PlayStation E3 Livestream Day 1

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PlayStation E3 Livestream Day 1

We hope you caught our livestream of the E3 Press Conference last night. That was just the beginning. Over the next three days, creators of games you saw last night will be dropping by for interviews and live demos, and even to answer some of your burning questions. It all starts at Noon Pacific* (we’re setting up now, see you soon!).

If you’d like to watch a higher resolution version of the stream, please click here.

Here’s today’s programming schedule:

Noon – Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One with Insomniac Games
1pm – Journey with thatgamecompany
2pm – Ruin
3pm – UNCHARTED 3 Actors
3:30pm – inFAMOUS 2 with Sucker Punch
4pm – Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest
5pm – Resistance 3 with Insomniac Games

Please keep in mind that E3 is a bit nuts, so things may move around, add in, or drop out at the last second. To keep up with last second changes, please follow PlayStation on Twitter. In between segments, we’ll be streaming out live footage from the booth. It’s just like being at E3, but without the smell!

Speaking of Twitter, we want this to be really interactive, so we’ll be asking you for questions right before the segments start. See you soon!

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  • AbeautifulLie123

    so when is the new map pack for black ops coming out cuz MW3 is coming out on november

  • wow sony your not to smart putting reward items in the videos in the e3 booths,now you are going to have about another million people upset with you for the freeze issue.would it have been that hard to have a code at the end of each video for the item? or another kiosk?

  • @47, I installed Home yesterday and received lots of items from various spaces. Not sure what problem you’re having.

    Wii U looks somewhat innovative, but extremely overpriced and lacking third party support (EA and THQ don’t count). Show me a new Dark Cloud game, or a new Katamari game using HD touch screen controls and then talk about the Wii U winning E3.

  • Are those times Pacific Standard Time or what?

  • nintendo spent so much time making consoles for mom and grandpa, they are only now trying to catch up to sony with the 3DS and Wii U.

    …shame tho how the technology used in both these new devices is six years old LOL lol LOL. …..the 3DS is only slightly more powerful the the PSP, and the wii U is supposed to be around the same level as PS3 (though i think the CELL is still more significant)

    So anyway when u look at the new Vita, which UTTERLY DESTROYS 3DS tech wise and when u think about PS4 in three years from now, nintendo are seriously gonna get CRUSHED if the think they can beat sony when it comes to hardcore.

    What nintendo should be doing is sticking to casuals as thats where they had success, but the have really messed up this time with the overpriced 3DS and wii U which will also be expensive.

    Nintendo = FAIL LOL LOL lol lol

  • Where are the e3 booths at?

  • 55-its not on yet

  • When will it start?

  • alright thanks

  • I think the post was edited:

    “(we’re setting up now, see you soon!).”

  • @ 55 the E3 booth is active in NA now

  • what channel can i see it on? i have verizon

  • Watching with interest.

  • add me on psn jeff can you please!!!!!

  • @61 NA?

  • This is a dumb question but are games that are move compatible like Medieval also work with just a regular controller like Killzone?

  • Guys stop saying that Nintendo fail… the worst performance had this year is Microsoft check their conference VOD and latter compare to SONY and Nintendo… Even tho SONY had HUGE problems for 6 weeks Microsoft was rushed and used this to out sell us but in the end completely fail

  • i dont have any signal or picture

  • @65 North America


  • @67

    sorry i just cant stand nintendo fanchildren lol but yeah micro$$$oft had easily the worst E3.

  • what if we missed the whole thing?(like me).

  • sony fix da lag online for all da gams its getting really annoyin it lags 24/7 who agrees with me

  • lol i am searching for Kevin Butler in this stream!! is he there?? :P

  • where is infamous 2??????

  • @U-N-C-OUTLAW i watched the whole live sony e3 conference yesterday and i had no trouble with the livestream player.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Wheres sly and Twisted METAL? omg

  • I thought Infamous 2 was before journey

  • I need a lower resolution for this… even the basic is too high for my internet hahahaha

  • When will booths open up on the PS Home?

  • no twisted metal?

  • hey sony when will we get the new maps on ps3 for Call Of Duty Black Ops?!

  • @ #53… Yes its Pacific Standard Time… ITS IN CALIFORNIA U DUMMY

  • Watching it live is awesome,looks fantastic there,iam deeply jealous iam stuck in th Uk,and cant be there.Just waiting for the next interview,really good to see it live good show.

  • WilliamFuchs420

    R they givin us a release date for journey

    Oh and wats in store for tge store update tonight

  • can sony plz release a top 100 best selling ps3, psp games worldwide with number of sales.

  • fail i missed infamous.

  • i want to see twisted metal

  • Thanks for supporting thatgamecompany. Flower wasn’t my thing, but Journey wholly is.

  • journey looks pretty cool

  • It is painful to watch E3 knowing that I am 30 minutes away. I took the test to get a free pass to E3 but did not pass, I hope who ever won is loving it right now.

  • ZOOM IN on Starhawk Please…..

  • What is up with the schedule?

  • hello i would first of all like to say thank you for the 2 free games gift to all of us . hope to c the e3 show as soon as i can.

  • InsideBurningIce

    They should’ve gave away DLC codes on the PS Home :(
    It’s really a dissapointment, especially since I’m not finding any live stream at all. Yes I watched all the trailers, there’s nothing in the VIP lounge. And there are only more trailers that I already saw in the Theater. WTF?

  • I have not had any success getting into Home.

  • Can anyone else believe how much Vita is going be?

  • this is cool wish i was there.

  • here goes nothing….can we please get a final fantasy 7 remake already? i’m sure i’m not the only one that wants it. you’ve made millions on the game and are making even more as a download on psn. quiet giving us games like call of duty. it’s always the same thing every year. i’m looking forward to battlefield 3,since i was addicted playing battlefield 2 back in the day on the pc. all i’m saying is, if call of duty can treat us like crap…well then we should replace their a$$ and bring back the goods. ff7, heck chrono cross as a PSone classic would be good two. i’m not asking for much. i just want to enjoy gaming, like back in the day. games where made for the story,characters,action and adventure. it made you have passion and gave you another reason to play for another 5 hours. remember the days when you stayed up all day and night? not like today. 5 hours and the game is done. that was with 1gig of space…now we have blue ray and yet its still 4-6 hours to beat a damn game. something better change…i’m getting bored and video games are not what they use to be. screw the new map pack. for $15 i can download me 2 classics and play for 100’s of hours.

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