Starhawk Single-Player Shines at E3, Next Stop: Comic-Con

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Starhawk Single-Player Shines at E3, Next Stop: Comic-Con

As expected, E3 2011 was crazy fun and a gamer’s dream come true. Every year E3 gets bigger and badder but this year’s show was special for us: we finally got to unveil our multiplayer Capture the Flag mode for Starhawk! So far, the feedback has been great. Starhawk was nominated for a bunch of E3 awards, including Best Shooter, Best Multiplayer and Best PS3 Game from G4TV.

During E3, the PlayStation.Blog team streamed live demos for a host of PlayStation games, including this 20 minute-long Starhawk tour that really shows off one of our single-player missions. Check it out above!

Here are a some impressions from members of the press that played Starhawk at E3:

“What stuck out was the combat from the air, the power of the Hawks, and the surprisingly convenient ability to jump seats in a moving vehicle.”

“We’re definitely excited to see more of this game, including its extensive single-player campaign.”

“Starhawk is full of the same brand of intense aerial dogfights and on-foot combat, takes the war to the stars, further complicating matters with an injection of real-time strategy.”

“[PlayStation] could have a new king of multiplayer on its hands.”

“Even in its early state, Starhawk shines with polish….the game’s not due for another year, but it already sported a rock-solid framerate and some of the best visuals for a multiplayer game on the platform.”

Starhawk for PS3

We definitely appreciate E3 awards…but honestly, what meant the most to us was the feedback and love we got on the floor from fans just like you. We were thrilled that players walked away from the kiosks genuinely liking the game — that’s what counts to us. We even had a huge Warhawk fan fly all the way from Brazil just to play Starhawk at E3…and she played for all three days! And we couldn’t forget our Canadian friends that stopped by the booth to say hi. It’s always a thrill for us to meet loyal Warheads….especially when they seem so normal! Go figure.

At this point, we know we have a long way to go and it’s our job to bring you a game that lives up to your expectations. Our challenge now is to get the game into as many hands as possible. We’ll be at Comic-Con in San Diego July 21-24 so please come on by and check out our game! We’re going to tell you more about our solo campaign and the Starhawk universe during the show, so stay tuned.

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  • Ahhhhhhhh You used my rail gun idea :D:D:D:D:D
    Make the trails custom colors!!

  • The game looks amazing right now. I’m a big Warhawk fan, but something that I’ve disliked about the game is that playing the same 7 (or 5 if you don’t have the DLC) maps over and over gets boring after some time.
    So what I want to know is this: Could there be any way a player can terriform their own custom map? I think that would bring the game over the top. To not only have different gameplay in every map from build and battle, but to also have custom maps would be very, very cool.

    And as a side question, how many maps are you going to have put in the game? I would really like to know :)

  • When do you think you guys will be able to elaborate on the “perks” that I’ve been hearing about for the game. The word rubs me the wrong way due to its nature to unbalance the game for players of different levels, and I’m going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt until I see otherwise that you’ll get it right (or even better remove such a silly thing).

  • Loving all of the concepts your using! Keep it up!!! Will we be able to customize the look of the weapons?

  • I can’t wait to pick this up!

  • I’m glad to hear DJ crediting other games as influences because to me you really need to play a lot of games in order to understand how to make a good game. As for schwag and DLC for pre-order incentive of course I’ll go with DJ, “Every game should come with a flamethrower” idea and request a flamethrower keychain flashlight, and as for DLC a Warhawk story mode using the StarHawk engine.

  • Killing sprees?
    Ground combat only levels?
    Return of WH levels?
    Jeep drifting (power sliding)?
    Ty for the jeep horn :)

  • Dang. This game is shaping up to be one of the most original upcoming PS3 games. I can’t wait! It’s even better that you guys are located in my home town. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Can’t wait for this to come out! Looking better every time I see and hear more. Just wish it would be coming out sooner. Keep up all the great work!

  • Any way the soldiers will get a swimming lesson?

