Experience E3 Live from Your PS3 + PlayStation Home Weekly Update

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Experience E3 Live from Your PS3 + PlayStation Home Weekly Update

So you couldn’t make it out to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2011 E3 Expo? No worries; we have you covered. Simply log into PlayStation Home today to get your fix in our virtual E3 booth, where you can check out the newest PlayStation games, watch live footage from the show floor, and get your hands on a ton of collectible content – all for free and all from the comfort of your PS3!

Start your journey by getting an up-close look at the PS Vita and then proceed throughout the space to view trailers and collect rewards from some of the top PlayStation titles, including Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Papo + Yo, Resistance 3, and more! Collect all rewards to gain access to the special VIP area play the first level of Scribble Shooter – an upcoming top-down, shoot ‘em up game exclusive to PlayStation Home. As an added bonus, our friends over at Heavy Water have created a package for all VIPs that includes an array of limited edition virtual items.

In our special E3 Theater, you’ll find streaming video of live game demonstrations courtesy of the PlayStation.Blog team – so even if you couldn’t make it to the show you can still get a front row seat to all the action.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss another moment of the game industry’s biggest event – log into PlayStation Home now and join us in the virtual E3 booth!

…and now for your weekly PlayStation Home update:

This Thursday, June 9th, Konami stocks the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall with items from some of their classic titles – including Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Blades of Steel, and Sunset Riders!


Lockwood Publishing’s mischievous Stitchkins seem to have escaped the knitting basket to roam about in PlayStation Home! Pick up a value pack this Thursday from the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall to create a woolly wonderland in your apartment (Note: all Stitchkin tops are available in male and female variations).

Paramount releases a batch of Days of Thunder clothing items – including Rowdy Burns, Cole Trickle, and Russ Wheeler costumes. And speaking of costumes, we are packing the shelves of the PlayStation Home with more costumes based upon some of your favorite game genres – from Action/Adventure to Sci Fi – as well as the latest additions to our diverse line of animated furniture items.

GlassWalls’ Community Theater is proud to announce the latest video series made exclusively for the PlayStation Home Community – PlatinumD! This hilarious short format series is full of drama, comedy, and even a little dramedy and focuses on the love of PlayStation games and the trials and tribulations for one player that is just trying to up his Trophy count. PlatinumD marks the Community Theater’s entry into a whole new world of 100% original video entertainment. So be sure to head to the Community Theater this Thursday to watch the world premier of PlatinumD. Watch one episode and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Also airing this week in the Community Theater: HomeCast Rewind returns with a special episode previewing Sodium2: Project Velocity, the very soon-to-be released futuristic racing game from Lockwood Publishing. Next up, Gamer Indepth’s ShoutOuts returns with Narde, SoAmped, ChronosViper, Meesh and special guest host DeviousHeart. They talk about the revival of HomeStyle Magazine and how YOU can get involved.


Finally, we want to remind everyone to visit the kiosk in Central Plaza to pick up your ‘Welcome Back’ Program – an enormous package to all players as a way of saying “thank you” for your ongoing support. This package includes 100 free items, two personal spaces (Dragon’s Lair and the Mansion Garage), and an exclusive game (Ooblag’s Alien Casino – coming later this month). All content will available for download 100% free-of-charge for 30 days, so be sure to take advantage of this offer today!

See you in Home!

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2 Author Replies

  • anything yet on jak and daxter i missed the first 2 hours

  • I’ll be there!!! 8)

  • I cannot stream any videos other than the PS Vita stream. When I go to all other video screens, but nothing appears at all. I have been trying for an hour now and have restarted home multiple times. Any ideas?

  • everything sony has done since the “full” restoration of psn hasn’t worked properly, so it isn’t fully restored if you ask me, I like how they bragged at E3 about psn traffic being at 90% higher than last year at this time…hmmmm does it have anything to do with the people getting on to get their free stuff. They used it as a marketing tool to look good…pathetic

  • hey i cant log on wtffff

  • what else is new drew-tang

  • anybody else having trouble with logging on

  • it has that same error code from before 80710A06



  • PSN drew tang has been a absolute headache since their so called full restoration, i have been trying to get into home. Getting the free stuff was much harder than it should of been. There live e3 feed that they promised in home theater didn’t work, trailors at their virtual e3 booth at home don’t work…i could go on and on…..EPIC FAIL

  • is it just me who cant log on??

  • log into what drew tang on to psn, with ps3

  • what else do you expect from a free service, I gladly pay for xbox live, never a headache…i am still trying to view the trailors on sony’s virtual e3 booth, stillllll doesn’t work…

  • onto psn i can log on here but not on my ps3….. wtf

  • PS Home needs to fix the screen when watching this on okay. ;)

    PS: Doing great in my book so far

  • i can drew-tang, don’t know what the deal is, try unplugging your modem and router for a minute, plug them back in and see if that helps, then restart your system

  • i am on home right now trying to view trailors that ain’t working in the virtual e3 booth

  • i would like to know were to go to get the Heavy water VIP package?

  • yall done a good job on the booth and trailer, again Sony did great job.

  • @AbruptedWotas STOP TROLLING AROUND AND LEAVE !! why dont you keep playing your xbox and quit whinning like a lilttle girl ( no offence to any girl out there )

  • carlos-david1234

    when does this open for a European account? because i only see the theater. its so anoying!!!

