PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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PlayStation Network Video Content Update

Green Lantern will hit the big screen on June 17, but there is no reason to wait to catch the action from the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights tells the tales of corps members Abin Sur, Sinestro, Kilowog, Mogo, and Rori Dag and sets the stage for the feature film adventure. If you loved Batman: Gotham Knight, you’ll love this. Plus, we’ve assembled a special PlayStation exclusive Green Lantern Collector’s Set that includes Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Green Lantern: First Flight and the Green Lantern digital comic pack at a great price. And you’ll find the best in DC animation in the Green Lantern Emerald Knights Featured Collection.

James Cameron brought us into a 3D world with Avatar. Now, he’s taken it to the next level by producing Sanctum. This eye-popping adventure follows a team of cave divers exploring the darkest caverns on Earth. As a brutal storm hits, the divers become trapped in a subterranean maze that leaves them wondering if they’ll ever make it out alive. The film is available in 3D, HD and SD for your viewing pleasure!

Red Faction: Origins brings all the action of the beloved video game series to life in a feature length film that takes place between the games Red Faction: Guerilla and the Red Faction: Armageddon. Follow along as Jake Mason, son of disgraced hero Alec Mason, must save Mars against an army of evil soldiers set to destroy all life on the red planet. This is a must see for all Red Faction fans!

Jeff Bridges brilliant turn as Rooster Cogburn comes to the store this week in True Grit. The Coen Brothers directed yet another brilliant masterpiece in line with past films like O Brother, Where Art Thou? And No Country for Old Men. Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper and Hailee Steinfeld round out the cast of this critically acclaimed and award nominated film. Plus, don’t miss the original classic starring the legendary John Wayne.

MTV brings you a modern twist on a classic film with the new series Teen Wolf. This time lacrosse player Tyler Posey is attacked by a werewolf and soon begins the dark transformation himself. You can download the pilot episode for free through June 12 in the US and follow the adventure of this new addition to the werewolf canon.

For those of you with sports fever, we’ve got the cure. As the NBA Finals march on, we’ve put together the best in basketball films in our Slam Dunk Favorites collection in the US. For the Stanley Cup lovers up north in Canada, you’ll find some of the best films on ice in the Power Play Hockey Favorites collection. Score today!

Loving The Hangover Part II? Be sure to head to the Games Store and check out the great theme with classic images from The Hangover original film available for an amazing price of $1.99. Make the Wolfpack a part of your PlayStation experience every day! Just be sure to keep your drinks covered.

We’ve got flavorful additions to the Video Store in both movies and television. Here’s a taste of what’s new…

Just In TV

US Store: Teen Wolf: Season 1, Avatar: The Last Airbender: Season 1, Ben 10: Season 1, The Glades: Season 2, White Collar: Season 3, Big Time Rush: Season 1, High School of the Dead: Season 1, iCarly: Volume 1, VICTORiOUS: Season 1, Big Time Rush: Season 1, Demon King Daimao: Season 1, Youri the Spaceman: Season 1, and more!

Canada Store: The Glades: Season 2, Two and a Half Men: Seasons 1-5, Demon King Daimao: Season 1, Smallville: Season 10, Supernatural: Season 2, Youri the Spaceman: Season 1, The Mentalist: Season 3, and more!

New Release Movies

US Store: True Grit, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Sanctum, Drive Angry, Red Faction: Origins, The Company Men, Bitter Sweet, Blue Crush 2, Just Go With It, Pros and Ex-Cons, Rubber, Shadows and Lies, and more!

Canada Store: True Grit, Drive Angry, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Sanctum, Just Go With It, Blue Crush 2, Bitter Sweet, I Saw the Devil, Love’s Kitchen, Pros and Ex-Cons, Rubber, and more!

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  • @46 i had the same problem kept trying for 2 hrs i think then on happy push of the button and boom instantly the money went in. I kept getting an error code 80023103. Just keep trying, i think its cause alot of people are going that route with the cards. As long as it doesn’t give you a code already used.

