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Well, we haven’t done this in awhile…

It’s not particularly new or improved, but here are some of the stories we read this week – about a fraction of the stories that I *wanted* to read this week, but, well, I haven’t beaten inFAMOUS 2 yet. Priorities! Of course, you’re welcome to add links of your own in the comments (they’ve got to be screened to make sure their not spam, so it could/will take several hours before they might show up. Please keep that in mind).

Finally, to all the daddies, baby daddies, and baby daddy’s daddies, happy Fathers Day.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 13, 2011)

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  • Hey Jeff, I’m late to this party because I walked away from reading assignments when I graduated from UCLA. And, need I point out, we’re gamers, not readers. And happier for it.

    Kidding aside, the NYT interview of Jack Tretton shows why he gets paid the big bucks. Best answer was playstaion’s biggest competittor is people’s spare time. Exactly right as well as slyly smooth. Thanks for the links.

  • Please add an auto-zoom mode to the PS 3DTV that uses the black edges to detect which mode (webbrowser, game or XMB) the PSP is in, and zoom in so the PSP is always fills the entire screen

    And include the collector’s edition instead of the regular edition of Resistance.

  • Will Gran Turismo 5, 6, etc. be on Vita?

  • What’s up Jeff?

    Do you have any insight to the PS Vita being used in the manner the PSP was with “Lair”? It was a great concept that never truly took effect. I’d love to see it once again implemented and taken to a whole new level. Not to mention the competition is going to release a console that does the same thing minus the ability to act as it’s own entity like the PS Vita.

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