PlayStation E3 Livestream Day 1

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PlayStation E3 Livestream Day 1

We hope you caught our livestream of the E3 Press Conference last night. That was just the beginning. Over the next three days, creators of games you saw last night will be dropping by for interviews and live demos, and even to answer some of your burning questions. It all starts at Noon Pacific* (we’re setting up now, see you soon!).

If you’d like to watch a higher resolution version of the stream, please click here.

Here’s today’s programming schedule:

Noon – Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One with Insomniac Games
1pm – Journey with thatgamecompany
2pm – Ruin
3pm – UNCHARTED 3 Actors
3:30pm – inFAMOUS 2 with Sucker Punch
4pm – Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest
5pm – Resistance 3 with Insomniac Games

Please keep in mind that E3 is a bit nuts, so things may move around, add in, or drop out at the last second. To keep up with last second changes, please follow PlayStation on Twitter. In between segments, we’ll be streaming out live footage from the booth. It’s just like being at E3, but without the smell!

Speaking of Twitter, we want this to be really interactive, so we’ll be asking you for questions right before the segments start. See you soon!

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2 Author Replies

  • cool

  • cant wait for the virtual E3 in PS Home. Keep up the good job Sony. Much appreciated here

  • Sweet, thank you for providing this service!

  • When the virtual E3 start in PS Home over here for centure time? will the E3 question be answer on the liver video today.

  • I’ll probably check out the showing of Medieval Moves. I wish it was Sir Dan MediEvil though, and not Deadmund MediEval. I got a little too excited last night. Still hoping for one though eventually…

  • Can you guys show some of that new Dust514 game, I’d love to see more gameplay

  • Will these be published on the store update today?

  • #9 wish i was there

  • Hey Sony, will there be more info/footage on Skyrim? Looking forward to that game.

  • Is the store going to be updated multiple times this week for extra E3 content, or are we just getting one large update today?

  • If you guys aint guessed it. sony won E3 this year. ohh yea. we go last next year in presentation, which equal more air time andmore games to show case. sony was 1st nintendo was second xbox 3rd.

    Way to go sonyyy!!!

    vp-psn legionaire group

  • Will Final Fantasy 4 be in the PS Store Soon as class PS1 game?

  • I wanna see more of Resistance 3, but i have to be back at work at 4pm. Wil the interview be up on the blog or the store to download later? If not, its cool. I ain’t mad atcha!

  • is there going to be a way to watch the videos again if i miss the live stream? if so im assuming PS store downloads

  • 15-i think it would be cool to be able to download E3 videos from the store.


  • nicceeeeeee!!

  • I am suprised of how many people came to the playstation E3 convention keep up the good work sony .

    sincerly playa11377

    Gaming critic

  • awesome stuff, thanks :D too bad Ill be in school when you talk to the Uncharted cast

  • Okay well its 12 hopefully the Stream on the PS3 Home works this time :-D

  • Thank you very much guys, and i really hope this live E3 stream service becomes normal for future E3 events.

    ….i also have a additional request/suggestion:

    Do a live stream for TOKYO GAME SHOW as well PLEEEEEASE !!! :D

  • is this live yet? will it be in home?

  • when will the videos be on the store

  • @ 13

    Too bad you spoke before Nintendos’ conference. Nintendo just stomped Sony’s showing. The Wii U will be the new king. Nintendo is finally taking back their place at the top of the pile with the Wii U.

  • They should start now.

  • Any word on cross game chat or Suite coming to PS3?

  • Why don’t you guys do skype call from people who have questions and you can answer them that way too. DO half on skype to get more people to notice.

  • is this live yet?


  • @26 The thing dosent come out until next year. By that time both MS and Sony will have new consoles in the works…Wii U will be filled with ports of games that have been out for a year at the time….how is that on top of anything?

  • Yo, Jeff if your not busy, are we getting any updates from NamcoBandai? I would like to know more about Tekken Hybrid and Tales of Graces F please. And I’ll be watching this, looking forward to all the games and you say Uncharted 3’s Actors, so I’m assuming Nolan North will be there? If he is, then :D

  • Where do we go to see yesterday’s event? I missed it.

  • I don’t use twitter :)

  • @ 32

    Obviously, you didn’t watch their conference or you’d actually know what you’re talking about. All the heavy hitters are behind Nintendo this time.

  • ok sony it is 12 oclock your time why isnt the e3 booth open yet……………………..

  • When will a version of the E3 Keynote be availible on demand???

  • PS Vita and sony owns the sport light forever there are the best. Sony & PlayStation Rules with iron fist.
    Peace Out :)

  • I love E3. I look foreword to it like Christmas. Keep up the great work !

  • lol @ 26

    the wii U is a confused mess that barely matches the six year old tech in PS3. and how much is it gonna cost? there’s no way in hell wii u will be half as successful as the wii fad. plus if a Vita & PS3 combo will allow gamers to go everything will u does and more.

    will u is gonna bomb even more badly the the 3Ds lol lol lol lol fail lol lol

  • Nice Sony. looking forward to all the awesome your going to release appreciate it!

  • The E3 stream yesterday was superb! Thank you very much Sony.
    I’d love to hear about upcoming sports games for the Vita (especially FIFA 12).

    Thanks :)

  • cant wait till 5! and missed infamous:/

  • Hell Yeah!

  • Nintendo is just confusing audiences with the Wii U. People are going to buy the controller and then find out they need to buy another entire console just to play Nintendo games with HD graphics. PS3 + Vita on the go > Wii U tethered to the home.

    Where is the All 4 One preview?

  • As much as i was looking forward to this space and the booth, iam now just so disappointed that i like many others wont be able to enjoy this space due to the item received freezing bug we started to get before psn outage which still hasn’t been fixed which means we cant go anywhere where rewards are given and we are now missing out on limited exclusive items. Thanks Sony

  • No. Obviously Nintendo won e3. Sad but True. WiiU looks innovative.

    Move is Legacy now.

  • im 29 so nintendo interest to me was when i was the ages of 5-14 lol

  • Will you guys put the conference in the playstation store like last year??

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