E3 Replay: Jack Tretton on PS Vita

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E3 Replay: Jack Tretton on PS Vita

I’d like to personally thank those of you who tuned into to our E3 livestream at some point last week. While we’re still poring over the final numbers, a quick glance reveals that there were millions of you – far exceeding our wildest estimates.

Many of you asked if we’d be replaying the segments, since it’d be difficult to be available to watch everything live. The answer, of course, is yes. Starting now.

In this first replay, SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton chats with me about the “state of the union” of PlayStation, and tells us why he’s “more excited than [he’s] ever been about a platform launch” with PS Vita.

Interviewing your boss’ boss live at E3. It’s quite an experience! We’ll be rolling out the rest of the videos between now and the weekend, so please keep checking back.

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  • PSVita……. Yeah!!!!!! I will definitely get one. E3 was Awesome!!!! The Live streaming was good on my end. Good connection all the way.

  • The live stream was absolutely fantastic this year! It’s much easier to just watch the show right here on the blog rather than having to search the internet to find it on some other website. I’m already looking forward to next E3…

  • PS Vita truly looks great, provided that I have the money at the time, I will pick one up the day it launches. Where did you guy’s come up with the name ‘Vita,’ just out of curiosity? Furthermore, I hope Nintendo crashes and burns with that new crappy looking thing that they’re launching.

  • So you’ve interviewed both Tretton and Hirai this year.

    When can we expect the Howard Stringer interview, Jeff ;-)

  • Any word on cross game chat coming to the PS3? Is it part of suite or is it something separate?

  • I see you got the wolverine look going on Jeffey boy! :) LOL

  • Already have my 3G unit on reserve! Hoping to hear good news on the 3G service pricing. I think we are going to be getting a surprise about cross game chat soon enough ;)

  • 60GB early adapter here that YLOD.

  • I kept the livestream on in the background while I was at work, so I think I only missed a couple segments; it was way cool of you guys do that.

    Usually E3 for me is just the conferences and the glut of news all the gaming blogs come out with. But the livestream was the next best thing to being there. Looking forward to watching/listening next year . . . on my PS Vita.

  • I want a PlayStation Vita!

  • ps vita is looking great…they should remove the back multitouch thing and make the ps vita cost 200$…

    but im still buying vita the way its looking..

    Will it have wifi N?

    • The back touch is one of the coolest parts! We’ll release full specs, I’d imagine, closer to launchday.

  • Awesome! I am sure many of us are going to enjoy PS Vita when it comes out. Although, which begs this question: When will we finally hear (and learn) about AT&T’s pricing plan for this 3G unit? I hope as soon as possible- not on THE MONTH IT COMES OUT.

  • I just wish it was on Verizon and not AT&T.

  • Can we just start calling it PSV already…or should we switch everything to PS Network, PS Portable, etc.

    We get it Vita = life and PlatStation’s grand vision for the platform but face it PSV is a lot easier off the tongue and less grating than PS Vita.

  • Please don’t go too crazy with the pricing of those new memory cards please. Don’t even bother with that 4gb one either.

  • The cool thing about PS Vita is its more than just a PSP with near-PS3 graphics. It has so much more(like touch screen + back touch pad etc etc)that makes me interested about it + the only thing i was disappointed in was SONY didn’t do a $199 PS3 for the US. Price is IMPORTANT. You can have 100 PS3 Exclusives every month but if the PS3 is still $299 in the US it will never overtake the Xbox 360 in sales monthly. Hopefully Christmas a $199 PS3 will be in the shops? + Cool video, i like Sir :D Jack Tretton!;)

  • i hope they will add the following feature:

    on the ipod touch you can use another mobile device like an iphone as a router.
    It would be great if you could use ure ps3 via bluetooth as a wlan router for your ps vita…
    just saying…

  • Can’t wait I already want the ps vita

  • I think it’s not an important question but will it be on sale on different colors? Or black only?

  • Hey Jeff, how much weight you lost doing this interview?. lol jk

    You need to put something on the blog about Journey. That game looks awesome and will be a breath of fresh air in these days.

    • We’ll have more on Journey. It received a number of E3 Nominations, and is going to be fantastic.

  • Great coverage, sure! But also, great jacket, Jeff! Where’d you get it?

  • Always good to hear someone talk about the Vita.

  • My thanks is to you Jeff, Christina, Rey, and Sid. The E3 coverage you provided was amazing. Thank you for your hard work.

  • I have to say, I was expecting something like a $350 intro price point, so I’m happy with a $250 one. I’m still very curious to get more details like built in memory and what kind of games will interface with the ps3.

  • Biggest issue with PSVita…Release date, it needs to be a lot sooner!

  • As awesome as the Vita looks, I’m more excited for the 3D monitor. I can’t wait to buy one.

    And Jackie T is awesome as always.

  • Vita is really a terrible name — overshadowed only by how awful the Wii U is for a name (which itself overshadows how awful Wii is for a name). That said, the Vita looks like an awesome piece of hardware at a reasonable price. My only gripe is the size — it’s too big. I really would’ve liked to see something a little more portable, like the PSP Go. As it stands, I think I’m going to stick with the PSP until I see something that fits in the hands a little more comfortably. Just food for thought.

  • Guys,.. Be sure to keep us informed on Vita !! Third party info also,.. really want to know what Falcom is working on,..

    Personally,.. I am going to have a really hard time waiting for Vita,.. I want it badly ,..

