Outland Now Available on PSN, More Behind-the-Scenes with Housemarque

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Outland Now Available on PSN, More Behind-the-Scenes with Housemarque

The day has finally come and we are ecstatic to have released Outland on the PlayStation Network. Many of you first heard of this platformer/Ikaruga mash-up when we first announced it at our Digital Day event last year and got a deeper dive when PlayStation.Blog’s Sid Shuman gave a quick preview from PAX East 2011.

The idea of the game is simple: you are following in the footsteps of an ancient hero looking to prevent the destruction of the world at the hands of the goddesses of chaos. However, mix in the polarity switching and you have one amazingly challenging game.

Housemarque, known for their work on Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD, has been receiving a ton of praise on Outland, including 1UP calling it “one of the best downloadable games this year”. Let’s take a deeper dive into the development of Outland:

Be sure to check out Outland now on the PlayStation Store. For $9.99, you can pick up a critically acclaimed platformer with epic boss battles and online co-op. Let us know what you think once you get your hands on our game!

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  • Great Game,can’t wait to buy it,the demo is just too short!xD

    • The demo is just a quick taste of what the full game has to offer. Just wait until you get to some of the epic boss fights!

  • What happened to the 20% discount that was announced for PlayStation Plus members? I also noticed the discount for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes disappeared when the PSN came back online.


  • You guys are so mean for ending the demo where you did! I was almost in tears because it was so awesome. Gonna purchase as soon as I get a PSN card.

  • Also curious as to why there is no PlayStation Plus discount for Outland. I can understand that you may not want to give everyone the discount (since everyone has Plus access atm), but you shouldn’t dismiss those who pay for it either.

    I was looking forward to my $8 Outland for weeks while the network was down. Oh well.

  • looks like a great game. I might get it today and see if those boss battles are truly “epic” as they say.

  • I wish the demo was longer, but im still glad the game is released and I cant wait to get it!!!!

  • did anyone else notice the guy sitting on the couch had an XBOX controller?

  • Is there local co-op?

    • Co-op is online only. It allows for more exploration instead of having to be restrained by the area on the screen.

  • That remind me Super Meat Boy, A never released Game on PS3 Platform.

  • @LD2179: pretty sure that’s a white dualshock 3

  • Yes, what about the ps+ discount? How come we can’t get any answers?? I’m going to hold off buying until I get an explanation. I know it’s only two dollars difference, but it’s the principle of the matter. I remember Sony stating in the blog that the game would be 20% off for ps+ members. I bet it was changed because EVERYONE gets to be a ps+ member for the time being. All we want are answers….

  • Will there be split screen?

  • Hopefully I’ll be able to download this after I get done with Infamous 2.

  • Yes, that was a Xbox controller, but what do you expect it was multiplatform. they also used a ps3 controller.

    Yes, bummer on the 7.99 Ps+ deal.. I woulda bought instantly. I love Dead Nation and Super StarDust. But the demo didn’t give me that “this is awesome” feeling, like the other 2 mentioned games. I will probably still buy it. That video you posted really helped push me closer, but still on edge. 9.99 is a great deal for a game made by a high quality company. But 7.99 woulda closed the deal. 2.00 is nothing yes, but sony saying it would have discount really prevents people from buying day 1 i am sure. “It is the thought that counts.” Really bad news for a company that deserves every penny for the awesome games they make.

    Make a Dead Nation2!!!!

  • I bought that game yesterday and i love it. but the only major problem i have is that there is constant lag online could u please fix this.

  • Downloaded the demo, haven’t had a chance to play it yet but I love Stardust and Dead Nation so we shall see.

  • Me and my friend were have been trying to play coop but there is alot of lag i mean alot i dont know if you guys can fix this but if you could it would be much appreciated and also will there be DLC?

  • DLC for Dead Nation would be awesome. I’d pay whatever price they’d ask. XD.

  • Any word about the PS+ discount?

    Please stop ignoring us.

  • soo people on PS PLUS are complaining because its not discounted onlyyyyy 2 dollars off ? lol realy 2 extra dollars will get you bankrupt ? this game looks better then just 9.99. maybe 11.99

  • Really all of you people complaining about 2 BUCKS REALLY its only 10 dollars for a good game. i would understand if it was 15 dollars but its 10 bucks and you want it for 8!?!? really you guys need to get a grip these guys have made a fantastic game for the price your loss not buying it.

  • well said xLuckydawgx

  • theXecutioner, you cannot sit here and say that you wont buy a game just because a 2 DOLLAR DISCOUNT went away. I have never seen so much ignorance from a single human being from just 2 DOLLARS. Also, it is an amazing game, totally worth the money, but your loss.

  • I’m a current ps+ member for awhile now and im far from mad just cause the 20% discount is gone. this game is worth every penny if not more imho but o well i guess people need something to complain about.

  • As stated earlier, it’s not the idea of getting two dollars off. A discount was stated earlier, sometime in April I believe, when the game was supposed to have been originally released. If you guys went into a store with a flyer in your hands and you wanted an item, then the store told you that they are not honoring the price in the flyer, would you be happy about it? I don’t think so. I’ve worked in retail before, people will complain about two cents, never mind two dollars. They shouldn’t state things at one time, then change their minds. It’s not right.

