Starhawk Single-Player Shines at E3, Next Stop: Comic-Con

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Starhawk Single-Player Shines at E3, Next Stop: Comic-Con

As expected, E3 2011 was crazy fun and a gamer’s dream come true. Every year E3 gets bigger and badder but this year’s show was special for us: we finally got to unveil our multiplayer Capture the Flag mode for Starhawk! So far, the feedback has been great. Starhawk was nominated for a bunch of E3 awards, including Best Shooter, Best Multiplayer and Best PS3 Game from G4TV.

During E3, the PlayStation.Blog team streamed live demos for a host of PlayStation games, including this 20 minute-long Starhawk tour that really shows off one of our single-player missions. Check it out above!

Here are a some impressions from members of the press that played Starhawk at E3:

“What stuck out was the combat from the air, the power of the Hawks, and the surprisingly convenient ability to jump seats in a moving vehicle.”

“We’re definitely excited to see more of this game, including its extensive single-player campaign.”

“Starhawk is full of the same brand of intense aerial dogfights and on-foot combat, takes the war to the stars, further complicating matters with an injection of real-time strategy.”

“[PlayStation] could have a new king of multiplayer on its hands.”

“Even in its early state, Starhawk shines with polish….the game’s not due for another year, but it already sported a rock-solid framerate and some of the best visuals for a multiplayer game on the platform.”

Starhawk for PS3

We definitely appreciate E3 awards…but honestly, what meant the most to us was the feedback and love we got on the floor from fans just like you. We were thrilled that players walked away from the kiosks genuinely liking the game — that’s what counts to us. We even had a huge Warhawk fan fly all the way from Brazil just to play Starhawk at E3…and she played for all three days! And we couldn’t forget our Canadian friends that stopped by the booth to say hi. It’s always a thrill for us to meet loyal Warheads….especially when they seem so normal! Go figure.

At this point, we know we have a long way to go and it’s our job to bring you a game that lives up to your expectations. Our challenge now is to get the game into as many hands as possible. We’ll be at Comic-Con in San Diego July 21-24 so please come on by and check out our game! We’re going to tell you more about our solo campaign and the Starhawk universe during the show, so stay tuned.

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    100th comment ;) There you go, Harvard – I hope you’re happy :P

  • 101…just missed it :)

  • Please include a snow map!!!!!!!

  • Cant wait for this game! Been playing WarHawk since day one, and will be right there the morning StarHawk comes out

  • Please no special map in Starhawk with preorder. All players need to have access to the same maps. It would be cool if you designed a bonus map for Warhawk that we can use while we wait with preoder…now that would be cool and might start bringing the WH community back.

    As far as skins, if it is used, I think it should just be early access to skins that the rest of the community maybe could have access to if they clear the game or something. I don’t like the “never catch up” concept.

    I think it would be even cool enough to just let the preoder people have unlockable jeep design right away…if that’s something you have to wait a while for in the game.

  • @Sharp I like the idea of having customization linked to rank only. That way you always know to target the glowing guys ;)

  • “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” – says the blog to the prod. boooo

  • Many warhawkers like to watch and make warhawk videos such as montages, commentaries, tips and tricks, ect. It would be nice if the Starhawk Community Page has an incorporated section to post youtube videos which the community can rate/comment. Maybe even a video competition. Not hosting the videos though. You could even have your own youtube channel, that way I wouldn’t need to subscribe to so many different people, to keep up with the community’s videos.

  • Pre-Order Incentive?
    Ok, this may sound obvious or simplistic, and forgive me if it’s already been suggested, but why not just offer a Pre-Order Discount? Nothing motivates people like a few bucks saved, right? Simple.

  • Will the knife still be selectable?
    Many knife fights had been held on levels such as Close Quarters, trying to push R3 will not feel the same.
    Also will there still be a stealth mode? When the knife was out in Warhawk it’d take you off the radar.

    The knife is one of my favourite weapons.

  • I love alot of the Pre-Order bonuses in the previous comments but I didn’t see any comments about the Champion & Ceremonial Blade. I was never able to get them on Warhawk but I would for sure Pre-Order the game for that or even buy it as DLC.

  • So I take it it’s gonna take another crazy 900+ hours to hit the highest rank on this too? I’m all for that.

  • Very informative interview! Dedicated player of Warhawk since release and I have to say, this game looks amazing. I’m pretty sure this is going to be game of the year 2012! Hopefully the world doesn’t end by release xD
    Day One buy for me! :D

  • @Bitty

    Watch the video, man. Knife is mapped to R3 and Jobe talks about it. No more selecting the knife.

  • @bitbydeath-eventually stealth/radar rules were changed in WH making the knife less stealthy and all other weapons more stealthy. With the updated rules, you could be holding any weapon and as long as you didn’t shoot and was not in the range of the enemy weapon your name would not be over your head (which correlates with radar). For extra stealth/radar non-detection, crouch works and will protect you even in range and line of site of the enemy while shooting (unless you hit someone…LOL). (if I’m remembering everything precisely…it’s been a while). The knife was made less stealthy because initially, no matter what range you were in, with the knife equipped, whether you were on foot or in vehicles, the enemy could not see your name over your head (or see you on radar). Now, it is the same as the other weapons (range and line of sight…except the knife can’t shoot). So there are many people sitting in tanks with their knifes equipped thinking the enemy can’t see their names…incorrect. LOL

  • @Decptuhkon-I don’t think it will matter now. Since the knife has a separate button R3, it only comes out for a brief second to slash so you won’t be able to walk around with it out showing your friends. I don’t know if you hold down the R3 button whether the knife stays out or not. If not, it adds even less value to a special blade.

  • wow this game looks amazing, as if you’ve never heard me say that before!

    …anything else I can do for you, Harvey?

  • Harvard,

    Will Starhawk have the same individualized soundtrack that Warhawk had where each person hears something different depending on the action going on around him? I’ve seen a few people ask this but I keep missing the answer. LOL

  • PLEASE MAKE IT AN EARLY 2012 RELEASE…. So looking forward to the game,,,, KEEP all the info on the game rolling…

  • @Vanthem; am hoping they are keeping it as an option to select it as well.
    R3 is a horrible button at the best of times.

  • Harv, you mentioned that you are considering whether you will let “observation mode” be allowable. How is that coming along? What are your reservations. Does it have to do with possible cheating? I think it would make if fun to watch (and possibly record) certain dogfight space-battle comps, some clan battles, etc. Maybe we can brainstorm how to stop cheaters. Since you already have the technology, it should at least be offered for unranked servers.

  • As long as they add some level of skill to the knife. What’s with other MP games rewarding one shot panic knifing. The Middle Ages are over. Your knife is not your strongest weapon.

  • Woooooooot. Extra late to the party, but I just have to drop in and say this game is a must have and the community being created before the game is even released is fantastic!

  • Loved the first one (Warhawk) and can’t wait for the beta!

  • Harvard, we all want to know more about the Rift bomb that Dylan told us about in the Gamespot interview at E3. I’m not asking for all the details. I only want to know whether this rift bomb is something that will be present in all modes or whether it is only present in a specialized mode you haven’t mentioned yet.

  • Congrats Harvard on “Best Multiplayer at E3 2011” by G4 and X-Play!!!!
    It’s nice being #1!

  • Congrats on Best Multiplayer at E3 2011 by RipTen.

  • I was really excited for this game, was going to pre-order, but then found it it only supports 2 player split-screen… In a world where you have to scrape the barrel for decent 4-player split screen games, I have lost faith if my favorite game, warhawk, has a sequel like this… not buying this game now

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