Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

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Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Cold New World

We hope that you have enjoyed all of the recent Resistance 3 content that has been coming your way over the last few weeks. From the E3 stage demo in tattered St. Louis, to the new multiplayer footage from our Wales Seaside and Colombia Trainyard maps, to cover art created by designer Olly Moss, and various retailer pre-order bonuses, it’s been an exciting time for us to share so many cool parts of the Resistance 3 experience coming to you on 09.06.11.

If you’ve been dying to get a taste of Resistance 3 for yourself – you can do so today, by grabbing a copy of the specially marked single-disc Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray that contains a nearly 30-minute slice of Resistance 3 – the harrowing boat ride on the Mississippi River.

Already grabbed Battle: LA, you say? That’s not all we have for today! Earlier this year, the PlayStation.Blog team approached us about creating its first-ever developer diary series, focusing on various elements of Resistance 3. After discussing it with them and the Resistance team at Sony, we were all really excited to collaborate on this project. The dev diaries will cover a range of topics across the game, and will roll out as we get closer to Resistance 3’s launch date.

They are also special, as they were the first videos to be shot in the Resistance 3 war-room that some of you may have heard us talk about in various interviews. While we’ve taken special care to ensure that the backgrounds aren’t legible, you can get an idea of the main room at Insomniac that lays out the entire R3 single-player campaign experience, a room any person at the company can go to and get an up-to-date picture of what will be happening at any moment in the game.

Everyone at Insomniac is really stoked to see this one turn out the way it has. We hope you enjoy it, and will look forward to the other videos in the series that will be rolling out this summer.

As always, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all of the latest news about Resistance 3. And if you have questions about everything we showed at E3, the Battle: LA demo, the dev diary, or what I’m eating from the Insomniac kitchen right now, post below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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  • Awesome these videos should be included in the disc!! Also can you guys please make the collector’s edition come to Canada?

    • That’d be great! Though the other dev diary videos are still being worked on, so they wouldn’t be able to make the disc.

      In terms of CE, it’s not fully-up to Insomniac. SCEA and SCEE make their own decisions on that based on their territories, needs, marketing, and retailers. If it was purely up to Insomniac, we’d bring it to every territory, but there are many more factors than just our desire at play

  • man, you guys have such talented video editors! Is this all the work of Rey?

    • Yep! I’m pretty amped to take on bigger projects. This is an entire series we’ve produced for the blog with the help of Insomniac Games.

  • Thanks for the share.
    Is there going to be an extended version of the Dev Diary?

  • I look forward to Resistance 3 i wish it would’ve been released sooner since i have school then but o well itll give me something to look forward to when school starts :) gotta think positive, great game guys looks perfect like all your other games, lookin forward to it

  • i loved playing multiplayer at E3, is there going to be a public multiplayer beta?

  • Awesome, can’t wait to play

  • @2 Super4Gogeta

    NA isn’t getting a collectors edition cause SCEA said no to it, but instead went with a 3Dtv bundle. This also why SCEE get so many SEs and Steal Cases in their release. In this case, SCEA dropped the ball royally, and only prove that they don’t know what gamers want anymore.

    Gamers no longer need SCEE or SCEA or even SCEJ…. we just need SCE, not multiple versions and not multiple pre-orders

    One Release
    One Version
    One PSN

  • Looks better everytime you show it off. Keep up the good work guys!

    On a personal note, I hope Overstrike is hugely successful for you all. Good to see a developer get to spread their wings and bring the fun to everyone. But, don’t forget us!

  • AllShallPerish50

    Why is psn down

  • We’re looking into it. Do me a favor and comment again? Let’s see if it’s fixed.

  • can’t wait for this game…

  • I think this error was related to a new video player feature we added to the front page of the blog. We’ve rolled it back and all should be OK now.

  • @kyungturner…Go suck on something troller….@Everyone else..If you want a demo of Resistance 3 it’s on the Blu-Ray copy of Battlefield; Los Angeles which came out today :)

  • @23, there was an issue with peoples names coming up as KYUNGTURNER, mine did until I logged out.

  • Glad you enjoyed at E3, we really feel like this game is coming together super well with all of the polished, and it plays ever better

  • This will sell poor and be over looked again because of piss poor sony marketing, advertising. The most underrated FPS this gen. One of the best, too

  • HEY you guys misspelled “Environments”, you guys should hire me to make the videos instead.

