Rage for PS3: E3 2011 Hands-On

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Rage for PS3: E3 2011 Hands-On

Rage for PS3

When id Software releases a new IP, it’s more than a big deal — it’s an event. The veteran development studio behind classics such as Doom and Quake is preparing to unleash its next big shooter, Rage, this October. And at E3 2011, the storied studio presented a wildly diverse group of missions from the post-apocalyptic adventure to try out on the PS3 version of the game.

First things first: Rage looks fantastic. As id Software’s graphics guru John Carmack recently stated on Twitter, Rage may very well surprise gamers who expect the PS3 version to play second-fiddle to the PC version. Rage is one of the sharpest-looking games I’ve seen in a long time, with the developer’s new id Tech 5 engine really stealing the show. Walking around Rage’s post-apocalyptic wasteland should seem like a gloomy experience, but the game’s slick visuals and smooth-as-butter animations and framerate incite awe more than anything else.

Rage for PS3Rage for PS3

Throughout Rage’s expansive single-player environments, players can talk to many characters in order to take on new missions. The first mission I checked out was called “The Missing Parts,” and it begins with the player character in an outrigger settlement (one of many disparate groups in the wasteland) searching for buggy parts that were stolen by bandits. This eventually leads to the bandit hideout, where Rage’s gunplay takes the spotlight. Players can equip a number of weapons and augment these weapons with special ammo types found throughout the game. The bandits stood no chance against my pistol’s “fat boy” slugs, but equipping a modified shotgun for close-range combat proved equally effective.

Rage for PS3

Played on the DualShock 3, Rage ‘s control setup will be intuitive to anyone who’s played a PS3 shooter. Zoom and Fire buttons are naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons, respectively, and players can quickly scroll through their weapons cache with a click of the square button (UPDATE: You can also re-map these to L1 and R1). Navigating the in-game inventory is a breeze, making ammo modification and inventory management practically painless. Sub-weapons like grenades and a deadly throwing knife (the “Wingstick”) are easy to handle, and the equipping the grenade even adds a visual arc (a la UNCHARTED 2) so players can accurately aim their deadly explosives.

Rage for PS3Rage for PS3

Rage also sports some rowdy vehicular gameplay where players can hop into a dune buggy to traverse the wasteland or take part in combat races. The E3 demo race featured a fairly straightforward track design littered with booster packs and weapon pickups. Buggy races look to be a fun diversion from the more shooter-centric gameplay that forms Rage’s core experience.

There was a ton of Rage to see at E3, including a sadistic fun-house meets Running Man-esque TV show called “Mutant Bash TV,” as well as an encounter with a Cloverfield-sized monster in the sprawling Dead City section district, but to give too much away would spoil the surprises awaiting gamers when the game hits the PS3 this October.

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  • Keyboard and Mouse support please.

  • I’ve been waiting for Rage to come out & October can’t get here soon enough!

  • Man can’t wait for this game to come out, definitely a must buy.

  • This game sounds like my type of game.
    Sci fi type FPS from the makers of doom AND quake. Sounds like a good recipe to me.
    Only thing though is that I wanna make sure the graphics are actually GOOD.
    The devs were saying the same thing about CRYSIS 2 and that as a matter of fact are THE WORST graphics I have ever seen on the PS3 technically and performance wise. So its only rational for me to be skeptical when a third party developer says they’re pushing the system like sony’s world wide studios do.
    I just really hope id Software pulls through cause I’m gonna be REAL busy with Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, and Uncharted 3. Come on id Software! Pull through for us :D

  • I played Red Dead Redemption with L2 and R2 for zoom and shoot and was completely fine with it. that was probably because shooting with those buttons were pretty natural. I will have to see if playing with L2/R2 buttons will work for this game, but I’ll probably switch

  • @ my first comment

    I’m not per say worried about the way Rage looks, it’s how it plays. It looks like a great game, and I have been following it since it’s announcement. I’m very excited for it’s release. That placed aside, I just don’t want your game to receive the disappointment from PS3 gamers that games like Bioshock and Red Dead have invoke by setting up L2/R2 as a default setting. I do understand that people like you may prefer this ( which is ok )… but just like people like me who use inverted Y controls ( which usually aren’t default ) there has to be an acceptance on the standards. Especially when separating the 360 game from the ps3 game.

  • @56 continued

    The one thing that gives away that a dev team hasn’t been testing the game among a broad audience consists of this control scheme. It is imperative to set R1/L1 as standard aim and shoot and default at that. Otherwise, most ps3 gamers will pick up the game and question these choices quite a bit. The first though to come to mind is an unthoughtful port from the 360 version (which I know is not the case). The other thought is the lack of experience developing games for the ps3. I apologize for this slight rant, but as a studio I respect, I hope these comments don’t get ignored and do reflect your final product. Just know the audience you’re dealing with on a casual scale.

  • I can’t wait to get it!!! Whats the resolution gunna be? My t.v. is 1080p. I bet the game looks awesome in HD.