  • It looks awesome, and the price is reasonable.

  • Sly12 heres the thing you have to realize Outland was supposed to be 15 dollars….

  • @ xLuckydawgx: I have to disagree with you. I googled the price point yesterday and all the information relating to the April release stated that the game was to be priced at $9.99 back then. The discount was to be on top of that. But whatever, I’m not going to argue about it anymore. I just want an official reply. I’m not the only one on here to bring up the pricing issue. Take a look in the comments to the ps store update post yesterday.

  • SLY12 isn’t being an immature idoit about it. He is just stating FACTS. No point in attacking him. He is right after all.

    9.99 is a great deal. But 7.99 is better. XD. Yes? No?

  • Will the people that actually PAID for PS+ get the discount at a later date? To those saying “it’s just $2” that’s true, but the whole point of PS+ are the discounts, and it’s rare to get one on a new release u actually want like Outland. So it’s the principle that matters here. I’ll hold off a few months just to see what happens.

    Hope this doesn’t happen to beyond good and evil as well!

  • @15 This is Playstation Blog, we don’t expect to see XBOX Controllers on here.

  • @ x-former: Exactly. Finally, you and “fijski8” understand where I’m coming from. Why am I paying for PS+ then? To get discounts and other perks as well. When something is promised and then changed for some unknown reason, people get upset.

    Now, about that official answer….

  • Where is DLC support for Dead NATION….you even have an online store but no content on it -_-. I want more ZOMBIES!!!!

  • Its great to have a new downloadable platformer. You’d think this genre would thrive on digital platforms but there is less than two handfuls of them on PSN by my count. I’ll definetely pick this up once I deem PSN worthy of getting money from me again.

  • Housemarque is a great studio. I first bought Dead Nation and then got Super Stardust for free with the Welcome Back package and I must say those are some of the highest quality, fun and addictive games I have ever played this generation. This game looks no different and I will continue to buy any product under the Housemarque name as long as this level of quality remains. Excellent stuff!

  • I’ll also throw my hat into the “what happened to the ps+ discount?” ring. The least Sony could do is provide an answer, rather than pretending it never happened. I’m only PS+ cuz of the free month, so maybe I don’t have the right to complain, but i’m sure there’s a lot of Plusers out there that were Plus before the outage, and they ABSOLUTELY have a right to complain.

  • Is there going to be a discount with PS Plus?

  • what happened to the plus discount? Please someone, anyone?

  • x-former il send you 2 extra dollars. i know i got some between the couch cushions. you wont have to wait ah few longggg months.

  • LOL at the 360 controller on the ps blog.

  • What happened to the 20% discount that was announced for PlayStation Plus members?

  • Sony and Ubisoft’s discount contract (for BG&E, Might and Magic, and Outland) was ended with the outage, or was postponed until after the PS+ freeloaders (the people who haven’t paid for Plus) lose their subscription.

    The deal with Ubisoft likely said that they would give discounts to PS+ users (who actually paid for it), not the entire PSN community. Everyone needs to wait two months, and the real discounts will be back.

  • Like others have been saying, I’m not upset about spending another $2. I make over $3,000 a month after taxes. $2 means nothing to me.

    I’m upset that I paid for a service that (among other things) provides discounts, was told that I would be getting a discount, and now there is in fact no discount. To make matters worse, they refuse to address it. They read these posts asking a simple question and they refuse to answer. They could say “Well we were, but now we don’t want to” and at least we’d have an answer.

    So let me ask again: Wil PS+ subscribers be getting a discount?

    Hello (hello hello), is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?

  • @Kirkpad
    “the PS+ freeloaders”
    Really? Freeloaders? I sure hope you didn’t download a single free game or movie rental from the welcome back program.

    @Alex Monney
    I’ve noticed Ubisoft has been plenty generous with the PSN sales lately. Any chance they’ll soon do a sale on the various PoP stuff currently out?

  • Any answer they DO give you is going to make them look bad. Look at my last comment (@43) to see the likely reason for a lack of discounts from Ubisoft.

  • >PS+ Freeloadaers
    >Paying for PS+

    can’t afford it baby?

  • @megamixer, I thought you were pretty clever when it came to the PSN, seeing lots of your comments around. Nowhere is it written that Sony had to give anyone any free stuff, they did it because it makes them look better. I say PS+ freeloaders because there is a LARGE group of people who Sony had to give PS+ (on top of free games) to entice them back onto PSN.

    “free loaders” are those who consume a resource without paying for it

    I’ll admit that I did download a free game or movie here or there, which makes me a PSN freeloader by definition. On that same note, I can still call anyone who didn’t pay for Plus a PS+ freeloader.

  • Good point kirkpad about the trial Plus users vs paid. In EU they have seperated offers based on if you’re paid or free Plus. I’m sure they could do that here. I’ll wait for the 20% off discount.

  • Dear Mod: please tell developers I’m going to take a risk on them, even though I don’t like platformers because I also don’t like zombies or top down fixed perspective but Dead Nation was one of my welcome back picks and I LOVE it. I would not have purchased it ordinarily but now I want to support them and Playstation.

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