  • Im_a_Crazy_Dude

    The booth is wonderful. Does anyone have a full list of the rewards? :)

  • @Minds hes stating his opinion if you dont life it dont read it or ignore it.

  • Im_a_Crazy_Dude

    Also, does anyone else see a resemblance between the heavywater companion and a certain hacker group’s mask?

  • @TheMadHatter13

    No, he IS trolling.

    Stating your opinion is all well and good. But not over and over and over again.

  • loved it, but would love working demos better, and the theatre was trailers the whole time, no live feed on my system

  • @pariah the proper definition to trolling is trolling for fish they way you ppl use it now a days is totally wrong just a made up urban definition.

  • @12

    Same here, same blog videos the whole time

  • @TheMadHatter13

    Regardless of your little lesson (if you want to call it such), stating one’s dislike or dissatisfaction over and over again continuously is just being a nuisance. Plain and simple.

  • This poor guy. He lives in L.A. with the convention center near him he’s denied and is having fun in Home. You’re stilling missing out. You don’t get to play the demos and have the bragging rights to your friends that you got to check it out. Also, you don’t get the Uncharted T-Shirts and downloadable content that’s exclusive to the Press basically. The rest of us just have to stick it. That’s depressing. The dudes an actor, but I feel bad that he’s happy settling for less.

  • Could anyone please tell me when Europe/Australia territories will be getting the show room? We only have the E3 theatre and we haven’t received our Welcome Back package yet.

    Thanks :).

  • I agree, what the heck happened to showing the E3 live stream?? I was really looking forward to it, along with many, many others.
    I also am looking forward to the E3 Booth, it looks like alot of fun. Nice job on the update PSHome Team!

  • Awesome to see Peace Walker gear, finally. But, what about inFAMOUS 2? D:

  • Ps home won’t even start for me. Like WTF.

  • I tried to view the trailers in the E3 space, but it doesn’t even give me an option, the only 2 things I can select is the PS Vita view, and the relocation to e3 theater.

  • guys dont complain! they are doing there best! just wait! you guys got 100 free stuff dont complaint more! please is not easy for them. understand please

  • where can i find the home garage space thingy?

  • They set up 100 free items only to have us freeze from it? They better allow us to get the items from VIP for today when they fix it.

  • how do you actually get those rewards do you just have to login into ps home?? watch the trailer where ??? how do you get those rewards ????

  • does enybody know where is the e3 booth

  • Haskell420Um Big Questiont here. I bought the Mansion, the pool the 2nd floor. Now when you walk around the areas in each one, they’re is “1 hidden item” that you collect, and when you do find one, a message appears telling us to find the others ones and when you do “find all o them you unlock something special”

    Now you gave us the Mansion Garage in the WB Program, but when I walked around the garage, and I walked over every single inch in the garage, there was nothing, and when I walked in front of the garage, again, walking over every inch of the courtyard, nothing was “found”..

    I covered every inch of that area and at NO TIME, did one of those “Hidden” items, messages appear.

    So what’s the deal???

    Is there a hidden item in this section of the Mansion Garage but it someone forgot to add it in, or No there is no hidden items in this scetion??

    Please respond kind person :)

  • PristineSneakers

    The E3 booth is working out fine, but the streaming of the press conference was horrifically botched. I was in a party of six who all got together to watch, and it didn’t work for one of us, the E3 theater just kept showing the same videos over and over. We had to watch on our laptops. It was a serious letdown, though the idea was a great one.

  • http://www.alphazone4.com/m/store/US.php?cat=12361

    This is what Items you get int he e3 booth and how you get them good guide for all PS home Rewards items. (Free Items) And how to get them.

    By the way awesome Theater experience today don’t know about anyone else, and awsome e3 booth missed last years so i can’t compare them but I give this one A+. way too go Sony.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    No new IP’s, no price cut, where was Metal Gear? Gt5 sorely needed updates? Syphon Filter 4, last Guardian? No new God of War game? Sony has so many franchises they can re-create. . Once again Sony ignores RPG’s all together.

    Where was the XMB, PSN updates? NONE? PSN is falling further and further behind the competition.

  • elitescorpion94

    @Locust_Star Hey could you please tell me why I am having trouble logging into playstation home? I tried to go to e3 but I get error messages saying i get disconectted all the time. I tried calling sony computer entertainment america and it won’t let me talk to a live agent to talk about this problem I am having. Sometimes I get put on hold like for 20 or 30 minutes and still no agent to talk too. I even downloaded and installed the latest firmware 3.65 I think and still no dice. Do you think it could have something to do with my connection? Or is it due to high traffic? Please reply back.

  • @mastorofpuppetz Last time i check this was a blog about PSN home not you whining because they didn’t announce the games you wanted. And GT5/XMB is fine. I can honestly say your probably one of those kids whinging because his ps3 doesn’t have X game chat like his xbox.
    @ AbruptedWotas Go away.. your trolling and its really annoying.. i mean no one cares if you have a problem except sony support… honestly i own two ps3s and ive never had a problem with one.
    @every one complaining about home. Stop there working on it, you sitting here whining to us doesn’t make it better. honestly look for the blog responses if you guys want to know information.. but i forgot the inability for some of you to read on here.
    On that note i was on psn home last night, loved it. It really felt like i was at E3 great job sony!

  • is it sill on home when I go on today because I wanna check it out

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