  • When will we get to see the community features such as the clan ladders, myhawk type stats tracker, clan challenge system, and Iphone/android app. Will we see continued support for the website this time? And have you decided on any bonuses for warheads yet?

  • StarHawk is an amazing game! Graphics, gameplay, the construction of buildings bring more competition and teamwork. I can’t wait to see the single player mode of the game. Comic Con might be my next destination … :-)

  • Awesome! Awesome looking game! Will you sneak us some little reveal at Comic Con?…anything even small is cool!

  • Harvard, is there a secret date you will announce the date of the closed beta? If so, can you give us a date you will announce the secret date? (e.g. on July first I will announce the day we will tell you about the beta)!

  • Will ambient warfare make a return? I’d like some asteroids to crush pp; lol
    I’d like the preorder to be something cool, like a RL model from the game, maybe an art book / poster, and some in game stuff like Special skins, double xp 4 24hrs.

  • The BETA for this GAME will BE AWESOME

  • E3 booth babes!!! Only relevant if you follow starhawk on facebook! So follow!!

  • Does the sniper type rifle have multiple zooms? Is it still possible to snipe someone from across a large distance? Like from your home base in Archipelago to the opposite home base.

  • I really don’t like RTS games, I hated Pixel Junk Monsters. So I hope there is some real storyline and backbone to the SP rather than just boring and repetitive RTS stuff. At this point the SP for Starhawk looks like the SP was for Brink or Unreal Tournament 3… basically just MP gameplay with some half-baked storyline added on and AI bots. Games like this are the worst, give us a dedicated SP campaign completely separate from the MP gameplay or don’t do it at all.

    BTW you mentioned something about asking our opinion about what DLC might influence us to pre-order? How about NONE. The ridiculous DLC for pre-orders nowadays is getting out of hand and needs to stop, NOW. It wouldn’t be so bad if every retailer got the same exact DLC, but having exclusive DLC for one retailer and a completely different DLC for another is awful.

  • you guys should do some cool hint things like dylan did with the warhawk booster packs for this game

  • I want an Emmitt figurine so I can display him next to all my playstation figurines! Chimera, Helghast, Cole, Kratos x2, sackboys and my Warhawk aircraft ;)

  • Yeah Easter eggs :) Leave some old school Warhawk references in the game. Like that land mine in Home.

  • cant freakin wait! Keep up the good work:)

  • looks awesome pumped up!!!

  • I can’t wait for Starhawk. I loved Warhawk!!!

  • Can’t wait for STARHAWK!!! Gonna be a BLOCKBUSTER!! Watch out COD, there’s competition a coming…..EMMETT GRAVES !!!!

  • Count me and my son in as being terrifically excited at the prospect of playing StarHawk. Everything we’ve seen looks great so far, and I’m really impressed with the level of interaction between the development team and the installed WarHawk fan base.

    So, yeah, I guess we’d be willing to participate in a beta program if such an opportunity exists in the future…but only if you don’t tell anyone what addicts we are afterward!

  • Is there a way to select weapons you can use on a map?

    • If I read your question right, no, not at this time. We’ll provide you with the tools – but we have been talking about the options for player hosted servers

  • OOOH by the way I LOVE WARHAWK!!

  • Co-op for single player? Will all CTF modes allow flying the flag or will there be a CTF mode without being able to fly with the flag?

    • CTF. at this time, will not allow flying with the flag. It was enabled for E3 but we’re changing it based on our playtests

  • STARHAWK is going to be legendary!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to play!!

  • When are we going to see this hover bike in action? Will there be a storyline for the Outcasts as well?