  • Resistance is way better then killzone, one of the top FPS this gen, its a shame it gets consistently overlooked due to poor sony advertising. Say what u want about MS they stick by and advertise and market their games.

  • Thanks Mr. Rubenstein , I appreciate you fixing the error with our PSN ID’s on the Blog. Mine’s working fine now.

  • Having no special edition after R2 had one and also after showing the amazing Survival Edition in Europe is most disheartening. I understand that R2 special edition obviously didn’t sell well in the US but…man, this is horrible. I feel like just renting the US version and importing the European version…

  • @Jeff Rubenstein…Nope my name is STILL Deathspear666(which is my real PSN name) :p..Didn’t have no name issue lol

  • Sony, you gonna start advertising all your exclusives anytime soon?

  • It looks great, but I still want to play it first, when is the beta out? Also please have PS + members part of it, Socom 4 didn’t do it for me. Thanks!

  • I didn’t have a name issue :p

  • Thanks for posting james, Resistance is one of the best FPS going, love the atmosphere and weapons. Hope you sell truckloads.

  • Where’s the video…I don’t see it.

  • Any plans for a NA collector’s edition? If not, if I import from UK, will the digital keys work in NA?

    • They will probably only work on an EU account.

      The bundles in the US are the Doomsday Edition and the 3DTV Bundle

  • Ah, the infamous war-room… Really love how you guys are paying so much attention to the emotional experience you want to the player to have. There are so many shooters out there which have a decent story, but the main focus of the game is to just get that “rush” of getting a kill. It’s refreshing to see a studio explore different emotions instead of just fine tuning that single euphoric moment. Cannot wait to try this out!

  • Resistance 3 is looking really good. Got a Resistance virtual reward in PS Home E3 2011 Booth after watching the resistance 3 trailer there.

    Any word on when the demo will hit the PS Store, or any date for the Beta yet?

    • Beta will be July-ish *subject to change

      Want to play a demo now? Go get Battle: LA single-disc blu-ray with the Boat demo on the disc!

  • This game sucks

  • I am sooo excited for Resistance 3! The gameplay, graphics, story, and cover look wonderful! Also, I have a good ideas for single player destination, that is, if it isn’t too late. There should really be a part at Washington DC for some reason.

  • Yeah my comment isn’t the ‘most recent’, but all info checks out.

    I avoided any trailer (other than MP) for Resistance 3. I ‘m avoiding spoilers until the game comes out! Can’t wait! <3 Insomniac.

  • @Jeff R. You have any word on when the Mobile version of the Blog be back online again?

    Glade I Pre-ordered my copy of E3 already might look into the collectors E.dition

  • R3 * auto correct on my phone sorry had tested the word E3 so much here recently lol.

  • really cant wait for this game and PLEASE!!! add the game cover as a poster in the game case since its the last Resistance game and last Ps3 exclusive from you guys :)

    much love for this series keep it up guys!

  • Niiicceee. Can’t wait for more videos, def getting this game.

  • Comments not working?

  • Testing…testing…1, 2, 3…testing

  • Ok…there we go…anyway I just wanna say Insomniac just blew me away at E3…Resistance and Overstrike are both at the top of my list right now…but quit posting Resistance videos because it makes the wait harder than it already is.

  • Hey Rey! It’s Daniel from LittleBigPodcast! SOLID editing bro! I’m jealous. Looks great! After Effects?

  • looking forward to this game hopefully it’s good

  • Hi James! Great Game so far.

    Is there a way to download this video dev diary? Later from psn maybe?

    p.s. sorry for my bad english, i’m from Russia)

  • I like the new direction that you guys are taking the series. Anyways looking forward to more of these videos.

  • Resistance 3 looks awesome! I remember when I got RFOM a few days after I got my PS3 and that multi-player is still by far the best. I can’t wait to hop on R3 multi now that the weapon wheel is back. Resistance>Call of Duty

  • James, What can us Resistance fans here in North American do to get Sony to bring over the EU Resistance Survival edition to the U.S.?

  • Can’t wait for this. Waiting to read A Hole in the Sky and then dive straight in.

  • I cant wait to go after the damn chimera and protect whats left of humanity, i hope we dont see anything bad happen to kids.

  • i never heard of this game but i want it

  • Man I am so excited for this game! I cannot WAIT for September 6th

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