PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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PlayStation Network Video Content Update

Green Lantern will hit the big screen on June 17, but there is no reason to wait to catch the action from the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights tells the tales of corps members Abin Sur, Sinestro, Kilowog, Mogo, and Rori Dag and sets the stage for the feature film adventure. If you loved Batman: Gotham Knight, you’ll love this. Plus, we’ve assembled a special PlayStation exclusive Green Lantern Collector’s Set that includes Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Green Lantern: First Flight and the Green Lantern digital comic pack at a great price. And you’ll find the best in DC animation in the Green Lantern Emerald Knights Featured Collection.

James Cameron brought us into a 3D world with Avatar. Now, he’s taken it to the next level by producing Sanctum. This eye-popping adventure follows a team of cave divers exploring the darkest caverns on Earth. As a brutal storm hits, the divers become trapped in a subterranean maze that leaves them wondering if they’ll ever make it out alive. The film is available in 3D, HD and SD for your viewing pleasure!

Red Faction: Origins brings all the action of the beloved video game series to life in a feature length film that takes place between the games Red Faction: Guerilla and the Red Faction: Armageddon. Follow along as Jake Mason, son of disgraced hero Alec Mason, must save Mars against an army of evil soldiers set to destroy all life on the red planet. This is a must see for all Red Faction fans!

Jeff Bridges brilliant turn as Rooster Cogburn comes to the store this week in True Grit. The Coen Brothers directed yet another brilliant masterpiece in line with past films like O Brother, Where Art Thou? And No Country for Old Men. Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper and Hailee Steinfeld round out the cast of this critically acclaimed and award nominated film. Plus, don’t miss the original classic starring the legendary John Wayne.

MTV brings you a modern twist on a classic film with the new series Teen Wolf. This time lacrosse player Tyler Posey is attacked by a werewolf and soon begins the dark transformation himself. You can download the pilot episode for free through June 12 in the US and follow the adventure of this new addition to the werewolf canon.

For those of you with sports fever, we’ve got the cure. As the NBA Finals march on, we’ve put together the best in basketball films in our Slam Dunk Favorites collection in the US. For the Stanley Cup lovers up north in Canada, you’ll find some of the best films on ice in the Power Play Hockey Favorites collection. Score today!

Loving The Hangover Part II? Be sure to head to the Games Store and check out the great theme with classic images from The Hangover original film available for an amazing price of $1.99. Make the Wolfpack a part of your PlayStation experience every day! Just be sure to keep your drinks covered.

We’ve got flavorful additions to the Video Store in both movies and television. Here’s a taste of what’s new…

Just In TV

US Store: Teen Wolf: Season 1, Avatar: The Last Airbender: Season 1, Ben 10: Season 1, The Glades: Season 2, White Collar: Season 3, Big Time Rush: Season 1, High School of the Dead: Season 1, iCarly: Volume 1, VICTORiOUS: Season 1, Big Time Rush: Season 1, Demon King Daimao: Season 1, Youri the Spaceman: Season 1, and more!

Canada Store: The Glades: Season 2, Two and a Half Men: Seasons 1-5, Demon King Daimao: Season 1, Smallville: Season 10, Supernatural: Season 2, Youri the Spaceman: Season 1, The Mentalist: Season 3, and more!

New Release Movies

US Store: True Grit, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Sanctum, Drive Angry, Red Faction: Origins, The Company Men, Bitter Sweet, Blue Crush 2, Just Go With It, Pros and Ex-Cons, Rubber, Shadows and Lies, and more!

Canada Store: True Grit, Drive Angry, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Sanctum, Just Go With It, Blue Crush 2, Bitter Sweet, I Saw the Devil, Love’s Kitchen, Pros and Ex-Cons, Rubber, and more!

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  • Was hoping we would see a continuation of the welcome back program. One weekend of 3 movies that were about 20 to 10 years old didn’t seem to be much of anything. Couldn’t have done better then that?

  • Would’ve been nice to have a new release as part of the program.

  • is there going to be an store update today? can you anwser that or if infamous 2 is coming to the store as europe?

  • Grace..

    The street fighter ultra costumes pack is still 17.99.. U said on tuesday it would be on sale, same price, plz fix. thanks!

  • Wow, such great content. Too bad it’s not available for my region. Oh well.

  • Access to Canadian video store from Quebec. Thank you.

  • I find it humorous there’s all this belly-aching about a store update when this goes on all the time, but they were kind enough to post it here so PS users are more aware. What do they get for the effort? Nothin’, other than immature brats complaining about it not being a part of the Welcome Back Program when they know very well that was mostly related to subscription-based content–namely gaming.

    At least you’re getting discounts even without being Plus members ya instant-gratification-mongers.

  • Exactly what @8 Eternal-CMO said … grow up guys/gals :/

  • i agree we have had enough freebies ppl. although im trying tounderstand why there was no post about escalation being updated and on the store

  • oh thats nice i dont remember any other update for the video things

  • SOCOM II HD! They’re doing it with Halo..Why not Socom? It would be a huge money maker..and Socom is the best series around

  • So has the actual free movie weekend for the welcome back program already passed? Because i haven’t seen anything about it posted on te blog anywhere…..

  • Is the fallout expansion coming next Tuesday

  • Really a shame that the welcome back package didn’t have these or atleast one of these.

  • @ 14 umm fallout expansion as in honest hearts? its already out.. search function is always a great help you know!

