Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

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Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

We hope that you have enjoyed all of the recent Resistance 3 content that has been coming your way over the last few weeks. From the E3 stage demo in tattered St. Louis, to the new multiplayer footage from our Wales Seaside and Colombia Trainyard maps, to cover art created by designer Olly Moss, and various retailer pre-order bonuses, it’s been an exciting time for us to share so many cool parts of the Resistance 3 experience coming to you on 09.06.11.

If you’ve been dying to get a taste of Resistance 3 for yourself – you can do so today, by grabbing a copy of the specially marked single-disc Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray that contains a nearly 30-minute slice of Resistance 3 – the harrowing boat ride on the Mississippi River.

Already grabbed Battle: LA, you say? That’s not all we have for today! Earlier this year, the PlayStation.Blog team approached us about creating its first-ever developer diary series, focusing on various elements of Resistance 3. After discussing it with them and the Resistance team at Sony, we were all really excited to collaborate on this project. The dev diaries will cover a range of topics across the game, and will roll out as we get closer to Resistance 3’s launch date.

They are also special, as they were the first videos to be shot in the Resistance 3 war-room that some of you may have heard us talk about in various interviews. While we’ve taken special care to ensure that the backgrounds aren’t legible, you can get an idea of the main room at Insomniac that lays out the entire R3 single-player campaign experience, a room any person at the company can go to and get an up-to-date picture of what will be happening at any moment in the game.

Everyone at Insomniac is really stoked to see this one turn out the way it has. We hope you enjoy it, and will look forward to the other videos in the series that will be rolling out this summer.

As always, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all of the latest news about Resistance 3. And if you have questions about everything we showed at E3, the Battle: LA demo, the dev diary, or what I’m eating from the Insomniac kitchen right now, post below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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  • I loved the dev diary but I want more!!! Resistance 3 is my top most aticipated game and I can’t wait till it comes out, I want it now!! lol

  • thanks insomniac games for the poster i just got it in the mail today !! now just got wait for the codes and pre order R3 this week!!! love u guys.

  • Really looking foreward to this. Has a nice look to it. I also enjoy the whole “against all odds” feel. Oh and James, what’s good in the Insomniac kitchen right now? I could go for a sammich.

  • Although Resistance 2 was a great game, you guys took out alot of things that made Fall of Man such an amazing game. Now that some of those features have returned, like the weapon wheel, the series can return to greatness where it belongs. Keep up the great work Insomniac!!

  • my most hyped game this year! please sell the red T-Shirt with the box art logo!
    its so good!

  • I was wondering with R3 will there be any chance that James Grayson from R:R might show up? Also I know Nathan will not be in this game but will you be able to use him as an unlockable?

    • No, Grayson is still in the European theatre as far as we are aware of… though you may hear about some of the happenings in Europe via radios in the SP game, and the Wales MP map is set there

  • dude i got Resistance 1 and 2 finish both but is this one a whole new story?

  • Are you guys going to release a demo on the PSN store here in NA like you (maybe accidentally) did on the Asia PSN?

  • Damn it! I dont have the good bluray edition I guess…… Or its not available in Canada?? I got this movie only for the demo, I have watched the movie in theater and I thought it was not very good. Why not put the demo on all disks? I hope you will release it like in july or something at least….

  • Dear Insomniac Games,
    Thanks for F***ing up one of my favorite series by implement useless gimmicks from other games and taking out 99% of what was fun with the original and the PSP game. I just hope you guys don’t F***-up the new Ratchet and Clank game also.

    apart of that i LOVE the resistance franchise. and im glad u listened to ur fans into making this…wich .
    I really hope hale is back in this game…. it sucked that u killed him in R2…. anyways…. about the CE coming to us… why dont u guys ONLY send the reserved ones ONLY…… i reserved mine for R2 at my gamestop store where i work…… but when they arrived there was like 20 additional??? so i think it should only come to those who pre-order them…. those are my 2 cents….
    Note: i wanted to participate in ur picture activity in which u could have ur face on the game… yet Puerto Rico its out of the story again….we never get a chance at anything…. hope the barrier of the “only in the 50 states on america” barrier its broken in ur next activity… :(

  • I ‘m getting this game @ 12:00 am. Yeah!!! for PS Move/SharpShooter support :)

  • if not on the disc, maybe on the ps store?? and is it for sure no collectors for NA? and if not talk to Sony and try to make them because i’m very sure that tons of people are going to buy it here

  • Awesome!! I can’t wait for this game!!!