  • STAAARRHHAAAWKK ALL THE WAY!!! Keep the info coming Mistah Jobe,

    What I would like to know more on :
    Ranking system ?
    In game Medals & ribbons ?
    Vehicle customization ? (extra weapons/upgrades for vehicles ?? colors ?? emblems ??)
    Clan system (max players in clan/ multiple officers / Co-leaders) ??
    Group system ??
    Dedicated Servers ??
    Matchmaking / Warhawk Lobby style ??
    In game tournaments ??
    I got more questions but I think I’ve asked enough for today =P

    • we will have some sort of ranking/xp system. The jury is still out on if ranks are named, etc. We will have trophies, badges, etc. We will have dedicated servers, matchmaking, player servers, etc. We’ll tell you more about our tournament and clan systems down the road. As far as customization we’ve confirmed that you can collect character skins and vehicle paint jobs.

  • I cannot wait for Starhawk. Please find a way to keep ZONES in this, one of the best modes from Warhawk. I hope Sony really gets behind SH and markets the heck out of it, because this could be a AAA franchise for them. They missed a major opportunity with Warhawk, which has a cult following but was never exposed to the masses.

    • Zones comes with interesting design challenges. We haven’t confirmed that we will for sure include it – however, its one of our favorite Warhawk modes too so…

  • Glad to hear you can’t fly with the flag… Makes CTF too easy.

  • Thanks for the response Harvard. Perhaps making Zones maps with fixed structures is an option, or keep build and battle in there but make a player claim a zone before plunking something down. Mark each zone with a flag or something.

    ps: looking foward to it a lot, but please consider making Build and Battle an option for when the host player sets up a server.

    pps: please make player hosted servers ranked!!

  • If there is no flying with the flag mode in SH, will you have a mode to replace FCTF?

  • Harvard I saw you asking what DLC would encourage pre-orders. I ‘ll tell you one for sure, a map pack (or even just 1 extra map) would encourage a ton of pre-orders! Mine included!

    • that is true. We would love to know what you would all like to see for a pre-order incentive. Skins and paintjobs for online play seem to be the most popular, but I’d love to see some original ideas

  • You could include the soundtrack, or a Ps3 theme, or Starhawk avatars for psn :) Maybe a secret bonus co-op level.

  • skins, themes, etc will appeal to hardcore fans, but they’ll pre-order anyway. Map packs appeal to the general masses, in my opinion. I’m a 31 year old very casual gamer as are many of my friends and co-workers. None of them will bat an eye over a skin but will buy early for an extra map.

  • Easily my most anticipated game! As for people wanting skins/paint jobs for pre-orders – I know you already have them for everyone in game, but how about pre-order exclusive customization pieces?

  • What type of map pack though? Maybe make it an early release of a bunch of maps we could be first to use.(so we will be able to get into more games with other people later on) I’d like to be able to play the old warhawk maps with B&B. ;)

  • Please no map pack for pre-order. We don’t need to separate the community on day 1.

  • even just 1 extra map would get the job done, and that is selling pre-orders. I don’t know any casual gamers that give a crap about skins and paint jobs and things of that nature. To avoid your concerns Seventy_X_Seven, they could delay the free map (or map pack) to when the first map pack releases to the entire community for purchase. Those that pre-ordered get to punch in their code from their receipt at that time.

  • Yeah, but it’ll still create a divide, just later on. I do agree with you though; online maps would have the most pulling power.

  • playstation water. lol

  • well the divide is going to happen at some point because map packs are a given later on anyway…..So it is a moot point if the pre-order customers get a code they can’t use until the DLC is released to everyone anyway. I agree it wouldn’t be a good idea to give an extra map on day 1 though.

    WWE All stars had 2 free wrestlers as a perk for pre-order and you couldn’t get them for several weeks after the initial release of the game and it was fine….

  • how about access to the closed beta with pre-order

  • I’d somehow gotten it into my head that you were talking about pre-orderer -exclusive- maps. derp :P
    Warhawk sound track was epic, are you guys binging in-game music back? Not enough games support it.

  • will there be any air combat or air transport vehicles other than the Warhawk that can be piloted?

    Number 100 WOOT!

    • we’ll roll out the rest of the vehicles in the futre. Good work on cracking the century mark!

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