  • It has been a long while sine we had a full id game, I must say I am looking forward to it. On top of that, from what I hear about the special increase in performance out of the PS3, makes me all the more excited as my budget simply doesn’t have a high enough pc in mind. :)

  • Iam keeping a close eye on this game. Good to know we can switch the fire and zoom buttons. L1 and R1 or forget it. I dont even like the triggers on my threesixzero. If i can switch i will, even on the other system. Anyways lookn great and theres a good chanceI will buy it.

  • I’d love to see an in-depth technical interview with the Rage developers about how they are leveraging the PS3 architecture and what limitations they had to innovate to work around.

    Also, OGG or lossless audio on the bluray please? tired of shooters having crappy-sounding MP3 assets as a lowest-common denominator.

  • I have concerns about the PS3 version of Rage after reading interviews with John Carmack and id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead which give the impression that they think the Xbox 360 has better hardware architecture. John Carmack is also quoted as saying in Edge magazine, “The PS3 lags a little bit behind in terms of getting the performance out of it. The rasterizer is just a little bit slower – no two ways about that.” They have more recently stated that they are confident they’ll be able to deliver 60 FPS for all platforms of the game. While I‘ll be extremely disappointed if they are unable to achieve 60 FPS on the PS3, it won’t be enough to make me switch my pre-order to the Xbox 360 version simply because of what they were saying about the storage limitations of the Xbox and how that version of the game will most likely require several discs. They also mentioned that the PS3 version of the game “may” look better due to the much greater storage capacity of Blu-Ray discs allowing for greater “texture density and resolution” than the Xbox 360.I don’t mind if the game runs at 30 FPS if it means it looks better than a 60 FPS Xbox version. I also don’t want to have to switch discs at any point during the game.

  • already preorder at Gamestop!


  • I agree with NV_Misfit — I’d prefer 30fps and a larger hard drive install to achieve better visual and audio fidelity that takes advantage of both bluray’s storage capacity and the PS3’s superior support for HD video and audio codecs.

    The version of GCC that Sony ships in their official devkit isn’t super new, but leveraging profile-guided optimizations, mega-compiling (poor man’s Link Time Optimization), and the cloog-ppl loop optimizations can make a *huge* difference. That being said, I’m sure the team at id is going well beyond the conventional toolchain to squeeze out more performance :)

  • So far from what I heard the game sound really hot sauce BBQ and can’t wait to hear more about it, but I wonder If the guys at Id Software has any plan for playstation vita, thanks :)

  • I just thought I’d offer a little advice for people who do have issues playing shooters (or any other games) where functions are permanently mapped to L2/R2. Stores where games and/or electronics devices are sold (such as Future Shop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Gamestop) may have something called Dual Triggers for the PS3 Sixaxis/DualShock 3. I have a couple of pairs myself and I find they can help those, whom for whatever reason, do not like using the L2/R2 combo for certain games or simply pefer not to, but have no choice depending on the game. All they do is snap on those lower triggers and provide a temporary mod which can be fairly easily snapped on/off depending on the given player/situation. I think Dual Triggers are worth a look. Hope it may help some of you out with any past, present or future gaming sessions. Thanks for your time. Later.

  • Rage looks nice

  • the game looks amazing… just hope that it has a great campaign to go along with it.

  • If this game doesn’t run, look and sound significantly better than the 360 version, then it will be a rent for me. Cause while there is confirmation about swapping L2/R2 with L1/R1, just the fact they are using this setup as the default for the PS3 means our version is probably going to be subpar and under-developed. Any competent developer knows that the PS3 should always have L1/R1 for aim/fire, and if they don’t realize this then it’s a dead giveaway that they are not true PS3 gamers and probably don’t care about our version of the game.

    Also RAGE should use the blu-ray to their full advantage, which includes giving us uncompressed/losseless audio. You guys got 50GB to play with, I’m sure you could fit all the lossless audio on the disks just fine.

  • Whatever happened to the buttons for video games being completely mappable? This is a trivial thing to program for, so why the shoehorn?

  • I dont know why everyone is so caught up on the L2/R2 Zoom/Aim thing. Big whoop, this isnt Call of Duty and its not online competitive either, so get over it. Borderlands was the same way and that game was a one I will remember forever and L2/R2 did not bother me at all. Only stupid people cant accept change.

  • Did anyone actually read this?
    Quote “Zoom and Fire buttons are naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons, respectively, and players can quickly scroll through their weapons cache with a click of the square button (UPDATE: You can also re-map these to L1 and R1).”
    So stop whining like a bunch of brats about the damn buttons already.

  • Dont listen to those guys, I too prefer L2/R2 for zoom/shooting

  • I agree with #51 thougm mouse and keyboard support please, like unreal did.

  • i ordered my copy a couple weeks ago, i really don’t care how they map the controls. Although i’m not used to the trigger setup for L2/R2 i could get used to it, but i am glad that they are making it so i can remap the controls for L1/R1, for me it’s just easier. Aparently most of the people who’ve been posting on here forgot how to read and missed this part of your article. I applaud id for allowing people to choose how they want to play. Everyone keeps saying that they want a COD setup for the controls but guess wht this isn’t a COD game you idiots, so quit your whining and get over it, if you don’t like it then don’t buy it, it’s not their fault your to much of a prick to adjust to something new.

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