    @44 Thanks, did not know.

  • Hope you guys find a solution for the reward freezing at ps home.delete game data utility and avoid getting any free reward. I did not find this

  • Yeah, I liked the Hangover II. I liked it back when it was simply called the Hangover.

  • Does anyone know the name of the song in that video in true grit

  • ninja nabs i dont think thats the red faction movie…..

  • Ps3 is better than xbox 360

  • Movie looks like a Red Dead look alike looks pretty cool and by the way Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors…. just became 14th prestige and got my golden M16 :D

  • @50 God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny FREAKING Cash

  • Please give us the Little Big Planet 2 Motor Cross Apocalypse DLC that came out 2.5 months ago in Europe in Japan. You posted the wrong old LBP1 DLC by accident on Apocalypse Franchise Section. You planned to release it on LBP2 when Motor Cross Apocalypse came out. You never did and still have not. Please, fix =).

  • crap i never even noticed the movies were ever there

  • Yeah, regarding the free movies, I was out of town from 6AM Friday to midnight Sunday last weekend so I think I blinked and missed them ;-)

    FYI – for those of you cheap like me the Crackle movies on the internet bowser front page are watchable. They have ads but mostly they skip them or just a short one. I’ve watched a few movies ranging from Mothra 3 to Hardbodies, White Line Fever to Revolver. OK, they all suck, but in a good way 8-) Free is free.

  • O NO!!!!!

    I just called my son and a few others…

    They ALL have the “super street fighter complete” DLC in the specail offers section. 51 specail offers.

    My ps3 says only 50 and no street fighter…. I search it and it pops up but “You can’t access this on this account”

    Please list them seperately on sale price… I own 3 of them.. and paying 3.99 for 4 more when I can get them all on sale is insane! Pleae help me out Grace and co.


  • You guys should put Q-Bert in the store. :)


  • Make sure to check under network settings that your media server is disabled. then pause and resume or redo the download.


  • 0_Destroyed…I bought Escalation as well…its in my down load list. Black Ops is in my machine at the ready…I click on install on the add-on, installation begins, after a few seconds ” error ” appears and installation stops. This of course is a real bummer! Your problem could be high internet traffic, my problem is a puzzle. Good luck with your problem gamer don’t give up the good fight!

  • CODEMASTERS game company got hacked recently, it was very similar to what happend to sony, if you had an account with codemasters your personal info may have been compromised, i recieved an emal from them alerting me about it yesterday

  • true grit is good

  • @66 No xbox 360 is better than Psn and that movie

  • Yay, High School of the Dead, I hope it’s English dubbed. I’ve been looking for it everywhere in English Dub, but if it’s just English subbed that’d be alright.

  • Regarding True Grit, I liked the original better, John Wayne is awesome in that movie.

  • wasnt sony giving out a free rental for the welcome back package? if so how do i get mine?

  • @61 and 64 Make sure that your media server is disabled , the setting is under network settings . other than that you might have a slow connection and its a 2.5 gig file so its going to take a while, I have RR turbo so it took about 15 min to download.

    @ GearofEvil You can find the videos @, nvm they are subtitled there too, but if you have ondemand on cable you can check to see if you have anime network on demand for some of the episodes there , they are uncensored and in english.

  • @ 70 I think it was more like the same weekend for everyone to rent something but it already passed.

  • guy i downloaded a 60 min game trial i played it then i purchased the game game then i went to play it and it said expired wtf i went back to view downloads and it disapaired wtf i got prove i purchased they then the post to facebook wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • koo

  • I’ve watched Green Lantern already : )

  • Any news about Beyond Good and Evil HD??

  • Agree with #1. Pathetic welcome back offering.

  • my psn is not working. it takes awhile to load half the time it works but my connection is slow and i checked my internet connection twice and it was fine. someone help?

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