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Well, we haven’t done this in awhile…

It’s not particularly new or improved, but here are some of the stories we read this week – about a fraction of the stories that I *wanted* to read this week, but, well, I haven’t beaten inFAMOUS 2 yet. Priorities! Of course, you’re welcome to add links of your own in the comments (they’ve got to be screened to make sure their not spam, so it could/will take several hours before they might show up. Please keep that in mind).

Finally, to all the daddies, baby daddies, and baby daddy’s daddies, happy Fathers Day.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 13, 2011)

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  • Good to have you back Jeff! Oh and Happy Father’s Day!

  • Its good to have things back to normal on the blog. Will The Drop also be returning today?

  • I’ve missed this post a lot since the incident. Good to see it return. The Drop?

    and Happy Fathers Day Jeff.

    Also can we get more details on the PSP to PSVita implementation. Will we be able to play our PSOne downloads? Will we have to rebuy any software that we already purchased from the PlayStation Store? Also when can we expect details on the memory stick format it’ll use (please let it be something non proprietary, PSP made life to expensive due to Pro Duo)?

    • Further details will come down the line.

      I know that you all have *a lot* of questions about PS Vita, and you’ll get your answers in plenty of time to make an informed purchase decision.

      I don’t know when exact full details will be released about all the nitty-gritty tech specs, features, processes, etc, but I can tell you that when they are, they’ll be fully blown out here and elsewhere – we won’t be tackling questions piecemeal in comment replies on a Sunday morning ^_^

  • Happy Fathers day indeed Jeff. And a Happy Fathers Day to al other fathers in Sony.

  • So apparently fathers day is not observed by psn like mothers day was even though there are more father gammers then mother gammers but still no love from psn I’m a little pissed about this deffently a let down and a large way to anger the fathers like myself that have been fatefull to psn all these years

  • Happy Fathers Jeff!

  • Glad to have you back. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of news; ending with E3 was a great comeback!


    What are you talking about?

  • Happy Fathers Day Jeff! :D

  • So the “The Drop” won’t be new or improved either…


    • It *is* on the way, and our friends at Ubisoft are preparing a post about it which will hopefully run this week.

  • Good picks. The article about the 3D TV only further solidified my desire for one of my own.

    Speaking of which, is that something that may launch alongside or a little after Resistance 3 seeing as that’s the pack in title?

    I know you may not know this far in advance, but I am kind of curious as to when I’ll need to have saved up for it.

  • Can’t wait for Uncharted 3 beta next week!

    Will the PS Vita ship in only black or both black and white? I remember seeing a white model.

  • Oh yeah one more question.

    What happened to the Official PlayStation app? I can’t find it in the Android Market. I manually installed it but it doesn’t let me sign in.

    • Yeah, we had bigger fish to fry recently :)
      We’ve been rolling out some server-side changes on the Blog to prepare for it, but I don’t know the exact roll out date. Can’t come soon enough.

  • Happy Father’s Day! Would like to know more details as to how the cross platform between Vita and PS3 works. Will there be bundles where if you buy the PS3 game you get a PSN voucher for the Vita copy? or if you buy the Vita physical copy, it also brings a voucher code like patapon 2? Things like the Price for the memory cards and the battery life would be great to know as well. Lastly, hows the PS Podcast coming along? did Podcast Beyond replace it? :P

  • Oh and does the PS TV splitscreen work on current Sony Bravia 3D TVs? could it be patched in or does it work if you get the PS glasses?

  • Happy Fathers day Jeff!

    I have a quick question regarding the mobile version of this blog. What happened to it? I frequent this site on my mobile device and I prefer the mobile version that you guys had before. Any word on if it will be coming back?

  • PS Vita will have “PS Party: Cross game chat. Is there any chance that when Vita launches we will see this come to PS3 as part of the inevitable upgrades to the PSN that will accompany the Vita’s launch?

  • P.S. Happy Fathers Day.

  • Good to see this back up and running Jeff. By the way are we going to get any info on file management (PSP/PS1 Classics) one the Vita anytime soon. It would be really nice to see something about it’s OS navigation as well.

  • Hey Jeff, dunno if you notice but the good ol’ PlayStation Blog homepage is having a few minor hiccups loading in Chrome and Firefox. In Chrome Viddler seems to take forever to load properly, and in Firefox, Viddler loads fine but the homepage is missing half of article. Maybe it’s just me though.

