Rage for PS3: E3 2011 Hands-On

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Rage for PS3: E3 2011 Hands-On

Rage for PS3

When id Software releases a new IP, it’s more than a big deal — it’s an event. The veteran development studio behind classics such as Doom and Quake is preparing to unleash its next big shooter, Rage, this October. And at E3 2011, the storied studio presented a wildly diverse group of missions from the post-apocalyptic adventure to try out on the PS3 version of the game.

First things first: Rage looks fantastic. As id Software’s graphics guru John Carmack recently stated on Twitter, Rage may very well surprise gamers who expect the PS3 version to play second-fiddle to the PC version. Rage is one of the sharpest-looking games I’ve seen in a long time, with the developer’s new id Tech 5 engine really stealing the show. Walking around Rage’s post-apocalyptic wasteland should seem like a gloomy experience, but the game’s slick visuals and smooth-as-butter animations and framerate incite awe more than anything else.

Rage for PS3Rage for PS3

Throughout Rage’s expansive single-player environments, players can talk to many characters in order to take on new missions. The first mission I checked out was called “The Missing Parts,” and it begins with the player character in an outrigger settlement (one of many disparate groups in the wasteland) searching for buggy parts that were stolen by bandits. This eventually leads to the bandit hideout, where Rage’s gunplay takes the spotlight. Players can equip a number of weapons and augment these weapons with special ammo types found throughout the game. The bandits stood no chance against my pistol’s “fat boy” slugs, but equipping a modified shotgun for close-range combat proved equally effective.

Rage for PS3

Played on the DualShock 3, Rage ‘s control setup will be intuitive to anyone who’s played a PS3 shooter. Zoom and Fire buttons are naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons, respectively, and players can quickly scroll through their weapons cache with a click of the square button (UPDATE: You can also re-map these to L1 and R1). Navigating the in-game inventory is a breeze, making ammo modification and inventory management practically painless. Sub-weapons like grenades and a deadly throwing knife (the “Wingstick”) are easy to handle, and the equipping the grenade even adds a visual arc (a la UNCHARTED 2) so players can accurately aim their deadly explosives.

Rage for PS3Rage for PS3

Rage also sports some rowdy vehicular gameplay where players can hop into a dune buggy to traverse the wasteland or take part in combat races. The E3 demo race featured a fairly straightforward track design littered with booster packs and weapon pickups. Buggy races look to be a fun diversion from the more shooter-centric gameplay that forms Rage’s core experience.

There was a ton of Rage to see at E3, including a sadistic fun-house meets Running Man-esque TV show called “Mutant Bash TV,” as well as an encounter with a Cloverfield-sized monster in the sprawling Dead City section district, but to give too much away would spoil the surprises awaiting gamers when the game hits the PS3 this October.

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  • You guys do realize that the only ‘decent’ shooter on the ps3 to incorporate R2/L2 for the trigger and zoom consists of Bioshock… right? That’s almost a death sentence. PS3 owners and gamers HIGHLY prefer R1 and L1 with good reason.

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    awww :(

  • Yea, I beat you XD

  • How about some actual gameplay footage?

    • It’s hard to do RAGE justice with screens, the game looks phenomenal in action. As I noted above, John Carmack of id was really pleased when people looked down below the demo stations and found PS3s when they were expecting PCs.

  • Yeah, there’s no reason for triggers to be analog. The Dualshock triggers are too sensitive for any operation that isn’t analog. The slightest tap is a fire. Even so much as putting the controller down may trigger it. Great for gas/brake pedals. Terrible for gun triggers. Get those onto R1/L1, or at least offer the ability to remap.

    • It could be that the default was changed when I was playing, or someone could’ve changed it before I picked up the controller. I personally like the L2/R2 setup, but I know I’m likely in the minority.

  • Link01 is correct. Don’t map those to L2/R2. Another multiplatform game that will run in sub HD and < 30 FPS on PS3.

  • @Link01

  • I agree…. L2/R2 for Zoom/Fire is a death sentence on the PS3. If the triggers were shaped more like actual triggers like on the Xbox 360, then it would make sense. But please allow for re-mapping to L1/R1.

  • sounds great

    but are those screen shots from the ps3 version or pc?

  • ‘Z’oom and Fire buttons are naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons”

    This doesn’t feel natural a all.

    Please make it L1 R1. And overhaul the controller for PS4.

  • L2 and R2 = FAIL!
    These guys clearly don’t play games on PS3.

    Give me option for L1 and R1 or no buy.


  • Are the earlier rumors still true? Is Rage coming out in 2 blu ray disck? Do we have to install one disk 1st, in order to play the game, and will it take up more than 5 gigs of space? Rage looks awsome, just concern with how much space (if any) it will take from my console. If I need to I will install bigger Hard Drive! I have all ready pre-ordered my copy!

  • “Zoom and Fire buttons are naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons”

    L1 and R1 or no buy. Who seriously thinks that it is natural for L2 and R2 to zoom/fire on the dualshock?

  • Games really aren’t enjoyable when all the action is with the L2/R2 buttons. They’re way too sensitive which could swing the gameplay value due to random bullets flying when trying to sneak around enemies. I suggest that you switch to L1/R1 just of the convenience to the players.

  • I agree, change to L1/R1 and give the options of changing the mapping to L2/R2. Yes, there is more trigger-like movement to the L2/R2 buttons but all shooters are just nicer to play when mapped to L1/R1.

    L1/R1 should definitely be the default mapping.

  • @Link01: Borderlands?