  • yea welcome back was great but the movies were awful SONY should have gave in us a new release

  • @8: Excuse us for not being blind fanboys and trying to actually hold a company to it’s word and standard. But keep on keepin on.

  • @Sony:

    Ijust wanna say thatI love the PSN Video Store & I use it religously via my 1 secondary PSN account (Movie_Profile). To date, I have roughly 1350videos from there, give or take. It’s apretty good service, which I try to promote wheneverI can. Even w/ that being said, it could stand to have some tweeks/improvements. I realise that you haveto protect yourselves & 3rd parties’ interests& whatnot, whichis understandable, *BUT* things are rather restrictive on the video store compared to the game side of the store. itwould be appreciated if a download/purchase list would be maintained much like how the game side of the store does, just in case somethinggets fouled up, theconsumer isn’t SOL & invariablyeither is out of the purchase or has to beg customer service to fix the issue. Although things very rarely gowrong,onoccaision things DO happen where things need tobe fixed, thus a mantaineddownload/purchase list would come in handy

  • Just want to point out that Sony Pictures really needs to start offering their movies for rental on PSN. Most of their stuff is only available on PSN for purchase (at around $30 each – Cloud with a Chance of Meatballs 3D is one example).
    Sony is Sony, right? Why the restrictions?

  • For those of you complainingabout the choicesin free rentals, c’mon nowThey were good options.They may not be “new releases”, but hey, they were good nonetheless, plus they didn’t cost you 1 red cent. Plus, they were on top of all the other free stuff that Sony gave away -free tvshows, free games, free PS Plus…. Need I go on?

  • Just want to point out that Sony Pictures really needs to start offering their movies for rental on PSN. Most of their stuff is only available on PSN for purchase (at around $30 each – Cloud with a Chance of Meatballs 3D is one example).

  • i know that this might be kinda random but i wish borderlands was a free title that we could download as apart of the welcome back package


  • Yeah but did it have to be an old move from the early 80’s? How about a Goodfellas or a Heat? That’d be awesome.

  • WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA u all punk little crybabies !!!!!!!!!

  • Grace!

    I know what the problem is about the Street Fighter Costume pack:

    I purchased 3/8 of the “Super Costumes Pack”

    The Super Complete Pack only pops up when I search for it.

    I click on it and it says ” You can not access this on this account”

    My guess is because I already bought 3/8.

    Anyway we can fix this please? I would like to take advantage of the 50% off sale.

    Would save me some psn money. Thanks!!

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    Where is the gaming update?

  • has anyone else been having issues either staying signed in or lagging terribly as of recently?

  • RED FACTION: ORIGINS (‘A Sy-Fy Original Movie!’) looks absolutely $@#%ing horrible. I cannot wait to see it!

  • 5hello everyone and sony. I purchased the escalation call of duty map and it wont download its stuck at 0% and gives me error 80710723 an error occured during the download operation. Can someone help me fix this.

  • There’s nobody crying about it. I doubt anyone lose any sleep over it.

  • smallville season 10!

  • is there not a regular store update tonight? i know modnation and black ops DLC both dropped kinda randomly last night ….

  • the red faction movie makes the game look like red dead redemption.anybody agrees?

  • dear sony i had the map pack for call of duty black ops the first strike map pack and a week after i downloaded it my ps3 got corrupted data and had to reset my ps3 and i lost everything can u do something about it i am really mad and i lost 15$ please do something about this and thank you for your time

  • Not honest hearts old world blues
    Number 16


  • hey sony you going 2 keep us updated on the 3 suspected hackers that was arrested. if or when they go 2 trial u should let us follow it on here or have it were u can watch it in home

  • We all where supposed to get Free Movies…
    I saw some Welcome back movies in the store for like an hour or two and they where gone.
    So where are they now?…

  • This sucks. Psn crap. Just paid $16 for cod escalation map packs and they dont download.

  • Victorious and iCarly! Yes! Pedobear approves!!!

  • lol @36, great idea!

  • Sorry but Jeff Bridges was just not John Wayne loved the original the best :)

  • @RAN4BUD Your Internet Might Be Bad……HAHA!

  • When does the movie on us welcome back thing start? I havent heard anything about it. Im guessing they didnt respond to comments this week cause of e3. I would be tired too. Great job at the conference guys and girls. Try to show a little more excitement onstage Jack, maybe you should have the pulse girl do it. Or kevin butler all the way. Im using my big tv in my small living room..HAHAHA

  • When will Pulse E3 day 3 be up?
    Also, I saw some of the interviews but had to miss many crucial ones I was looking forward to during the days of the Live Stream. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can compile all those interviews into 1 or a couple of videos, or even a video for each interview. I don’t care how its done I just want to see them. It can be up on YouTube, the store, or here on the Blog, I don’t care just make it happen. The Pulse wrap-ups for day 1 & 2 did not cover most of the games I wanted to hear about. Please do this for us ;(

    @43 You already missed the Welcome Back movies; they only did them during the first weekend of when the program started. They maybe might do more but I highly doubt it and wouldn’t look forward to it. It was mostly old movies anyways, I didn’t even bother.

  • so the day after the outage happend i decided about buying a ps3, i didnt know about the outage until i actually plugged in. now with people who bought a ps3 during the outage they dont get anything for that? seriously?

  • Wgy cant i add funds to my wallet i have a psn card and i type in the code and its says 20$ but when i add it to my fund it says The funds could not be added to your wallet

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