    • I’ve noticed this too. We rolled out some changes to the CSS so that you can play videos directly from the top of the page (what we call ‘the lead’, and it’s lead to some hiccups, like earlier in the week when everyone had the same PSN ID for like an hour). Guess we’re not finished tweaking.

  • happy things are back to normal!

  • Thanks for the response, Jeff!

  • When will the Uncharted 3 Beta come out? I have a voucher from inFAMOUS 2 but it wont work.

    Sorry im off topic

  • Jeff Happy Father’s Day and great job during E3! I did not think I could get more excited for the PSVita but I did! I bet TGS will bring some more 3rd party games, looking mostly at SE and Atlus (Imagine a PSVita version of Catherine! And Ni no Kuni!)

    Oh and Jeff to your knowledge can the Vita support PDFs and ebooks… I’m trying to convince my parents to get it for me…its for school after all! :D

  • Happy Father’s day and welcome back. It is cool to have something fun to read while I sit bored at work in my cubby on a Sunday evening.

  • Tell Sucker punch to make an Infamous 2 dynamic theme like when you start the game with all the lighting. it would be very nice

  • *lightning

  • Can we get some answers as to why the store hasn’t been updated twice a week like was planned when it came back online.

  • Everyone absolutely needs to read Tom Bissell’s L.A. Noire critique here. He’s easily one of the best writers about video games around. Thanks Jeff, for the link!

  • There was ‘TO MUCH’ last week & this week :D I watched & read most things on the PSBlogs, but i have been playing to much PS3 with doesn’t help to, just to much to play. . .god life is cruel;)

  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    Where is cross game voice chat for the PS3?

  • Nice

  • So, any update on the PS Podcast?

  • I’m having a problem connecting to the UGC server. Is anyone else having this problem? If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.

  • to all my dudes happy fathers day, but where are the triple a titles now? theres a slew about to be released over the coming months but what about now?

  • Hey Jeff, I’m doubtful in asking this, but do you have any information on this so called “Project Adrift” from Dontnod Entertainment?
    Have you heard if this was at E3 at all? I’ve been curious for the longest time, and I don’t think there has been any news that came from E3 from any journalists at all.

    Oh and we need a blog post from the people working on Gravity Daze and Sound Shapes. Please? Thanks!

  • Hey Jeff, any way you can get a word out to ThatGameCompany to get a patch in for 3D in Flower seeing as that game seems perfect for it? A patch ala Wipeout and Super Stardust would be great, Flower and 3D just seem perfect for each other.

  • The NYTimes article about their interview with Jack Tretton has pure negative comments in their comments section.

  • Finally somewhat of an answer about Beyond Good and Evil HD. That’s all I wanted. Thanks.

  • Jeff I have a question and it’s kinda pointless, just bear with me please. Why do all the new map packs and new releases come out for Xbox Live first, then PSN? This question has been nesting inside my head for months and nobody knows why.

  • @40 Activision and Microsoft have a timed exclusivity deal. I believe it ends next year.

  • is there anybody thats unable to sign in at this time

  • Thanks for update on Beyond good and evil hd! A few words go a long way. Your customer service followed up with me as well about all clear program. Lee was his name great guy! Keeping me informed and taking these baby steps letting us know somethings in the works is helping to shape a my vision of a future with your products! E3 may not have dazzeled me but keep classics coming and info posted and you’ll have my loyalty!

  • Sony, do u ever plan on starting exclusive deals like the microsoft-activision one? I hate how microsoft just buys everything.

  • Oh yeah! House of the Dead Overkill extended edition will it be with move bundle? I dont really want your move system but for HOTD Overkill i’d slap my mama! so sup? HOTD Move Bundle or what?

  • yeah uncharted 3

  • Will the launch for the ps vita be in november or december? I just can’t wait to get my hands on one!!

  • @ Jeff –

    Just for the record, I am planningon getting the 3Dtv that was mentioned both @ E3 & refered to in earlier comments. I maynot get it Day One, if only ,cause I’m on SSD (& as such, having a tight budget) & needing to save up for it. When you happen to have more info, could you mention what retailers will be carrying the TV please? As someone who doesn’t drive, I’m kinda limited as to what store I can shop at.

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Now as you’re a gamer like us, and you’re the only one that reply and read our comments. Go to Sony’s main office and say that you also need cross game chat :>) or at least to give us some answers.

    Because it seems that we’re nothing when it comes to support for “features” etc.

  • You spelled “their” wrong. lol.

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