  • (PSRewards E3 winner) Having waited in the E3 line for 3 hours to play the Vita….I will say it was worth the wait…..the back touch pad was super cool especially on LBP and the responsiveness was pretty incredible. I can wait to take Uncharted on the road with me….color me excited for sure!

  • I watched the live stream of the press conference and was super excited about the price of the Vita. It’s great that Sony listened to their consumers and brought the Vita at a very reasonable price, both for the wi-fi only and 3G versions. But then they had to go and announce that the 3G version was AT&T exclusive… As I said, it’s great you listened to your consumers and all, but it also helps to do some outside research before making a huge decision like that. There was a reason that half the audience in that theatre BOOED at the AT&T announcement. As for me, well, lets just say you won’t be getting my extra $50.

  • Call me cynical, as usual, but i think i will hold out for a price cut on the ps vita loco go. i urge better support 4 psp titles now plz!

  • Get Vita out pronto! I don’t think I can wait until Jan/Feb/Mar! (if the “end of fiscal 2011” rumors are true)

    The thing looks ready to go! My only guess, is you guys are waiting for all these games to finish, to provide a packed killer launch lineup. Which is cool and all, but light a fire under their bums!

  • I find it odd that there were not that many first party announcements for next year. Sony tends to announce stuff way ahead. I guess VITA was main focus and it’s price cut.
    DontNod dev is working on PS3 Sony published games, and they said they were going to be at E3, but nothing was shown. Then Santa Monica, and many others. Can’t remember them all atm.
    I guess it is either saved for Gamescom or developers are working on PS4, something which we won’t see for at least another 2 years, but development on software always start much earlier.
    Either was solid press. I give it B. 2010, 2009 and 2008 were much better IMO

  • Hey Jeff, on a PS fansite today an analyst for Wedbush Securities (talking about NDP data, apparently a market analyst) was quoted saying that it’s likely Vita won’t release until 2012 because of supply shortage. Is this true. I know it’s not officially Sony’s position but that would be bad considering the momentum coming off E3 week. That could be devastating to the Vita’s future and I have mine ordered and want this one to do better than PSP/Go have done. Any info you have, Pretty Please.

  • I am tired. I made some mistakes in my previous comment. VITA “price cut” lol you get my point.

  • I would’ve preferred replaceable batteries instead of the back touch. What I’m going to do in long flights?

  • Jeff, You and your team did an awesome job covering E3! I want to thank you again cause I was one of the lucky ones to win and go to E3. I said HI to you the 1st day of E3 as you were entering, and I forgot to wish you a happy birthday that day. We also met at the Insomniac Meet-up in Hollywood a couple months back.

    Off topic: I bought inFAMOUS 2 HERO Edition but my comic book is damaged. I called Sony, and they said they don’t have any to send out. Who would I need to contact to get a comic book that is not damaged?

    • Do you mind hitting me on Twitter? I can help easier there w/o asking for personal info.

  • A few other things:

    – When are we gonna hear about the supposed Call of Duty game? I’d like to see how that plays on Vita.

    – What other games coming in the pipeline will be fully playable, and share saves, between Vita and PS3? (i.e. Ruin) This could be your ace-in-the-hole feature that draws in people who normally wouldn’t buy a portable console, because they don’t see time to start a new, different game. (For example, instead of playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss in 15 minutes chunks taking the train (or whatever), be able to play 15 minutes of your Uncharted 3 game save, and when you get back home, you boot up U3 on your PS3, and you’re now 15 minutes further.)

    – Get this thing on the Verizon network, and we’ll talk about that $299 model. For now, I’ll stick to WiFi-only ;)

  • Jeff, two more serious questions. Does J. Tretton really PLAY games? And might vita’s analogh sticks click in to serve as L2 & R2? That would be freaking excellent. If you can answer either, I’d sure appreciate it. Thanks.

  • if i don’t have 300 dollars for anything else. you better believe i’ll have it for the vita when it comes out.

  • Hey Jeff just tweeted you. My Twitter is YouTwittFace14. Thanks again man! You are always a great HELP!

  • RyanMcBainDOTcom

    Does Jack know that we wanted Cross Game Voice Chat for the PS3 as well? Or is he just going to ignore us like always?

  • 3G version here I come, SOLD!!! 8)


  • gonna get the ps vita on launch day and it will be awsome

  • Jeff, you all did a great job. There were some unexplained glitches, like the press conference not live in Home, and the blog stream not working between 10 and about noon or 1 so I couldn’t watch live on last day but ultimately huge improvement over last year. L’il Rey is cute and Christina Lee talks so fast I couldn’t believe you all understood her. It was nice to see Meredith but I wish you had included Gaymer and Cyrus, winners of the Tester. Anyway, hope you all can get some rest, especially now that most of the whining has stopped (they’re all too busy with the black ops escalation, obviously)

    Oh, and Vita? Pre-ordered on Amazon. I am so looking forward to the analog sticks & both touch screens & the transferring via the cloud & Golden Abyss, etc. I’ll be gifting my Go once I get Vita. The price is phenomenal.

  • i only wish you asked him about if or when are we gonna get cross game chat… I know Vita will have it but why not PS3??? It makes no sense…

  • hey jeff could you tell us how long the battery life of vita may last? everyone has been talking about its nice specs but noone has talked about its battery life and also the type of browser that it’ll use? :0

  • I cant get in on my ps3 im so mad no internet :(

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