Outland Now Available on PSN, More Behind-the-Scenes with Housemarque

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Outland Now Available on PSN, More Behind-the-Scenes with Housemarque

The day has finally come and we are ecstatic to have released Outland on the PlayStation Network. Many of you first heard of this platformer/Ikaruga mash-up when we first announced it at our Digital Day event last year and got a deeper dive when PlayStation.Blog’s Sid Shuman gave a quick preview from PAX East 2011.

The idea of the game is simple: you are following in the footsteps of an ancient hero looking to prevent the destruction of the world at the hands of the goddesses of chaos. However, mix in the polarity switching and you have one amazingly challenging game.

Housemarque, known for their work on Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD, has been receiving a ton of praise on Outland, including 1UP calling it “one of the best downloadable games this year”. Let’s take a deeper dive into the development of Outland:

Be sure to check out Outland now on the PlayStation Store. For $9.99, you can pick up a critically acclaimed platformer with epic boss battles and online co-op. Let us know what you think once you get your hands on our game!

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  • @Kirkpad
    I pay attention and remember things moreso then most. Still think your analogy is wrong and anger misplaced. What Sony is offering is a gift of sorts. Sure they don’t have, just as much as your parents never had to give you birthday/christmas/graduatation/etc gifts, but I’m sure they did all the same. Why beat upset with people accepting gifts? Join me and continue to be upset with Sony and the hackers for this whole mess occuring in the first place. And for what its worth, I’ve yet to activate a single piece of welcome back content as of this post.

  • This game looks and seems awesome I just never get the chance to buy point cards…..

  • @megamixer: I’m with you on that point. I’m mad at the hackers who think they are demigods & can screw with anybody. In case you complainers haven’t noticed, the news is filled with more companies admitting they were hacked & customer data compromised. Amazon had a freaking deal this morning on a 160 gig PS3 & it sold out in 6 minutes & throngs of peeps were on wait list & complaining about wait list but patience paid off because I bought one. Droves of customers are coming TO Playstation, not away, and Sony doesn’t have to give them away if you buy a Vaio. Which I did last year. 3 grand it cost & no free Playstation and I’m not complaining.

  • I just bought Outland yesterday (The avatar you see here comes with purchase of the game for a limited time). I own Ikaruga on the Game Cube and I’m also a big fan of Castlevania and Metroid type games. This game has deep platforming and exploration, a beautiful, Zen like art style and a really cool main character. The pace of the game is just right and the controls are tight. Jumping is very similar to the NES Ninja Gaiden titles. Soundwise, the game is very atmospheric and the soundtrack matches the subtle in game environments perfectly. Do not pass on Outland. This is one game that the reviewers are raving about for a good reason. It’s unique, innovative and action packed. Its easily one of the best titles PSN has right now.

  • @Alex Monney

    Can we get a costume of the main character from Outland in Playstation Home? I would want it to look just like the Avatar that you gave away with the game, Sword in hand and it should glow blue and red. I would definitely pay for that. Also, are there any plans to bring an Outland Public Space to Home as well? Seeing that Housmarquee has a presence in Playstation Home with Dead Nation, I think it would be a great way to boost sales of Outland besides the fact that it would just be incredibly cool.

  • I just watched the video. Those 12 year old game designers were using white & black dual shocks.

    Anyway, this was great. Instead of just a trailer, I really want to hear from the developers like this. Just like a director’s commentary on blu ray movies, hearing about the developer’s creative process & inspiration adds so much.

  • I threw down the $10 and I’m glad I did, this game sounds, looks and plays great! Nice Job!

  • I was totally looking forward to buying this game… until I found out that the PS+ discount was no longer being offered. Now, I don’t want to buy it under the fear that the discount will be back in two weeks or something! Can anyone please let us know if the PS+ discount is still being planned?

  • @58

    Honestly, I thought this game was going to be $14.99. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. Try the demo first. If you like it, its worth the $9.99 you pay for it. It refreshing to see how many different game play elements are combined to make Outland what it is.

  • This game look really interesting, i have 20 bucks on my account, the purpose was to renew dc universe online but now im thinking of getting this.

  • People, the developer needs to make a profit in order to be a successful business. The 20% discount offered for Plus users was prior to the outage. Outland is now one of many products released in a short time frame, meaning it missed the original release date it and is now in a congested market.

    Off topic, but I can’t wait to hear about the Dead Nation DLC!

  • If you ever wonder if doing these developer diaries are worth it, let me confirm that they are.

    This game wasn’t really on my radar until I watched this. Now I can’t wait until pay day this Friday so I can buy and play it! You piqued and captured my interests, and – come Friday – my money.

  • I downloaded the demo, played through it, and immediately purchased the full game afterward.

    There’s some very breathtaking artwork on display here, with smooth, fluid animation, crisp backgrounds, and great use of color. It’s simply stunning! Fortunately, the gameplay holds up equally well. The control is spot on, and like they said in the video here, it’s a very dynamic game.

    Kudos to Housemarque for bringing another fine game to PSN!

  • This looks absolutely phenomenal. This game was on my radar but after seeing this behind-the-scenes I am definitely going to pick this game up in the next few days 2d platforming will never die

  • @megamixer Why not redeem? To make some silly point that nobody at Sony will recognize? I had all the PS3 content already purchased, so I scooped up some games for my PSP. If it’s free, why not take it? Its the same reason why people took their 30 free days of PS+. If Sony had just given the PS+ content away through the Welcome Back program then they wouldn’t need to give away PS+ in the first place. The flip side of this, is that Sony wouldn’t be able to market PS+ towards anyone.

    I am totally with you on being upset at Sony/Hackers, but my anger is not towards anyone BUT Sony. Everyone gets a free month of Plus (a service I paid for), which in made the service less “worth-it” for the customer (me). Sure, I got 60 days bonus, but that’s not really saying much if people can still get 30 days free before July 3rd. This means that my “60 days” welcome back offer is really a bonus that takes place DURING the Plus cutbacks.

    I will be patient though. Soon the discounts will flow like water. (Saving 20% on 3 or 4 games means enough funds to buy another!)

  • All right I bought the game!!!! :D

  • i tried the demo, amazing. Bought the game =)

  • This game is great and I have a lot of fun playing it! Thanks for the free Avatar included with it!

  • I LOVED FlashBack!

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