  • Hey Insomniac Games, and Sony, thank you so much for the awesome R3 poster! I was not expecting this today from Fed-Ex! I had a great time in Hollywood that day. Now I just need the shirt Jeff, and Sony employees at E3 were wearing!!

  • P.S. I have R3 pre-ordered, and just waiting for release day!! #B3YOND!!

  • So like is there a page where it says(not by video but in words) all the games that will be available and their dates??
    Just want to know because I would like to plan what exactly I will buy.
    Thanks whoever replise =D

  • I get the feeling that we’re going to get even more questions then answers in Resistance 3. Can’t wait for that!.

    Oh and I question those who say the game is crap or that it sucks if they haven’t even played it yet. Is it the graphics?. Last time I checked, a game is all about the story and gameplay. High end graphics aren’t everything.

  • THAT DEMO WAS FING SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS IG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish it was longer.

  • Awesome! Just finished my 2nd play through of Resistance 1 and 2, and getting more pumped for Resistance 3!

  • game looks great! though the gameplay shown during the E3 conference was very meh and the trailer released during E3 looked great. P.S Marcus Smith seemed a bit too serious/stiff, first time doing a presentation?

  • I wish I was into gritty First Person Shooters. Resistance has always looked like a great universe from the outside. Unfortunately it’s just not my thing. I suck at them and I don’t like spending the duration of my leisure time freaked out and on edge. It’s the kind of game I’d love to watch someone else play but am never likely to play myself.

    It looks amazing though. So kudos to Insomniac, for what it’s worth.

    The good news is I’m still a big R&C fan and can’t wait to pick up All 4 One. James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye are great.

    Also looking forward to hearing more about OverStrike.

  • I can’t thank you guys enough for this game!
    I’ve really been enjoying all the coverage you guys have been putting out this year.
    Everything that you guys have said so far have shown me that this is going to be the BEST Resistance game yet!
    I’ve preordered in full and am anticipating 9/6/11 to come sooner rather than later!
    Thanks Insomniac games :D

  • BeastyPowerHouse

    Will the R3 beta be available for people with PS Plus? :)

  • I hate you guys so much for posting all of these amazing videos and teasers about Resistance 3…

    Hate you so much.. because I cannot freaking wait to get this game…

    Game looks amazing, videos are awesome good work guys.. now please stop torturing me!

  • i like the story’s and everything of the resistance games its just annoying that there only playable in 1st person and NOT 3rd person, you see i can only do 3rd person games, to this day i have not comleted any 1st person game, i think that 1st or 3rd person mode should be a choice for the player

  • Resistance 3 looks awesome!!! Can’t wait to play the game

  • This game is blowing my mind, I love the new direction you guys are taking with the series. Preordered

  • Ok sounds Kool ^_^

  • I been a Resistance fan since it first came out , the game is just awesome i cant wait to play it !!

  • whens the beta for this that came wit socom

  • I know this inst related but u shud probably update ur 3D Games pg once in a while.

  • Great, can’t wait till it comes out!

  • I hated to see such a hero like Hale be killed off but it was an experience, i’ve never seen a main character killed off then get replace, very unique and very nice ending to Resistance 2, Can’t wait to see how the world of Resistance 3 honors Hale.

  • north american speical edtion please please. I loved the first two and I will love the third but we need more then sharp shooter bundels

  • Thank You James .. The video looks amazing and fantastic >> looking for the new ones
    I’m very excited about Resistance 3 and I’m a big fan of this beautiful game ..

    One question :

    I wonder why there is no mention about the demo on either America Store or Europe Store for the coming days
    or probably months .. cause we’ve seen that the demo was available in the singapore Store ..

  • M1riflecarrier14

    i cant wait for Resistance 3 to launch, if its made by INSOMNIAC ull know itll kick complete ass

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