i’m a cod player and ive played on 10 sensitivity from the start once you get used to it you can own like turn around real fast and boom it really saves you sometimes and i would love if they patched or updated it so you could make it fast like cod.

  • Man this bundle looks great! I think that I will get Killzone 3 now!!!! Then when I buy it, I can get all the new maps for $9.99. That is a AWESOME deal Sony! Thanks and please, please, please keep this deal out Sony! :)

  • My only complaint is that I already have the Retro Map Pack for pre-ordering, so the bundle offers me no savings. I’d rather be able to buy just the two other packs for maybe $7.50 or so, but still… even at $10 for the 6 maps, it’s still worth it I guess.

  • I like this! i gonna buy the bigger pack

  • can do :p, wish there was a discount by $1 or $2 for Plus members, but I can’t argue

  • Bring in new Operations modes and I will be a happy camper. Still getting this as it’s a hell of a deal, but operations is where it’s at in KZ3.

  • @DarkRecoil

    Better question? Maybe. It’s really all the same thing. Given the low percentage of shooters in the history of the genre that focus on story, I would think you’re setting yourself up for failure if you come in expecting otherwise, especially with Killzone, which had never had the best storytelling.

  • What the hell! Go freakin figure, I just sent my PS3 in for service >.<

  • cool cant wait to buy the DLC Bundle Pack,KZ3 is the best FPS on PS3 fact! keep making the good stuff GG!

  • *** PLEASE ANSWER ***

    Will the Ashes DLC be getting a PS Plus discount (of free) for next week’s PS Plus update?

    I want this DLC, but I’d be outraged to buy it full price now only to see it discounted next week. Please Guerilla… just comment whether or not it will be discounted by PS Plus next week so I can buy it. Otherwise I’ll just wait a couple weeks and see myself.

  • @39

    Who cares if it’s discounted? Seriously, 4 maps for 4.99 is a sweet deal! The bundle is great but I’ve been buying them as they come out. Even at full price, all three map packs are just under the combined cost of ONE Black Ops pack!

    Mine’s downloading right now. I can’t wait to jump in!

    And @19, half of this new pack IS fresh and original. The other half is making killer maps even more so. Hello!

  • 3 map packs for 10 bucks, I can’t pass that up.

  • I stopped playing this game after I beat campaign for the most part. I played online a bit until I played other shooters and realized how much I hate the controls. I love this game but aiming down the sights kills me.

  • Awesome I love Killzone 3.


  • Recycled KZ2 maps. Not sure what to take from this. Seems kind of lazy or just an acknowledgement that the KZ2 maps were better than those released with KZ3. Kaznan and Phyrrus Crater are terrible maps. Not allowing both GW and Warzone on the recycled maps is a pretty shortsighted decision too, though I guess removing spawn grenades from the game messed everything up since they were an integral part of the strategic gameplay that made KZ2 good.

  • @40

    That’s not the point. I don’t wanna pay $5 for something that could be free next week. I can, and will wait.

    It would be nice for Sony or GG to say whether or not it will be discounted so I can know

  • I try to pla Kz3 online but it just takes 4ever to look for a match and when I finally find one there’s on like 2 ppl playing [DELETED]! When I got Kz3 it was quicker to find a match so that means not a lot of ppl are playing online. Anymore so it’s pointless buying this DLC

  • @45 I’m willing to bet my life that these maps will not be discounted next week. You would get the Retro Map pack for free if you pre-ordered, you got the Steel Rain pack for free as a plus member, now GG and Sony want to start charging for maps because they have given enough for free. And you know what so they should. They have supported Killzone 3 a great deal by throwing out all these freebies and the stat tracking on their site is really good, something companies like Activision are going to charge for. I bought these maps because for $5 it’s a great deal, GG has shown the proper care and support for the game and most importantly the maps are really fun!! I just got done playing an hour and these are by far some of my favorite Killzone maps ever. I would suggest if you are interested get the pack now as this will not be discounted for the forseeable future.

  • have it love it!! :D

  • @45 it also would be nice to see a COD map back cheaper than 15$ and we all know thats not gonna happen ;) i think 4 maps for 5$ is a great prize… and we get trophies…

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