  • Really says something when even the playstation blog correspondent even calls it “naturally assigned” the l2/r2 buttons. It’s a clear sign that the PS3 versions have been so bad that even the Sony staff doesn’t play multi-plats on the system, and have forgotten how the over sensitive nature of the triggers make it terrible to have any primary functions assigned to them.

    That this is the default layout really makes you wonder if anyone tested the port for playability or just for certification?

  • My hands feel cramped when I’m forced to use L1 and R1 to aim and shoot. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  • man why do you have to play for multiplayer online on Mw3 thats bull yall startin to be like 360>(cant stand)

  • Looking forward to this game – I’ve had it pre-ordered for a couple months now. And it’s great to hear that the PS3 version looks fantastic and smooth.

    I’m wondering if it will have some skill/abilities upgrades and that sort of thing?

  • I am literally going to be broke and fiance’-less this fall. There are so many games coming out and I want them all. After reading this rage has once again topped my list. This will be epic by all stretch of the mind. Graphics look like they are going to be a key part of the gameplay.

  • dabeast, Modern Warfare 3 has absolutely nothing to do with this post…Sony also has no control over how Activision decides to do business either.

  • Looking forward to this game. Pass a message to carmack to stop being a jerk to the ps3 community everytime he gets a chance. We get it already you prefer the 360!

  • Nice PC pictures.

  • “Zoom and Fire buttons are naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons”

    aww, hell naw. naturally mapped, my ass. fix this nao.

  • Rage looks pretty damn good to me. The 60 fps really stands out. Although, what I’ve seen has only been PC and 360 game play and I would like to see actual PS3 game play.

    I personally don’t have a problem with L2/R2 since that’s what Red Dead Redemption used by default and that’s how I played the whole game. RDR did let you swap the L2/R2 with L1/R1 in the options menu, though, and I figure Rage will do the same for those who prefer it that way(right?).

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to id’s first PS3 game.

  • @dabeastdaace Modern Warfare 3 will be 100% free to play online day of release & forever.

  • Video or it didn’t happen!

  • @ memoymeli

    Just go ahead and get a larger notebook drive. I put a 500 gig HDD in a year ago and it’s so much better to not have to shuffle memory to accomodate new games and with virtually every game now requiring a 3-4 gig install you will need it sooner rather than later. Remember, it’s not an “expense” it’s an “investment.”

    @ Everyone–please back your hard drive up or back your game saves up at least. I had to format mine due to a corrupted file error this past weekend and I lost everything I’ve been working on since Setember 2007. A lot of online play is NOT stored on the publisher’s server as well so most of my MP progress is gone as well. Yes I called it “work”. I’m just sayin…I was stupid, so you don’t have to be.

  • RAGE looks freaking epic. I think the L2R2 may have been a typo cuz that just ain’t natural one bit feller. Nobody does that. Surely they know better. Sorry to be off topic before.

  • Hate Games when they do L2/R2, What is this Xbox. Put L1/R1 or NO BUY FOR ME. Dam dont they play PS3 games. The best shooting games r always L1/R1

  • wow glad i’m not the only one around here that is thinking “Who in the hell uses L2/R2 for zoom and fire?!?!”

    L1/R1 All the way. With the so called “triggers” it just feels wrong. This isn’t the xbox gtfo

  • have none of you people heard of the pelican real triggers their only 5 bucks and they give your dual shock controller better triggers than any xbox controller

  • Hey Andy Burt, I love your Journey icon! You’re a thatgamecompany fan?

    • I am! I come from a games journalism background, and fell in love with this game the first time I saw it in action…which was E3 2010 I believe.

  • Does it look as good as KillZone 3? Probably not! :D

  • Hey this game does look pretty cool and i’ll probably pick it up at some point. But honestly, “naturally mapped to the L2 and R2 buttons”? No way is that natural. Shooters for Playstation have always been L1 and R1. Like many others have stated, this is not xbox.

  • I use the real trigger addons and love using L2/R2 for shooters. The reason why it doesn’t feel as good using L2/R2 is because of the design of the buttons themselves. I think the best solution would be to have all games allow button re-mapping.

  • Just to get my vote in, please allow L1/R1, instead of L2/R2. L2/R2 have too much play in them, and their convex shape leads to finger slips.

    (Note to Sony, the DualShock 4 better get some more attention than it’s previous iterations… L2/R2 should be concave, the sticks should be concave, and think about swapping the left-stick and the D-pad. But don’t mess with the face buttons — They are the best of any controller out there!)

    And on a side note: Visual grenade arc FTW!! You guys should go show Zipper how to do that on a PS3 game, since they seem to think it was too difficult to bring over from the PS2 SOCOM’s…! [face palm]

  • Definitely agree about L2/R2 being a bad move. I also hate when developers still do this.

  • It would be nice some gameplay footage

  • Someone correct me if Im wrong but games that are a bit 2 flashy graphics-wise end up being just generic shooting games. Take crisis2 for example it was a beautiful game but 2 generic

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Twit from id dev: “For #ps3 shooter fans, Rage controller config will support L1/R1 for Zoom/Shoot. We’ve been and continue to tweak the diff platform configs.”

  • Please tell me the retail copy will have different controller layout options. All of the best FPS games on PS3 use the L1/R1 controller layout and it feels perfect. Rage is one of my most anticipated games but if there’s no other controller layout options I (and I hate saying this) may skip the game altogether. L2/R2 for main actions like ADS/shooting is a big issue for me. The game is looking great so far and I’d hate to have to skip it. :)

  • @scriptures… see my previous comment

  • How about kb/m support? How come we never get that?

  • i have to say that when you ad the real triggers it makes it more comfortable tho it is still a bit sensitive

  • @gstaff All is well now! Thanks!

  • Looks great! How am I going to afford all these games…

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