E3 Replay: Jack Tretton on PS Vita

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E3 Replay: Jack Tretton on PS Vita

I’d like to personally thank those of you who tuned into to our E3 livestream at some point last week. While we’re still poring over the final numbers, a quick glance reveals that there were millions of you – far exceeding our wildest estimates.

Many of you asked if we’d be replaying the segments, since it’d be difficult to be available to watch everything live. The answer, of course, is yes. Starting now.

In this first replay, SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton chats with me about the “state of the union” of PlayStation, and tells us why he’s “more excited than [he’s] ever been about a platform launch” with PS Vita.

Interviewing your boss’ boss live at E3. It’s quite an experience! We’ll be rolling out the rest of the videos between now and the weekend, so please keep checking back.

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  • how can u send message to ur friend from here?

  • Battery life needs an hour.. minimum and maximum. (with 3g on max brightness etc, and mute lowest brightness settings no wi/ 3g on)

    And I’ll be happy.

    I just need a summer job to save up for this.

  • I already have my Vita reserved through Gamestop. I know when those release, they’ll sell like hotcakes!

    Like everyone else as said, thanks to Sony & all the PS Blog team in doing a GREAT job at the coverage of E3. It felt great finally getting to see it live.

    On a side note, any plans from the US PS Blog in doing a similar coverage for the Tokyo Game Show? I’d loved to see that one live too.

  • 2 questions will the PS Vita have wireless N, and can i use this as a PS3 controller?

  • battery life needs to be shown**
    have no idea what I was thinking when I typed that.

  • jeff wat do u think is hould buy vita or the 3d monitor?

  • Do you know if it will play psp games? Also E3 was great best one in a long time. If it plays psp games SOLD. Thanks Jeff.

  • jeff plz reply would ps vita be the last psp or will yall upgrade later

  • lol ps vita will sell more than xbox 360

  • Please answer:
    Will they announce the harddrive space and more close to launch?

  • $249.99 price tag and a great lineup launch titles. Yep, The Vita is a first day buy!.

    I also want to add my appreciation to the ones responsible for bringing Sony E3 live for us to watch on our Playstation and in our 46″ HDTV. We watched the whole thing without any problems at all!.

  • Nice interview! As for me the vita is a day one for me. Im waiting to pre-order due to the fact that i want to hear the 3g pricing that at&t is offering for this device. Hopefully thay have an unlimited plan since im with them already and have the plan. if not, then ill go wi-fi since i can hot spot with my phone.

  • Great interview. US Vita by Christmas? Make it so!

  • I was so impressed by PS Vita during the conference that I pre-ordered one as soon as preorders were available at my retail store (on June 7th on their website). The release date can’t come fast enough!

  • @59: The 3G version will be 299.99$, it was announced at the same time as the Wi-Fi model pricing during the conference.

  • When is the launch day for ps vita? Also with the 3G model will u have to be paying for it monthly or once you buy it for three hundred, the 3G wifi is forever to keep?

  • so now they just ignore that the ps3 still is being asked for cross game chat and put it on the vita what a slap in the face… then jack and others just the consumers people who make them and create their paychecks why is it so hard for sony to say either we can do it or don’t.

  • I’m a proud owner of a PSP-1000 and have spent over $200 on memory cards plus another $200 on storage cases for the PSP itself, screen protectors, UMDs, & memory cards. This experience has taught me the lesson that it is better to wait at least 2 years ubtil after the PS Vita launches to buy it because the prices of its accessories will hopefully be more affordable.

  • PS Vita looks awesome, but as a kid I know how hard it is to be a kid and to save up money for something and not spend it when you don’t even know when the item your saving up for will be available. Please give us a Vita release date SONY, please! Not a vague outline, like Q4 2011, like a day and a month. The release date(or lack thereof) was the only aspect of the Vita reveal I was disappointed with at E3.

  • I can’t wait for it to launch:)

  • Will the Vita’s Internet browser have flash?

  • Please convince Sony to add TV-Out to Vita! And the ability to use a PS3 controller like PSP Go did. I really loved those features

  • i will DEFINITELY get A PS vita it LOOKS SOOOO EPIC!

  • i can’t wait to get psvita launch day

  • Cool Interview


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